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Full text of "Catholic school and sodality hymnal"

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*  MAR  28  1934 


School  and  Sodality 




Geo.  W.  Gibbons,  Publisher 

906  Filbert  Street 


Copyright,    1900. 



Coine,   sound  His  praise  abroad 66 

Fading  twilight  tints  are  weaving 81 

Father,  before  Thy  footstool  kneeling.  .   84 

Holy  God,  we  praise  Thy  name 128 

King  of  Ages,  King  victorious 151 

Laudate  Dominum   155 

Lord,  Thou  wilt  hear  the  prayer 167 

My  God,  I  love  Thee  not  because 185 

My  soul,  Thy  groat  Creator  praise 189 

My  God,  my  life,  my  love 190 

Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee 194 

Oh!  Come,  loud  anthems  let  us  sine.  .  .  .254 

Strike  the  harp  in  praise  of  God! 297 

The  earth,  O  Lord,  rejoices 316 

The  wearied  dove  now  trembling  flies.  .328 
We  praise  Thee.  O  God.  etc 362 


Come.    Holy   Ghost.    Creator  blest 61 

Come,  Holy  Ghost,  send  down,  etc 62 

Vein,    Creator  spiritus    350 

Vein,  Sancte  spiritus  352 


See  the  Paraclete  Descending 286 


Adeste   fideles    2 

Angels  we  have  heard  on  high 16 

At  last  Thou  art  come  24 


Christ   was  bom  on  Chrismtas  Day....   54 

Come,  let  us  gather  round  the  crib." 62 

Come.   O  divine  Messiah    65 

Earthly  friends  will  change  and  falter.  .   79 

Hark!  the  herald  angels  sing 114 

He  came  from  His  high  throne,  etc 116 

Holy  night,  peaceful  night 130 

Like  the  dawning  of  the  morning 160 

Merry   Christmas,    Merry   Christmas.  ..  .175 

0  holy  night!  the  stars,  etc 212 

<  )h !   sing  a  joyous  carol    257 

See!  Amid  the  winter's  snow 284 

See,  the  dawn  from  Heaven  is  breaking.285 

Silent  night,  sacred  night   287 

The  lights  are  bright  in  Bethlehem  town.. 318 

The  snow  lay  on  the  ground,  etc 321 

We  sing  with  the  angels  363 

We  three  kings  from  Orient  are.  ......  .364 

What  lovely  Infant  can  this  be? 365 

When  marshaled  on  the  nightly  plain.  .368 

While  shepherds  watched,  etc 373 

With  glory  lit,  the  midnight  air 377 

With  hearts  truly  grateful 376 


Beneath  the  Cross,  etc 37 

By  the  blood  that  flowed  from  Thee.  ...   48 

Christians,   who  of  Jesus'  sorrows 54 

Ecce  Homo,  see  the  Saviour 79 

O  blessed  feet  of  Jesus 1!>6 

O  sacred  feet,  all  gashed  and  torn 236 

Oh!  come  and  mourn  with  me,  etc 2.">3 

The  Virgin  Mary  weeping  stood 326 

Two  hands  have  haunted,  etc 344 

Vevilla  regis  prodeunt 353 


Above  this  world  of  tears  1 

Blood  of  Jesus,  saving  fountain 43 

Come,  let  us  haste,  etc 63 

Glory  be  to  Jesus,  etc 92 


Alleluia,    alleluia,    let    the    holv   anthem 

rise 13 

Bright  sunbeams  deck  the  joyful  sky  .  .  4<i 

Christ  is  risen    52 

Christ,  the  Lord,  is  risen  to-day 53 

Jesus!  the  Lord  of  Glory   148 

Our  Lord  is  risen  from  the  dead 267 

The  dawn  was  purpling  o'er  the  sky.  . .  .315 
To-day  He's  risen,   death  no  more 338 


Ah:  give  Him  that  wishes   4 

"All  for  Jesus!"  let  us  make 8 

All  ye  who  seek,  ete 12 

Child  Jesus,  the  most  beautiful 50 

Jesus,  sweet  Jesus,  my  treasure  divine.  .   51 
Dear  little  One!  how  sweet  Thou  art.  .  .  .   75 

For  1  have  loved  Thee,  etc 80 

Forget  me  not,  etc 87 

Graces  from  my  Jesus  flowing- 97 

He  is  looking  through  the  lattice 117 

Hear  Thy  children,  gentle  Jesus 110 

Hearts  of  hearts,   a   love  is  Thine 120 

How  lovely.  Lord.  Thy  chaste  retreat.  .133 

I  am  my  Love's,  and  He  is  mine. 135 

I  need  Thee,  precious  Jesus •.  .  .  .136 

Jerusalem,    my  happy  home 141 

Jesu  dulcis  memoria   141 

Jesus!    Saviour   of   my   soul! 140 

Jesus,   the  xUl  beautiful    147 

Jesus,  the  only  thought  of  Thee 140 

Lord,  by  Thy  prayer  in  agony 104 

O  cor  amoris  victuna   197 

O  Jesus!  Jesus!  dearest  Lord 217 

O  Love  divine  that  stooped  To  share.  ..  .221 

Oh!  come,  my  sweet  Saviour   2.>4 

Oh!  the  priceless  love  of  Jesus 2r>:> 

One  hour  with  Thee,  O  dearest  Jesus.  . .  .266 

Remember  you,  O  gracious  Lord 27'.) 

Saviour,  when  in  dust  to  Thee   283 

Soldiers  of  Christ,   arise!    200 

Soul  of  my  Saviour,  sanctify  my  breast. 291 

Sweet  is  the  face  of  nature'.  . .'. 301 

Sweet  Saviour,  bless  us  ere  we  go 310 

Sweet  the  moments,  rich  in  blessing.  . .  .312 

Take  me,   my  Jesus,   to  Heaven 313 

Though  all  the  powers  of  Hell,   etc 334 

Vein,   Jesu,   amor  mi    351 

.What  gift,  dear  Jesus,  shall  be  mine.  . .  .361 

When  morniug  gilds  the  skies 309 

When   morning  is   breaking    370 


All  for  Thee,  O  Heart  of  Jesus   9 

As  the  glow  of  morning,  etc 21 

As  the  radiant  dawn,   etc 22 

Behold!  how  we've  pierced  Thee 34 

Behold  the  Heart,   etc 36 

Close  veiled  in  that  sweet  sacrament..  56 

Come,   Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus 65 

Far  across  the  lonely  sea 83 

Form  your  ranks,  etc 88 

Hark,  the  sound  of  the  fight,  etc 115 

Hear  the  heart  of  Jesus  pleading 118 

Heart  of  Jesus,  all  in  fire 121 

Heart  of  Jesus,  dearest  treasure 122 

Heart  of  Jesus,  meek  and  mild 123 

Heart  of  Jesus,  Thou  hast  kindled   ....124 

Heart  of  Jesus,  we  are  grateful 124 

Heart  of  the  Holy  Child   125 

I  dwell  a  captive,  etc 136 

I  rise  from  dreams  of  life 137 

Litany  of  the  Sacred  Heart  165 

Night  folds  her  starry  curtains  round.  .195 

O  dearest  Lord,  'tis  evening  now 198 

O  Heart  of  Jesus,  pierced  for  me 204 

O  Heart  of  Our  Saviour,  the  joy,  etc.  .207 
O  Heart,  whose  prayer  all  prayers,  etc. 209 

O  holy  band  of  Leaguers,  etc 210 

O  Jesus,   dear,  Thy  Sacred  Heart 215 

O  Lily  of  the  field    220 

O  Love,  supporting  as  Thine  own 222 

O  Sacred  Heart!  all  blissful  light,   etc. 237 

O  Sacred  Heart,  forever  Thine 238 

O  Sacred  Heart!  O  Love  Divine 238 

O  Sacred  Heart  of  Christ,  our  King 239 

O  Sacred  Heart!  our  home,  etc 240 

O  Sacred  Heart,  Source  of  all  beauty 241 

O  Sacred  Heart!  sweet  source,  etc.... 242 
O  Sacred  Heart!  with  burning  love.... 243 
O    Sacred    Heart,    what   shall    I    render 

Thee? 244 

O   you   seraph's   bright,    etc 248 

Oh!  take  me  to  Thy  Sacred  Heart 258 

Oh!  what  could  my  Jesus  do  more.... 261 
One  heart,  one  soul,  in  Jesus'  Heart.  .266 
Sacred  Heart!  in  accents  burning 280 

Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus  blest 281 

Sacred  Heart,  we  Thee  implore 281 

Sweet  Fount  of  love,  dear  Sacred  Heart. 299 
Sweet  Heart  of  Jesus,  ever  yearning. . .  .300 
Sweet   Heart  of  Jesus,    source  of  love, 

etc 301 

Sweet  Jesus,  May  Thy  Sacred  Heart. . .  .303 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart 306 

Sweet  Lily  of  the  Sacred  Heart 307 

There    is    no    heart    like    Thine,    sweet 

Lord    330 

To  Jesus'   Heart,   all   burning 339 

To  Thee,  O  Heart  of  Jesus 341 

To  Thy  pure  and  burning  Heart 342 

Unto  us  is  born  a  Saviour  347 

Upon  the  altar  night  and  day 348 

When  softly  dawns  the  golden  light 373 


Ah!  whence  to  me  the  bliss   ^....     7 

Approach  not  the  altar 17 

As  pants  the  heart,  etc 18 

Awake,  my  soul,  etc 33 

Can  it  be  that  my  God 49 

In  this  Sacrament,  sweet  Jesus 139 

Jesus,  gentlest  Saviour  144 

Jesus,  my  Lord,  my  God,  my  All 145 

Jesus,  my  Lord,  no  tongue  can  say 145 

Like  a  strong  and  raging  fire 159 

Lonely  in  the  Tabernacle 162 

Mother,  into  my  heart  to-day,  etc 179 

My  God,  my  life,  my  all 186 

My  Jesus  from  His  throne  above 186 

Mystery  of   love,   whose  depths  divine.  192 

Mystery  of  love,  to  Thee  we  turn 193 

O  Jesus,  in  Thy  sacrament  216 

O   Lord,   I  am  not  worthy   221 

O  Queen  of  Heavenly  flowers 234 

O   Salutais  Hostia    245 

On  this  sweet  morn,   O  joy,  etc 265 

Pange,  lingua,  gloriosi   268 

Peace,  be  still!  over  God's  dwelling.  ..  .269 

Preserve,  my  Jesus,   oh!  preserve 270 

Saving  Host,  we  fall  before  Thee 282 

Sweet  Jesus,  hid  for  love  of  me 303 

Tantum  ergo  sacramentum  313 

The  Lord  of  glory,  oh!  wondrous  story.  .319 
Thou 'for  whom  I've  long  been  sighing.  332 

To-morrow  morn,  O  joy.  etc  ,in 

What  happiness  can  equal  mine? S? 

wft?  ?nr^viour  wished  to  proVe"  "Ira 

A^  ith  steadfast  faith  I  cling  to  Thee!  '.'.'Hi 


Hail,  Queen  of  the  Heavens.  .  1ftQ 

Immaculate,  little  dear  ....    |2g 

O   fairest  of  all   visions! J$ 

O  Fnend  conceived  without  a  stain  ""222 
O  KSF  d,e?r'  thy  ^Ildren  here.  223 

O  Mother!  I  could  weep  for  mirth 99Q 

O  purest  of  creatures,  etc  .[ ,[\[ ;||| 

NATIVITY  B.  V.   M. 

Sweet  Mary,  let  us  praise  thee 308 

Ave  Maria,   softly  spoken   .  .  oq 

Glory  to  God!  Angels  hosts  are  sinking    93 
How  pure,  how  frail,  and  white  g'i?4 

Magnificat!   Inspired'  word  !  [ Jg 

Unfold,  unfold,  ye  golden  gates,  etc. \\\" 345 

VISITATION    B.    V.    M. 

Behold   sweet   Mary,   etc dk 

TC  hither  thus  in  holy  rapture ...'.' .' .' ." .' .'  ."375 


Mother  of  God,  unto  the  temple  bring..  182 


Soft  breaks  the  morn  on  Zion  hills. .. -.289 


£-0(l  °!  ™'erc-v!  Iet  us  ran qfi 

Stabat  Mater  Dolorosa  on? 

Stood  the  Mother  weeping,   sighing! ." .'  ."295 


Ascend,  ascend,  Imperial  Queen 23 

Sing,  sing,  ye  angel  bands   ....[  \2il 



Alma  Redeniptoris  Mater 14 

Angel's  Queen  in  beauty  reigning 16 

At  eve's  lone  stilly  hour   24 

Maiden,  of  thee  we  sing 170 

Mary,  how  sweetly  falls  that  name.... 173 

O  Flower  of  grace,  etc 201 

O  Heart  of  Mary,  pure  and  fair 206 

O  Mother  mine,  how  can  they  live 231 

O  Sweet  Receptacle  of  grace  246 

Of  all  virgins  Thou  art  fairest 249 

Oh,  beautiful  Thou  art,  etc 251 

Oh!  blest  for  e'er  the  mother 252 

Oh,  when  shall  we  with  angels  bright.  .262 

On  her  throne  of  love  and  graces 263 

Pure   as   carmels'    snows,    etc 271 

Queen  of  our  fount,  Immaculate 272 

Queen  of  empyreal  Heavens,  hail!  etc.. 272 

Queen  of  the  fount,  Immaculate    273 

Rcgina  Coeli,  lactare,  alleluia 276 

Rejoice,  rejoice,  O  earth  and  skies 277 

Strew  before  our  Lady's  altar   296 

The  star  of  the  ocean  is  risen,  etc 322 

The  thoughts  steal  o'er  me,  etc 325 

Through  the  world  thy  children  raise.  .335 

Tints  of  crimson  and  of  gold   336 

Vast  as  ocean's  briny  water 349 

Virgin  mother,  hear  our  song 355 

Virgin  Mother,  Lady  of  Good  Counsel.  .355 
Virgin    Mother,    with    they    sweet    face 

bending 356 


Ah,    her    smile,    etc 5 

Come,  come,  come  to  Mary,  etc 59 

Daily,  daily  sing  to  Mary 68 

Daughter  of  a  mighty  Father 70 

Fading,  still  fading,  etc 81 

Hail!  all  hail!  great  Queen  of  Heaven..  100 

Hail!  full  of  grace  and  purity .101 

Hail,  heavenly  queen,  etc 103 

Hail;  holy  Queen,  enthroned  above 105 

Hail,  holy  Queen!  loved  mother,  etc.... 106 

Hail,  Mary,  full  of  grace,  oh!  band 106 

Hail,  Mary!  queen  and  virgin  pure 107 

Hail,  Queen  of  Heaven,  the  ocean  star.  108 

Hail,  thou  Star  of  Ocean,  etc 110 

Hail  to  the  mistress  of  the  Skies Ill 

Hail  to  thee,   Mary!    112 

Hear  thy  children,  gentlest  mother ....  120 

It  is  the  name  of  Mary   140 

Let  every  voice,  etc 156 

Oh!  how  the  Heart  of  Mary  burns 255 

The  moon  is  in  the  heavens  above 320 


As  the  dewy  shades  of  even 19 

Ave   Maria,  guardian  dear 26 

Ave  Maria!  message  from  Heaven 27 

Ave  Maria,  light  and  pure  29 

Ave  Maris  Stella 30 

Ave!  now  let  prayer  and  music 31 

Ave,   Regina  Coclorum  31 

Ave  Sanctissima    32 

Bright  Mother  of  our  Maker,  hail 44 

Bright  Queen  of  Heaven 45 

Dark  and  Darker  fall  around 68 

Day  is  declining,    etc 71 

Evening  closes,  evening  closes 80 

Fairest  of  Mortals 82 

Help  of  Christians,  while  the  combat..  126 

Holy  Mary,  mother  mild 129 

Holy  Queen,  we  bend  before  thee 131 

Jesu  Mater,  ave,  thou  Virgin,  etc 142 

Litany  of  the  Blessed  Virgin  152 

List,  sweet  mother,  etc 161 

Listen,  mother,  to  our  sighing 161 

Look  down,   O  mother  Mary   163 

Loved  Heart,  all  mild,  all  meek,  etc....  168 

Maiden  mother,  meek  and  mild 170 

Mary,  dearest  mother  171 

Mary,  hear  my  fervent  prayer 173 

Mater  amabilis,  ora  pro  nobis 174 

Mother,  dear,  O  pray  for  me 177 

Mother,  dearest,  mother  fairest 178 

Mother,  Mary,  ah!  how  blissful 179 

Mother  Mary,  at  thine  altar   180 

Mother  of  God,  my  hope,  etc 181 

Mother  of  mercy,  day  by  day    183 

Mother  of  the  Infant  Jesus 184 

My  mother  dear,  my  queen  divine 188 

My  own  dear  mother  Mary 188 

Thy  way  to  Heaven  is  on  the  deep  .  . .  .191 

O  Mary,  mother,  lend  thine  ear 224 

O  Mary,  Mother,  sweetest,  best 225 

O  Mary,  my  Mother,  thou  friend,  etc.. 226 


O  Mother,  help,  see  us  here  kneeling.  .228 
O  Mother  loved,  our  sweet  delight. ..  .230 
O  Mother  loved,  whose  starlike  eyes  . . .  .230 

O  Merciful  Mother,  who  didst  stand 232 

O  Queen  of  the  Holy  Rosary  235 

Oh!  be  thou  mindful,  etc 250 

Oh!  turn,   most  tender  Mother  259 

On  this  day,  O  beautiful  Mother  204 

Remember,      oh!      remember,        dearest 

mother 278 

Rose  of  the  Cross,  thou  mystic  flower.. 279 

Salve,  Regina,  etc 282 

Sweet,  mother,  turn  those  gentle  eyes.  .309 

The  dew  is  falling  on  the  grass 316 

The  storm  is  wildly  raging  323 

To     Thee,      sweet     Mother,      Heavenly 

Queen    342 

Unto  thee  our  sighs  are  pleading 346 

When  by  daily  cares  oppressed 366 

When  evening  shades  are  falling  367 

Wilt  thou  look   upon  me.    Mother 376 

With  holy  choirs  of  angels 379 

MONTH    OF    MAY. 

Again  with  joy  we  greet  Thee  3 

Ah!   must   I  leave,   etc 6 

As  the  gentle  spring  uncloses 20 

Blessed  are  we  as  the  children  39 

Bright,  spotless  maiden,  etc 46 

Bring   flowers   of   the   dearest 47 

Come,    and   chant   the   praises    57 

Come,    children,    joyously    58 

Come,   gather  round  the  altar 60 

Come,   let  us  twine,  etc 63 

Flowers   are   springing,    etc 86 

From  nature's  shady  bowers   90 

Glorious   mother!   from   high   heavens..  91 

Hail,  virgin!  dearest  Mary   112 

Hail,  Virgin,  spotless  Mother  114 

Joy  of  my  heart!  oh!  let  me  pray.  .149,  151 

Let  us  mingle  together 158 

O  Mary,  on  this  festal  day 226 

O  Mater  admirabilis  (2  versions) 227 

Snow  and  rain  have  vanished  288 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart 305 

Sweet  May,  thy  sunny  portals  close.... 309 

The  bees  are  alive  iu  the  clover 314 

The  sun  is  shining  brightly 324 

The  v..\v  is  made,  ere -,0s 

This  is  the  month  of  Mary  ....\' g? 

Tie  the  month  of  our  Mother  ^7 

JAe  come,  dearest  Mother,  etc   Sr 

Wecome,  dearest  Mother,  with'  fondest 

We  come  to  crown'  with  royal'  state'  '"  '§» 
Welcome  to  this  world  of  woe.  "  1? 

We  hail  thee,   smiling  May   gS 

With    joy    we've    gathered'     round      thy 

snnne    '.380 


All  hail,    angelic  power.. 

Angel    voices  in    the   air        li 

nOUlltcniii     cnii.ifi      i-          ! x_t 


spirit!  guardian  angel.  .....'33 

Bless   me,    befriend  me   _  T"8*1 g 

Blest    spins    of    light 4? 

Dear  Angel !  ever  at  my  side     ra 

hSw  kfnd1f!«Infr0m  *Jeaven  so*  bright!  95 

jcio^   kma  it  is  of  you  to  come   .  .  139 

Michael  prince  of  highest  Heaven. . .' '.  \  .176 
«  God  how  ought  my  grateful  heart.  . .  .202 
Oh.  list  my  loved  angel,  etc.  . .  256 

Mveei  angel  of  Merer    etc.   .        907 

The  gentle  angel,  walk,  etc.."  I:".' "."an 
Thou  hast  sorrowed  the  spirit  etc  '  taa 
lis  the  feast  of  our  angels,  etc     .'..'.".li 

O  Jesus!  let  Thy  anger  cease 213 

ST.    AGNES. 

O  holy  martyr,  spotless  dove  911 

Sweet  St.    Agnes,   holy  child    .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.  iJu 


Angelic  youth:  at  whose  blest  birth  13 

Dearest  saint,  look  down,  etc  7* 

O  Thou  who  on  Thy  natal  day   '.'. '.  ...'/.  247 


The   youth    who    wealth    and    court    de- 
spised     .329 

ST.    ANNE. 
To  Kneel  at  thine  altar   339 


O  great  St.  I  nlhony,  we  praise  thee.  . .  .204 
St.  Anthony,  we  praise  thee 2;»2 


Let  the  deep  organ  swell  the  lay 157 

St.  Cecelia,  from  out  the  splendor 293 

AVhite  rose  of  Koine,  encrimsoned,  etc.  ..374 

Ye   angels  now   be  glad    382 

ST.    JOHN. 
When  our  Saviour  gathered,  etc -'ill 


All  the   Church,   dearest   Lather 11 

August  and  tender  saint    25 

Dear  guardian  of  Mary    73 

Dear  St.  Joseph,  each  fond  heart,  etc..  .   7i> 

Dear  St.  Joseph,   pure  and  gentle 76 

Glorious  Father,  dear  St.  Joseph   91 

Great  St.  Joseph,  throned  in  glory 98 

Hail!  holy  Joseph,   true  sponse,   etc....  104 

Holy  Joseph,  dearest  Father   128 

Holy  Patron,  thee  saluting   131 

Leaning  upon  that  noble  breast   15.1 

O  Glorious  St.  Joseph   203 

O  holy  St.  Joseph!  in  thee  we  confide  .  .213 
Vir  fidelis  et  prudens   354 


O  Jesus,  life  spring  of  the  soul  219 


S^PlV1  ?0tes'  l0  Heaven  ascending  97 

Hail,  glorious  St.  Patrick,  etc  '1$ 

Hail,  patron  of  Erin,  etc.  J2? 

Hiberma's  champion  saint,  all*  nail! '.  '  ] '.  "127 


Blest  Philomena    .  . 


First  floweret  of  the  desert  wild  85 


Blest  St.  Thomas,  holy  patron   42 

My  God,  accept  my  heart  this  day i84 

Blessed  be  the  love  of  Jesus 40 


God  of  mercy  and  compassion   95 


Go  ye  forth,  O  Zion'  daughters 94 


Come  ye  disconsolate,   etc    . .: 67 

Dearest  Lord,  in  some  deim,  etc 77 

Jesus,   ever-loving   Saviour    143 

O  dearest  Lord!  We  humbly  crave 199 

O  heart  of  Jesus,  who  last  gently  pour- 
ed     206 

Oh!  turn  to  Jesus,  Mother,  turn 260 

Pray  for  the  dead!  at  noon  and  eve.  ..  .269 

Treading  the  path  of  many  days 343 

When   I   am  taken   from   this   world   of 

sadness   368 



School  and   Sodality 


Above  this  world  of  tears  and  sighs 

I  raise  to  God  my  soul, 
And  gaze  on  Thee  beyond  those  skies 

Where  shining  planets  roll. 
I  see  around  Thy  throne  divine 

The  saints  in  bright  array, 
And  ask  how  came  they  to  be  Thine, 

And  whence,  blest  souls,  are  they? 

Thou  tellest  me  they  meekly  bore 

Privation,  pain  and  loss, 
And  cheerfully  they  traveled  o'er 

The  pathway  of  the  Cross; 
And  thus,  from  many  griefs  and  pains, 

Have  come  to  realms  of  light, 
And  in  Thy  blood  have  washed  from 

Those  robes  that  look  so  white. 

And  now,  away  from  toil  and  strife, 

From  sin  and  sinner's  ways, 
From  all  the  emptiness  of  life, 

They  live  the  endless  days. 
By  Thee  redeemed,  by  Thee  embraced, 

With  Thee  for  ever  blest, 
Their  Saviour's  joy  they  see  and  taste, 

And  on  His  bosom  rest. 

0  precious  blood  in  Jesus'  veins! 
All  wretched  as  I  am, 

1  ask  Thee  cleanse  my  soul  from  stains, 
O  world-redeeming  Lamb! 

0  God  of  earth,  by  Heaven  adored, 
Before  Thy  mercy-seat 

1  ask  that  o'er  my  soul  be  poured 
This  saving  balm  and  sweet. 

And  though  I  suffer  here  below, 

And  tread  the  thorny  way, 
Thy  blood  will  make  me  white  as  snow. 

And  wash  my  sins  away. 
And  as  my  soul  with  ardor  glow* 

To  come  to  where  Thou  art. 
My  hope  is  in  the  blood  that  flows 

From  Thy  most  Sacred  Heart. 


Adeste  fideles 

Laete  triumphantes, 
Venite,  venite  in  Bethlehem. 

Natum  videte 

Begem  Augelorum. 

Venite.  adoremus, 

Venite.   adoremus. 
Venite.  adoremus  Dominum. 

Deum  de  Deo, 

Lumen  de  lumiue. 
Gestant  puellae  viscera: 

Deum  verum 
Genitum  non  factum, 

Venite,  etc. 


Cantet  nunc  Io! 

Chorus  angelorum: 
Cantet  nunc  aula  coelestium 

In  cxcelsis  Deo. 

Yenite;  etc. 

Ergo,  qui  natus 

Die  hodierna, 
Jesu!  tibi  sit  gloria 

Patris  aeterni 
Yerbum  caro  factum 

Yenite,  etc. 


Again  with  joy  we  greet  thee, 

O  fair  and  sunny  May; 
'Mid  censer's  breath  and  flowers  bright, 

We  sing  our  opening  lay. 
Xow,  wrapp'd  in  robes  of  beauty, 

Thou'st  burst  upon  our  view, 
Thy  verdant  pathway  spangled 

With  pearls  of  shining  dew. 


Vive,  vive  Maria. 
Thou  star  of  peerless  ray, 
We  bring  our  hearts,  einbalm'd  in  love, 
To  crown  thee  Queen  of  May; 
VYe  bring  our  hearts  to  thee,  our  Queen  of 

Thy  lap  is  fill'd  with  blossoms 

That  her  sweet  smile  adorns 
Who  bloom'd  upon  this  fallen  earth. 

hike  lily  'midst  the  thorns. 
Then  let  us  sing  her  praises 

All  through  her  own  sweet  May, 
While  daily  at  her  altar 

Our  humble  gifts  we  lay.— Chorus. 

O  gentle  Queen  of  Heaven, 

From  thy  bright  throne  above, 
Ah,  ever  watch  around  our  path 

With  Mother's  tender  love. 
On  thy  poor  wond'ring  children, 

Look  kindly  as  we  pray. 
And  bless  us  as  we  crown  thee 

Our  chosen  Queen  of  May.— Chorus. 


Ah!  give  him  that  wishes 

The  jasmine  and  rose. 
In  thousand  bright  gardens 

No  bud  for  me  blows. 
I  seek  but  the  fragrance 

Of  Nazareth's  flower. 
Now  blooming  with  seraphs 

In  Heaven's  glad  bower. 


Let  my  eyes  see  Thee, 

List  to  my  sigh, 
Good,  gentle  Jesus, 

Then  let  me  die. 

A  captive  I  languish, 

No  friend  can  me  cheer, 
Still  dying  while  living, 

When  Thou  art  not  near; 
How  long  shall  I  tarry. 

Sweet  Jesus,  from  Thee? 
Ah!  haste  the  blest  dawniug 

That  shows  Thee  to  me.— Chorus. 

When  Jesus  is  absent 

Content  flies  away, 
The  soul's  dereliction 

Is  felt  night  and  day. 
'Tis  love  that  sustains  ine, 

Till  shadows  give  place 
To  Heaven's  bright  vision. 

Thv  beautiful  face.— Chorus. 


Ah,  her  smile  makes  Heav'n  rejoice, 

Eyes  of  saints  to  glisten, 
Even  as  angels,  at  her  voice, 

Hush  their  harps  to  listen, 
And  the  light  of  Mary's  eyes 
Adds  a  bliss  to  Paradise; 
Keep  your  joys,  O  ye  unseen, 

We  would  wish  no  other, 
Angels,  you  may  call  her  Queen, 

You  cannot  call  her  mother. 


Mother  Mary,  we  turn  to  thee, 

Oh!  let  us  then  thine  own  true  children  bo. 

At  the  gate,  on  reaching  home, 

You  will  find  her  standing, 
She  will  be  the  first  to  come. 

And  meet  you  on  the  landing. 
At  our  weary  exile's  end. 
Mother,  o'er  our  pillow  bend. 
Show  us.  at  our  dying  breath, 

Him  we  call  our  brother. 
In  our  life  and  in  our  death, 

Oh!  be  to  us  a  mother.— Chorus. 

Christian,  though  your  storm  toss'd  bark 

Ou  the  sea  still  linger. 
Can  you  call  the  way  too  dark. 

Shown  by  Mary's  finger? 
Timid  soul,  where'er  you  are, 
She  will  be  your  guiding  star. 
In  her  presence  nothing  harms, 

Tempest  may  not  smother. 
Throw  yourself  into  her  arms. 

You  cannot  doubt  your  Mother.— Chorus. 


Ah!  must  I  leave  my  Lady's  altar. 
Where   oft   I've   found   such   sweet   de- 

My  sad  adieux  must  I  now  falter — 
Must  joys  so  pure  now  wing  their  flight? 


Farewell,   sweet  month,  sweet  month  of 
flowers — 
Farewell,    loved    shrine,    thou    dear    re- 
But  ere  have  fled  these  happy  hours 
My  heart  I'll  leave  at  May's  feet. 
Farewell.,  farewell. 

How  sweet  to  sing  my  Mother's  praises, 
And  breathe  to  her  my  loving  sighs; 

So  fondly  on  me  then  she  gazes — 
So  softly  beam  her  starlike  eyes. — Cho, 

When  I  was  tempted,  sad  and  tearful. 

My  angel  to  thy  shrine  me  led: 
Thy  smile  dispelled  the  tempest  fearful— 

The  demon  at  thy  presence  fled. — Cho. 

There,     from     thy    hands,     with     graces 
Hope  sweetly  flowed  upon  my  soul, 

Thy  arms,  extended  to  me,  seeming 
To  woo  me  to  thy  loved  control.— Clio. 

Those  starry  lights,  so  brightly  glowing, 
Sweet  Mother,  round  thy  flow'ry  shrine, 

Are  but  the  symbols  dimly  showing 
The  love  of  this  fond  heart  of  mine. 

— Cho. 

Ah!  while  my  love  to  thee  I'm  singing 

To  die  this  hour  would  be  so  sweet, 
Like  those  spring  flowers  now  perfumes 
That  bloom  and  languish  at  thy  feet. 



Ah!  wiience  to  me  the  bliss. 
The  joy,  the  Heavenly  sweetness, 
That  now  in  torrents  pure 
My  heart  o'erflows? 
My  soul,  oh  be  thou  silent. 
'Tis  thine  own  swTeet  Jesus. 
Who  comes  to  thee  this  morn 
To  be  thy  sweet  relief. 


Sweet  Jesus,  I  adore  Thee, 

Within  my  happy  heart; 
To  me,  O  tender  Jesus. 

Thy  grace  and  love  impart. 

My  King  Thou  art,  sweet  Lord, 

Tho'  hidden  be  Thy  splendor; 

Thy  radiance  ever  pure 

In  bliss  doth  shine. 

And  lowly  'mid  its  brightness, 

Trembling  here  before  Thee, 

I  kneel  and  humbly  beg 

To  taste  the  sacred  streams.— Cho. 

When  Death's  dread  hour  draws  nigh, 

And  holds  me  in  its  darkness— 

When  earth  and  friends  depart, 

Wilt  Thou  be  near? 

Ah,  then,  in  Thy  compassion, 

Turn  Thine  eyes  upon  me, 

And  bid  me  come  to  Thee, 

Then  call,  then  let  me  hear.— Cho. 


"All  for  Jesus!"  let  us  make 
This  the  key-note  of  our  life; 

Let  us  take  it  as  a  shield, 
In  our  every  care  and  strife. 

"All  for  Jesus!"  let  us  say, 
When  adversity  draws  nigh; 

"All  for  Jesus!"  let's  repeat, 
When  temptation's  winds  blow  high. 

"All  for  Jesus!"  let  us  say 
When  self-sacrifice  implores; 

And  the  same  when  calms  prevail, 
Or  when  loud  the  tempest  roars. 

"All  for  Jesus!"  let  us  say 

To  the  sorrow-stricken  one; 
All  for  Him.  Who.  for  our  sake, 

Bore  His  heavy  Cross  alone. 

"All  for  Jesus!"  let  us  say 

When  the  hour  of  death  draws  nigh; 
"All  for  Jesus  I  have  lived, 

All  for  Him  I  wish  to  die." 

"All  for  Jesus!"  may  these  words, 
'    Sounding  through  the  scale  of  years, 
Give  sweet  music  to  each  soul, 
Until  Heaven's  port  it  nears. 


All  for  Thee,  O  Heart  of  Jesus, 

All  for  Thee  eternally, 
Naught  for  me,  O  Heart  of  Jesus, 

Save  to  be  beloved  by  Thee. 


All  for  Thee,  O  Heart  of  Jesus 
All  for  Thee  in  life  and  death, 
All  for  Thee,  dear  Heart  of  Jesus, 

Till  my  latest  dying  breath, 
All  for  Thee,  all  for  Thee. 

Not  an  object  in  this  wide  world 

Can  true  joy  to  me  impart. 
Not  an  interest  can  allure  me 

Save  the  glory  of  Thy  Heart.— Clio. 

All  for  Thee,  O  Heart  of  Jesus, 

All  the  daily  inward  strife, 
All  the  soul's  sharp  crucifixion. 

All  the  weariness  of  life. — Cho. 

Thou  hast  taught  me,  O  my  Saviour, 
Where  alone  the  heart  finds  rest, 

I  have  learned  'tis  sweet  to  suffer, 
Fillowed  on  Thy  Sacred  Breast.— Cho. 


All  hail,  angelic  powers! 

All  bail,  bright  spirits  blest! 
Oh,  list  our  heartfelt  prayer 

For  guidance  and  for  rest 


When  will  the  angels  come 

And  call  our  souls  away? 
The  earth  is  dark  as  night, 

But  Heaven  is  bright  as  day. 

Why  stay  we  here  so  long. 

Poor  exiles  from  the  land, 
Where  Mary  sits  enthroned 

Upon  her  Son's  right  hand?— Cho. 

Before  the  throne  divine 
Our  voices  high  we'll  raise 

To  God  in  Persons  three. 
With  hymns  of  endless  praise.— Cho. 


All  hail,  great  Conqueror,  to  Thee. 

Arisen  from  the  dead! 
Grant  us  the  light  and  faith  that  we 

May  in  Thy  footsteps  tread. 

To  Heaven  thou  dost  ascend  again, 

Sweet  Saviour  of  our  race, 
With  hope  our  fainting  hearts  sustain 

To  see  in  Heaven  Thy  face. 

O  Holy  Ghost,  who  didst  descend 

In  cloven  tongues  of  fire, 
Our  souls,  which  all  too  earthward  tend. 

With  burning  zeal  inspire. 


Mother  of  God,  enthroned  above. 

Beseech  thy  Son  anew 
To  till  our  hearts  with  childlike  love 

For  thee,  our  Mother,  too. 

All-gracious  Queeu  of  angels,  deign 

Our  last  request  to  hear; 
For  us  this  crowning  gift  obtain, 

In  grace  to  persevere. 


All  the  Church,  dearest  Father,  St.  Joseph, 
Exults  in  her  gladness  and  joy, 

For  the  Vicar  of  Jesus  now  gives  Thee 
An  empire  no  power  shall  destroy. 

And  Thou,  dearest  Father,  now  steerest 

The  bark  of  St.  Peter  through  storm; 
And  we  know,  tho'  the  dread  cloud  enfolds 
Thou  the  darkness  to  light  will  trans- 

Yes,  the  Church  of  thy  Son  in  her  mourn- 

Proclaims  thee  her  patron  for  e'er, 
St.  Joseph,  oh!  guard  her  for  Jesus. 

Thy  power  in  her  favor  declare. 

Oh!  meet  then  it  was.  dear  St.  Joseph. 

That  thy  triumphs  shall  hallow  the  day 
Which  entwined  in  the  crown  of  our 

That  blossom  which  shall  ne'er  decay. 


Then  loud  is  the  glad  anthem  pealing, 
Whilst  the  heart  of  the  Church  thrills 
with  joy, 

St.  Joseph,  in  all  lands  her  patron, 
His  power  for  her  will  employ. 


All  ye  who  seek  a  sure  relief 

In  trouble  or  distress, 
Whatever  sorrows  vex  the  mind, 

Or  guilt  the  soul  oppress. 

Jesus,  who  gave  Himself  for  you 

Upon  the  Cross  to  die, 
Opens  to  you  His  Sacred  Heart; 

Oh!  to  that  Heart  draw  nigh. 

Ye  hear  how  kindly  He  invites, 

Ye  hear  His  words  so  blest: 
"All  Ye  that  labor,  come  to  Me, 

And  I  will  give  you  rest." 

What  meeker  than  the  Saviour's  Heart. 

As  on  the  Cross  He  lay? 
It  did  His  murderers  forgive, 

And  for  their  pardon  pray. 

O  Heart!  Thou  joy  of  saints  on  high! 

Thou  hope  of  sinners  here! 
Attracted  by  those  loving  words, 

To  Thee  I  lift  my  prayer. 

Wash  Thou  my  wounds  in  that  dear  blood 
Which  forth' from  Thee  did  flow, 

New  grace,  new  hope,  inspire  anew, 
And  better  heart  bestow. 



Alleluia,   alleluia!     Let  the  holy    authein 

And  the  choirs  of  Heaven  chant  it  in  the 

temple  of  the  skies; 
Let  the  mountains  skip  with  gladness  and 

the  joyful  valleys  ring 
With   "Hosanna  in  the  Highest"  to  our 

Saviour  and  our  King. 

Alleula,  alleuia!  He  endured  the  knotted 

And   the  jeering  of  the   rabble  and   the 

scorn  of  mocking  lips; 
And  the  terrors  of  the  gibbet  upon  which 

He  would  be  slain, 
But  His  death  was  only  slumber,   He  is 

risen  up  again. 

Alleluia,  alleluia!  like  the  sun  from  out  the 

He  has  risen  up  in  triumph  from  the  dark- 
ness of  the  grave; 

He's  the  Splendor  of  the  Nations,  He's 
the  Light  of  endless  day, 

He's  the  very  Lord  of  glory,  who  has  risen 
up  to-day. 

Alleluia,  alleluia!  Blessed  Jesus,  make  us 

From  the  life  of  this  corruption  to  the  life 

that  never  dies; 
-May  we  share  with  Thee  Thy  glory  when 

the  days  of  time  are  past, 
And  the  dead  shall  be  awakened  by  the 

trumpet's  mighty  blast. 



(From  Advent  till  the  Purification.) 
Alma    Redemptoris    Mater,    quae    pervia 

Porta    manes,    et    stella     maris,     succurre 

cadenti. " 
Surgere  qui   curat   populo;   tu   quae   gen- 

Natura    mirante,     tuum    sanctum    Geni- 

Virgo  prius  ac  posterius;  Gabrielis  ab  ore 
Sumens  illud  Ave,  peccatorum  miserere. 


Angel  voices  in  the  air, 
Softly  whlsp'ring  ev'ry where; 
Oft  so  far  and  then  so  near 
That  their  words  methinks  I  hear: 
Bi'eathing  words  so  true  and  kind 
To  the  weary,  burdened  mind; 
Oh!  sweet  voices  from  above, 
Whisp'ring  such  sweet  words  of  love. 


Oh,  angel  voices  in  the  air, 
Softly  whisp'ring  ev'ry where; 
Oft  so  far  and  then  so  near 
That  their  words  methinks  I  hear. 

Angel  voices  sweet  I  hear, 
Wafting  mnsic  to  my  ear; 
Music,  borne  on  angel's  wing. 
Such  as  they  alone  could  sing; 
Telling  of  the   Saviour's  love. 
And  His  glorious  home  above; 
Bidding  each  and  everyone 
To  the  Saviour's  arms  to  come.— Cho. 


Angel  voices  in  the  air, 

'Tis  glad  tidings  that  yon  hear; 

When  yon  speak  of  homes  above 

And  God's  great  redeeming  love. 

Angel  voices  in  the  air, 

Would  that  I  were  only  there. 

In  that  Heavenly  home  above, 

There  to  sing  the  Saviour's  love.— Cho. 


Angelic  Youth!  at  whose  blest  birth 
Bright     choirs     of      Heavenly      spirits 

How  great  the  day  which  gave  to  earth 
A  treasure  that  to  Heaven  belonged. 


Amiable  and  angelic  Youth! 

Aloysius,  pray  for  us: 
Amiable  and  angelic  Youth! 

Aloysius,  pray  for  us. 

O  happy  Youth!  from  thy  first  hour 
Thy  steps  e'er  were  to  Heaven  bound; 

Thou  ne'er  didst  yield  to  demon's  power, 
Nor  fall  'neath  sin  which  raged  around. 


Thy  guileless  tongue  and  gentle  heart 
From  Jesus'  heart  were  never  riven; 

In  things  of  earth  thou  hadst  no  part. 
For  all  thy  thoughts  were  set  on  heaven. 



Through  Christ's  sweet  love,  oh!  pray  for 
For  whoin  He  died  upon  the  Tree; 
Through  love  thy  soul  has  gained  repose, 
Through  love  we  hope  to  follow  thee. 



Angels'   Queen  in  beauty  reigning, 
Crowned    art    thou    in    yon    Heavenly 

Where  myriad  angels  sing  thy  praises, 
And  round  thy  throne  forever  stand. 


Regina  Angelorurn. 

Wave  o'er  us  thy  sceptered  hand. 
Hail,  Holy  Queen  of  Angels, 

Our  hope,  our  life,  our  sweetness,  hail. 

Queen  of  Angels,  while  we  praise  thee, 

Ev'ry  prayer  is -a  link  of  gold 
That  reaches  from  the  earth  to  Heaven, 

Where  each  request  is  sweetly  told. 

Queen  of  Angels,  strong  and  mighty, 

In  thy  voice  there  is  power  divine 
That  moves  thy  own  dear  Son  to  mercy, 

Responsive  to  each  pray'r  of  thine. 



Angels  we  have  heard  on  high, 
Sweetly  singing  o'er  the  plains, 

And  the  mountains,  in  reply, 
Echo  back  their  joyous  strains. 



Gloria  in  Excelsis  Deo, 
Gloria  in  Excelsis  Deo, 

Shepherds,  why  this  jubilee, 

Why  your  rapturous  strains  prolong, 
Say  what  may  the  tidings  be 

Which  inspire  your  heavenly  song? 

— Cho. 

Come  to  Bethlehem,  come  and  see 
Him  whose  birth  the  angels  sing, 

Come,  adore  on  bended  knee 
The  Infant  Christ,  the  new-born  King. 



Approach  not  the  Altar  with  gloom  on  thy 

Nor  let  thy  feet  falter  from  terror's  con- 

God  loves  not  the  sadness  of  fear  and 

Oh!  serve  Him  with  gladness,  the  Gentle, 
the  Just. 

His  bounty  is  tender,  His  being  is  love, 
His  smile  fills  with  splendor  the  blue  arch 

Believing,  confiding,  oh!  enter  always 
His  courts  with  thanksgiving,  His  portals 

with  praise. 

Bring  meekly  before  Him  the  faith  of  a 

Bow  down  and  adore  Him  with  heart  mi- 

And  by  the  still  waters,  and  through  the 
green  shade, 

With  Mary,  glad  daughter,  thy  path  shall 
be  made. 

AS    PANTS    THE    HART. 

As  pents  the  hart  for  cooling  springs, 
Among  the  rocks  and  barren  sands, 

So  doth  my  soul,  O  King  of  kings, 
Long  for  refreshment  at  Thy  hands. 


My  soul,  O  God,  doth  thirst  for  Thee. 

For  Thee,  the  source  of  every  grace. 
Oh!  when  shall  I  Thy  beauty  see, 

When  shall  I  see  Thee  face  to  face? 

My  tears  have  flowed  by  day  and  night, 
When  I  have  felt  Thy  chastening  rod; 

But  wicked  men  enjoy  the  sight, 
And,  mocking,   ask,   "Where's  now  thy 

Where  art  Thou,  Lord,  my  Life,  my  All? 

Thou  art  above,  around,  within; 
Whate'er  betides,  on  Thee  I  call, 

To  save  me,  and  to  pardon  sin.— Cho. 

Joy,  then,  and  endless  jubilee! 

Divine  reward  of  faith  and  love: 
I  hear  the  strains  of  harmony 

From  the  triumphant  Church  above. 



Why,  then,  my  soul,  art  thou  depressed? 

God  is  thy  drink,  and  He  thy  food; 
Bequeathed  to  thee— His  last  bequest— 

His  body  and  His  precious  blood.— Cho. 



As  the  dewy  shades  of  even 

Gather  o'er  the  balmy  air, 
Listen,  gentle  Queen  of  Heaven. 

Listen  to  my  vesper  prayer. 
Holy  Mother,  near  me  hover; 

Free  my  thoughts  from  aught  defiled. 
With  thy  wings  of  Mercy  cover — 

Keep  from  sin  thy  helpless  child. 

Thine  own  sinless  heart  was  broken; 

Sorrow's  sword  has  pierced  its  core. 
Holy  Mother!  by  that  token, 

Now  thy  pity  I  implore. 
Queen  of  Heaven!  guard  and  guide  me, 

Save  my  soul  from  dark  despair; 
In  thy  tender  bosom  hide  me, 

Take  me,  mother,  to  thy  care. 

Mother  of  my  Infant  Saviour, 

Spouse  of  God,  my  plaint,  oh!  hear; 
Purest  Virgin,  Gracious  Matron, 

Oh!  relieve  me  by  thy  prayer. 
From  thy  happy  seat  in  Zion 

Light  me  through  this  dark  abode, 
Smile,  oh!  gently  smile  upon  me, 

Tell  my  sorrows  to  my  God. 


As  the  gentle  spring  uncloses, 

And  the  winter  fades  away. 
Sunlight  glistens,  lilies  glow. 

As  we  greet  the  mouth  of  May. 
As  we  hail  its  peerless  Queen, 

Mary,  Mother  of  Delight, 
In  her  own  especial  season, 

Sing  her  praise  from  morn  to  night. 


Mary,  mother  sweet,  Mary,  mother  fair, 
Virgin  Queen  of  May.  hear  our  prayer, 
Unto  Jesus  pray,  that  each  day 
We  may  grow  like  thee,  Queen  of  May. 

May  is  Mary's— she  is  ours— 

Thus  the  month  is  doubly  dear; 
As  we  crown  her  with -our  flowers, 

Angels  gladly  hover  near! 
And  the  Blessed  Jesus  smiles 

On  each  humble  votary, 
And  our  homage  to  His  Mother 

Will  requite  most  graciously.— Cho. 

Dearest  Mother,  we  remember. 

How,  at  one  request  of  thine, 
Jesus  at  the  marriage  feast 

Changed  the  water  into  wine; 
At  our  feast,  oh!  let  the  flood 

Of  our  tears  thy  pity  move, 
Beg,  oh!  beg  the  Son  to  change  them 

To  the  wine  of  perfect  love.— Cho. 

Take  us  all  'neath  thy  protection. 

Heart  and  soul  and  senses  take! 
Tell  dear  Jesus  we  are  thine, 

And  He'll  bless  us  for  thy  sake; 
And  the  treasures  of  our  Mary 

Up  in  Heaven  we  shall  store, 
Naught  shall  steal  them,  naught  corrode 

Thev  shall  last  forevermore.— Cho. 


As  the  glow  of  morning  deepens  in  the 

Or  as  sunset  glories  slowly  fade  and  die. 
All  the  wide  world  over,  like  an  incense 

From  the  hearts  of  thousands  rising  up 

the  pray'r. 


Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus,  fill'd  with  love  for 

Kindle  in  my  spirit  truer  love  for  Thee. 

Refuge   of  the   sinful,   stronghold   of  the 

Comfort  of  the  grieving,   light  for  them 

that  seek: 
These  Thou  art,  O  Jesus,  yet  we  know  but 

Of  the  love  which  for  us  dwells  within 

Thy  Heart. 


Each  good  act  accomplished,  vict'ry  nobly 

Crosses   bravely   carried,    duties   brightly 

These  are  trials  no  longer,   if  we  would 

but  see, 
They  are  sent  to  lead  us  nearer  unto  Thee. 

In  the  fire  of  trial  so  my  soul  refine 
That  it  may  be  pleasing  to  Thy   Heart 

In  Thy  loving  mercy  so  transform  it  till 
Its  supreme  ambition  be  to  do  Thy  will. 


As  the  radiant  dawn  is  stealing 

Far  up  the  glowing  East, 
To  Thy  Faithful  ones  revealing 

Again  the  happy  Feast; 
Sacred  Heart,  in  spirit  lowly, 

I  consecrate  to-day 
Heart  and  soul  that  I  may  wholly  be 

Thine  own,  dear  Lord,  alway. 

Sacred  Heart,  Sacred  Heart, 

Hear  the  prayers  we  now  implore 
In  living  or  in  dying 

We  may  love  Thee  more  and  more. 

Thou  art  here  in  loving  meekness 

Through  ever-changing  years; 
Thou  hast  strength  in  human  weakness 

And  balm  for  human  tears. 
On  the  Cross  Thy  heart  was  bleeding 

My  sins  to  wash  away; 
Now  Thy  heart  for  mine  is  pleading 

With  tenderest  love  to-day. 


Thou,  whose  angel  choirs  are  telling 

Of  majesty  divine, 
How  canst  Thou  desire  the  dwelling 

Of  such  a  heart  as  mine. 
Love  Divine,  grant  that  I  never 
,  From  Thee  by  sin  may  part, 
And  my  hope  and  stay  forever 

Will  be  Thy  Sacred  Heart. 


Ascend,   ascend,   Imperial  Queen! 
Ascend,  and  plead  the  cause  of  men! 
Ascend,  and  reign  upon  the  throne 
Predestinated  thine  alone. 
Ascend,  where  none  before  have  trod, 
Ascend,  the  mother  of  thy  Gou. 

Oh,  how  for  thee  the  angels  sigh, 
Eager  to  waft  thee  to  the  sky! 
Too  long  for  them  the  hours  appear 
That  strive  to  hold  thee  captive  here, 
Where  quenched  in  mists  of  earth  below 
Thy  rays  of  glory  dimly  show. 

Ascend,  ascend,  Imperial  Queen! 
Forsake  this  limitary  scene; 
Forsake  this  lower,  darksome  place, 
Which  guilt  and  misery  deface; 
A  higher  world  invites  thee  on 
To  splendor  and  dominion. 


At  eve's  lone  stilly  hour, 

When   faint   shadows   rest   on   the   silent 

When  the  winds  are  hush'd,  and  the  star- 
light gleams, 
Sweet  Mother!  I  call  on  thee. 

Unto  thy  skrine  I  come, 
With  a  heavy  heart  by  danger  prest, 
As  the  trembling  dove  which  had  fled  its 
O  Dulcis  Maria,  bear! 

Receive  the  stricken  one 

From  the  guilt  of  sin  and  the  threat'ning 

Oh!  protect  thy  child,  and  thy  love  bestow, 
Virgo  Maria,  audi! 


At  last  Thou  art  come,  little  Saviour! 

And  Thy  angels  fill  midnight  with  song; 
Thou  art  come  to  us,  gentle  Creator! 
Whom  Thy  creatures  have  sighed  for  so 


All  hail,  Eternal  Child! 
Dear  Mary's  little  flower, 
Blooming  in  earthly  bower. 

Hail,  Mary's  little  one; 

Hail,  God's  Eternal  Son; 
Sweet  Babe,  sweet  Babe, 
Sweet  Babe  of  Bethlehem. 

24  . 

Thou  hast  brought  with  Thee  grace  aud 
Aud  our  souls  overflow  with  delight; 
While  our  hearts  are  half  broken,   dear 
With  the  joy  of  this  wonderful  night. 


We've  waited  so  long  for  Thee,  Jesus; 

Art  Thou  come  to  us,  dearest,  at  last? 
Ah!    we    bless    Thee,    fond    joy    of     thy 
This  is  worth  all  the  wearisome  past. 



August  and  tender  Saint  on  high 

Enthroned  'mid  Heavenly  choirs, 
Hear  the  earnest  prayers  of  our  hearts, 

O'er  whom  earth's  shadows  lower. 
Unto  thy  tender  watchful  care 

The  Lord  of  Heaven  was  given; 
In  His  dear  name,  thy  children  pray— 

Oh,  guide  us  home  to  Heaven. 
Sainted  Joseph,  Father  blest, 

The  faithful  fly  to  thee; 
In  peril  dread  and  anguish  deep, 

Our  hope,  our  comfort  be. 


Earthly  guardian  of  our  God, 
The  Church  doth  call  on  thee; 

In  this  her  hour  of  darkest  woe, 
Her  strength,  her  pilot  b*. 


Thou  wert  once  a  child  of  earth, 

And  felt  its  bitter  woes; 
Look,  then,  to  our  welfare  here. 

Aid  us  against  our  foes. 
For  errors,  clouds,  obscure  the  truth, 

Faith's  rays  no  longer  shine, 
With  the  pure  light  of  other  days, 

In  lands  that  once  were  thine.— Cho. 



Ave,  Maria,  guardian  dear 
Bright  Mother  of  the  blest, 

Us  o'er  life's  sea,  oh!  calmly  steer 
Unto  the  port  of  rest. 

Be  our  guardian,  be  our  stay, 
While  the  darkness  rides  its  round; 

Keep  us  till  the  morning  ray 
Wake  again  our  anthem  sound.— Cho. 

Mother,  taintless,  undefiled, 

Sinless  let  our  slumbers  be; 
Mother  of  the  sinless  Child, 

Hear  the  prayer  we  raise  to  Thee.— Cho. 

Thou  hast  made  our  desert  bloom; 

Mary,  deign  to  hear  our  prayer; 
If  to-night  we  seek  the  tomb, 

Shine  upon  the  desert  there.— Cho. 



Ave  Maria!  Message  from  Heaven, 

Wafted  by  angels  down  to  the  earth, 
Hope  of  the  fallen  race,  in  mercy  given, 

Ave  Maria! 
Thou  pre-elected,  hearts  now  we  raise  to 


Ave  Maria!  Ave  Maria! 
Ave  Maria!  Shadows  break  slowly, 
Dawn   of    salvation    comes     to     earth's 
shore ; 
Then  shall  we  sing  to  thee,   sinless  and 


Ave  Maria! 
Queen  of  creation,  hope  of  the  fallen  race. 
Treasure  of  love  and  grace, 

Ave  Maria!  Ave  Maria! 


Ave  Maria!  Star  of  Heaven, 
Guide  of  earthly  pilgrims  here, 

All  my  life  to  thee  is  given, 
Guard  it  with  a  Mother's  care. 


Welcome,   welcome,  month  of  Mary, 
Emblem  of  the  Virgin  pure; 

Come,  oh!  come,  our  hearts  are  weary, 
Come,  and  all  our  sorrows  cure. 

Ave  Maria!  Heavenly  Mother, 
Smiling  sweetly  from  above; 

Make  us  live  with  one  another 
In  unchanging  bliss  and  love.— Cho. 


Ave  Maria!  purest  flower, 

In  our  hearts  fore'er  abide; 
Shield  us  in  temptation's  hour, 

In  our  wanderings  be  our  guide.— Cho. 

Ave  Maria!  Star  of  even, 
When  the  hour  of  death  is  come, 

Take  my  soul  with  thee  to  Heaven, 
To  its  everlasting  home. — Gho. 


Ave  Maria,  softly  spoken,  in  the  mid- 
night's hour, 

Ave  Maria,  dearest  token  of  God's  great 
love,  of  love's  great  power. 

The  tidings  blest  of  man's  salvation,  how 
their  grandeurs  in  our  hymns  pre- 

With  Gabriel's  voice  the  while  we  greet 
Thee  and  join  him  in  that  wond'rous 

Ave  Maria,  gratia  plena, 
Ave  Maria,  gratia  plena,  Ave! 

Ave  Maria,  sinless  maiden,  fair  art  thou 
and  full  of  grace, 

Earth  is  around  thee,  sorrow  laden,  oh! 
cheer  it  with  thy  beauteous  face; 

It  hears  the  joyful  salutation,  softly  trem- 
bling on  the  midnight  gale, 

With  Gabriel's  voice  the  while  we  greet 
Thee  and  join  him  in  that  wond'rous 

Ave  Maria,  gratia  plena,  etc. 

Ave  Maria,  near  and  nearer  comes  to  us 

the  joyful  strain, 
Ave   Maria,    louder,    clearer,   the   Church 

takes  up  the  glad  refrain: 
And  oh!  we  pray  thee,  Virgin  tender,  that 

thy  kind  protection  never  fail, 
With  Gabriel's  voice  the  while  we  greet 

Thee  and  join  him  in  that  wond'rous 


Ave  Maria,  gratia  plena,  etc. 


Ave  Maria!  bright  and  pure, 
Hear,  oh!  hear  me  when  I  pray! 

Pains  and  pleasures  try  the  pilgrim 
On  his  long  and  dreary  way; 

Fears  and  perils  are  around  me, 
Ave  Maria,  bright  and  pure, 

Ora  pro  me,  ora  pro  me. 

Ave  Maria!  Queen  of  Heaven, 
Teach,  oh!  teach  me  to  obey; 

Lead  me  on,  though  fierce  temptations 
Stand  and  meet  me  in  the  way; 

When  I  fail  and  faint,  my  Mother, 
Ave  Maria,  bright  and  pure, 

Ora  pro  me,  ora  pro  me. 

Then  shall  I,  if  thou,  O  Mary, 
Ait  my  strong  support  and  stay. 

Fear  nor  feel  the  threefold  danger 
Standing  forth  in  dread  array. 

Now  and  ever  shield  and  guard  me, 
Ave  Maria!  bright  and  pure, 

Ora  pro  me,  ora  pro  me. 


When  my  eyes  are  slowly  closing:. 

And  I  fade  from  earth  away. 
And  when  death,  the  stern  destroyer, 

Claims  my  body  as  his  prey, 
Claim  my  soul,  and  then,  sweet  Mary. 

Ave  Maria!  bright  and  pure, 
Ora  pro  me,  ora  pro  me. 


Aye  Maris  Stella, 
Dei  Mater  Alma, 
Atque  semper  Virgo, 
Felix  Coeli  porta. 

Sumens  illud  Ave 
Gabrielis  ore, 
Funda  nos  in  pace, 
Mutans  Evae  nomen. 

Solve  vincla  reis, 
Profer  lumen  caecis, 
Mala  nostra  pelle, 
Bona  cuncta  posce. 

Monstra  te  esse  matrem, 
Sumat  per  te  preces 
Qui  pro  nobis  natus 
Tulit  esse  tuus. 

Virgo  singularis, 
Inter  omnes  mitis, 
Nos  culpis  solutos 
Mites  fac  et  castos. 

Vitam  praesta  puram, 
Iter  para  tutum, 
Ut  videntes  Jesum 
Semper  collaetemur. 


Sit  la  us  Deo  Patri, 
Summo  Christo  decus, 

Spiritui  Sancto, 

Tribus  honor  unus.    Amen. 
V.  Dirigatur,  Domine,  oratio  mea, 
Ii.  Sicut  incensnm  in  conspectu  tuo. 


Ave!  now  let  prayer  and  music 
Meet  in  love  on  earth  and  sea! 

Now,  sweet  Mother!  may  the  weary 
Turn  from  this  cold  world  to  thee. 


Ave!  ave!  now  let  prayer  and  music 
Meet  in  love  on  earth  and  sea! 

Ave!  ave!  now  let  prayer  and  music 
Meet  in  love  on  earth  and  sea. 

Yet  when  thus  full  hearts  and  voices, 

If  o'erburdened  souls  there  be, 
Dark  and  silent  in  their  anguish, 

Aid  those  captives,  set  them  free. 

Touch  them,  every  fount  unsealing 

Where  the  frozen  tears  lie  deep; 
Thou,  the  Mother  of  all  sorrows. 

Aid,  oh!  aid  to  pray  and  weep!— Cho. 


(From   the   Purification   till   Maunday 
Ave,  Reglna  Coelorum, 
Ave,  domina  angelorum, 
Salve  radix,  salve  porta, 
Ex  qua  mundi  lux  est  orta. 


Gaude,  Virgo  gloriosa, 
Super  omnes  speciosa; 
Vale,  o  valde,  decora, 
Et  pro  nobis  Christum  exora. 


Ave  Sanctissima, 

We  lift  our  souls  to  thee, 
Ora  pro  nobis, 

Thou  bright  Star  of  the  Sea. 
Guard  us  when  sin  is  nigh,— 

Snares  round  our  path  are  spread, 
Hear  the  heart's  lonely  sigh; 

Thine,  too,  hath  bled. 

Thou  that  hast  looked  on  death, 

Aid  us  when  death  is  near; 
Whisper  of  Heaven  to  faith, 

Sweet  mother,  sweet  mother,  hear. 
Ora  pro  nobis! 

From  sin  our  slumbers  keep, 
Ora,  mater,  ora, 

Star  of  the  deep. 

Ave  purissima, 

List  to  thy  children's  prayer; 
Ave  Maria, 

And  take  us  to  thy  care. 
When  darkness  comes  o'er  us, 

Whilst  here  on  earth  we  stay, 
Thy  light  shine  before  us, 

Guide  of  the  way. 


Thou  that  hast  looked  on  death, 

Aid  us  when  death  is  near; 
Whisper  of  Heaven  to  faith, 

Sweet  mother,  sweet  mother,  hear. 
Ora  pro  nobis, 

Let  angels  guard  our  sleep, 
Ora,  mater,  ora, 

Star  of  the  deep. 


Awake,    my    soul,    the   solemn    hour   ap- 
When  Jesus  will  His  sweetness  all  dis- 
The  bliss  of  paradise  on  earth  encroaches, 
For  He  is  nigh,  thy  Centre,  thy  Repose. 


Sweet  Source  of  grace,   sweet  Pledge  of 

My  Heav'n  on  earth  to  be, 
My  soul,  draw  nigh;  I  live—not  I, 

But  Jesus  lives  in  me. 


Beauteous  spirit!  Guardian  angel! 

Oh!  how  dear  to  us  art  thou, 
We  will  love  thee,  and  invoke  thee, 

Though  we  cannot  see  thee  now. 



Tray,  oil  pray  for  us  with  the  Queen  of 

That  our  dearest  Lord  may  bless 
And  protect  us,  guide  us  safely 

Through  this  life  to  endless  bliss. 
Dear  Guardian  Angel,  watch  over  us! 
Dear  Guardian  Angel,  watch  over  us! 
Dear  Angel,  pray  and  watch  over  us! 

Oh!  how  much  we  long  to  see  thee 

In  that  happy  realm  above, 
And  to  hear  thee  sing  the  praises 

Of  our  Lord,  with  Heavenly  love—  Cho. 

Oh!  celestial  spirit,  guide  us, 

Hold  us  up,  nor  let  us  fall 
Into  sin,  but  lead  us  safely 

To  our  Lord,  our  God,  our  All.— Cho. 


Behold!  how  we've  pierced  Thee, 

All  gracious  as  Thou  art. 
Our  sins,  oft  repeated, 

Have  wounded  Thy  sinless  Heart. 
O  Love!  'twas  our  insults— 

Ah!  'twas  our  cruel  pride- 
That  plung'd,  on  Golgotha, 

The  spear  in  Thy  helpless  side! 


O  Heart!  from  that  portal 
Came  forth  Thine  eternal  bride; 

The  door  of  salvation 
Was  opened  on  the  true  Ark's  side. 



O  bruised  Heart!  O  pierced  heart, 

Dear  Heart  of  Jesus! 

O  meek  Heart!  O  pure  Heart,  we  live  but 

in  Thee! 
Sweet  Heart  of  Jesus, 
Let  us  die  in  Thee! 


In  seven  fair  streamlets 

Flows  here  a  saving  flood; 
Defiled,  we  draw  near  it, 

To  wash  in  Thy  precious  Blood! 
Ah!  ne'er  let  our  baseness 

Wound  Thee  again,  blest  Heart! 
Our  souls  long  to  praise  Thee, 

Inflamed  by  love's  fiery  dart. 


Oh!  grant  this,  dear  Jesus! 

O  Father,  Spirit!  we  implore, 
Whose  power  and  glory 

And  kingdom  last  forevermore. 


O,  bruised  Heart!  O  pierced  Heart,  etc. 


Behold  sweet  Mary,  as  she  hastens 
Her  happy  steps  o'er  Juda's  hills. 
Her  charity  no  danger  chastens, 

And  Hebron's  house  with  joy  she  fills. 
Oh!  blessed  thou  among  all  others, 
God's   presence    crowns   thee   with   His 
Most  happy  thou  of  all  most  happy  moth- 
Soon  wilt  thou  gaze  on  the  beauty  of 
His  face. 



Blessed  Mary,  O  happy,  happy  mother! 

With  thee  we  magnify  the  Lord. 
Blessed  Mary,  O  happy,  happy  mother, 

With  thee   we  magnify  the  Lord. 

Then  St.  Elizabeth,  awaking 

To  holy  joy  and  ecstasy, 
Exclaimed,  in  ardent  transports  breaking, 

"Ah!  whence,  ah!  whence  is  this  to  me! 
The  mother  of  my  God  and  Saviour 

Unto  this  house  salvation  brings, 
Her  presence  breathes  a  peace  and  bene- 

And  in  my  soul  it  hath  wrought  most 
wondrous  things." — Cho. 


Behold  the   Heart!   Whose  love  for  men 
Transcends  all  praise  of  tongue  or  pen, 

Yet  Whose  Ardor  burning 

And  whose  tender  yearning 
Meet  with  coldness  and  disdain. 


O  Sacred  Heart,  O  Heart  Divine, 
Thou  art  our  hope.  Thou  art  our  home; 

All  glory,  love  and  thanks  be  Thine, 
Thy     Kingdom     come,     Thy     Kingdom 

The  Kingdom  of  the  Prince  of  peace, 
Whose  reign  of  love  shall  never  cease. 

Meek  and  humble  Sovereign, 

All  our  passions  govern, 
And  our  league  of  love  increase, 

O  reign  of  gentle  lowliness. 
Of  pure  devoted  holiness, 

Of  the  gracious  merit 

Of  a  selfless  spirit, 
Heal  our  wounds,  oud  sorrows  bless. 

By  all  the  love  and  rapture  sweet, 
That*  swayed  the  Blessed  Marguerite, 
Let  Thy  Cross  be  ours, 
And  Thy  thorns  our  flowers, 
Thy  blest  flame  our  sure  retreat. 


Beneath  the  Cross  the  mournful  mother 
Beneath  the  Cross  we  hear  her  gentle 
The   Well-Beloved   her  tender  care  com- 
And  as  her  Son  she  "takes  Him  to  her 


Jesus  said:  "Son  behold  thy  mother," 

And  in  that  Son,  her  children  we  became 
Then,   Mary  blest,   ah!  show  thyself  our 
For   Jesus'    sake    thy    tender    care    we 

O  Mother,  thou  above  all  mothers  grieving. 
Within  thy  heart  the  seven-fold  sword 
hath  passed. 
When  Jesus'   heart  upon  the  Cross  was 
Each  drop  of  blood  outpoured  unto  the 
last— Cho. 


Bless   me,    befriend    me,    sweet   Angel,   I 

Watch  me,  defend  me,  by  night,  by  n \n lit 

and  by  day; 
Shelter,     enfold'  me    within    thy    bright 

Guide  me,  uphold  me  in  life's  wanderings. 


.      Beam  on  my  gladness, 

Thy  joy,  thy  joy  I  shall  share! 


Shine  on  my  sadness, 

And  sorrow,  sorrow  I'll  bear; 

My  path,  my  path  shall  be  clear: 

bass.  alto. 

Go  thou   before   me,   my  path,   my  path 

shall  be  clear; 
Hover  thou  o'er  me,  no  foe  then  shall  I 

Bless   me,   befriend   me,   sweet   Angel,    I 

Watch  me,  defend  me,  by  night,  by  night 

and  by  day. 
Oh,  may  I  never  forget  thou  art  near! 
Keep,  keep  me  ever  in  love,  in  love  and  in 

Waking  and  sleeping— in  labor  and  rest, 
In  thy  sweet  keeping  my  life  shall  be  blest. 


Angel   so   holy!   whom   God,   whom   God 
sends  to  me, 


Sinful  and  lowly,  my  guardian,  guardian 
to  be, 


The  child,  the  child  of  thy  care— 


Wilt  thou  not  cherish 

The  child,  the  child  of  thy  care? 

Let   me   not   perish— my  trust   is   in   thy 

Bless  me,  befriend  me,  sweet  angel,  I  pray, 
Watch  me,  defend  me,  by  night,  by  night 

and  by  day. 


Blessed  are  we  as  the  children  of  a  mother 
Who  in  her  grace  surpasses  all; 

Hasten,  then,  haste  with  gladness  to  her 
There  at  her  feet  in  meekness  to  fall. 


Behold  the  month  of  Mary, 

It  passes  like  a  white-winged  dove, 
And  through  its  hours  of  beauty 

Resound  our  strains  of  love. 
Beautiful  Mary,  sweetest  of  mothers. 

Oh!  bless  us,  ere  thy  month  departs; 
Beautiful  Mary,  sweetest  of  mothers. 

Receive  our  lays,  receive  our  hearts. 


Slowly  the  winter  faded  on  the  mountain, 

Leaving  the  streams  all  chainless  free; 
Buds  of  the  meadow,  and  waters  of  the 
All  are  awaking,  sweet  mother,  for  thee! 

— Cho. 

Bless,  then,  O  Mary,  the  gifts  of  smiling 
Sweeter  than  these  there  scarce  could 
Fields  in  their  beauty  have  yielded  thee 
their  treasure — 
Birds  in  their  gladness  are  singing  for 
thee.  -Cho. 

We,  too,  will  praise  thee,  pure  and  stain- 
less mother; 
We  will  unite  with  flower  and  bird, 
And,    'round    thy    altar,    through    all   thy 
sacred  season, 
Will  lays  of  thy  glory,  thy  beauty,   be 
heard.  —Cho. 

Here  in  the  morn,  and  in  the  shades  of 
We  in  our  joy  will  bend  each  day; 
Flowers  may  fade,  and  the  songs'of  birds 
be  missing- 
Love  and  devotion  will  never  decay. 



Blessed  be  the  love  of  Jesus, 
Giving  us  His  flesh  and  blood, 

Blessed  His  mother  Mary, 
Mother  ever  kind  and  good. 


Blessed  be  the  great  St.  Joseph, 
Sing,  then,  with  devotion  true: 

"Dearest  Jesus,  Mary,  Joseph, 
Heart  aud  life  I  give  to  you." 



Blest  Philomena, 

Virgin  so  fair, 
We  come  now  to  offer 

Ourselves  to  thy  care. 

Temptations  assail  us, 
Our  nature  is  frail, 

Let  not  thy  help  fail  us. 
Hear  our  sad  wail.      — Cho. 

Child  of  benediction, 
•  Daughter  of  light, 
Cheer  us  in  affliction, 
Illumine  our  night.      —Cho. 

Then,  martyr  of  purity, 

Offer  our  vows 
Of  faith  and  devotion 

To  Jesus  thy  Spouse.— Cho. 


Blest  spirits  of  light!     Ye  who  have  not 
The  children  of  earth,  though  fallen  from 
Oh!   still   watch   around   us,   our   bosoms 
To  thoughts  of  a  world  that  is  brighter 
than  this. 



Ah!  kindly  watch  over  us,  guard  and  pro- 
tect us, 

Sweet  angels  and  guides,  to  the  mansions 
of  bliss, 

Sweet  angels  and  guides,  to  the  mansions 
of  bliss. 

The  lily  of  innocence  fondly  we'll  cherish, 

Averting   whatever    its   blossoms    may 


And,  oh!  if  'tis  fading  and  ready  to  perish, 

Restore    it,    sweet    angels,    its    beauty 

again.  — Cho. 


Blest  St.  Thomas,  holy  Patron! 

Draw  our  hearts  and  hopes  above; 
Bless  us  with  a  father's  blessing, 

Shield  us  with  a  father's  love. 


From  thy  starry  throne  of  glory, 
In  the  shining  light  of  Heaven, 

Thou  wilt  look  upon  thy  children, 
To  thy  holy  keeping  given. 

We  will  onward  in  thy  footsteps, 

We  will  upward  to  the  goal; 
And  thy  mighty  power  shall  strengthen. 

And  thy  whispered  words  console. 


Keep  us  pure  like  thee,  and  teach  us 
Earth's  false  brightness  to  despise, 

While  we  gaze  with  earnest  longing 
On  our  home  beyond  the  skies.— Cho. 


By  thy  life  and  death  so  holy, 
By  thy  bliss  with  God  on  high, 

Grant  that,  like  to  thee,  dear  Patron, 
We  for  God  may  live  and  die.— Cho. 


Blood  of  Jesus,  saving  fountain! 

Whence  all  graces  flow  to  men, 
Well-spring  from  the  holy  mountain! 

Pure  beyond  all  mortal  ken! 
Help  thy  servants,  sweetest  Saviour! 

Ransomed  by  Thy  precious  blood! 
Wash  their  souls  in  this  blest  laver, 

Cleanse  them  in  this  healing  flood. 


Blood  of  Jesus,  we  adore  Thee! 

Hear  and  grant  Thy  children's  prayer! 
Blood  of  Jesus,  we  implore  Thee! 

Save  us  from  the  demon's  snare! 

Glowing  on  the  Church's  annals 

Like  the  sun's  red  rising  beam; 
Through  the  sacramental  channels, 

Plowing  in  a  crimson  stream! 
Crowning  saints  and  cleansing  sinners. 

Blessing  every  faithful  soul;— 
In  the  race  victorious  winners 

Bear  it  radiant  to  the  goal.— Cho. 

Hither  haste,  each  guilty  varlet! 

Hither  haste,  ye  slaves  of  woe! 
Though  your  sins  may  be  as  scarlet, 

Christ  can  wash  them  white  as  snow! 
Full  of  faith  and  warm  devotion, 

Bathing  in  the  blood  divine. 
In  the  depths  of  this  great  ocean. 

Like  the  stars,  your  souls  shall  shine. 



Bright  mother  of  our  Maker,  hail. 

Thou  Virgin  ever  blessed, 
The  ocean's  star  by  which  we  sail. 

And  gain  the  port  of  rest. 

Whilst  we  this  ave  thus  to  thee 

From  Gabriel's  mouth  rehearse. 
Prevail  that  peace  our  lot  may  be, 
And  Eva's  name  reverse. 

Release  our  long  entangled  mind 

From  all  the  snares  of  ill, 
With  Heavenly  light  instruct  the  blind 

And  all  our  vows  fulfil. 

Exert  for  us  a  mother's  care, 

And  us  thy  children  own; 
Prevail  with  Him  to  hear  our  prayer. 

Who  chose  to  be  thy  Son. 

O  spotless  maid!  Avhose  virtues  shine 

With  brightest  purity, 
Each  action  of  our  lives  refine, 

And  make  us  pure  like  thee. 

Preserve  our  lives  unstained  with  ill 

In  this  infectious  way, 
That  Heaven  alone  our  souls  may  fill 

With  joys  that  ne'er  decay. 

To  God  the  Father  endless  praise, 

To  God  the  Son  the  same; 
And  Holy  Ghost,  whose  equal  rays 

One  equal  glory  claim. 


Bright  Queen  of  Heaven, 

Virgin  most  fair, 
Mary  most  gentle. 

List  %o  our  prayer; 
Mother,  protect  us, 

Aid   us   to   bring, 
Sweetly  enfold  us 

'Neath  thy  shelt'ring  wing. 

Star  of  the  Ocean, 

Shedding  soft  light, 
Solace  in  sorrow, 

Rest  'mid  the  night; 
Send,  in  our  slumbers, 

Peace  from  above, 
Shine  on  us  ever, 

Bright  Star  of  Love. 

Tho'  night  be  lonely. 

Why  should  we  fear 
While  thy  soft  gleaming 

Shineth  so  near? 
Leading  us  gently 

'Mid  darkling  gloom, 
Beck'ning  us  onward 

To  our  true  home. 

Soon  may  the  morrow 

Of  bright  endless  day 
Chase  the  drear  visions 

Of  dark  night  away; 
Waft  our  lone  spirits 

To  Heaven's  bright  shore. 
Where  we  may  love  thee. 

And  rest  evermore. 


Bright,  spotless  maiden,  Heav'nly  courts 
For   endless  years   our   happy   eyes   to 
Joy  of  the  angels,  gentle  star  of  morning, 
Hasten  the  day  when  we  in  Heav'n  shall 


Ah!  what  a  joy,  dear  Mother,  thee  to  see, 
And  be  in  Heaven  near  thee,  eternally! 

God's  love  around  thee  clothes  thee  with  a 
Eye  hath  not  seen  nor  heart  of  man  con- 
God's  blessed  angels  their  fond  homage 
Sing  evermore  the  work  in  thee  achieved. 

— Cho. 

Joy  of  the  ransomed  saints,  thy  love  pro- 
See  in  thy  smile  the  love  of  thy  dear 
Love  that  redeemed  them,  grace  that  e'er 
sustained  them, 
Till  the  long  strife  on  earth  was  happily 
done.— Cho. 


Bright  sunbeams  deck  the  joyful  sky, 

Hosannas  fill  the  air; 
The  world  is  shouting  victory, 

And  Hell  is  in  despair. 


This  morn  our  mighty  King  arose 

From  death's  infernal  cave; 
And  many  a  Saint  to  welcome  Him 

Hath  left  his  ancient  grave. 

In  vain  they  sealed  the  Sepulchre, 
-  And  watched  around  His  tomb, 
The  Lord  hath  gain'd  the  victory, 
And  death  is  overcome. 

Then  weep  no  more  at  death's  dark  power, 

Let  no  more  tears  be  shed; 
For  why?  the  Vanquisher  of  death 

Is  risen  from  the  dead. 

O  Jesus!  may  we  ever  live 

From  sin  and  sorrow  free; 
Then  let  us  ever  die  to  sin, 

And  ever  live  to  Thee. 


Bring  flow'rs  of  the  rarest,  bring  flow'rs 
of  the  fairest; 
From  garden  and  woodland,  and  hill- 
side and  vale; 
Our   full   hearts   are   swelling,    our   glad 
voices  telling 
The  praise  of  the  loveliest  Rose  of 
the  dale. 


O  Mary!  we  crown  thee  with  blossoms 

Queen  of  the  angles,  Queen  of  the  May. 
O    Mary   we   crown   thee   with    blossoms 

Queen  of  the  angels,  Queen  of  the  May. 

Our  voices  ascending,  in  harmony  blend- 
Oh!    thus    may    our    hearts    turn,    dear 
Mother,  to  thee; 
Oh!  thus  shall  we  prove  thee  how  truly 
we  love  thee, 
How  dark  without  Mary  life's  journey 
would  be.— Cho. 

O   Virgin   most   tender,    our   homage  we 
Thy  love  and  protection,  sweet  Mother, 
to  win; 
In  danger  defend  us,  in  sorrow  befriend 
And  shield  our  fond  hearts  from  con- 
tagion of  sin.— Cho. 

Of  Mothers  the  dearest,  oh!  wilt  thou  be 
When  life  with  temptation  is  darkly  re- 
Forsake  us?    oh!    never!    our    hearts    be 
they  ever 
As   pure    as   the   lilies   we   lay   at  thy 
feet.— Cho. 


By  the  blood  that  flow'd  from  Thee 
In  Thy  bitter  agony; 
By  the  scourge  so  meekly  borne, 
By  Thy  purple  robe  of  scorn. 


Jesus,  hear  our  pleading  pray'r, 
O  Thou  who  did'st  our  burden  bear: 
Hear,  oh!  hear  a  sinner's  cry, 
'Tis  of  love  the  contrite  sigh, 
Sweet  Jesus,  hear. 


By  tlie  thorns  that  crown'd  Thy  head*, 
By  Thy  sceptre  of  a  reed, 
By  thy  footsteps  faint  and  slow, 
Weighed  beneath  Thy  cross  of  woe.— Clio* 

By  the  nails  and  pointed  spear, 
By  Thy  people's  cruel  jeer; 
By  Thy  dying  prayer  which  rose, 
Begging  mercy  for  Thy  foes.— Cho. 


Can  it  be  that  my  God 
Comes  down  from  Heaven! 

Makes  my  heart  His  abode, 
To  me  is  given! 

Yes,  yes,  within  my  breast 

Soon  shall  my  Jesus  rest, 

Soon  shall  He  be  my  guest, 
Nor  thence  be  driven. 

No,  no,  my  trembling  heart, 

Leave  thee!  no  never! 
Never  shall  He  depart, 

What  can  us  sever? 
No,  no,  I  hear  him  say, 
With  My  beloved  I'll  stay; 
My  love  shall  ne'er  decay, 

But  last  forever. 

Then,  O  my  Jesus,  come, 

Come  to  this  dwelling; 
Make  my  poor  heart  now  Thy  home, 

Make  Thine  each  feeling. 
Still,  still,  my  blessed  God, 
Feed  me  with  this  sweet  food; 
Still  with  Thy  sacred  blood 

All  my  wounds  healing. 

What  save  my  God  above 

Have  I  in  Heaven? 
And  what  to  win  niy  love. 

Can  here  be  given ? 
Then,  then,  my  happy  soul. 
Thou  shall  alone  control: 
Thou  shalt  possess  the  whole, 

To  Thee  still  cleaving. 

Oh!  for  such  love  as  this, 

What  now  returning; 
What  shall  return  such  bliss 

But  a  heart  burning? 
Burning  with  flames  of  love 
Till  with  my  God  above 
His  endless  joys  I  prove, 
With  Him  sojourning. 


Child  Jesus,  the  most  beautiful 

Among  the  sons  of  men, 
'Twould  take  a  seraph's  burning  love 

Thy  wondrous  charms  to  pen; 
Yet  in  our  childhood's  lowliness 

We  kneel  before  Thy  shrine, 
To  sing  Thy  praise  and  claim  Thy  care. 

Sweet  Infant  all  divine. 


Dear  Blessed  One.  we  come  to  Thee 
Our  childhood's  years  to  crown. 

That  on  the  bloom  of  innocence 
No  sinful  blight  come  down. 


We'll  seek  Thee  in  Thy  holiness, 

Thy  loving  aid  to  share, 
At  noon  and  eve  the  while  we  raise 

Our  hearts  to  Thee  in  prayer. 
Then  with  Thy  blessing  'round  us  shed, 

Like  heaven's  serenest  light, 
We'll  feel,  and  joy  is  in  the  thought, 

Our  weakness  crowned  with  might. 

— Chb. 
We'll  seek  thee  in  Thy  gentleness, 

To  chase  all  strife  away. 
If  boist'rous  passion  would  arise 

To  rnar  our  thoughtless  play. 
We'll  seek  Thee  in  obedience, 

In  innocence  and  truth. 
Then,  loving  Jesus,  Thou  wilt  bless 

The  rosy  dawn  of  youth. 


O  Jesus,  Mary,  be  it  ours 
One  priceless  .mace  to  win. 

To  keep  the  hearts  we  offer  yon 
Unstained  by  aught  of  sin. 


Jesus,  sweet  Jesus,  my  Treasure  divine, 
Oh.  with  what  rapture  I  call  Thee  all  mine, 
Brilliant,  celestial,  my  Glory,  my  Sun; 
Oh,  that  I  loved  Thee,  Thou  beautiful  One. 

Christ  has  descended,  angels  on  high 

Softly  breathe  o'er  us.  Jesus  is  nigh; 

The  cherub,  the  seraph,  in  awe  lowly 

While  Jesus  the  King  of  the  Heavens  de- 


Fountain  of  sweetness,  Abyss  of  delight, 
Robed    in    Thy    splendor,    immortal    and 

Thou  God  of  my  heart!  oh,  when  shall  I 

Away  from  my  prison,  to  love  only  Thee? 

Jesus,  sweet  Jesus,  so  priceless  in  worth, 

Joy  of  the  angels  and  Hope  of  the  earth; 

Strong  are  the  links  and  bonds  which  con- 

My  heart  and  my  soul  to  Thee,  Jesus  all 


Christ  is  risen  from  the  dead,  Alleluia,  al- 

Risen  as  He  truly  said:  Alleluia,  alleluia! 

Oh,  praise  the  Lord  with  grateful  voice. 

Bless  His  Name,  rejoice,  rejoice!  Alleluia, 

Resurrexit,  sicut  dixit,  Alleluia,  alleluia! 

Angels  clad  in  snowy  white,  Alleluia,  alle- 

Coming  from  the  realms  of  light,  Alleluia, 

They  bid  us  sing  with  grateful  voice, 

Bid  us  all  rejoice!  rejoice,  Alleluia,  alle- 
luia ! 

Resurrexit,  sicut  dixit,  Alleluia,  alleluia! 


Man  was  but  a  slave  before,  Alleluia,  alle- 

Mau  is  free  foreverinore.  Alleluia,  alleluia! 

Now  Heaven  and  earth,  with  grateful 

Bid  us  all  rejoice,  rejoice!  Alleluia,  alleluia, 

Kesurrexit,  sicut  dixit,  Alleluia,  alleluia! 


Christ  the  Lord  is  risen  to-day, 
Christians,  haste  your  vows  to  pay; 
Offer  ye  your  praises  meet 
At  the  Paschal  Victim's  feet. 
For  the  sheep  the  Lamb  hath  bled, 
Sinless  in  the  sinner's  stead; 
Christ  the  Lord  is  risen  on  high, 
Now  He  dies,  no  more  to  die! 

Christ,  the  victim  undefiled, 
Man  to  God  hath  reconciled; 
When,  in  strange  and  awful  strife,. 
Met  together  death  and  life. 
Christians,  on  this  happy  day. 
Haste  with  joy  your  vows  to  pay; 
Christ  the  Lord  is  risen  on  high, 
Now  He  dies,  no  more  to  die! 

Christ,  who  once  for  sinners  bled, 
Now  the  first-born  from  the  dead, 
Thronged  in  endless  might  and  power, 
Lives  and  reigns  for  evermore. 
Hail,  eternal  hope  on  high! 
Hail,  thou  King  of  victory! 
Hail,  thou  Prince  of  life  adored! 
Help  and  save  us,  gracious  Lord! 



Christ  was  born  on  Christmas  day- 
Wreathe  the  holly,  twine  the  bay; 
Christus  natus  hodie; 

The  Babe,  the  Son,  the  Holy  One  of  Mao  • 

He  is  born  to  set  ns  free, 

He  is  born  our  Lord  to  be, 

Ex-Maria  Virgine; 
The  God,  the  Lord  by  all  adored  forever. 

Let  the  bright  red  berries  glow 

Everywhere  in  goodly  show; 

Christus  natus  hodie; 

The  Babe,  the  Son,  the  Holy  One  of  Mary. 
Christian  men,  rejoice  and  sing, 
'Tis  the  birthday  of  a  King. 
Ex  Maria  Virgine; 

The  God,  the  Lord  by  all  adored  forever. 

Night  of  sadness,  morn  of  gladness, 

Evermore,  ever,  ever; 

After  many  troubles  sore, 

Morn  of  gladness,  evermore  and  evermore. 

Midnight  scarcely  passed  and  over, 

Drawing  to  this  holy  morn, 

Very  early,  very  early  Christ  was  born. 


Christians,  who  of  Jesus'  sorrows 

Come  the  doleful  tale  to  hear, 
See  what  streams  of  blood  flowed  for  us- 

Blend,  ah!  blend  at  least  a  tear. 
Lo!  for  your  own  sins  devoted, 

Bleeds  the  victim  from  on  high, 
By  His  suff'rings  animated, 

For  Him  live  and  for  Him  die. 


In  a  lonely  garden  praying 

Conflicts  rude  oppress  His  soul, 
Fear  and  hope  His  soul  assailing 

Strive  by  turns  His  will  to  rule. 
Now  dotli  tear  command  imperious. 

Now  strong  efforts  love  combines; 
Love  at  length  prevails  victorious, 

He  to  death  Himself  resigns. 

See,  now  Jesus  is  forsaken, 

Round  Him  press  a  ruthless  band. 
See  His  Heav'nly  cheeks  are  smitten 

By  the  merciless  soldier's  hand; 
Faithful  spirits  who  with  sorrow 

View'd  from  Heav'n  this  cruel  deed, 
Shelter  Him,  or,  arm'd  wTith  terror. 

Wing  on  it  with  light'ning  speed. 

Doom'd  to  death,  new  Isaac  willing, 

Loaded  with  the  heavy  tree, 
In  His  heart  our  sins  bewailing, 

He  ascends  Mount  Calvary. 
Lo!  His  hands  and  feet  nre  pierc'd  thro', 

On  the  bloody  cross  He  lies; 
Streams  of  vital  blood  flow  for  you. 

Sinners,  He's  your  sacrifice. 

Now,  behold  the  Man  of  Sorrows, 

On  the  cross  exalted  high; 
Suffering,  bleeding,  dying  for  us. 

Now,  behold  salvation  nigh; 
Satan,  our  great  foe,  lies  vanquished. 

Mary's  seed  has  bruised  Ins  head, 
Our  redemption  is  accomplished, 

Jesus  has  our  ransom  paid. 


He  expires  in  sad  convulsions; 

Future  comfortless  bemoans; 
Heaven  and  earth  and  all  creation 

Trembling  echo  doleful  groans. 
Ah!  shall  man  a  sight  so  awful, 

View  alone  with  tearless  eye? 
Grant,  O  Jesus!  I  may  grateful 

With  Thee  mourn  and  with  Thee  die. 

Ah!  descend  not,  clearest  Saviour, 

Leave  not  Thou  the  tree  of  pain; 
Snve  mankind,  oh!  Heavenly  Lover. 

On  the  cross  till  death  remain; 
But  fulfill,  oh!  Lord.  Thy  promise. 

Draw  our  souls  with  chains  of  love; 
Banish  sin  and  death  far  from  us, 

Lead  us  to  Thy  realms  above. 


Close  veiled  in  that  sweet  Sacrament, 

Our  Jesus'  Heart,  our  treasure  lies, 
Love's  priceless,  dearest  testament 

Is  shrouded  in  that  mystic  guise. 
Our  Jesus  left  His  realms  of  light  , 

On  wings  of  love  to  earth  He's  flown, 
To  dwell  with  us  'tis  His  delight, 

He  makes  our  hearts  His  dearest  throne. 


O  Sacred  Heart!  how  sweet  'twould  be 
If  we  could  die  for  love  of  Thee. 

O  Sacred  Heart!  how  sweet  'twould  be 
If  we  could  die  for  love  of  Thee,  of  Thee, 
of  Thee. 


Love  is  not  love!    O  .angel's,  weep; 

Ye  virgins  chaste,  breathe  bitter  sighs, 
()  earth,  be  clothed  in  mourning  deep, 

Withdraw  your  light,  ye  radiant  skies! 
For  all  our  souls'  dear  Spouse  hath  died, 

For  all  His  Heart  with  love  doth  burn;. 
Yet  this  meek  Saviour  men  deride, 

And  for  His  love  make  no  return.— Cho, 

That  Heart  for  us  could  do  no  more, 

In  anguish  deep  It  sighed  and.  bled, 
A  cruel  spear  pierced  through  Its  core,-. 

For  us  His  last  life's  blood  was  shed: 
That  spear,  O  Jesus!  pierced  Thy  Heart,. 

That  we  within  its  depths  might  flee; 
Oh,  wound  our  own  with  loves  sweet  darf,. 

Let  us  expire  for  love  of  Thee. — Cho. 



Come,  and  chant  the  praises 

Of  our  Mother  blest, 
Bring  her  buds  the  fairest, 

Sweetest  flow'rs  and  best. 

Behold  thy  loving  children 
Gather'd  round  thy  shrine, 

To  claim  from  thee  a  mother's  care, 
Grave  and  love  divine. — Cho. 

Oh!  teach  us  love  of  Jesus, 

Tench  us  love  for  thee: 
Obedient,  patient,  pure  and  mild 

May  we  ever  be.— Cho. 


And  when  this  life  is  ended, 

Be  thou  at  our  side; 
As  now  we  fondly  trust  in  thee, 

That  hour  we'll  then  contide.— Cho. 


Come,  children,  joyously, 
Humbly  and  piously, 
With  merry  lay. 


Far  be  all  care  away, 
Let  every  heart  be  gay, 
For  we  will  crown  to-day 
Our  Queen  of  May. 

Come!  while  your  hearts  are  pure, 
Come,  ere  the  world  allure, 
From  virtue's  way.— Cho. 

Come,  offer  lilies  white, 
Roses  so  sweet  and  bright 
At  her  feet  lay.— Cho. 

Beg  of  her  purity, 
Heavenly  charity, 
With  faith's  bright  ray.— Cho. 

Bring  orange  blossoms  rare, 
Jessamine  sweet  and  fair, 
Tulips  so  gay.— Cho. 

Weave  now  the  sweet  woodbine 
With  graceful  eglantine, 
Pride  of  the  May.— Cho. 

Lilies  from  valleys  green, 
Heartsease  the  fairest  seen, 
Form  her  bouquet.— Clio. 

Gather  sweet  heliotrope, 
With  flowers  that  gently  ope, 
At  dawn  of  day.— Cho. 

Scent-laden  violets  meek 
Her  hidden  virtues  speak, 
Emblems  are  they.— Cho. 


Come,  come,  come,  to  Mary  each  heart 

Come,  oh!  come  and  praise  our  Immacu- 
late Queen. 

All  Hail  to  the  Virgin  fair, 

Let's  sing  to  her  praise  melodious  strains, 

While  the  earth,  wrapped  in  beauteous 

Proclaims  her  our  Queen  Immaculate. 

Come,  come,  come,  come  praise  our  Love- 
ly Queen. 

Come,    oh!    come,    and  praise  our  Lovely 

This  world,  this  world  of  sin  and  woe 
'Neath  Mary's  smile  grows  like  to  Heaven. 
O  peerless  Queen!    O  Spotless  Dove, 
'Mid  joyful  hearts  accept  our  praise. 



Come,   come,   come,   to  Mary  each   heart 

Come,  oh!  come  and  praise  our  Immacu- 
late Queen, 

All  hail  to  the  Mother  of  God, 

All  hail  to  the  Mother  of  God, 
All  hail!    All  hail! 

Hail,   hail,  hail,  hail,  Holy  Queen,  loved 

Sweet  bells  are  pealing  through  the  rosy 

Like  the  lone  star,  whose  bright  beaming 

Guided  the  sages  on  their  devious  way, 
O  Virgin  most  pure  without  spot, 
Pray    for  thy    children,    sweet  blessings 

Hail,  hail,  hail,  hail,  Holy  Queen,  loved 

Sweet  bells  are  pealing  through  the  rosy 

Bright  Star  of  Eve, 
Our  dark  gloom  dispel,  where  on  thy  heart 

nestled  the  Dove, 
While  Angels  sing  sweet  hymns  of  love, 
Shield  us  from  sin,  guide  us  to  Heaven. 



Come,  gather  round  the  Altar, 
To  Mary  each  heart  offer, 
While  gladly,  as  our  Queen  to-day. 
We  greet  her  with  the  joyous  May, 
Come,  haste,  each  heart  at  her  loved  feet 
now  lay. 

The  ice-bonds  of  winter  are  broken, 

Again  we  hail  sweet  May, 
And  Mary,  bless'd  Mary  we're  greeting 

As  chosen  Queen  to-day. 
Come,  gather  round,  etc. 

See,  nature  has  donned  all  her  gayest 

To  greet  our  Mother  Queen, 
And  flowers  the  brightest  and  fairest 

Mary's  children  for  her  glean. 
Come  gather  round,  etc. 

Then,  Mary,  our  Queen  and  our  Mother, 

Accept  the  hearts  we  bring; 
And,  all  through  life's  stormiest  weather. 

Grant  that  to  thee  we  may  cling. 
Come,  gather  round,  etc. 


Come,  Holy  Ghost,  Creator  blest. 
And  in  our  hearts  take  up  Thy  rest. 
Come  with  Thy  grnce  and  Heavenly  aid 
To  fill  the  hearts  which  Thou  hast  made. 

O  Comforter,  to  Thee  we  cry, 
Thou  Heavenly  gift  of  God  Most  High, 
Thou  fount  of  life  and  fire  of  love. 
And  sweet  anointing  from  above, 

O  Holy  Ghost,  thro'  thee  alone 

Know  we  the  Father  and  the  Son, 

Be  this  our  never  changing  creed, 

That  Thou  dost  from  them  both  proceed. 


Praise  we  the  Father  and  the  Son. 
And  Holy  Spirit  with  them  one, 
And  may  the  Son  on  ns  bestow 
The  gifts  that  from  the  Spirit  flow 



Come,  Holy  Ghost,  send  down  those  beams 
Which  sweetly  flow  in  silent  streams 
From  thy  bright  throne  above. 

O  come,  Thon  Father  of  the  poor! 
Thon  bounteous  source  of  all  our  store! 
Come,   warm  our  hearts  with  love,   with 

love  divine, 
Come,  warm  our  hearts  with  love,   with 

love  divine, 
Thou  bounteous  source  of  all  our  store1, 
Come,  warm  our  hearts  with  love.— Clio. 

Come,  Thou  of  Comforters  the  best, 
Come,  Thou,  the  soul's  delightful  guest. 
The  Pilgrim's  sweet  relief.— Clio. 


Come,  let  us  gather  round  the  crib 
Of  our  young  Brother  dear, 

Our  Jesus,  Saviour,  God  and  Friend, 
A  helpless  Babe  lies  here. 

A  smile  is  beaming  sweet  and  bright 

Upon  His  beauteous  face. 
He  holds  tow'rds  us  His  little  hands. 

He  longs  for  our  embrace. 


He  bids  us  come,  while  yet  the  robe 

Of  innocence  is  clean. 
While,  sparkling  more  than  ruby  bright, 

His  own  blood  spot  is  seen. 


Come,  let  ns  haste  to  the  boundless  sea, 
To    the    boundless    sea  of  the  Precious 

To  bathe  in  its  marvelous  purity, 
To  wash  in  its  cleansing,  saving  flood! 


O  Precious  Blood  of  the  Heart  Divine! 
Make  us  holy,  make  us  Thine. 
O  Precious  Blood  of  the  Heart  Divine! 
Make  us  holy,  make  us  Thine. 

Here  is  the  draught  to  quench  our  thirst, 
The  gracious  balm  for  our  spirits  sore; 

The  soul  in  the  Precious  Blood  immersed 
Is  happy,  is  happy  forevermore!— Clio. 

O  Joy  in  life!    O  Hope  in  death! 

We  place  our  fullest  trust  in  Thee! 
The  Precious  Blood  is  our  shield  of  faith, 

For  time,  dear  Lord,  till  eternity.— Cho. 


Come,  let  us  twine  a  wreath  most  rare, 
To  deck  our  May-day  queen. 

Composed  of  flowers  fresh  and  fair. 
With  leaves  of  brightest  green. 



0  Mary,  take  the  humble  crown 

Thy  children  twine  for  thee, 
And    from    thy    Heavenly    throne    smile 

In  love  and  clemency. 

Then  search  affection's  garden  through, 

And  cull  the  choicest  gem, 
All  glistening  bright  with  morning  dew 

To  grace  her  diadem.— Cho. 

The  rose,  the  bright  and  queenly  rose, 

The  emblem  of  the  love 
That  in  our.  hearts  most  fondly  glows, 

A  fitting  type  will  prove.— Cho. 

The  lily  with  its  petals  white, 
From  cankerous  blights  all  free, 

Unsullied  in  its  lustre  bright, 
As  Mary's  child  should  be.— Cho. 

The  violet  with  its  soft  blue  eyes, 

And  perfume  sweet,  will  be 
An  offering  our  Queen  will  prize 

Of  our  humility.— Cho. 

Thus  from  our  hearts'  own  garden  bed 
The  choicest  flowers  we'll  glean, 

With  loving  hands  to  deck  the  head 
Of  May-day's  beauteous  Queen.— Cho. 

Thy  subjects  we  are  proud  to  be, 

And  fondly  own  thy  sway; 
Oh!  may  all  hearts  e'er  bow  to  thee, 

And  hail  thee  Queen  of  May!— Cho. 



Come,  O  Divine  Messiah, 

The  world  in  silence  waits  the  day 
When  hope  shall  sing  its  triumph, 

And  sadness  flee  away. 
Sweet  Saviour,  haste,  come,  come  to  earth 

Dispel  the  night  and  show  Thy  face, 

And  bid  us  hail  the  dawn  of  grace. 

(Repeat  first  four  lines.) 

Thou'lt  come  in  peace  and  meekness, 
And  lowly  will  Thy  cradle  be, 

All  veiled  in  human  weakness, 
Thy  majesty  we'll  see. 

Sweet  Saviour,  haste,  etc. 

O  Thou,  whom  nations  sighed  for, 
Whom  seer  and  prophet  long  foretold, 

Wilt  break  the  captive's  fetters, 
Redeem  the  long  lost  fold. 

Sweet  Saviour,  haste,  etc. 


Come,  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus! 

Establish  here  Thy  reign, 
Come,  fix  Thy  throne  within  my  heart, 

And  loosen  sin's  dark  chain; 
Come,  banish  from  this  poor,  weak  heart 

The  world,  myself,  and  sin; 
Suffer  no  1  bought,  uot  wholly  Thine 

To  enter,  Lord,  within. 

Come,  hasten,  dearest  Jesus,  from 

Thy  throne  of  majesty, 
To  visit  this  poor  heart  which  longs 

For  Thee  so  ardently. 
And  may  Thy  Body,  may  Thy  Blood, 

On  Calvary  Crucified, 
Preserve  my  soul  to  eternal  years 

Within  Thy  Wounded  Side. 

And  now,  Sweet  Mother,  wilt  Thou  leave 

Thy  blessed  home  in  Heaven, 
To  crown  my  Jesus,  Sovereign  King, 

Since  He  to  me. is  given; 
Present  Him  with  my  heart's  poor  throne, 

The  sceptre  of  my  will; 
And  crown  Him  with  my  purest  love— 

From  thee,  'tis  richer  still. 


Come,  sound  His  praise  abroad. 

And  hymns  of  glory  sing, 
Jehovah  is  the  Sov'reign  Lord, 

The  Universal  King. 

Praise  ye  the  Lord,  Alleluia, 
Traise  ye  the  Lord,  Alleluia, 
Alleluia,  Alleluia,  Alleluia. 
Praise  ye  the  Lord. 

He  form'd  the  deeps  unknown, 
He  gave  the  seas  their  bounds; 

The  wat'ry  worlds  are  all  His  own, 
And  all  the  solid  grounds. 

Fraise  ye  the  Lord,  Alleluia,  etc. 

Come,  worship  at  His  throne, 
Come,  bow  before  the  Lord: 

We  are  His  works,  and  not  our  own, 
He  formed  ns  by  His  word. 

Praise  ye  the  Lord,  Alleluia,  etc. 

3**"  '  r"  ~  :     -./ 

To-day  attend  His  voice, 

Nor  dare  provoke  his  rod; 
Come,  like  the  people  of  His  choice. 
And  own  your  gracious  God. 

Praise  ye  the  Lord.  Alleluia,  etc. 


Come,    ye   disconsolate,    where'er   ye    lan- 
Come,  at  the    shrine  of    God  fervently 
Here  bring  your  wounded  hearts,  here  tell 
your  anguish, 
Earth  has  no  sorrow  that  Heaven  can- 
not heal. 

Joy  of  the  desolate,  light  of  the  straying, 
Hope  when  all  others  die,  fadeless  and 
Here  speaks  the  Comforter,  tenderly  say- 
Earth  has  no  sorrow  that  Heaven  can- 
not cure. 



Daily,  daily  sing  to  Mary. 
Sing,  my  soul,  her  praises  due. 

All  her  leasts,  her-  actions  worship, 
With  a  heart's  devotion  true. 

Lost  in  wondering  Contemplation, 
Re  her  majesty  confessed; 

Call  her  Mother,  call  her  Virgin- 
Happy  Mother,  Virgin  blest. 

She  is  mighty  to  deliver— 

Call  her.  trust  her,  lovingly. 
When  the  tempest  rages  'round  thee, 

She  will  calm  the  troubled  sea. 
Gifts  of  Heaven  she  has  given. 

Noble  Lady,  to  our  race- 
She,  the  Queen  who  decks  her  subjects 

With  the  light  of  God's  own  grace. 

Sing,  my  tongue,  the  Virgin's  trophies 

Who  for  us  her  Maker  bore. 
For  the  curse  of  old  inflicted 

Peace  and  blessing  to  restore. 
Sing  in  songs  of  praise  unending, 

Sing  the  world's  majestic  Queen. 
Weary  not.  nor  faint  in  telling 

All  the  gifts  she  uives  to  men. 

THE  B.  Y.  M. 

Dark  and  darker  fall  around  the  shadows 

from  the  pine: 
It  is  the  hour  with  hymn  and  prayer  to 

gather  round  the  shrine. 

Hear  us,  sweet  Mother!  Thou  hast  known 
our  earthly  hopes  and  fears. 

The  bitterness  of  mortal  toil,  the  tender- 
ness of  tears. 

We  pray  thee  first  for  absent  ones,  those 
who  knelt  with  us  here; 

The  father,  brother,  and  the  son,  the  dis- 
tant and  the  dear. 

We  pray  thee  for  the  little  bark  upon  the 

stormy  sea; 
Affection's  anxionsness  of  love,   is  It  not 

known  to  thee? 

The  soldier,  he  who  only  sleeps  his  head 
upon  his  hand, 

Who  only  in  a  dream  can  see  his  own  be- 
loved land. 

The  wandering  minstrel,  he  who  gave  thy 

hymns  his  earliest  tone, 
Who  strives  to  teach  a  foreign  tongue  the 

music  of  his  own. 

Kind    Mother,    let    them    see   again    their 

own  Italian  shore: 
Back  to  the  home  which,  wanting  them, 

seems  like  home  no  more. 

Madonna!  keep  the  cold  north  wind  amid 

his  native  sees; 
So  that  no  withering  blight   come  down 

upon  our  olive  trees; 

And  bid  the  sunshine  glad  our  hills,  the 

dew  rejoice  our  vines. 
And  bid  the  healthful  sea-breeze  sweep  in 

music  through  the  pines. 

Pray  for  us  that  onr  hearts  and  homes  be 

kept  in  fear  and  love; 
Love  for  all  things  around  our  path,  and 

fear  for  those  above. 

Thy  soft  blue  eyes  are  fill'd  Avith  tears— 

oh!  let  them  wash  away 
The  soil  of  our  unworthiness— pray  for  us, 

Mother,  pray! 

We  know  how  vain  the  fleeting;  flowers 

around  thine  altar  hung; 
We  know  how  humble  is  the  hymn  before 

thine  image  sung. 

But  wilt  thou  not  accept  the  wreath  and 

sanctify  the  lay; 
We  trust  to  thee  our  hopes  and  fears—pray 

for  us.  Mother,  pray: 


Daughter  o.  a  mighty  Father. 

Maiden  patron  of  the  May, 
Angels'  forms  around  thee  gather, 

"Macula  non  est  in  te." 

Mother  of  the  Son  and  Saviour, 
Of  the  Truth,  the  Lrfe,  the  Way. 

Guide  our  footsteps,  calm  our  passions. 
"Macula  non  est  in  te." 

Spouse  of  the  Eternal  Spirit. 

Blossom  which  will  ne'er  decay, 
Let  us  but  thy  love  inherit, 

"Macula  non  est  in  te." 


Daughter,  Mother,  Spouse  of  Heaven, 

Listen  to  our  earnest  lay, 
Sweetest  gift  to  man  e'er  given 

"Macula  non  est  in  te." 

Here  on  earth  we  see  but  darkly, 

But  we  hail  afar  the  day, 
When  we'll  see  thee  in  thy  splendor, 

"Macula  non  est  in  te." 

We  are  earth's,  O  thou  who  blossomed 

Lily  in  thy  thorny  way. 
(J uide  and  help  us.  love  and  bless  us, 

"Macula  non  est  in  te." 


Day  is  declining,  soon  will  be  shining 

All  the  pale  stars. 
Tenderly  beaming,  -while  we  are  dream- 
Watch  o'er  our  slumbers,  thou  Queen  of 
the  Stars. 

Open  tny  heart,  O  tender  Mother, 
Humbly  we  kneel,  breathing  thy  name; 

Thine  is  our  love,  ne'er  shall  another 
Kindle  beside  that  holy  flame. 

If  near  our  dreams  darkness  should  hover, 
Clouding  their  light  with  aught  of  sin, 

Safe  in  thine  arms,  O  sweetest  Mother, 
How  can  that  dark  shade  enter  in. 

Night  closes  round,  shadows  are  falling, 
So,  while  the  years  pass,  flow^eth  time's 
Grant  us.   sweet   Mother,  when  death  is 
All  our  life's  hopes  may  turn  to  thee. 



Dear  angel!  ever  at  my  side, 

How  loving  must  thou  be 
To  leave  thy  home  in  Heaven  to  guard 

A  little  child  like  me. 

And  when,  dear  spirit!  I  kneel  down, 
Morning  and  night  in  prayer, 

Something  there  is  within  my  heart 
Which  tells  me  thou  art  there. 

Then,  for  thy  sake,  dear  angel!  now 

More  humble  will  I  be: 
But  I  am  weak,  and  when  I  fall, 

Oh!  weary  not  for  me! 

Oh!  weary  not.  but  love  me  still 
For  Mary's  sake,  thy  Queen; 

She  never  tired  of  me,  though  I 
Her  worst  of  sons  have  been. 

She  will  reward  thee  with  a  smile: 
Thou  knowest  what  it  is  worth! 

For  Mary's  smiles  each  day  convert 
The  hardest  hearts  on  earth. 

Then  love  me,  love  me,  angel  dear! 

And  T  will  love  thee  more: 
And  help  me  when  my  soul  is  cast 

Upon  the  eternal  shore. 



Dear  guardian  of  Mary,  dear  nurse  of  her 

Life's  ways  are  full  weary,  the  desert  is 

Bleak  sands  are  all  around  us,  no  home 

can  we  see; 
Sweet  repose  of  our  Lady,  we  lean  upon 


For  thou  to  the  pilgrim  art  father   and 

And  Jesus  and  Mary  feft  safe  by  thy  side; 
Ah!  blessed  St.  Joseph,  how  safe  should  I 

Sweet  spouse  of  our  Lady,  if  thou  wert 

with  me. 

O  blessed  St.  Joseph,  how  great  was  thy 

The    one    chosen    shadow    of    God    upon 

The  father  of  Jesus— ah!  when  wilt  thou 

Sweet  spouse  of  our  Lady,  a  father  to  me? 

Thou  hast  not  forgotten  the  long,  dreary 

When  Mary  took  turns  with  thee,  bearing 

thy  God, 
Yet  light  was  that  burden,   none  lighter 

could  be: 
Sweet  spouse  of  our  Lady,  oh!  canst  thou 

bear  me? 


A  cold,  thankless  heart  and  a  mean  love 
of  ease. 

What  weights,  blessed  patron,  more  gall- 
ing than  these? 

My  life,  my  past  life,  thy  clear  vision  may 

Sweet  spouse  of  our  Lady,  oh!  canst  thou 
love  me? 

Ah!   give   me   thy   burden  to  bear  for  a 

Let  me  kiss  His  warm  lips,  and  adore  His 

sweet  smile; 
With  her  Babe  in  my  arms,  surely  Mary 

Avill  be, 
Sweet   spouse   of   our  Lady,    my   pleader 

with  thee. 

When  the  treasures  of  God  were  unshel- 
tered on  earth, 

Safe  keeping  was  found  for  them  both  in 
thy  worth. 

O  father  of  Jesus,  be  father  to  me, 

Sweet  spouse  of  our  x^ady,  and  I  will  love 

God  chose  thee  for  Jesus  and  Mary— wilt 

Forgive   a   poor   exile   for  choosing   thee 

There's  no  saint  in  Heaven,  St.  Joseph,  like 

Sweet  spouse  of  our  Lady,  oh!  deign  to 

love  me. 



Dear  little  One!  how  sweet  Thou  art, 
Thine  eyes  how  bright  they  shine; 

So  bright,  they  almost  seem  to  speak 
When  Mary's  looks  meet  Thine! 

How  faint  and  feeble  is  Thy  cry, 
Like  plaint  of  harmless  dove, 

When  Thou  dost  murmur  in  Thy  sleep 
Of  sorrow  and  of  love. 

When  Mary  bids  Thee  sleep,  Thou  sleep'st. 

Thou  wakest  when  she  calls; 
Thou  art  content  upon  her  lap, 

Or  in  the  rugged  stalls. 

Simplest  of  babes!  with  what  a  grace 
Thou  dost  Thy  mother's  will; 

Thine  infant  fashions  well  betray 
The  Godhead's  hidden  skill. 

When  Joseph  takes  Thee  in  his  arms, 
And  smooths  Thy  little  cheek, 

Thou  lookest  up  into  his  face 
So  helpless  and  so  meek. 

Yes!  Thou  art  what  Thou  seem'st  to  be, 

A  thing  of  smiles  and  tears; 
Yes!  Thou  art  God,  and  Heaven  and  earth 

Adore  Thee  with  their  fears. 



Dear  St.  Joseph,  each  fond  heart  is  thrill- 
As  we  greet  the  glad  feast  of  to-day, 
E'en  nature  re-echoes  the  homage 
Which  thy  children  with  loving  hearts 
Thro'    the   triumphant   Church   peals   the 
Which  the  angelic  choirs  intone; 
Up  from  the  earth  swells  responsive  the 
To  thee,  "Patron  of  God's  Church:" 


Oh!  guard,  then,  the  Church,  dear  St.  Jo- 

O'er  the  shadows  of  Calvary  brood; 
Yet  thy  love  is  her  sheltering  haven, 

All  her  foes  shall  by  thee  be  subdued. 

From  Afric's  sand  and  torrid  plains, 

From  Asia,  dear  St.  Joseph's  home, 
To  where  the  sinking  sun  goes  down 

To  rest  on  Europe's  coast  of  foam; 
And  where  Columbus'  world  doth  sit 

Enthroned  on  ocean's  heavy  breast, 
One  strain  doth  rise  in  union  strong 

To  claim  St.  Joseph,  father  blest.— Cho. 

Dear  Saint  Joseph,  pure  and  gentle, 

Guardian  of  the  Saviour  Child, 
Treading  with  the    » irgin  Mother 

Egypt's  deserts  rough  and  wild. 
He  who  rested  on  thy  bosom 

Is  by  countless  saints  adored, 
Prostrate  angels  in  His  presence 

Sing  Hosannas  to  their  Lord. 

Now  to  them  no  gift  refusing, 

Jesus  stoops  to  hear  thy  prayer; 
Then,  dear  Saint,  from  thy  fair  dwelling 

Give  to  us  a  father's  care. 
Dear  St.  Joseph,  kind  and  loving 

Stretch  to  us  a  helping  hand; 
Guide  us  through  life's  toils  and  sorrows 

Safely  to  the  distant  land. 

In  the  strife  of  life  be  near  us, 

And  in  death,  oh!  hover  nigh; 
Let  our  souls  on  thy  sweet  bosom 

To  their  home  of  gladness  fly. 
Hail,  St.  Joseph!  Spouse  of  Mary, 

Blessed  above  all  saints  on  high, 
When  the  death  shades  round  us  gather, 

Teach,  oh.  teach  us  how  to  die. 

Thou  hast  known  a  pilgrim's  sorrows, 

But  thy  day  of  toil  is  o'er; 
Help  us  while  we  journey  onward- 
Land  us  on  the  peaceful  shore- 
Hail,  St.  Joseph!  just  and  holy, 

Loving  children  breathe  thy  name, 
Here  below,  through  toil  and  danger, 
Love  and  care  from  thee  we  claim. 


Dearest  Lord,  in  some  dim  future  year, 

In  some  dim  future  month  and  day, 
Abides  the  hour,  the  solemn  hour, 

When  Thou  shalt  call  my  soul  away. 
That  year,  That  month,  that  day  of  days, 

Come    soon?    Come    late?    I    know    not 
O  Thou,  who  rulest  all  my  ways,  , 

Be  with  me  then,  be  with  me  then! 


Somewhere  on  this  globe  of  ours 

Is  hid  the  spot  where  I  must  die. 
Where,  'mid  the  snows,  or  'mid  the  flow 

.  My  shrouded  form  must  coffined  lie. 
If  north  or  south,  if  east  or  west 

At  home,  abroad— I  know  not  where, 
O  Sacred  Heart!  O  Fount  of  Love, 

Be  with  me  there,  be  with  me  there! 
Is  it  by  fire,  by  flood,  by  famine  sore? 

By  sudden  stroke?    by  slow  decay?— 
When  death's  dark  angel  ones  my  door, 

How  shall  it  call  my  soul  away? 
Hod  only  knows;  He  bends  the  bow. 

And  He  alone  can  fix  the  dart; 
Yet  care  I  not  when,  or  where,  or  how, 

If  He  will  shield  me  in  His  heart. 


Dearest  saint,  look  down  from  Heaven. 

From  thy  throne  of  glory  there, 
On  thy  children  who  are  raising 

Unto  thee  their  song  and  prayer. 


Blest  St.  Aloysius. 

Throned  in  Heavenly  glory. 

Bright    is    the    crown   that   encircles    Thy 

Pray  for  thy  clients  who  sing  to  thee  now. 

Purest  saint,  with  eyes  so  holy 

Never  lifted  but  to  God. 
Keep  us,  'mid  life's  dazzling  sunshine, 

In  the  path  thy  feet  have  trod.— Cho. 

Meekest  saint,  with  voice  so  gentle, 
Haunt  us  with  its  soothing  tone: 

And  in  tones  of  doubt  and  danger 
Bid  the  tempter  to  be  gone.— Chcfi 


Earthly  friends  will  change  and  falter, 

Earthly  hearts  will  vary: 
He  is  born  that  cannot  alter 

Of  the  Virgin  Mary: 

Born  to-day,   raise  the  lay. 

Born  to-day,  twine  the  bay: 
Jesus  Christ  is  born  to  suffer, 

Born  for  you;  born  for  you.  holly  strew; 
Jesus  Christ  was  born  to  conquer, 

Born  to  save,  born  to  save,  laurel  wave. 
Jesus  Christ  was  born  to  govern, 

Born  a  King,  born  a  King,  bay  wreaths 
.losus  Christ  was  born  of  Mary. 

Born  for  all,  well  befall  hearth  and  hall; 
Jesus  Christ  was  born  at  Christmas, 

Born  for  all. 


Ecce  Homo,  see  the  Saviour, 

Scourged  by  Pilate's  stern  command: 
Those  He  loved  and  blessed  and  toiled  for, 

Void  of  pity,  round  Him  stand. 
Xo  complaining  sound  escapes  Him, 

Neither  murmurs,  groans,  nor  sighs; 
But  a  world  of  bitter  anguish 

Looks  from  His  forgiving  eyes. 


Ecce  Homo,  robed  in  purple, 

By  His  blood  more  deeply  dyed; 
Crowned  with  thorns,  a  reed  His  sceptre, 

While  the  cruel  Jews  deride. 
See  the  crimson  drops  outgushing 

O'er  His  sacred  temple  fall; 
While  the  crowd,  untouched  by  pity, 

For  His  death  more  loudly  call. 

Ecce  Homo.  Lord  of  glory, 

We  behold  Thee,  scorn'd.  reviled: 
May  Thy  sadly  mournful  story 

Make  us  humble,  patient,  mild. 
Bend  our  hearts  to  Thee  forever. 

That  we  may  earth's  pomp  lay  down; 
And  at  last,  in  endless  glory, 

See  Thee  wear  Thy  thornless  crown. 


Evening  closes,  evening  closes 

Over  Cintra's  mountain  dim. 
Sweet  the  breeze  from  Jura's  roses 

Whispers  nature's  Vesper  hymn. 


Holy  Mother!  Blessed  Virgin! 
As  we  bow  before  thy  shrine. 

Holy  Mother,  thou  wilt  shield  us. 
While  we  chant  our  Vesper  hymn. 

When  night  in  darkness  scowls  above  us. 

And  our  hearts  are  closed  to  sin, 
Holy  Mother,  thou  wilt  shield  us 

While  we  chant  our  Vesper  hymn.— Cho. 


Fading,  still  fading,  the  last  beam  is  shin- 

Ave  Maria,  day  is  declining: 

Safety  and  innocence  fly  with  the  light, 

Temptation  and  danger  walk  forth  in  the 

From  the  fall  of  the  shade  till  the  matin 
shall  chime; 

Shield  ns  from  danger  and  save  ns  from 


Ave  Maria,  Ave  Maria. 
Ave  Maria,  audi  nos. 

Ave  Maria!  oh!  hear  when  we  call! 

Mother  of  Him  who  is  Saviour  of  all; 

Feeble  and  failing,  we  trasl  in  thy  might. 

In  doubting  and  darkness,  thy  love  be  our 

Let  us  sleep  on  thy  breast  while  the  night 
taper  burns, 

And  wake  in  thine  arms  when  the  morn- 
ing returns.— Clio. 


Fading  twilight  tints  are  weaving. 
Shadows  creep  o'er  hill  and  dale. 

Slowly  sinks  the  sun,  while  leaving 
Tranquil  night  the  earth  to  fill. 

Safe  Thy  hands  uphold  above  us 

Studded  canopy  divine; 
Proving,   Father,  Thou  dost  love  us. 

By  the^e  glorious  works  of  Thine. 

Saviour,  all  Thy  works  are  saying 
To  Thy  children  here  below. 

Mortal,  only  thou  art  straying 
From  the  path  thou  shouldest  go. 

Holy  Father,  till  the  dawning 

Make  Thy  love  our  Lamp  to  be, 
Futil  our  eternal  morning 
Brings  us  safely  home  to  Thee. 


Fairest  of  mortals. 

Vase  oi  all  blissful  Grace: 
Mary  our  Mother. 

Protectress  of  this  place. 
Oh!  watch  thou  o'er  our  infancy. 
And  guard  our  infant  purity. 


Mother,    oh!   hear  thy    children's   fervent 

Mother,    oh!    hear,    and    take    us    to    thy 

Fountain  e'er  flowing, 

Source  of  immortal  life. 
Wellspring  of  favors, 

With  hope  and  solace  rife. 
Oh!  be  our  strength,  our  hope,  and  stay. 
And  save  us  from  this  fearful  day.— Cho. 

From  early  childhood, 

Our  hearts  to  God  belong; 
Time  but  increases, 

And  makes  the  ties  more  strong: 
Be  thou  always  beside  us. 
To  lead,  to  rule,  and  guide  us.— Cho. 


Kind  benefactress 
Of  childhood's  helpless  years; 

O  sweet  protectress, 

In  all  its  risks  and  fears: 
When  life's  last  throes  betide  ns. 
Come  down  and  stand  beside  us.— Clio. 


Far  rfcross  the  lonely  sea 
Silver  rays  of  light  are  slanting. 
And  the  waves  are  softly  chanting 
Sweet  and  solemn  melody. 

Heart  of  Jesus,  who  dost  guide 
Fisher  barks  across  the  billow 
Guard  our  dear  ones  on  their  pillow, 
And  protect  us,  on  the  tide! 
Sacred  Heart,  the  fisher's  guide,  oh!  pro- 
tect and  guide! 

When  the  stars  have  fled  the  skies. 

And  the  winds  are  fiercely  blowing; 
When  the  current  strong  is  flowing. 

And  the  raging  surges  rise, 
Thou  who  once  didst  safely  guide 
Saintly  fishers,  storms  bewailing 
In  the  bark  of  Peter  sailing. 

Who  didst  calm  the  angry  tide! 

Sacred  Heart!  the  fisher's  guide. 

Oh!  protect  us  on  the  tide! 



Father,  before  Thy  footstool  kneeling, 

Once  more  my  heart  goes  up  to  Thee. 
For  aid,  for  strength  to  Thee  appealing, 

Thou  who  alone  canst  succor  me. 
Hear  me,  for  heart  and  flesh  are  failing, 

My  spirit  yielding  in  the  strife, 
An  anguish  wild,  'tis  una  vailing. 

Sweeps  in  a  flood  across  my  life. 


Oh!  let  me  feel  that  Thou  are  near  me, 
Close  to  Thy  side  I  shall  not  fear; 

Hear  me,  O  strength  of  Israel,  hear  me, 
Sustain  and  aid,  in  mercy,  mercy  hear. 

Help  me  to  stem  the  tide  of  sorrow, 

Help  me  to  bear  Thy  chastening  rod, 
Give  me  endurance,  let  me  borrow 

Strength  from  Thy  promise,  O  my  God. 
Not    mine    the    grief    which    words    may 

Not  mine  the  tears  of  common  woe; 
The    pang    with    which    my    heartstrings 
tighten  * 

Only  the  heart  of  God  can  know.— Cho. 

Into  my  soul  Thy  might  infusing. 

Strengthening  the  spirit  by  Thy  own. 
Help  me,  all  other  aid  refusing. 

To  cling  to  Tliee.  and  Thee  alone. 
For  I  am  weak;  my  feeble  spirit 

Shrinks  from  life's  task  in  wild  dismay; 
Yd   not  that  Thou  that  task  would  spare 

Father,  for  that  I  dare  n"ot  pray.— Cho. 

Jesus,  our  human  form  once  bearing. 

Help  by  the  mem'ry  of  that  day 
When,  painfully  Thy  dark  cross  bearing. 

E'en  for  a  time  Thy  strength  gave  way. 
Beneath  a  lighter  burden  sinking, 
-  Jesus,  I  east  myself  on  Thee! 
Forgive,  forgive  the  useless  shrinking 

From  trials*  that  I  know  must  be.— Cho. 


First  ilow'ret  of  the  desert  wild, 
Whose  leaves  the  sweets  of  grace  exhale, 

We  greet  thee,  Lima's  sainted  child- 
Rose  of  America,  all  hail! 

When  first  appeared  the  infant  smile, 
Beaming  upon  thy  features  meek, 

It  seemed  as  if  there  blushed  the  while, 
The  rosebud  on  thy  virgin  cheek. 

And  hence  thy  name.  St.  Rose,  was  given, 
Not  by  earthly  parents'  choice; 

But  by  the  Holy  Queen  of  Heaven, 
Who  bade  thee  in  that  name  rejoice. 

And  once,  amid  thy  rapturous  prayer. 
Thy    Heavenly    Spouse    Himself    came 

Most  sweetly  breathing  in  thy  ear, 
"Rose  of  my  heart,  receive  thy  crown/' 

And  whilst,  amidst  His  glories  now. 
Thou  seest  Him  face  to  face,  oh,  deign, 

St.  Rose,  to  hear  thy  suppliants'  vow, 
That  grace  and  glory  we  may  gain. 


Flowers  are  springing,  birds  are  singing, 

The  earth  is  bright  and  gay; 
Then  let  ns  weave  a  blooming  wreath 

For  our  Mother's  t'e&tal  day. 


We'll  twine  the  rose  that  early  blows, 

With  the  lily  of  the  vale; 
And  violet  we  won't  forget, 

That  scents  the  morning  gale. 

Repeat.— Flowers  etc. 


Our  floral  crown  we'll  place  around 

Her  brows  so  Heavenly  fair, 
And  it  will  prove  how  much  we  love, 

Though  gleams  no  diamond  there. 

Chorus.— Flowers,  etc. 


For  rose  will  tell  we  love  her  well, 

Who  loved  us  unto  death; 
By  lily-flower  we'll  own  her  power 

To  win  her  sinless  wreath. 

Chorus.— Flowers,  etc. 


For  I  have  loved  thee  with  a  love 

No  mortal  heart  can  show. 
A  love  so  deep  My  saints  in  Heaven 

Its  depths  can  never  know. 
When  pierced  and  wounded  on  the  cross. 

Men's  sin  and  doom  were  Mine, 
I  loved  thee  with  undying  love, 

Immortal  and  divine. 


Draw,  draw  us  closer  still  to  Thee, 

0  Sacred  Heart  divine, 
In  joy  or  grief,  in  lite  or  death, 

Our  hearts  are  ever  thine. 

I  loved  thee  ere  the  skies  were  spread; 

My  soul  bears  all  thy  pains; 
To  gain  thy  love  My  Sacred  Heart 

In  earthly  shrines  remains; 
Vain  are  thy  offerings,  vain  thy  sighs, 

Without  one  gift  divine: 
Give,  my  child,  thy  heart  to  Me, 

And  it  shall  rest  in  Mine. 

Send  down,  O  Lord,  Thy  sacred  lire 

Consume  and  cleanse  the  sin 
That  lingers  still  within  my  soul, 

Let.  Heavenly  love  begin; 
That  sacred  lire  Thy  saints  have  known 

Kindle,  O  Lord,  in  me. 
Thou,  Thou  above  the  rest  O  Lord, 

And  all  the  rest  in  Thee. 


Forget  Me  not,  'tis  thus  My  heart  is  plead- 
With  thee  for  whom  I  fain  again  would 
Forget  Me  not,  this  Heart,  for  thee  once 
Still  loves  thee  from  Its  glorious  throne 
on  high. 


Forget  Me  not  upon  the  silent  altar, 

They  pass  Me  by  and  leave  Me  all  alone, 
They've    love    for   all,    enough    for   every 
For  Me,  their  God,  their  heart  is  cold  as 

Forget  Me  not,  for  I  am  ever  waiting 
For  friends  who'll  for  My  bitter  wrongs 
Forget  Me  not,  for  I  am  ever  craving 
Devoted   hearts,  who'll  make  My  woes 
their  own. 

Forget  not  all  I  have  to  thee  imparted 
In  the  hushed  stillness  of  Communion 
That  hour  of  hours  when,  on  My  Heart 
I've  made  thee  know  My  love's  o'ermas- 
tering  power. 

Forget  Me  not  in  the  weariness  of  sorrow. 
There  is  a  home  for  thee,  thy  Saviour's 
Be  comforted,  the  day  is  ever  nearing, 
When   there  thou'lt   find   thy  long,   thy 
endless  rest. 


Form  your  ranks,  O  all  ye  Leaguers  of  the 
Heart  divine; 
Fight  your  battles  with  the  mighty  arms 
of  pray'r 
And  your  conquering  hosts  shall  gather 
round  the  holy  shrine, 
Crowned  as  victors  by  the  King,  Whose 
love  we  share. 



Heart  of  Jesus,  -with  love  for  us  burning, 

Make  us  love  Thee  more  and  more  with 

every  clay. 

Heart  of  Jesus,  with  love  for  us  burning. 

Make  us  love  Thee  more  and  more  with 

every  day. 

Christian  men  and  Christian  maidens  and 
ye  most  faithful  of  all, 
Come  and  worship  the  sweet  Heart  of 
Christ  our  King; 
See  how  Jesus  has  repaired  the  guilt  of 
Adam's  fall, 
And  the  glory  of  such  love  we'll  grateful 
sing. — Cho. 

Lo!  Thy  Heart,  O  dear  Redeemer,  is  a  fur- 
nace fierce, 
Ever  burning  with  the  fire  of  love  divine: 
Grant  that  ever  through  our  hearts  tins 
Heavenly  fire  may  pierce 
And  transform  them  into  loving  hearts 
like  Thine.— Cho. 

How  ungrateful  we  have  been  in  all  the 
years  gone  by. 
For  Thy  mercies  and  Thy  grace  freely 
Heart  of  Jesus.  Which  so  often  we  have 
caused  to  sigh. 
Add   repentance  as  our  final  gauge  of 


From  nature's  shady  bowers, 

All  clustering  with  given, 
We've  brought  thee  choicest  flowers; 

Au  offering  to  our  Queen. 
We've  culled  the  sweetest  posies, 

Where  sylvan  waters  play, 
Pinks,  violets  and  roses, 
And  jessamines  so  gay. 


Strew  flowers!  Strew  flowers! 

Strew  flowers  on  the  way; 
For  we  will  crown, 

Yes,  crown  to-day. 

Our  lovely  Queen  of  May. 

Flowers  from  the  mountain, 

Flowers  from  the  hill, 
Flowers  from  the  fountain, 

Blossoms  from  the  rill. 
Every  bloom  that  blendeth 

Colors  rich  and  rare, 
And  every  one  that  lendeth 

Fragrance  to  the  air. — Cho. 

Flowers  from  the  wildwood, 

Flowers  from  the  field, 
Flowers  from  the  hillside, 

Here  their  fragrance  yield. 
In  their  beauty  coming, 

Hither  to  our  Queen; 
Amid  the  leaves  entwining. 

The  dewy  pearls  are  seen. 



Glorious  Father,  dear  St.  Joseph, 

Throng  we  round  thy  shrine  to-day; 
For  the  sake  of  Jesus  take  us 

'Neath  thy  guardianship  for  aye. 
Once  like  us  He  called  thee  father. 

Teacher,  helper,  guard  and  guide; 
Once  like  us  He  sought  for  safety 

At  His  father  Joseph's  side. 

Then,  as  'round  thy  shrine  we  gather, 

Consecrating  every  heart, 
Take  us  for  thy  children,  father, 

And  thy  blessing  fond  impart. 

Herod  sought  the  Child  to  slay  Him, 

But,  through  thee.  He  safety  found. 
Still  the  demon  seeks  the  children— 

Thou  wilt  still  his  arts  confound. 
Keep  us  pure  as  thine  own  lily 

In  baptismal  blood-bought  grace; 
If  we  fall,  dear  father,  help  us 

By  our  tears  sin  to  efface.— Clio. 

Take  us,  then,  beloved  father. 

Thine  own  children  e'er  to  be, 
'Neath  thy  blessed  eyes  here  daily 

We  will  do  our  task  for  thee, 
Lessons,  prayers  or  play  we'll  give  thee, 

Each  in  its  allotted  time, 
"All  for  Jesus,  Mary,  Joseph," 

Make  of  each  an  act  sublime.— Cho. 


Glorious  Mother!  from  high  Heavens 
Down  upon  Thy  children  gaze, 

Gathered  in  thy  own  loved  season, 
Thee  to  bless,  and  thee  to  praise. 


See,  sweet  Mary,  on  thy  altars 
Bloom  the  fairest  buds  of  May; 

Oh!  may  we,  earth's  sons  and  daughters, 
Grow  by  grace  as  pure  as  they. 

Earth  is  darksome,  we  are  weary, 
Satan  setteth  snares  for  all; 

Pray  for  us,  O  tender  Mary, 
Pray  to  Jesus  lest  we  fall. 

Many  call  upon  thee,  Mother, 
Some  in  manhood,  some  in  youth, 

Some  in  age,  in  tender  childhood- 
All  in  loving  faith  and  truth. 

Raise  thy  voice  for  us  to  Jesus 
In  this  blessed  month  of  thine; 

Raise  thy  pure  hands  up  to  bless  us, 
As  we  linger  'round  thy  shrine. 

Bless,  oh!  bless  us,  now  and  ever. 

Thou  who  once  the  dark  earth  trod, 
And,  when  dying,  waft  our  spirits 

To  the  bosom  of  our  God. 


Glory  be  to  Jesus,  Who,  in  bitter  pains. 
Poured  for  me  the  Life-Blood  from   His 
Sacred  Veins. 


Lift  ye  then  your  Voices,  swell  the  mighty 

Louder  still,  and  louder,  praise  the  Pre- 
cious Blood. 

Grace  and  life  eternal  in  that  blood  I  find, 
Blessed  be  His  conpassion  infinitely  kind. 


Blessed,  through  endless  ages,  be  the  pre- 
cious stream, 

Which  from  endless  torment  doth  the 
world  redeem.— Clio. 

There  the  fainting  spirit  drinks  of  life  her 

There,  as  in  a  fountain,  leaves  herself  at 

will.— Oho. 

Oh!   the   blood   of   Christ;   it   soothes  the 

Father's  ire, 
Opes  the  gates  of  Heaven,  quells  eternal 

fire.— Cho. 

Abel's  blood  for  vengeance  pleaded  to  the 

But  the   blood   of  Jesus   for  our   pardon 

cries.— Cho. 

Oft  as  it  is  sprinkled  on  our  guilty  hearts, 
Satan,  in  confusion,  terror-struck  departs. 




Glory  to  God!  Angel  hosts  are  singing. 
Israel's    Holy    One    has    for    us    become 

Mary's  Son, 
Peace  on  earth  to  us  bringing. 

Oh!  Magnify  the  Lord,  break  forth  in 
songs,  my  voice. 

In  my  Saviour  adored  my  spirit  doth  re- 

While  time  its  course  shall  run  all  eyes 
shall  proclaim 

What  God  hath  to  me  done,  and  biassed 
call  my  name.— Cho. 

My  loneliness  He  sought,  on  me  His  eyes 
He  cast. 

And  in  me  He  has  wrought  a  wonder  un- 

His  mercies  to  the  just  from  age  to  age 
He  shows, 

But  hnmbles  to  the  dust  His  proud  and 
haughty  foes.— Cho. 

The  mighty  ones  He  spurns,  the  humble 

He  receives. 
Fills  the  soul  that  yearns;  the  rich  in  want 

He  leaves. 
To  us  for  Israel's  sake  His  mercies  still 

For   Abram   as   he   spake   His  love   shall 

never  end.— Cho. 


Go  ye  forth.  O  Sion's  daughters. 

See  your  King  in  bright  array, 
Jesus  crowned  in  His  espousals. 

Joyful  in  His  heart  to-day: 
Come  to-day.  O  spouse  of  Sion. 

From  the  leopard's  heights  around, 
From  the  Libanus  and  dens  of  lions. 

Haste,  to-day  thou  shalt  be  crowned. 



I'm  Thine,  my  Jesus,  Thine,  forever, 

0  precious  chains,  thrice  holy  vows, 
From  the  world  my  heart  ye  sever, 

And  bind  me  lo  my  Heavenly  spouse. 

Come  from  lleinion's  dewy  mountain. 

Prince's  daughter,  spotless  dove, 
Garden  closed  and  sealed-up  fountain, 

Thou. hast  won  thy  Jesus'  love; 
On  thy  brow  thy  Jesus  places 

Lilied  crowns  of  chastity. 
He  decks  thy  soul  with  priceless  graces. 

Robes  it  with  His  purity.— Cho. 

For  the  Spouse    niongst  lilies  feeding. 

Home  and  friends,  from  you  I  part. 
He  in  solitude  me  leading, 

Sweetly  speaks  unto  my  heart; 
Not  on  Thabor's  mountain  only. 

Where  I  taste  such  joys  to-day, 
But  on  Calvary's  summit  lonely, 

With  my  Jesus  will  I  stay.— Cho. 

Poverty,  my  only  treasure, 
For  my  share  I've  chosen  thee, 

Lord.  Thy  will  is  all  my  pleasure, 
Obedient  unto  death  I'll  be; 

World,  false  world,  adieu  forever, 

1  renounce  your  vaunted  charms, 
Earth  and  Hell  combined  can  never 

Tear  me  from  mv  Jesus's  arms.— Cho. 


Cod  of  mercy  and  compassion, 
Look  with  pity  upon  me, 

Father,  let  me  call  Thee  Father, 
'Tis  Thy  child  returns  to  Thee. 



Jesus,  Lord,  I  ask  for  mercy. 

Let  rue  not  implore  in  vain. 
All  my  sins  I  now  detest  them, 

Never  will  I  sin  again) 

By  my  sins  I  have  deserved 
Death  and  endless  misery, 

Hell  with  all  its  pains  and  torments. 
And  for  all  eternity.— Clio. 


God  of  mercy!  let  us  run 

Where  yon  fount  of  sorrow  flows; 
Pondering-  sweetly,  one  by  one, 

Jesus'  wounds  and  Mary's  woes. 
Ah!  those  tears  Our  Lady  shed. 

Enough  to  drown  a  world  of  sin; 
Tears  that  Jesus'  sorrows  fed, 

Feaee  and  pardon  well  may  win. 


O  Thou  Mother!  Fount  of  love! 

Touch  my  spirit  from  above. 

Make  my  soul  to  glow  and  melt 

With  the  love  of  Christ  my  Lord. 
O   sweet  Mother-Maid!   through  thy   rare 
Obtain  for  me  the  lasting  grace 
To  forever  look  on  Thy  Son's  face 
In  Paradise  with  Thee,  in  Paradise  with 

In  Paradise  with  Thee,  in  Paradise  with 


His  five  wounds  a  very  home 

For  our  prayers  and  praises  prove, 
And  Our  Lady's  woes  become  Endless  joys 
in  Heaven  above. 
Jesus,  who  for  us  didst  die, 
All  on  Thee  our  love  we  pour; 
In  the  Holy  Trinity  Worship  Thee  for- 
ever more.— Cho. 


Graces  from  my  Jesus  flowing, 
Set  the  faithful  breast  on  fire; 

Make  the  soul,  with  rapture  glowing, 
Naught  but  Heav'nly  bliss  desire. 


Vain  she  thinks  all  transient  joys. 

For  eternal  peace  she  sighs; 
Naught  can  then  disturb  her  rest, 
With  her  God  supremely  blest. 

Here  she  may,  from  care  retiring, 
Find  a  sweet  and  healing  balm, 

All  celestial  love  inspiring, 
Shed  around  a  Heav'nlj-  balm.— Cho. 

Here  with  purest  love  remaining, 

Jesus  answers  ev'ry  pray'r: 
With  His  help;  the  soul  sustaining, 

Makes  her  ev'ry  blessing  share.— Cho. 


Grateful  notes,  to  Heav'n  ascending, 
To  the  world  new  joys  proclaim, 
Faith  and  love  together  blending, 
We  revere  our  Patrick's  name. 


Happy  Saint!  in  bliss  adoring, 

Jesus,  Saviour  of  mankind, 
Hear  thy  children  thee  imploring, 

May  we  thy  protection  find. 

Pagan  priests  their  dark  delusion 
Long  had  o'er  Hibernia  spread, 

Patrick  came— and  in  confusion 
Demons  from  his  presence  fled.— Cho. 

Lo!  their  infant  arms  extending, 
Erin's  children  crave  his  aid, 

To  their  wants  the  saint  attending, 
Soon  their  Heavn'ly  call  obey'd.— Cho. 

Prisons,  insults,  every  danger, 

On  our  prelate's  mission  wait, 
Patrick  still,  to  fear  a  stranger, 

Trusts  to  bounteous  Heav'n  his  fate. 

Sickness  flies,  his  voice  obeying, 

Sightless  eyes  behold  the  day, 
And  the  power  of  God  displaying, 

Death  unwilling  yields  his  prey.— Cho. 

Mortals,  with  amazement  seeing 
Senseless  idols  prostrate  fall, 

Own  the  Author  of  their  being, 
And  proclaim  Him  Lord  of  all.— Cho. 


Great  St.  Joseph,  thron'd  in  glory, 
Thou  art  reigning  in  the  skies, 

How  we  see  thy  transports  glowing 
'Neath  the  light  of  Mary's  eyes. 


Glorious  St.  Joseph,  guardian  of  Mary, 

In  life's  last  hour  wilt  thou  be  nigh? 

Glorious  St.  Joseph,  guardian  of  Mary, 

In  life's  last  hour  wilt  thou  be  nigh? 

O  great  St.  Joseph,  pray  for  us! 

O  great  St.  Joseph,  pray  for  us! 

St.  Joseph,  pray,  oh,  pray  for  us! 

Thou  wert  as  a  shadow  tender 

Of  the  great  Eternal  One, 
Shielding  from  the  world's  rude  tempest 

Mary,  Mother  of  His  Son.— Cho. 

Ah,  when  life's  long  scene  is  closing, 

Holy  patron,  then  be  nigh; 
In  that  hour  of  bitter  anguish 

Teach,  oh!  teach  us  how  to  die.— Cho. 


Guardian  angel  from  Heav'n  so  bright, 
Watching  beside  me  to  lead  me  aright, 
Fold  thy  wings  round  me,  oh!  guard  me 

with  love, 
Softly  sing  songs  to  me  of  Heav'n  above. 


Beautiful  angel,  my  guardian  so  mild, 
Tenderly  guide  me,  for  I  am  thy  child. 
Angel  so  holy!  whom  God  sends  to  me, 
sinful  and  lowly,  my  guardian  to  be, 
Wilt  thou  not  cherish  the  child  of  thy  care? 
Let  me  not  perish,  my  trust  is  thy  pray'r. 

Ob!  may  I  never  forget  thou  art  near; 
But  keep  me  ever  in  love  and  in  fear, 
Waking  and  sleeping,  in  labor  and  rest, 
In  tby  sweet  keeping  my  life  shall  be  blest. 


Angel,  dear  angel,  oh,  close  by  me  stay; 
Safe  from   harm   shield  me,   all  ill  keep 

Then  thou  wilt  lead  me,  when  this  life  is 

To  Jesus  and  Mary,  to  praise  evermore. 



Hail!  all  hail!  great  Queen  of  Heaven! 

Hail!  Sweet  Notre  Dame  de  Lourdes, 
"Neath  whose  care  our  weary  exile 

Is  from  countless  ills  secured. 

Then  let  men  and  angels  praise  thee 
For  each  blessing  thou'st  procured, 

While  in  gladsome  strains  we're  singing, 
Hail!  sweet  Notre  Dame  de  Lourdes. 

Blessed  be  thou  above  all  others, 

Mary,  mistress  of  the  spheres, 
Star  of  hope,  serenely  beaming, 

Through  this  darksome  vale  of  tears. 

Happy  angels  joy  to  own  thee, 

O'er  their  choirs  exalted  high, 
Throned  in  blissful  light  and  beauty, 

Empress  of  the  starry  sky.— Cho. 

As  the  fount  is  still  unsealing 
Its  pure  treasures  softly  fair, 

May  each  drop  be  fraught  with  healing, 
Dearest  Mother,  at  thy  prayer.— Cho. 


Hail!  full  of  grace  and  purity, 
Meek  handmaid  of  the  Lord; 

Hail!  model  of  humility, 
Chaste  mother  of  the  Word. 


Queen  of  the  Holy  Rosary, 
With  tender  love  look  down, 

And  bless  the  hearts  that  offer  thee 
This  chaplet  for  thy  crown. 

By  that  pure  love  that  prompted  thee 

To  seek  thy  cousin  blest, 
Pray  that  the  fires  of  charity 

May  burn  within  our  breast. — Cho. 

The  blessing  beg,  O  Virgin  Queen, 
From  Jesus,  through  His  birth, 

By  holy  poverty  to  wean 
Our  hearts  from  things  of  earth.— Cho. 

Most  holy  virgin,  maiden  mild, 

Obtain  for  us,  we  pray, 
To  imitate  thy  Holy  Child, 

By  striving  to  obey.— Cho. 

By  thy  dear  Son  restored  to  thee 

This  grace  for  us  implore, 
To  serve  our  Lord  most  faithfully. 

And  love  Him  more  and  more.— Cho. 



Hail,  glorious  St.  Patrick,  dear  Saint  of 

our  Isle, 
On  us  thy  poor  children  bestow  a  sweet 

And  now  thou  art  high  in  the  mansions 

On  Erin's  green  valleys  look  down  in  thy 



On  Erin's  green  valleys,  on  Erin's  green 

On  Erin's  green  valleys  look  down  in  thy 


Hail,  glorious  St.  Patrick!  thy  words  were 

once  strong 
Against  Satan's  wiles  and  a  heretic  throng; 
Not  less  in  thy  might  where  in  Heaven 

thou  art: 
Oh!  come  to  our  aid,  in  our  battle  take 


In  the  war  against  sin,  in  the  fight  for  the 

Dear  saint,  may  thy  children  resist  to  the 

May  thy  strength  be  in  meekness,  in  pen- 
ance, and  prayer 

Their  banner  the  cross,  which  they  glory 
to  bear. 



Hail,  Heavenly  queen!  bail,  foamy  ocean's 

Oh!  be  our  guide,  diffuse  tby  beams  afar! 
Hail,   Motber  of   God,   above  all  virgins 

Hail,  bappy  gate  of  Heaven's  eternal  rest. 


Hail,  foamy  ocean's  star!  bail  Heavenly 

Ob!  be  our  guide  to  endless  joys  unseen. 

Hail,  full  of  grace!  with  Gabriel  we  repeat; 
Thee,  queen  of  Heaven,  from  him  we  learn 

to  greet; 
Then  give  us  peace,  which  Heaven  alone 

can  give, 
And  dead  through  Eve,  through  Mary  let 

us  live.— Gho. 

Oh!  break  our  chains;  thy  guilty  slaves  re- 

Oh!  give  us  light,  and  let  our  blindness 

Let  every  ill  that  preys  upon  our  hearts 

Fly  at  thy  voice,  which  every  good  im- 

Thy  children  say:  O  gracious  mother,  hear: 

From  brimful  eyes,  oh!  deign  to  wipe  the 

Our  anxious  prayers  to  God,  thy  Son,  pre- 

Whose  life  and  blood  for  sinful  man  were 
spent.— Cho. 



Hail!  holy  Joseph,  true  spouse  of  Mary, 

Chaste  as  the  lily  flow'r  in  Eden's  peaceful 
Hail!  holy  Joseph,  father  of  Christ  es- 

Father   be   thou   to   those   thy    Son   re- 

Thy  Foster  Son  redeem'd. 


Joseph,  Holy  Joseph, 

Listen  to  thy  children's  prayer. 
Joseph,  Holy  Joseph, 

Take  us  to  thy  care. 

Hail!  holy  Joseph,  prince  of  the  house  of 

May  His  best  graces  be  by  thy  sweet  hands 
Hail!  holy  Joseph,  comrade  of  angels, 

Cheer  thou  the  hearts  that  faint,  and 

guide  the  steps  that  fail. 
And  guide  the  steps  that  f  ail.— Cho. 

Hail!  holy  Joseph,  God's  choice  wert  thou 

To  thee  the  Word  made  flesh  was  subject 
as  a  Son. 
Hail!  holy  Joseph,  teach  us  our  flesh  to 
And,  Mary,  keep  the  hearts  that  love  thy 
husband's  name. 
That  love  thy  husband's  name.— Cho. 



Hail!  holy  Queen,  enthroned  above. 

0  Maria! 
Hail!  Mother  of  mercy  and  of  love, 

0  Maria! 


Triumph,  all  ye  cherubim, 
Sing  with  us,  ye  seraphim, 
Heaven  and  earth  resound  the  hymn, 
Salve,  Salve,  Salve  Regina. 

Our  life,  our  sweetness  here  below, 

O  Maria! 
Our  hope  in  sorrow  and  in  woe, 

O  Maria!  —Clio. 

To  thee  we  cry,  poor  sons  of  Eve. 

6  Maria! 
To  thee  we  sigh,  we  mourn,  we  grieve, 

O  Maria!  —Oho. 

This  earth  is  but  a  vale  of  tears, 

O  Maria! 
A  place  of  banishment,  of,  fears, 

O  Maria!  — Cho. 

Turn,  then,  most  gracious  advocate, 

O  Maria! 
Tow'rds  us  thine  eyes  compassionate, 

O  Maria!  —Cho. 

AVhen  this  our  exile  is  complete, 

O  Maria! 
Show  us  thy  Avomb-born  Jesus  sweet. 

O  Maria!  —Cho. 



Hail,  holy  Queen!  loved  mother,  to  thee 
We,  weak,  erring  mortals,  in  safety  can 

O'er  sin  and  temptation  salvation  is  won, 
Thou  interceding  with  Jesus  thy  Son. 
Virgin  most  pure,  without  spot,  without 

Thine  were  all  sorrows,  anguish  and  pain. 

Sweet  bells  are  pealing  thro'  eve's  rosy  air, 
Sancta  Regina;  oh,  list'  to  our  pray'r, 
Falling  night's  shadow's  o'er  valley  and 

Bright  star  of  evening,  our  tho'ts  turn  to 

Shield  us,  loved  mother,  in  peril's  dread 

Pray  for  thy  children,  and  sweet  blessings 


Like  the  lone  star  whose  bright  beaming 

Guided  the  sages  on  their  devious  way; 
Where  on  thy  bosom  was  nestled  the  dove. 
While  angels  rejoicing  smiled  from  above. 
Bright  star  of  evening,   our  dark  gloom 

Guide  us  to  Heaven  with  Jesus  to  dwell. 


Hail,  Mary,  full  of  grace;  oh!  bend 
On  me,  thy  child,  a  mother's  eye; 

Teach  me  to  look  to  thee,  and  send 
To  thee  entreaty's  earnest  sigh. 


"Behold  thy  Son!"  what  words  of  lore 
Were  those  our  Blessed  Saviour  spoke! 

Affection's  words,  given  out  to  prove 
His  burden  light  and  sweet  His  yoke. 

"Behold  thy  mother!"  ah,  what  heart 
Responds  not  to  so  dear  a  name! 

Our  mother  blest,  thy  smile  impart, 
And  our  cold  hearts  with  love  inflame. 

Then  hear  me  when  I  lift  to  thee 
The  accents  of  my  humble  race; 

Oh!  keep  me  still,  that  I  may  be 
Sinless  and  pure,  a  child  of  grace. 

Oh!  hear  the  prayers  to  thee  we  breathe 
Before  thy  Shrine  this  solemn  eve! 

Accept  our  best  affection's  wreath, 
The  chaplet  fair  that  now  we  weave. 


Hail,  Mary!  queen  and  virgin  pure. 

With  every  grace  replete; 
Hail,  kind  protectress  of  the  poor! 

Pity  our  needy  state. 

O  thou!  who  fill'st  the  highest  place, 
Next  Heaven's  imperial  throne! 

Obtain  for  us  each  saving  grace, 
And  make  our  wants  thy  own. 

How  oft,  when  trouble  filled  my  breast, 
Or  sin  my  conscience  pained, 

Thro'  thee  I  sought  for  peace  and  rest, 
Thro'  thee  I  peace  obtained. 


Hail,  patron  of  Erin!  bright  star  of  the 
What  land  has  not  heard  of  thy  fame; 
Dear— dear— to  my  soul  is  the  Isle  thou 
hast  blest, 
And  dearer,  if  aught,  be  thy  name, 
To  millions  in  darkness  'twas  thine  to  give 
That  light  which  can  never  decay; 
The  Gospel  soon  banish'd  idolatry's  night 
And  Christians  bask'd  in  its  ray. 

On   thy   steps,   great   saint!   all  blessings 
Though  slav'ry  has  since  been  our  doom; 
Yet  the  light   of  thy   doctrine  ne'er  has 
'Twas  the  lamp  that  cheer'd  through  the 
Like  the  light  that  illumines  the  billowy 
When  darkness  o'ershadows  its  breast, 
To  guide  the  toss'd  mariners,  wan  with 
To  the  haven  of  safety  and  rest. 


Hail,  Queen  of  Heaven,  the  Ocean  Star, 
Guide  of  the  wand'rer  here  below! 

Thrown  on  life's  surge  we  claim  thy  care, 
Save  us  from  peril  and  from  woe. 


Mother  of  Christ,  Star  of  the  Sea, 
Pray  for  the  wanderer,  pray  for  me. 

O  gentle,  chaste,  and  spotless  Maid, 
We  sinners  make  our  prayers  through 

Remind  thy  Son  that  He  has  paid 
The  price  of  our  iniquity.— Cho. 

Sojourners  in  this  vale  of  tears, 
To  thee,  blest  advocate,  we  cry, 

Pity  our  sorrows,  calm  our  fears, 
And  soothe  with  hope  our  misery.— Cho. 

The  while  to  Him  who  reigns  above 
In  Godhead  One,  in  Persons  Three, 

The  source  of  life,  of  grace,  of  love, 
Homage  we  pay  on  bended  knee.— Cho. 


Hail,  Queen  of  the  Heavens! 

Hail,  Mistress  of  earth! 
Hail,  Virgin  most  pure. 

Of  immaculate  birth! 
Clear  Star  of  the  morning. 

In  beauty  enshrined! 
O  Lady,  make  speed 

To  help  of  mankind! 

Hail,  Mother  most  pure! 

Hail,  Virgin  renown'd! 
Hail,  Queen,  with  the  stars 

As  a  diadem  crown'd 
Above  all  the  angels 

In  glory  untold, 
Standing  next  to  the  King 

In  a  vesture  of  gold! 


O  Mother  of  mercy ! 

O  Star  of  the  Wave! 
O  Hope  of  the  guilty! 

0  Light  of  the  grave! 
Through  thee  may  we  come 

To  the  Haven  of  rest; 
And  see  Heaven's  King 
In  the  Courts  of  the  Blest. 

These  praises  and  prayers 

1  lay  at  thy  feet, 
O  Virgin  of  virgins! 

O  Mary  most  sweet! 
Be  thou  my  true  guide 

Through  this  pilgrimage  here, 
And  stand  by  my  side 

When  death  draweth  near. 


Hail,  thou  Star  of  Ocean,  portal  of  the  sky, 
Ever   Virgin    Mother  of   the   Lord   Most 


Evviva    Maria,    Maria    Evviva,    Evviva 

E  chi  la  crea. 

Oh!  by  Gabriel's  Ave,  uttered  long  ago, 
Eva's  name  reversing,  'stablished  peace  be- 

Break  the  captive's  fetters,  sight  on  blind- 
ness pour, 
All  our  ills  expelling,  ev'rv  bliss  implore. 



Show   thyself   a   mother;   offer   Him   our 

Who  for  us  Incarnate  did  not  thee  despise. 

— Cho. 

Virgin  of  all  virgins!  to  thy  shelter  take  us; 
Gentlest  of  the  gentle,  chaste  and  gentle 
make  us.— Cho. 

Still  as  on  we  journey,  help  our  weak  en- 
Till  with  thee  and  Jesus  we  rejoice  for- 

Through  the  highest  Heaven,  to  the  Al- 
mighty Three, 
Father,  Son  and  Spirit,  One  same  glory  be. 



Hail  to  the  Mistress  of  the  skies, 

The  queen  of  seraphs  bright; 
Our  hope  in  gloom,  Maria,  rise 

And  guide  us  unto  light. 

O  star  of  ocean's  wave! 

While  o'er  life's  sea  we  darkly  glide, 

And  fear  and  grief  prevail, 
Illume  our  course,  our  pathway  guide 

And  cheer  us  as  we  sail. 

O  star  of  ocean's  wave! 

On  thee  we  turn  our  weeping  eyes, 
When  round  us  dangers  start, 

Then  let  thy  radiant  beams  arise, 
And  light  and  cheer  each  heart. 
O  star  of  ocean's  wave! 


Then  o'er  life's  sea  we'll  calmly  steer, 

Unto  the  port  of  rest: 
Where  thy  bright  beams  shall  ever  cheer 

And  shine  npon  the  blest. 
O  star  of  ocean's  wave! 


Hail  to  thee,  Mary! 
Maiden  Mother  of  our  race, 
Ave  Maria,  Ave  full  of  grace. 
These  sweet  words,  so  thrilling, 

Trembling  on  the  balmy  air, 
Fell  from  lips  angelic, 

This  was  Gabriel's  prayer. 

Ave  Maria!  List,  the  Angelus  chimes  now 

Ave  Maria!  Loud  on  thee  we  call! 

Still  in  thy  splendor, 
Hosts  of  seraphs  warble  near; 
Oh!  let  us  mingle  with  them.  Mother  dear. 

Loud  our  voices  blending— 
Soar  above  the  dreary  vale, 

To  thy  throne  ascending, 
Lady  fair,  all  hail! 

Ave  Maria!    Vesper  peals  float  on  the  air: 
Ave  Maria!    'Tis  the  hour  of  prayer! 


Hail,  Virgin!  dearest  Mary, 
Our  lovely  Queen  of  May! 

O  spotless,  blessed  Lady, 
Our  lovely  Queen  of  May. 

Thy  children,  humbly  bending 
Around  thy  shrine  so  dear, 

With  heart  and  voice  ascending, 
Sweet  Mary,  hear  our  prayer. 

Behold  earth's  blossoms  springing 
In  beauteous  form  and  hue, 

All  nature  gladly  bringing 
Her  sweetest  charms  to  you. 

We'll  gather  fresh,  bright  flowers, 
To  bind  our  fair  Queen's  brow 

From  gay  and  verdant  bowers, 
We  haste  to  crown  thee  now. 

The  rose  and  lily  wreathing, 
The  humble  violet  fair, 

To  thee  their  perfumes  breathing 
With  sweetness  scent  the  air. 

The  mignonette,  the  lilac, 

The  sweet  forget-me-not — 
The  eglantine  and  myrtle, 

To  grace  your  wreath  we've  brought. 

The  heliotrope,  sweet  type  of  love, 
And  star  of  Bethl'em,  too — 

The  lily  of  the  valley 
Complete  the  wreath  for  you. 

And  now,  our  Blessed  Mother, 

Smile  on  our  festal  day. 
Accept  our  wreath  of  flowers, 

And  be  our  Queen  of  May. 




Hail!  Virgin,  spotless  Mother! 

We  come  to  thee  to-day, 
To  bring  thee  fairest  flowers 

And  crown  thee  Queen  of  May. 

All  hearts  are  now  rejoicing, 

Their  songs  of  praise  arise 
To  our  sweet  Mother  Mary, 

To  realms  beyond  the  skies.— Clio 

Fair  nature,  crown'd  with  beauty, 
Now  greets  thee,  Mother  dear; 

Bright  flowers  waft  their  incense 
And  sylvan  choirs  are  near.— Cho. 

Sweet  Mary,  Queen  of  Heaven, 

O  Virgin  ever  pure, 
Beneath  thy  snowy  mantle 

We  seek  a  refuge  sure.— Cho. 

We  long  to  see  thee,  Mother, 
Fain  would  our  souls  be  free, 

Release  the  flutt'ring  captives, 
And  let  them  soar  to  thee.— Cho. 


Hark!  the  herald  angels  sing: 
''Glory  to  the  new-born  King; 
Peace  on  earth,  and  mercy  mild, 
God  and  sinners  reconciled." 
Joyful,  all  ye  nations!  rise, 
Join  the  triumph  of  the  skies; 
With  the  angelic  host  proclaim: 
"Christ  is  born  in  Bethlehem."  / 


Mild  He  lays  His  glory  by, 
Born  that  man  no  more  may  die; 
Born  to  raise  the  sons  of  earth, 
Born  to  give  them  second  birth." 
Hail!  the  Heaven-born  Prince  of  Peace! 
Hail!  the  Son  of  Righteousness! 
Light  and  life  to  all  He  brings, 
Risen  with  healing  in  His  wings. 


Hark,  the  sound  of  the  tight  hath  gone 

For  the  Lord  from  the  south  and  the  north 
Hath  commanded  His  soldiers  to  come. 


To  arms!  to  arms!  to  victory! 

"Thy  Kingdom  Come,"  our  war-cry  be; 
For  Christ,  our  Master,  Christ,  our  King, 

Let  all  the  earth  and  heavens  ring. 

We  must  on  with  our  banner  unfurled: 
We  must  on,  it  is  Jesus  who  leads: 

We  must  hasten  to  conquer  the  world 
With  the  sign  of  the  Heart  that  bleeds. 

We  must  stand  to  our  colors  like  men; 

Our  Lord  is  a  leader  to  love; 
For  the  wounded  He  heals;  and  the  slain 

He  crowns  in  His  city  above. 

We  must  march  to  the  battle  with  speed; 

Upon  earth  our  duty  is  strife; 
Oh,  blest  are  the  soldiers  who  bleed 

For  the  Saviour  who  died  to  give  life. 

Christ  our  King  is  in  Heaven  above; 

Christ  our  King  is  on  earth  here  below: 
And  His  is  the  standard  we  love. 

And  His  the  sole  watchword  we  know. 


He  came  from  His  high  throne  to  Bethle- 
hem a  stranger, 

He  had  no  house  or  home,  His  bed  was  a 

Ah!  pity,  adore  and  proclaim  the  poor 

And  love  the  little  Babe  that  was  born  in 
a  manger. 

The  little  Babe,  the  little  Babe  that  was 

born  in  a  manger; 
And  loye  the  little  Babe  that  was  born  in 

a  manger. 

He  has  pardons  and  graces  for  those  who'll 

come,  choose  them, 
But,  ah!  it  is  sad  to  think  that  many  refuse 

But  come  you  and  seek  them,  and  promise 

ne'er  to  lose  them, 
And  love  the  little  Babe  that  was  born  in 

a  manger. 

The  little  Babe,  etc. 

He's  on  a  bed  of  straw,  the.  beasts  are 

around  Him, 
Yet  by  a  brilliant  star  the  sages  have  found 

They  pity,  they  know,  and  adore  the  poor 

And  love  the  little  Babe  that  was  laid  in  a 


The  little  Babe,  etc. 


Now   tell   ine   who   is   He,    the  wonderful 

And  from  whence  can  He  be  that  lies  in  a 

Do  tell  me,  oh!  tell  me  about  that  poor 

And  who's  the  little  Babe  that  lies  in  a 


The  little  Babe,  etc. 

He  is  the  Prince  of  Peace,  the  prophets 
foretold  Him, 

In  Bethlehem  of  Juda  they  said  we'd  be- 
hold Him, 

Your  Saviour,  your  King,  oh!  won't  you 
now  own  Him, 

And  love  the  little  Babe,  the  sweet  hope  of 

The  little  Babe,  etc. 


He  is  looking  through  the  lattice. 

He  sees,  but  is  not  seen, 
The  dearest  of  all  lovers, 

He  is  looking  through  the  screen. 
The  light  of  His  omniscience 

Upon  our  darkness  lies, 
Our  hearts,  our  minds,  our  motives, 

Are  open  to  His  eyes. 

Oh,  tell  me,  doth  it  thrill  you 

To  be  so  near  His  place'." 
To  feel  His  breath  upon  you, 

Yet  never  see  His  face? 
Oh,  tell  me,  doth  His  whisper, 

Across  the  lilies  blown, 
Enkindle  in  each  list'ner 

A  passion  all  His  own? 

Alas!  He  has  been  pleading- 
Unnoticed,  years  and  years; 

His  heart  is  bleeding,  bleeding, 
His  eyes  are  full  of  tears. 

Arise,  oh,  well-beloved, 
And  follow  Him  with  praise, 

For  all  His  paths  are  beauteous, 
And  peaceful  all  His  ways. 


Hear  the  heart  of  Jesus  pleading, 

"Come  and  sweetly  rest  in  Me. 
With  a  peace  and  joy  exceeding. 

Meek  and  humble  ever  be; 
In  My  heart,  serene  and  holy, 

All  your  selfish  cares  resign." 
Dearest  Jesus!  meek  and  lowly, 

Make,  oh,  make  our  hearts  like  Thine. 

•'Purer  than  the  lily's  whiteness, 

Fairer  than  the  fairest  snows, 
In  the  beauty  and  the  brightness 

Of  your  souls  I  seek  repose; 
Calmly  keep  your  hearts  before  Me. 

From  the  stain  of  passion  free." 
Heart  of  Jesus,  we  implore  Thee, 

Make,  oh,  make  us  pure  like  Thee. 


Heart  of  love!  in  Thee  confiding, 

We  shall  learn  to  do  Thy  will; 
In  Thy  sacred  wounds  abiding, 

Burning  love  our  breasts  shall  fill. 
We  shall  bless  Thee  and  obey  Thee, 

Ever  serve  Thee  faithfully; 
Sweetest  Heart!  we  humbly  pray  Thee, 

Let  us  live  and  die  in  Thee. 


Hear  Thy  children,  gentle  Jesus, 
While  we  breathe  our  evening  prayer; 

Save  us  from  all  harm  and  danger, 
Take  us  'neath  Thy  sheltering  care. 

Save  us  from  the  wiles  of  Satan, 
'Mid  the  lone  and  sleepful  night; 

Sweetly  may  our  guardian  angels 
Keep  us  'neath  their  watchful  sight. 

Gentle  Jesus,  look  in  pity, 
From  Thy  glorious  throne  above; 

All  the  night  Thy  Heart  is  wakeful 
In  Thy  Sacrament  of  Love. 

Shades  of  even  fast  are  falling, 

Day  is  fading  into  gloom: 
When  the  shades  of  death  fall  round  us, 

Lead  Thine  exiled  children  home. 


Hear  thy  children,  gentlest  Mother, 

Prayerful  hearts  to  thee  arise; 
Hear  us  while  our  evening  "Ave" 

Soars  beyond  the  starry  skies. 
Darkling  shadows  fall  around  us, 

Stars  their  silent  watches  keep, 
Hush  the  heart  oppressed  by  sorrow, 

Dry  the  tears  of  those  who  weep. 

Hear,  sweet  Mother,  hear  the  weary 

Borne  upon  life's  troubled  sea; 
Gentle  guiding  star  of  ocean, 

Lead  thy  children  home  to  thee. 
Still  watch  o'er  us,  dearest  Mother, 

From  thy  bounteous  throne  above, 
Guard  us  from  all  harm  and  danger, 

'Neath  thy  shelt'ring  wings  of  love. 


Heart  of  hearts,  a  love  is  thine, 
Madly  tender,  blindly  true, 

Love  in  vastness  so  sublime, 
In  excess  so  human  too, 

Seems  it  more  a  burning  grief, 

Pining,  aching  for  relief. 

Seems  Thou  dost  not,  canst  not  live 
Save  to  sue  us  for  Thy  rest 

While  to  Thee  all  that  we  can  give 
Is  as  nothing  at  the  best, 

Wond'rous  Lover,  shall  I  say? 

Thou  hast  thrown  Thyself  away? 


Drenched  with  anguish,  steeped  in  awe, 
Thou  must  needs,  insatiate  still, 

Linger  wearily  below, 
Prisoned  to  Thy  creature's  will, 

While  the  current  of  our  days 

Murmurs  insult  more  than  praise. 

Here  I  find  Thee  hour  by  hour, 
Waiting  on  Thy  altar  throne, 

Full  of  mercy,  full  of  loye, 
Mutely  waiting  till  we  come, 

Waiting  for  a  soul  to  bless, 

Some  poor  sinner  to  caress. 

Forth,  then,  from  the  fragrant  bush, 
Where  I  almost  hear  Thee  beat, 

Bid  a  benediction  gush 
O'er  me,  through  me,  thrilling,  sweet, 

Heart  of  Jesus  full  of  woe, 

Fill  mine  till  it  break  for  Thee. 


Heart  of  Jesus,  all  on  fire, 

With  Thy  tender  love  aglow, 
Bleeding  Heart  for  sinners  pierced, 

I  have  dealt  death's  cruel  blow. 
In  the  many  years  agone 

I  have  tasted  thy  pure  joys, 
But  I've  bartered  them  for  sin, 

Thy  Heart's  Blood  for  earthly  toys. 


Sacred  Heart,  to  Thee  I  turn, 
Covered  with  the  guilt  of  years; 

Through  the  love  Thou  bearest  Mary, 
Pity  Thou  my  bitter  tears. 


Ah,  ray  heart  was  once  Thy  own, 

Once  it  spurned  all  taint  of  sin, 
Once  'twas  robed  in  innocence, 

Naught  save  virtue  dwelt  therein; 
But,  with  black  ingratitude, 

From  my  now  desponding  heart 
I  have  banished  Thee,  dear  Lord, 

Sav  not,  though,  "Thou  cursed,  depart!" 

— Cho. 

Oft  Thy  voice  had  called  me  back, 

But  I  turned  from  Thee  away— 
Hell  seems  opening;  life  is  closing, 

Mercy,  Lord,  ere  dies  the  day! 
Heart  of  Jesus,  Heart  of  Love, 

Let  Thy  mercy  now  enfold 
One  more  sinner  in  Thy  bosom, 

Safe  from  misery  untold. 


"Come,  dear  child,  though  filled  with  sin, 
Still  My  wounded,  bleeding  Heart 

Yearns  to  pardon  and  embrace  thee! 
Come,  though  late,  give  Me  thy  heart!" 


Heart  of  Jesus,  dearest  treasure, 

Joy  of  angels,  hope  of  Heaven, 
Thou  hast  loved  us  without  measure, 

All  Thy  riches  to  us  given. 
Full  of  mercy,  full  of  meekness, 
Naught  refusing  to  our  weakness, 
By  the  sunshine  of  Thy  sweetness 
Drooping   spirits'   strength   restore. 



Heart  of  Jesus,  throne  of  glory, 
Humbly  kneeling,  we  adore  Thee, 
Love  celestial,  we  implore  Thee; 
Make  us  love  Thee  more  and  more. 

Sin  and  Satan,  'gainst  us  leaguing, 

Rise  in  fury  to  affright  us, 
Foul  temptations,  souls  besieging, 

From  Thy  service  would  invite  us. 
Hear  and  help  us,  Heart  most  tender, 
Lest  in  weakness  we  surrender; 
In  the  stronghold  of  Thy  splendor 

Arm  Thy  children  for  this  war.— Cho. 


Heart  of  Jesus,  meek  and  mild, 
Hear,  oh,  hear  thy  feeble  child; 
When  the  tempest's  most  severe, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  hear. 


Sweetly  we'll  rest  on  Thy  Sacred  Heart, 
Never  from  Thee,  oh,  let  us  part; 
Hear  then  Thy  loving  children's  prayer, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  hear. 

Make  me,  Jesus,  wholly  Thine, 
Take  this  wayward  heart  of  mine, 
Guide  me  through  this  world  so  drear, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  hear— Cho. 

When  I  draw  my  latest  breath, 
When  my  eyes  shall  close  in  death, 
Then,  sweet  Jesus,  be  Thou  near, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  hear.— Cho. 



Heart  of  Jesus,  Thou  bast  kindled 

Iu  our  souls  a  restless  flame, 
Urging  us  to  work  and  suffer 

For  cue  glory  of  Thy  name. 
May  this  thought  of  Thy  great  glory 

Hold  us  back  from  ev'ry  sin, 
And  increase  the  thirst  within  us, 

Souls  for  Thee  and  Heaven  to  wiu. 

Be  it  ours  afar  to  carry 

Tidings  of  the  saving  Name; 
Ours  thro'  ev'ry  clime  and  region 

God's  great  glory  to  proclaim. 
Hear  us,  good  and  gentle  Jesus, 

Listen  to  our  soul's  desire; 
May  our  hearts  consume  within  us 

With  an  Apostolic  tire. 

Not  from  thought  of  selfish  iut'rest 

Will  we  toil  for  Thee,  O  Lord; 
To  exalt  Thy  Name  and  Kingdom 

Be  on  earth  our  sole  reward. 
Recompense  'twill  be  hereafter, 

When  we  stand  Thy  throne  beside, 
To  behold  Thee  by  our  labors 

For  all  ages  glorified. 


Heart  of  Jesus,  we  are  grateful 

For  Thy  answer  to  our  prayer; 
We  have  sought  Thee,  ever  hopeful 

That  Thy  blessings  we  might  share. 
Thou  hast  heard  us  interceding 

With  Thy  love  which  is  untold, 
And  in  answer  to  our  pleading, 

Lo!  Thy  treasures  do  unfold. 



Heart  of  Jesus,  we  do  thank  Thee. 

We  do  love  Thee  more  and  more: 
Heart  of  Jesus,  we  do  praise  Thee, 

And  we  thank  Thee  o'er  and  o'er. 

Heart  of  Jesus,  Thou  hast  taught  us 

How  to  seek  and  how  to  tinu; 
And  that  lesson  now  has  brought  us 

To  Thy  Heart  so  sweet  and  kind. 
What  we  ask,  with  faith  believing, 

Thou  hast  pledged  Thy  word  to  give, 
And  Thy  wTord  is  not  deceiving, 

But  the  truth  by  which  we  live. 

Heart  of  Jesns,  whilst  we  waited, 

For  the  favors  now  obtained, 
Not  a  moment  have  we  doubted 

That  by  prayer  they  would  be  gained. 
Thou  hast  told  us  that  our  treasure 

We  must  seek  in  Thy  dear  Heart; 
And  we  know  that  without  measure 

Thou  dost  all  Thy  gifts  impart. 


Heart  of  the  Holy  Child, 

Hide  me  in  Thee! 
Purest  and  undefiled, 

Purify  me! 
Joy  of  my  early  life, 
Far  from  evil  passions  rife, 
Troubling  this  world  of  strife, 

Keep  me  with  Thee. 


Sweet  Child  of  Bethlehem, 

Open  Thine  Heart: 
Lessons  from  Nazareth 

Deign  to  impart! 
Mary  and  Joseph  dear. 
Let  us  be  to  Jesus  near, 
With  you  we  shall  not  tear 

From  Him  to  part. 


Help  of  Christians,  while  the  combat 

Deepens  round  us,  we  beseech  thee. 

Let  our  prayerful  voices  reach  thee, 
Grant  us  succor,  lest  we  fall. 

Life  on  earth  is  ceaseless  warfare. 
Many  fears  and  cares  oppress  us, 
Many  bitter  foes  distress  us — 

Thou  wilt  save  us  from  them  all. 

First  the  artful  world  allures  us, 
All  its  wealth  before  us  flaunting. 
Of  its  ease  and  freedom  vaunting. 

Of  its  pomp  and  vanity. 
Woe  to  us  if  we  are  dazzled 
By  its  boldness  and  profusion; 
Time  dispels  the  world's  illusion, 

Death  unveils  its  treachery- 
Next  the  Devil  would  ensnare  us, 
Of  a  Godlike  wisdom  telling. 
Man  might  conquer  by  rebelling 

'Gainst  the  laws  of  Truth  and  Right. 
Woe.  if  doubt  and  pride  should  lead  us 
Into  Satan's  fatal  error, 
Life  would  be  a  day  of  terror. 

Death  a  mute  and  starless  night. 


Last  the  Flesh  gives  baneful  counsel, 
Whispering  of  a  life  of  pleasure, 
Without  end  and  without  measure 

Where  its  languid  votaries  dwell. 
Woe,  if  we  by  sense  are  blinded, 
Life  in  idle  pastime  spending, 
We  should  barter  bliss  unending 

For  vain  joys  that  leads  to  Hell. 


Hibernia's  Champion  Saint,  all  hail! 

With  fadeless  glory   crown'd; 
The  offspring  of  your  ardent  zeal 

This  day  your  praise  shall  sound. 


Great  and  glorious  St.  Patrick, 
Pray  for  that  dear  country; 
The  country  of  our  fathers. 
Great  and  glorious  St.  Patrick, 
Hearken  to  the  pray'r  of  thy  children. 

Borne  on  the  wings  of  charity, 

To  Erin's  coast  you  flew, 
Bade  Satan  from  her  valleys  flee, 

And  his  dark  shrines  o'ertnrew.— Cho. 

Wand'ring  thro'  error's  gloomy  night, 

Our  sires  did  lose  their  way; 
You  chee.r'd  their  hearts  with   Heavenly 

With  truth's  consoling  ray.— Cho. 

Oh!  what  a  harvest  crown'd  thy  toil. 
The  earth,  long  curs'd,  was  bless'd; 

Each  lovely  virtue  graced  its  soil. 
The  sinner's  heart  found  rest.— Cho. 

From  faith's  bright  camp  the  demon  fled, 
The  path  to  Heav'n  was  clear'd, 

Religion  rais'd  her  beauteous  head, 
An  isle  of  saints  appear'd.— Cho. 

To  God,  who  sent  thee  to  our  isle, 

Be  endless  glory  giv'n! 
Oh!  may  He  ever  on  it  smile, 

And  lead  its  sons  to  Heav'n.— Cho. 


Holy  God,  we  praise  Thy  name! 

Lord  of  all,  we  bow  before  Thee! 
All  on  earth  Thy  sceptre  claim, 
All  in  Heav'n  above  adore  Thee; 
Infinite  Thy  vast  domain, 
Everlasting  is  Thy  name. 

Hark!  the  loud  celestial  hymn 

Angel  choirs  above  are  singing! 
Cherubim  and  seraphim 
In  unceasing  chorus  praising, 
Fill  the  Heavens  with  sweet  accord; 
Holy!  Holy!  Holy  Lord! 

Spare  Thy  people,  Lord,  we  pray, 

By  a  thousand  snares  surrounded; 
Keep  us  without  sin  to-day, 
Never  let  us  be  confounded. 
Lo!  I  put  my  trust  in  Thee, 
Never,  Lord,  abandon  me. 


Holy  Joseph,  dearest  Father, 
To  thy  children's  prayer  incline, 

Whilst  we  sing  thy  joys  and  sorrows 
And  the  glories  which  are  thine. 


How  to  praise  tbee,  how  to  thank  thee, 

Blessed  Saint,  we  cannot  tell, 
Favors  countless  hast  thou  given, 

Can  we  choose  but  love  thee  well? 

Near  to  Jesus,  near  to  Mary, 
And,  kind  Father,  near  to  tliee, 

Keep  us  while  on  earth  we  wander, 
And  in  death  our  helper  be. 

Sing  we  Joseph,  spouse  to  Mary, 
And  our  Mother's  blessed  friend, 

Favors  countless,  mercies  constant, 
Thou  didst  ever  to  us  send. 

We  have  prayed  and  thou  hast  answered, 
We  have  asked  and  thou  hast  given, 

Need  we  marvel,  Jesus,  tell  us, 
Joseph  has  the  stores  of  Heaven. 

One  more  favor  we  will  ask  thee, 
Thou  of  all  canst  grant  it  best. 

When  we  die  be  thou  still  near  us, 
Bring  us  safe  to  endless  rest. 


Holy  Mary,  Mother  mild! 

O  sweet,  sweet  Mother! 
Hear,  oh,  hear  thy  feeble  child, 
O  sweet,  sweet  Mother! 


Oh,  exult,  ye  cherubim! 
And  rejoice,  ye  seraphim! 
Praise  her!  praise  her! 
Oh,  praise  our  spotless  Mother! 

Who  on  life's  tempestuous  son, 
O  sweet,  sweet  Mother! 

Is  cast  alone:  Oh,  succor  me, 
O  sweet,  sweet  Mother!— Cho. 

Waves  of  sorrow  o'er  me  roll, 
O  sweet,  sweet  Mother! 

Storms  of  passion  shake  my  soul, 
O  sweet,  sweet  Mother!— Cho. 

Dangers  press  on  every  side, 
O  sweet,  sweet  Mother! 

Star  of  Ocean,  be  my  guide, 
O  sweet,  sweet  Mother!— Cho. 

Brightest  in  the  courts  above! 

O  sweet,  sweet  Mother! 
Joy  of  angels!  Queen  of  Love! 

O  sweet,  sweet  Mother!— Cho. 

Comfort  of  the  sorrowing,  hear! 

O  sweet,  sweet  Mother! 
And  grief  and  tears  will  disappear, 

O  sweet,  sweet  Mother!— Che. 


Holy  night!  peaceful  night, 
All  is  dark  save  the  light. 
Yonder  where  tliey  sweet  vigil  keep 
O'er  the  Babe  who,  in  silent  sleep, 
Rests  in  Heavenly  peace. 

Holy  night!  peaceful  night, 
Only  for  shepherds'  sight 
Came  with  blest  visions  of  angel  throngs, 
With  their  loud  Alleluia  songs. 
Saying  Jesus  has  come. 


Holy  night!  peaceful  night, 

Child  of  Heaven!  Oh,  how  bright 

Thou  didst  smile  on  us  when  Thou  wast 

Blest,  indeed,  was  that  happy  morn, 
Full  of  Heavenly  joy. 


Holy  Patron,  thee  saluting, 
Here  we  meet  with  hearts  sincere 

Blest  Saint  Joseph,  all,  uniting, 
Call  on  thee  to  hear  our  pray'r. 


Happy  Saint,  in  bliss  adoring, 

Jesus,  Saviour  of  mankind; 
Hear  thy  children  thee  imploring, 

May  we  thy  protection  find. 

Wordly  dangers  for  them  fearing, 
Youthful  hearts  to  thee  we  bring, 

Grant,  in  virtue  persevering, 
Vice  may  ne'er  their  bosom  sting.— Cho. 

Thou  who  faithfully  attended 
Him  who  Heav'n  and  earth  adore; 

Who  with  pious  care  defended 
Mary,  Virgin  ever  pure.— Cho. 


Holy  Queen,  we  bend  before  thee, 

Queen  of  purity  divine! 
Make  us  love  thee,  we  implore  thee, 

Make  us  truly  to  be  thine. 



Teach,  oh,  teach  us,  Holy  Mother! 
How  to  conquer  ev'ry  sin; 
How  to  love  and  help  each  other, 
How  the  prize  of  life  to  win. 

Thou  to  whom  a  Child  was  given 
Greater  than  the  sons  of  men, 

Coming  down  from  highest  Heaven 
To  create  the  world  again.— Cho. 

Oh,  by  that  Almighty  Maker 

Whom  thyself,  a  Virgin,  bore! 
Oh,  by  thy  Supreme  Creator 
Link'd  with  thee  forevermore.— Cho. 

By  the  hope  thy  name  inspired! 

By  our  doom  reversed  thro'  thee, 
Help  us,  Queen  of  angel  choirs! 

To  a  blest  eternity.— Cho. 


How  kind  it  is  of  you  to  come, 
Bright  angel,  from  your  starry  home, 
And  watch  by  night,  and  watch  by  day, 
Beside  a  sinful  child  of  clay. 

How  good  and  pure  I  ought  to  be, 
Who  always  live  so  near  to  thee; 
Beneath  thine  eyes  the  whole  day  'round, 
Where'er  I  tread  is  holy  ground. 

And  if  I  had  my  wish,  I  would, 
Dear  angel  mine,  be  always  good, 
This  minute  I  would  rather  die 
Than  say  bad  words,  or  tell  a  lie. 

I  always  feel  disposed  this  way 
Whene'er  I  kneel  me  down  to  pray; 
But  I  forget  when  church  is  o'er, 
And  am  as  naughty  as  before. 

O  blessed  guardian,  kind  and  mild, 
Have  pity  on  a  poor,  weak  child; 
And  pray  that  God  will  make  me  strong 
To  do  the  right  and  shun  the  wrong. 

Thy  bright  wing  shall  be  my  shield, 
While  battling  on  life's  dusty  field; 
Thine  arms  enfold  me  when  I  die, 
And  waft  me  homeward  to  the  sky. 


How  lovely,  Lord,  Thy  chaste  retreat! 
This  holy  chapel,  still  and  sweet! 
Where  calmly  shines  the  altar  light, 
As  shines  a  fair  star  in  the  night! 
Lo!  at  the  little  shining  door 
I  knock,  I  plead,  forevermore, 
"Open  the  portal,  turn  the  key! 
And  let  my  heart  go  in  to  Thee!" 

Cast  not  this  wretched  heart  of  mine 
Out  of  Thy  little  curtained  shrine! 
But  make  of  it  a  footstool  meet 
Beneath  Thy  royal  wounded  feet! 
The  blood  that  from  those  wounds  distills 
Its  every  pulse  with  rapture  thrills, 
Ah!  dearest  Lord,  though  I  depart, 
Hold  fast  my  heart,  my  yearning  heart. 


And  should  it  ever  seek  to  stray 
From  Thee  away,  from  Thee  away; 
Should  e'er  despise,  or,  faithless,  quit 
The  feet  that  were  transpierced  for  it, 
Press  Thou  Thy  gentle  foot,  sweet  Christ! 
Upon  the  rebel,  sin-enticed; 
And  that  most  tender  touch  will  then 
Recall  the  wand'rer  home  again. 


How  pure,  how  frail,  and  white 

The  snow-drops  shine; 
Gather  a  garland  bright, 

For  Mary's  shrine. 


Hail  Mary,  Hail  Mary,  Queen  of  Heaven! 

Let  us  repeat, 
And,  place  our  snow-drop  wreath 

Here  at  her  feet. 

For  on  this  blessed  day 

She  knelt  at  prayer, 
When  lo!  before  her  shone 

An  angel  fair.— Cho. 

Hail  Mary!  infant  lips 

Lisp  it  to-day. 
Hail  Mary!  with  faint  smile, 

The  dying  say.— Cho. 

Hail  Mary!  many  a  heart, 

Broken  with  grief, 
In  that  angelic  prayer 

Has  found  relief.— Cho. 



I  am  my  Love's  and  He  is  mine; 

O  Earth,  attend,  ye  Heavens,  hear, 
Your  mighty  Lord,  your  King  divine 

Is  now  my  bosom's  Guest  most  dear; 
Behold,  the  vast  Creator  makes 

His  home  within  His  creatures'  breast, 
His  realms  of  glory  He  forsakes, 

'Tis  in  my  heart  He  lov*es  to  rest. 


My  dearest  Lord,  my  Love,  I'm  Thine, 
And  Thou,  my  Jesus,  art  all  mine; 
My  heart  forever  Thine  shall  be, 
Oh!  keep  it,  Jesus,  all  for  Thee. 

Close  locked  within  His  fond  embrace, 

His  Sacred  Heart  reclines  on  mine, 
Its  throbbings  flood  my  soul  with  grace. 

And  rapturous  love  and  bliss  divine; 
My  love  to  me,  and  I  to  Him, 

Who  feedeth  'mongst  the  lilies  pure, 
By  crystal  streamlet's  margin  dim. 

In  deepest  shades  and  haunts  obscure. 


I've  found  Him  Whom  my  soul  doth  love, 

I'll  hold  Him  fast  nor  let  Him  go; 
I've  naught  but  Him  in  Heaven  above, 

He  is  my  all  on  earth  below; 
Lo!  angels  near  me  hover  'round, 

From  opening  skies  bright  legions  dart, 
For  Jesus,  their  dear  King,  they've  found 

Within  the  Heaven  of  my  heart.— Cho. 


I  dwell  a  captive  in  this  Heart, 

Inflamed  with  love  divine; 
'Tis  here  I  live  alone  in  peace, 

And  constant  joy  is  mine. 
It  is  the  Heart  of  God's  own  Son, 

In  His  humanity, 
Who,  all  enamored  of  my  soul, 

Here  burns  with  love  of  me. 

Here,  like  the  dove  within  the  Ark, 

Securely  I  repose; 
Since  now  the  Lord  is  my  defence 

I  fear  no  earthly  foes, 
What  though  I  suffer, 

Still  in  love  I  ever  true  will  be; 
My  love  of  God  shall  deeper  grow 

When  crosses  fall  on  me. 

From  every  bond  of  earth, 

O  Lord,  Thy  grace  hath  set  me  free; 
My  soul,  delivered  from  the  snare, 

Enjoys  true  liberty. 
Naught  more  can  I  desire  than  this, 

To  see  Thy  face  in  Heav'n; 
And  this  I  hope  since  He  on  earth 

His  Heart  in  pledge  hath  given. 


I  need  Thee,  precious  Jesus, 

I  need  a  Friend  like  Thee, 
A  friend  to  soothe  and  sympathize, 

A  friend  to  care  for  me. 
I  need  Thy  heart,  sweet  Jesus, 

To  feel  each  anxious  care, 
I  long  to  tell  my  every  want, 

And  all  my  sorrows  share. 


I  need  Thy  blood,  sweet  Jesus, 

To  wash  each  sinful  stain, 
To  cleanse  this  sinful  soul  of  mine, 

And  make  it  pure  again; 
I  need  Thy  wounds,  sweet  Jesus, 

To  fly  from  perils  near, 
To  shelter  in  these  hollow  clefts 

From  every  doubt  and  fear. 

I  need  Thee,  sweetest  Jesus, 

In  the  sacrament  of  love, 
To  nourish  this  poor  soul  of  mine 

With  the  treasures  of  Thy  love. 
I'll  need  Thee,  sweetest  Jesus, 

When  death's  dread  hour  draws  ni 
To  hide  me  in  Thy  Sacred  Heart 

Till  wafted  safe  on  high. 


I  rise  from  dreams  of  life, 

And  an  angel  guides  my  feet 
To  the  sacred  altar  throne, 

Where  Jesus'  Heart  doth  beat. 
The  lone  lamp  softly  burns, 

And  a  wondrous  silence  reigns, 
Only  with  a  low,  still  voice 

The  Holy  One  complains. 

Ever  pleading,  day  and  night, 
Thou  cans't  not  from  us  part; 

O  veiled  and  wTondrous  Son! 
O  love  of  the  Sacred  Heart. 


Long,  long  I've  waited  here, 

And  thought  Thou  heed'st  not  me, 
The  heart  of  God's  own  Son 

Beats  ever  on  for  Thee. 
In  the  womb  of  Mary  meek, 

In  the  cradle,  on  the  tree, 
Heart  of  pure,  undying  love, 

It  lived,  loved,  bled  for  me.— Cho. 


Immaculate;  title  dear 

To  my  poor  lonely  heart; 
No  other  brings  Heaven's  joy  so  near, 

.\or  can  such  peace  impart 

immaculate!  music  sweet 
'Midst  sin's  discordant  notes; 

The  weary  years  fast  onward  fleet, 
While  through  my  soul  it  floats. 

Immaculate!  O  my  God! 

Well  dost  thon  know  our  need 
Beneath  the  sharp,  afflicting  rod, 

Of  Mary's  help  indeed! 

Immaculate!  Mother  dear, 

Preserve  us  lest  we  fall; 
When  death  shall  come,  oh!  be  thou  near, 

Thou'rt,  after  God,  our  all. 


In  music's  sweetest  strains  we'll  sing; 

Our  notes  to  God  we'll  raise; 
And  make  His  sacred  temple  ring 

With  hymns  of  love  and  praise. 


Our  tongues  hosannas  shall  proclaim; 

Our  hearts  devoutly  pray; 
Each  morning  and  each  evening  themes 

Shall  echo  through  the  day. 

In. God's  own  house  we'll  sing  His  praise, 

For  there  His  glory  dwells; 
To  Heav'n  our  hearts  and  songs  we'll  raise 

In  sweetest  canticles. 

As  long  as  we  have  life  and  breath 

Our  Maker  we  will  praise; 
And  when  our  voice  expires  in  death, 

Death  will  perfect  our  lays. 


In  this  Sacrament,  sweet  Jesus! 

Thou  dost  give  Thy  flesh  and  blood, 
With  Thy  soul  and  Godhead  also, 

As  our  own  most  precious  food. 

Yes,,  dear  Jesus,  I  believe  it, 
And  Thy  presence  I  adore, 

And  with  all  my  heart  I  love  Thee, 
May  I  love  Thee  more  and  more. 

Come,  Sweet  Jesus,  in  Thy  mercy, 
Give  Thy  flesh  and  blood  to  me; 

Come  to  me,  O  dearest  Jesus, 
Come,  my  soul's  true  Life  to  be; 

Come,  that  I  may  live  forever, 
Thou  in  me  and  I  in  Thee; 

Living  thus,  I  shall  not  perish, 
But  shall  live  eternally. 



It  is  the  Name  of  Mary 

Which  we  to-day  proclaim; 
Come,  all  ye,  Mary's  children, 

To  sing  that  lovely  name. 
Come,  sing  that  name,  dear  children. 

It  is  your  mother's  own; 
Unite  your  hearts  and  praises, 

And  waft  them  to  her  throne. 

A  name  of  power  and  sweetness, 

Her  name  to  us  so  dear; 
A  name  of  awe  and  grandeur, 

But  grandeur  free  from  fear. 
Sweet  name  all  strong  yet  tender, 

That  name  we  love  so  well, 
The  joy  of  earth  and  Heaven, 

The  fear  and  dread  of  Hell. 

A  name  by  which  we  triumph 

O'er  Hell's  embattled  foes, 
The  victor's  mead  of  glory 

And  solace  in  his  woes. 
Earth  has  no  name  so  gentle, 

Nor  Heaven  one  so  sweet; 
A  balm  to  wounded  feelings, 

Bright  light  to  wayward  feet. 

The  first  word  ever  spoken 

By  Jesus  when  a  child, 
Was  thy  dear  name,  O  Mother, 

He  spoke  it  and  He  smiled, 
Oh!  may  thy  name,  dear  Mother, 

On  life's  last  fearful  day, 
Be  my  last  fervent  prayer, 

Be  all  my  hope  and  stay. 



Jerusalem,  my  happy  home, 

How  I  do  sigh  for  thee! 
When  shall  my  exile  have  an  end, 

Thy  joys  when  shall  I  see? 


Jerusalem,  Jerusalem, 
Jerusalem,  my  happy  home, 
How  do  I  sigh  for  thee! 

No  sun,  no  moon,  in  borrowed  light. 

Revolve  thine  hours  away; 
The  Lamb  on  Calvary's  mountain  slain 

Is  thy  eternal  day.— Cho. 

From  every  eye  He  wipes  the  tear, 
All  sighs  and  sorrows  cease; 

No  more  alternate  hope  or  fear, 
But  everlasting  peace.— Cho. 

The  thought  of  thee  to  us  is  given 

Our  sorrows  to  beguile; 
To  anticipate  the  bliss  of  Heaven 

In  His  eternal  smile. 


Jesu  dulcis  memoria, 
Dans  vera  cordis  gaudia, 
Sed  super  mel  et  omnia 
Ejus  dulcis  praesentia. 

CHO"!  S. 

Jesu,  Jesu,  Jesu  dulcis  memoria. 
Jesu,  Jesu,  Jesu  dulcis  memoria. 


Nil  canitur  suavius, 
Nil  auditur  jucundius, 
Nil  cogitatur  dulcius 
Quain  Jesu  Dei  Filing. 

Jesu  spes  poenitentibus, 
Quam  pius  es  petentibus, 
Quain  bonus  te  quaerentibus, 
Sed  quid  invenientibus. 


Jesu  Mater,  Ave,  thou  Virgin  bright  and 

O  Maria,  salve!  hear  the  exile's  pray'r. 
When  wild  the  tempest  lowers, 

My  spirit  turns  to  thee; 
Then  thro'  its  gloom,  oh!  sweetly  smile, 

Thou  star  of  life's  dark  sea. 
Then  thro'  its  gloom,  oh!  sweetly  smile, 

Thou  star  of  life's  dark  sea. 
Mater,  audi!  O  Virgin,  hear! 
Oh,  hear  the  exile's  pray'r. 

Mater     Angelorum,     Bright     Queen     of 

Heaven's  host, 
Salus  Christianorum! 

Sweet  hope  of  sinners  lost, 
We  ne'er  shall  cease  to  sing  thy  praise 

Until  we  reign  with  thee; 
Then  prove  to  all  a  mother's  love, 

Thou  star  of  life's  dark  sea. 
Then  prove  to  all  a  mother's  love, 

Thou  star  of  life's  dark  sea. 

Virgo  semper  pulchra,  thou  purest  gem  of 

O  Regina  mea !  thy  aid  tp  me  be  giv'n. 
A  light  amid  life's  troubled  waves 

Thy  name  hath  been  to  me, 
Oh,  still  protect  my  trembling  bark, 

Thou  star  of  this  wild  sea. 
Oh,  still  protect  my  trembling  bark, 

Thou  star  of  this  wild  sea. 


Jesus,  ever  loving  Saviour, 
Thou  didst  live  and  die  for  me. 

Living,  I  will  live  and  love  Thee, 
Dying,  I  will  die  for  Thee. 

Jesus  by  Thy  life  of  death  and  sorrow 
Help  me  in  my  agony. 

Kindest  Jesus,  Thou  wert  standing 
By  Thy  foster-father's  bed, 

While  Thy  mother,  softly  praying, 
Held  her  dying  Joseph's  heau. 

Jesus,  by  that  death  so  calm  and  holy, 
Soothe  me  in  that  hour  of  dread. 

When  the  priest,  with  holy  unction, 
Prays  for  mercy  and  for  grace, 

May  the  tears  of  deep  compunction 
All  my  guilty  stains  efface. 

Jesus,  let  me  find  in  you  a  refuge, 
In  Thy  heart  a  resting  place. 

Then,  by  all  that  Thou  didst  suffer, 
Grant  me  mercy  in  that  day, 

Help  me,  Mary,  my  sweet  mother, 
Holy  Joseph,  near  me  stay. 

Jesus,  let  me  die,  my  lips  repeating 
Jesus  mercy,  Mary  pray. 


Jesus,  gentlest  Saviour, 

God  of  might  and  power, 
Thou  Thyself  art  dwelling 

In  us  at  this  hour. 
Nature  cannot  hold  Thee, 

Heaven  is  all  too  strait 
For  Thine  endless  glory, 

And  Thy  royal  state. 

Out  beyond  the  shining 

Of  the  farthest  star 
Thou  art  ever  stretching 

Infinitely  far. 
Yet  the  hearts  of  children 

Hold  what  worlds  can  not, 
And  the  God  of  wonders, 

Loves  the  lowly  spot. 

Oh!  how  can  we  thank  Thee 

For  a  gift  like  this? 
Gift  that  truly  maketh 

Heaven's  eternal  bliss. 
Ah!  when  wilt  Thou  always 

Make  our  hearts  Thy  home? 
We  must  wait  for  Heaven, 

Then  the  day  will  come. 

Now  at  last  we'll  keep  Thee 

All  the  time  we  may; 
But  Thy  grace  and  blessing 

We  will  keep  alway. 
When  our  hearts  Thou  leavest, 

Worthless  tho'  they  be, 
Give  them  to  Thy  Mother, 

To  be  kept  for  Thee. 



Jesus!  my  Lord,  my  God,  my  All, 
How  can  I  love  Thee  as  I  ought! 

And  how  revere  this  wondrous  gift! 
So  far  surpassing  hope  or  thought! 


Sweet  sacrament,  we  Thee  adore, 

Oh,  make  us  love  Thee  more  and  mare! 

Had  I  but  Mary's  sinless  heart 
To  love  Thee  with,  my  dearest  King, 

Oh,  with  what  bursts  of  fervent  praise 
Thy  goodness,  Jesus,  would  I  sing.— Cho. 

Sound,  sound  His  praises  higher  still, 
And  come,  ye  angels,  to  our  aid; 

'Tis  God!  'Tis  God!  the  very  God, 
Whose    power    both    men    and    angels 
made.— Oho. 

Our  hearts  leap  up,  our  trembling  song 
Grows  fainter  still,  we  can  no  more: 

Silence!  and  let  us  weep— and  die 
Of  very  love,  while  we  adore. 

Great  Sacrament  of  love  divine! 
All,  all  we  have  or  are,  be  thine. 


Jesus,  my  Lord,  no  tongue  can  say 

How  great  Tny  love  must  be, 
To  bring  Thee  down  from  Heaven  to-day 

To  dwell  a  while  with  me. 
Around  Thine  Altar  Angels  guard 

In  reverent  awe  and  fear: 
And  yet,  'tis  not  for  them,  dear  Lord, 

That  Thou  art  dwelling  here. 


Is  not  the  love  of  Heaven's  bright  host 

Of  greater,  worth  than  mine, 
That  Thou   shouldst  prize  my  heart  the 

And  claim  it  all  as  Thine? 
Ah,  take  it,  then,  poor,  worthless  thing, 

Since  Thou  wilt  have  it  so; 
No  other  offering  I  might  bring 

Wouldst  Thou  accept,  I  know. 

Jesus,  while  Thou  art  in  my  heart 

For  this  short  happy  hour, 
Life  burdens,  one  by  one,  depart 

Before  Thy  magic  power. 
Thy  love  is  cheaply  always  bought 

Whate'er  the  price  might  be, 
And  now  can  I  refuse  Thee  aught 

When  Thou  art  all  for  me? 


Jesus!  Saviour  of  my  soul! 

Let  me  to  Thy  refuge  fly, 
While  the  nearer  waters  roll, 

W  hile  the  tempest  still  is  nigh. 


Hide  me,  O  my  Saviour,  hide 
Till  the  storm  of  life  is  past; 
Safe  into  Thy  haven  guide, 
Oh!  receive  my  soul  at  last. 


Jesus!  Saviour  of  my  soul! 
Let  me  to  Thy  refuge  fly; 
Ave,  Ave,  Jesus  mild, 
Deign  to  hear  Thy  lowly  child. 

Other  refuge  have  I  none, 
Hangs  my  helpless  soul  on  Thee, 

Leave,  oh!  leave  me  not  alone, 
Still  support  and  strengthen  me.— Cho. 

All  my  trust  in  Thee  is  stayed, 
All  my  help  from  Thee  I  bring; 

Cover  my  defenceless  head 
With  the  shadow  of  Thy  wing.— Cho. 


Jesus,  the  All  Beautiful, 

Lo,  we  adore  Thee! 
Make  Thou  our  hearts  like  Thine, 

Oh!  we  implore  Thee! 

Let  never  thought  arise, 
Severing  from  Thee; 

Only  Thy  love  we  prize- 
Keep  us  with  Thee. 

When  heavy  burdens  fall, 

Crushing  us  low, 
Hear  Thou  Thy  children's  call, 

Lighten  our  woe. 

If,  'mid  the  dark'ning  night, 

Hope  seems  afar, 
Send  but  one  ray  of  light 

From  Bethlehem's  star. 

Sorrow  may  wound  the  heart, 

Grief  come  anew; 
Let  earthly  joy  depart, 

Keep  Thou  us  true. 



Jesus!  the  Lord  of  Glory, 
Springs  from  the  tomb  with  life  immortal 
Darkness  and  Death  before  Him 

Flee  like  the  clouds  before  the  sun. 

No  more  hell  languish, 
In  pain  and  anguish, 
His  charms  shall  ravish 


Oh!  banish  sadness, 
And  wake  to  gladness. 
From  mortal  badness 

He  is  free! 

Joy  in  the  Heavens  above  us. 
Angels,    exult!    your   King,    your  God,   Is 

Joy!  that  the  Lord  so  loved  us, 
For  us  to  suffer  and  to  die. 

Oh!  then  returning 
With  ardor  burning 
And  humbly  mourning 

Our  treachery. 

With  God  to  bless  us, 
His  hand  caress  us, 
His  lips  address  us. 

We  are  free. 



Jesus,  the  only  thought  of  Thee 

With  sweetness  tills  my  breast 
But  sweeter  far  it  is  to  see 

And  on  Thy  beauty  feast; 
No  sound,  no  harmony  so  gay 

Can  art  of  music  frame, 
No  thoughts  can  reach,  no  words  can  say 

The  sweets  of  Thy  blessed  name. 

Jesus,  our  hope  when  we  repent, 

Sweet  source  of  all  our  grace: 
Sole  comfort  in  our  banishment, 

Oh!  what,  -when  face  to  face? 
Jesus!  that  name  inspires  my  mind 

With  springs  of  life  and  light 
More  than  I  ask  in  Thee  I  find, 

And  languish  in  delight. 

Come,  then,  dear  Lord,  possess  my  heart, 

Chase  thence  the  shades  of  night, 
Come,  pierce  it  with  Thy  flaming  dart 
And  ever  shining  light. 
Then  I'll  forever  sing, 
To  Him  each  tribute  bring. 
Till  joined  with  all  his  saints  above 
In  never  ending  love. 


Joy  of  my  heart!  oh!  let  me  pray 

To  thee  thine  own  sweet  month  of  May. 

Mary!  one  gift  I  beg  of  thee, 

My  soul  from  sin  and  sorrow  free. 

Direct  my  wand'ring  feet  aright, 

And  be  thyself  mine  own  true  light. 



Be  love  of  thee  the  purging  fire, 
To  cleanse  for  God  my  heart's  desire, 
Mother,  be  love  of  thee  a  ray 
From  Heaven  to  show  the  Heav'nward 

Mary,  make  haste  thy  child  to  win 
From  sin  and  from  the  love  of  sin; 
Mother  of  God!  let  my  poor  love 
A  mother's  prayers  and  pity  move. 

0  Mary,  when  I  come  to  die, 

Be  thou,  thy  spouse,  and  Jesus  nigh. 


When  mute  before  the  Judge  I  stand, 
My  holy  shield  be  Mary's  hand; 
Oh!  Mary!  let  no  child  of  thine 
In  hell's  eternal  exile  pine. 

Sweet  Day-Star,  let  thy  beauty  be 
A  light  to  draw  my  soul  to  thee; 
We  love  thee,  light  of  sinners'  eyes, 
Oh!  let  thy  prayers  for  sinners  rise. 
Look  at  us,  Mother  Mary!  see 
How  piteously  we  look  on  thee. 


1  am  thy  slave,  nor  would  I  be 

For  worlds  from  this  sweet  bondage  free, 
Oh!  Jesus,  Joseph,  Mary,  deign 
My  soul  in  Heav'nly  ways  to  train. 

Be  love  of  thee,  my  whole  life  long, 
A  seal  upon  my  wayward  tongue. 
Write  on  my  heart's  most  secret  core 
The  five  dear  wounds  that  Jesus  bore. 
Oh!  give  me  tears  to  shed  with  thee 
Beneath  the  Cross  on  Calvary. 



One  more  request,  and  I  have  done; 
With  love  of  thee  and  thy  dear  Son 
More  let  me  burn,  and  more  each  day, 
Till  love  of  self  is  burned  away. 


(Another  version.) 
Joy  of  my  heart!  oh!  let  me  pray 
To  thee  thine  own  sweet  month  of  May; 
Mary,  one  gift  I  beg  of  thee, 
My  soul  from  sin  and  sorrow  free. 

Thou,  Mary,  art  my  hope  and  life, 
The  star-light  of  this  earthly  strife. 
Sweet  day-star!  let  thy  beauty  be 
A  light,  to  draw  my  soul  to  thee. 

Thou,  who  wert  pure  as  driven  snow, 
Make  me  as  thou  wert  here  below; 
O  Queen  of  Heaven!  obtain  for  me 
The  glory  there  one  day  to  see. 

Write  on  my  heart's  most  secret  core 
The  five  dear  wounds  that  Jesus  bore, 
Oh!  give  me  tears  to  shed  with  thee, 
Beneath  the  Cross  on  Calvary. 


King  of  ages,  King  victorius! 

Loving  Lord  and  bounteous  God! 
To  Thy  feet  I  come,  All-glorious! 

While  Thy  praise  is  spread  abroad! 

In  Thy  mercy  list  to  me! 

Humble  plaints  I  breathe  to  Thee! 

O  Sacred  Heart,  forever  reign! 

Comfort  and  hope  in  every  pain! 

Heart  Divine!  wherein  is  kindled 

Charity's  eternal  flame! 
From  these  chains  (with  joy  unmingled), 

From  these  bonds  of  sin  and  shame 

Set  all  hearts  forever  free, 

That  they  may  rejoice  in  Thee! 

O  Sacred  Heart,  etc. 

Thou  hast  bound  Thee  with  a  promise, 
Pledged  to  us  Thy  royal  word; 

While  Thy  mercy  looks  upon  us, 
What  dost  Thou  demand,  dear  Lord? 
Naught  but,  with  a  keen  desire, 
On  our  earth  to  cast  Thy  fire. 
O  Sacred  Heart,  etc. 

Glowing  with  a  light  eternal, 

Potent  source  of  light  and  love! 
Swiftly  speeds  that  flame  supernal, 

Through  this  world,  from  realms  above! 

King  of  souls,  Thy  children  bless! 

Fount  divine  of  holiness! 

O  Sacred  Heart,  etc. 


Kyrie  eleison. 

Christie  eleison. 

Kyrie  eleison. 

Christie  audi  nos. 

Christie  exaudi  nos. 

Pater  de  coelis,  Deus,  miserere  nobis. 

Fili    Redemptor    mundi    Deus,    miserere 

Spiritus  Sancte,  Deus,  miserere  nobis. 
Sancta    Trinitas,     unus    Deus,     miserere 



Sancta  Maria, 
Sancta  Dei  genitrix, 
Sancta  virgo  virginuin, 
Ora  pro  nobis 

Mater  Ohristi, 
Mater  divinae  gratiae, 
Mater  purissima, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Mater  castissima, 
Mater  inviolata, 
Mater  intemerata, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Mater  amabilis, 
Mater  admirabilis, 
Mater  Creatoris, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Mater  Salvatoris, 
Virgo  prudentissima, 
Virgo  vereranda, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Virgo  praedicanda, 
Virgo  potens, 
Virgo  clemens, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Virgo  fidelis. 
Speculum  justitiae, 
Sedes  sapientiae, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Causa  nostrae  laetitiae, 
Vas  spirituale, 
Vas  honorabile, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 


Vas  insigne  devotionis 
Rosa  mystica, 
Turns  Davidica, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Tunis  eburnea, 
Donius  aurea, 
Foederis  area, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Janua  coeli, 
Stella  matutina, 
Salus  infirmorum, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Refugium  peccatorum, 
Consolatrix  afflictorum, 
Auxilium  Christianorum, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Regina  angelorum, 
Regina  patriarcharuin, 
Regina  prophetaruin, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Regina  apostolorum, 
Regina  martyrum, 
Regina  confessorum, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 

Regina  virginum, 
Regina  sanctorum  omnium, 
Regina  sine  labe  originali  concepta, 
Ora  pro  nobis. 


Agnus  Dei,  qui  tollis  peccata  mundi, 
parce  nobis,  Domine. 

Agnus  Dei,  qui  tollis  peccata  inundi, 
exaudi  nos,  Domine. 

Agnus  Dei,  qui  tollis  peccata  mundi, 
miserere  nobis. 

Christe,  audi  nos.    Christe,  exaudi  nos. 

V.  Ora  pro  nobis,  sancta  Dei  genetrix. 

R.  Ut  digni  efficiamur  promissionibus 

Gratiam  tuam  quaesumus,  Domine, 
mentibus  nostris  infunde;  ut  qui,  angelo 
nuntiante,  Christi  Filii  tui  incarnationem 
cognoyimus,  per  passionem  ejus  et  crucein 
ad  resurrectionis  gloriam  perducamur. 
Per  eundem  Christum,  Dominum  nostrum. 


Laudate  Dominum,  omnes  gentes,  laudate 

eum,  omnes  populi. 
Quoniam  confirmata  est  super  nos  miseri- 

cordia  ejus,  et  viritas  Domini  manet 

in  aeternum. 
Gloria  Patri  et  Filio  et  Spiritui  Sancto. 
Sicut  erat  in  principio,  et  nunc,  et  semper 

et  in  saecula  saeculorum.    Amen. 


Leaning  upon  that  noble  breast, 
See,  Jesus  sinks  His  head  to  rest; 
While  myriad  spirits  soft  descend, 
And  lo!  in  awe  they  meekly  bend. 
O  man!  how  cold  must  be  thy  heart 
If  in  this  scene  thou  tak'st  no  part. 
When  'tis  for  thee  and  thee  alone 
A  heart  becomes  Jehovah's  throne. 


Ye  loving  spirits,   whilst   ye  Ihrong, 
Let  me  join.  too.  your  seraph  song; 
Strike  but  for  ine  one  chord  of  love, 
That  may  resound  in  th'  halls  above. 
And  thou,  spouse  of  Mary,  dear, 
Whose  joy  it  was  His  voice  to  hear. 
Caress  Him  fondly,  do  for  me, 
And  1  thv  faithful"  child  wiii  be. 

HOLY    NAME    OF    MARY. 

Let  ev'ry  voice 

Swell  seraph  choirs  in  Mary's  praise, 
And  at  her  name 

Let  all  her  children's  hearts  rejoice. 
Let  time  entone 
Her  deathless  lays 
And  bear  them  on, 

And  hear  them  on  to  endless  days. 
Let  ev'ry  voice 
Sing  Mary's  praise, 

Let  ev'ry  name  sing  Mary's  praise. 

That  sweetest  name 
First  uttered  by  angelic  tongue. 

Not  born  of  earth, 
From  Heaven  itself  its  music  came 

By  circling  sphere 

-It  first  was  sung; 

And  o'er  the  world, 
And  o'er  the  world,  the  echoes  rung. 

Then  let  us  praise 

That  name  most  sweet 
Till  we  shall  dwell  at  Mary's  feet. 


Her  gracious  name 
Distills  the  healing  balm  of  peace. 

Her  gracious  deeds 
The  blessed  with  grateful  love  proclaim, 

To  suffring  souls 

She  brings  release, 

And  even  here, 
And  even  here,  bids  sorrow  cease, 

O  wondrous  name, 

With  charms  replete, 
Our  hearts  and  voices  its  praise  repeat. 


Let  the  deep  organ  swell  the  lay 
In  honor  of  this  festive  day; 
Let  the  harmonious  choirs  proclaim" 
Cecilia's  ever  blessed  name. 
Let  the  harmonious  choirs,  etc. 

Cecilia,  with  a  twofold  crown 
Adorned  in  Heaven,  we  pray  look  down 
Upon  thy  fervent  votaries  here, 
And  hearken  to  their  humble  prayer. 
Let  the  harmonious  choirs,  etc. 

Rome  gave  the  virgin  martyr  birth. 
Whose  holy  name  has  filled  the  earth; 
And  from  the  early  dawn  of  youth 
She  fixed  her  heart  on  God  and  truth. 
Let  the  harmonious  choirs,  etc. 

Then  from  the  world's  bewildering  strife 
In  peace  she  spent  her  holy  life- 
Teaching  the  organ  to  combine 
With  voice  to  praise  the  Lamb  divine. 
Let  the  harmonious  choirs,  etc. 

Most  firmly  did  her  heart  withstand; 
She  smiled  upon  the  dread  command 
To  plunge  her  in  a  bath  of  fire. 
There  to  be  tortured  and  expire. 
Let  the  harmonious  choirs,  etc. 


Let  us  mingle  together 

Voices  joyful  and  gay, 
Singing  hymns  to  our  Mother— 

'Tis  her  own  month  of  May. 
Bring  the  choicest  of  flowers, 

Search  the  woodlands  and  grove, 
Wreathe  a  crown  for  our  Lady 

As  a  pledge  of  our  love. 


Let  *us  join,  then,  our  voices 

With  the  chorus  above, 
Angels  singing  thy  glory— 

We  thy  mercy  and  love. 

What  are  the  fast-fading  roses, 
All  the  lilies  that  grow? 

Nothing  worthy  of  Mary 
Has  the  world  to  bestow. 

Mary  asks  for  a  treasure- 
One  that  each  can  impart; 

Hear  and  grant  her  petition— 
"Sinner,  give  me  thy  heart."— Cho. 

Fairest  Star  of  the  Morning! 

Cheer  our  hearts  with  thy  light; 
Pierce  the  clouds  that  hang  o'er  us 

In  the  region  of  night. 
Light  our  path  o'er  life's  ocean, 

Guide  us  safe  on  our  way; 
Hear  the  prayer  of  thy  client 

In  thy  own  month  of  May.— Cho. 



Like  a  strong  and  raging  fire 

In  a  narrow  furnace  pent 
Glows  the  Sacred  Heart's  desire 

In  the  Holy  Sacrament. 
Round  that  sacred  furnace  thronging, 

Shall  these  hearts  refuse  to  burn? 
Heart  of  love  and  tender  longing, 

Shall  we  make  Thee  no  return? 


Bending  low  in  adoration, 

While  our  souls  are  borne  above, 
Hear  our  hymn  of  reparation, 

Heart  of  Jesus!  be  our  love! 

'Twas  to  cast  abroad  Love's  fire 

That  our  God  from  Heaven  came; 
May  those  sparks  our  love  inspire, 

May  we  burn  with  that  blest  flame! 
All  our  sins,  our  slights,  our  coldness, 

All  our  insults  we  deplore, 
Pardon,  Lord!  our  daring  boldness, 

We  will  never  wound  Thee  more!— Cho. 

Blessed  Lord!  Thy  heart  is  cloven 

With  the  cross  of  bitter  woe, 
There  are  thorns  around  It  woven, 

And  the  blood-drops  from  It  flow; 
Let  us  take  Thy  cross,  and  bear  it, 

Let  Thy  thorny  crown  be  ours, 
'Twill  be  sweeter  far  to  wear  it 

Than  a  crown  of  fairest  flow'rs.— Cho. 


Like  the  dawning  of  the  morning 

On  the  mountain's  golden  heights, 
Like  the  breaking  of  the  moonbeams 

On  the  gloom  of  cloudy  nights, 
Like  the  secret  told  by  angels 

Getting  known  upon  the  earth, 
Is  the  mother's  expectation 

Of  Messiah's  speedy  birth. 

You  were  happy,  blessed  Mother, 

With  the  very  bliss  of  Heaven, 
Since  the  angel's  salutation 

In  thy  raptured  ear  was  given. 
Since  the  Ave  of  that  midnight 

When  thou  wast  anointed  Queen. 
Like  a  river  overflowing 

Hath  the  grace  within  thee  been. 

And  what  wonders  have  been  in  thee, 

All  the  day  and  all  the  night! 
While  the  angels  fell  before  thee 

To  adore  the  Light  of  Light. 
Every  moment  did  that  burden 

Press  upon  thee  with  new  grace; 
Happy  Mother!  thou  art  longing 

To  behold  the  Saviour's  face. 

Thou  hast  waited,  child  of  David, 

And  thy  waiting  now  is  o'er; 
Thou  hast  seen  Him,  Blessed  Mother, 

And  will  see  Him  evermore. 
Oh!  His  human  face  and  features! 

They  were  passing  sweet  to  see; 
Thou  beholdest  them  this  moment: 

Mother,  show  them  now  to  me. 



List!  sweet  Mother,  soft  notes  breaking 

Gently  on  the  evening  air, 
Holy  thoughts,  the  mind  awaking, 

Lead  the  soul  to  thee  in  prayer. 


Ave  Maria!  Beam  of  Heaven! 

Guide  us  o'er  this  life's  dark  sea, 
When  our  soul's  frail  bark  is  riven, 

In  distress  we  call  on  thee. 

Ave  Maria!  Gently  stealing! 

On  the  ear  those  accents  come; 
While  within,  the  heart's  deep  feeling 

Echoes  back  each  angel  tone.— Oho. 

Ave  Maria!  God  has  given 
Thee  the  power  to  aid  us  here, 

Shield  us,  guide  us  home  to  Heaven, 
Virgin  Mother,  lend  thine  ear.— Cho. 


Listen,  Mother,  to  our  sighing: 
Shades  of  earth  have  gathered  round, 

And  we  gaze  on  thy  sweet  picture, 
Seeking  grace,  which  thou  hast  found. 

Thou  hast  trod  the  path  of  sorrow, 
All  its  pangs  are  known  to  thee; 

Let  us  follow  in  thy  footsteps 
To  the  cross  of  Calvary. 


Thy  loved  title  of  "Good  Counsel" 
Ever  lights  the  narrow  way, 

Leading  on  to  rest  supernal 
In  the  everlasting  day. 

Good,  indeed,  thy  counsel  leading 
O'er  the  path  our  Jesus  trod. 

Mother!  may  it  daily  light  us 
To  the  Taradise  of  God. 

Angel  choirs  are  circling  round  thee, 
Golden  harps  resound  with  praise; 

And  thy  exiled  children's  voices 
Softly  mingle  humbler  lays. 

We  are  gazing  on  thy  picture, 
With  its  face  so  sweet  and  mild, 

And,  with  arms  around  thee  twining, 
Clings  thy  God,  the  Saviour  Child. 


Lonely  in  the  Tabernacle 

Dwells  thy  Jesus  uear,  to-night, 
Bound  by  chains  of  love  immortal, 

Here  He  finds  His  sweet  delight. 
He  has  left  His  happy  Heaven, 

Left  His  own  dear  Mother's  side- 
Love  and  mercy  brought  Him  thither, 

With  His  creatures  to  abide. 

But  His  Heart  to-night  is  weary, 

Tears  are  glistening  in  His  eyes— 
O  thou  cold  ungrateful  mortal! 

Canst  thou  hear  untouched  His  sighs? 
Many  long  and  dreary  hours 

He  has  waited  patiently; 
But  the  busy  world,  and  selfish, 

Passes  by  unheedingly. 


Not  a  soul  has  come  to  cheer  Him 

In  His  lonely  solitude; 
Or  to  thank  with  love  seraphic 

Him  who  is  their  daily  Food. 
None  has  come  with  longing  spirit 

For  the  Treasure  of  the  Dove,* 
None  to  mingle  tears  of  sorrow 

O'er  our  Saviour's  slighted  love. 

Still,  yes,  still  with  love  consuming, 

Burns  His  Sacred  Heart  to-night, 
Yearning  pardon  sweet  to  utter 

To  the  victims  of  sin's  blight. 
"0.  Thou  Beauty  ever  ancient! 

O  Thou  Beauty  ever  new!' 
Too  late  have  we  known  and  loved  Thee, 

To  whose  love  our  ransom's  due. 

See,  at  last,  dear  lonely  Jesus, 

Thy  poor  creatures  at  Thy  Feet; 
Deign  to  take  our  icy  cold  hearts, 

Melt  them  into  penance  sweet; 
And,  dear  lowly  Heart  of  Jesus, 

Ere  we  leave  Thine  Altar  blest, 
Give  us  Thy  sweet  Benediction, 

Soon  with  Thee  in  Heaven  to  rest. 

*  In  early  times  the  Blessed  Sacrament  was  nol 
kept  upon  the  Altar;  it  was  kept  in  a  silver  vessel. 
generally  in  the  form  of  a  dove,  suspended  fron 

Look  down,  O  Mother  Mary, 

From  thy  bright  throne  above, 
Cast  down  upon  thy  children 

One  only  glance  of  love. 
And  if  a  heart  so  tender 

With  pity  flows  not  o'er 
Then  turn  away,  our  Mother, 

And  look  on  us  no  more. 


See  how  ingrate  and  guilty 

We  stand  before  thy  Son, 
His  loving  heart  reproaches 

The  evil  we  have  done. 
But  if  thou  wilt  appease  Him, 

Speak  for  us  but  one  word, 
Thou  only  canst  obtain  us 

The  pardon  of  our  Lord. 

O  Mary,  dearest  Mother, 

If  thou  wouldst  have  us  live, 
Say  that  we  are  thy  children, 

And  then  He  will  forgive. 
Our  sins  make  us  unworthy 

That  title  still  to  bear, 
But  thou  art  still  our  Mother, 

Then  show  us  a  mother's  care. 

Unfold  to  us  thy  mantle, 

There  we  are  without  fear; 
What  evil  can  befall  us 

If,  Mother,  thou  art  near? 
Dearest,  sweetest  Mother 

Thy  sinful  children  save, 
Look  down  on  us  in  pity 

Who  thy  protection  crave. 


Lord,  by  Thy  prayer  in  agony 

On  Olivet  alone, 
Teach  us  to  pray  resigned  like  Thee, 

And  say,  "Thy  will  be  done." 

Sweet  Saviour,  who  didst  bear  for  me 
The  scourge's  pains  intense, 

Help  me  to  fly  all  luxury, 
And  mortify  each  sense. 


By  the  sharp  thorns  so  meekly  borne, 
And  scoffs  and  buffets  rude, 

Teach  us  to  bear  all  pain  and  scorn 
With  holy  fortitude. 

Lord,  by  Thy  cross  Thy  people  spare, 

And  on  us  pity  take; 
Help  us  our  daily  cross  to  bear 

With  patience,  for  Thy  sake. 

O  Jesus,  Victim  for  man's  fall, 

Lamb  slain  on  Calvary, 
Accept  henceforth  our  lives,  our  all, 

In  sacrifice  to  Thee. 


Lord,    have    mercy   on    us.    Christ,    have 

mercy  on  us. 
Lord,  have  mercy  on  us. 
Christ,   hear  us.    Christ,   graciously  hear 

God,  the  Father  of  Heaven, 
God,  the  Son,  Redeemer  of  the  world, 
God  the  Holy  Ghost, 
Holy  Trinity,  one  God, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  Son  of  the  Eternal  Father, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  formed  by  the  Holy  Ghost 

in  the  womb  of  the  Virgin  Mother, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  substantially  united  to  the 

Word  of  God, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  of  Infinite  Majesty, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  Sacred  Temple  of  God, 
Heart  of  Jesus,   tabernacle  of  the  Most 

Heart  of  Jesus,  House  of  God  and  Gate 
of  Heaven, 


Heart  of  Jesus,  burning  furnace  of  charity, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  abode  of  justice  and  love, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  full  of  goodness  and  love, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  abyss  of  all  virtues, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  most  worthy  of  all  praise, 
Heart  of  Jesus,   king  and  centre  of   all 

Heart  of  Jesus,  in  Whom  are  all  the  trea- 
sures of  wisdom  and  knowledge, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  in  Whom  dwells  the  ful- 
ness of  divinity, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  in  Whom  the  Father  was 

well  pleased, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  of  whose  fulness  we  have 

all  received, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  desire  of  the  everlasting 

Heart  of  Jesus,  patient  and  most  merciful, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  enriching  all  who  invoke 

Heart  of  Jesus,  fountain  of  life  and  holi- 
Heart  of  Jesus,  propitiation  for  our  sins, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  loaded  down  with  oppro- 
Heart  of  Jesus,  bruised  for  our  offenses, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  obedient  unto  death, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  pierced  with  a  lance, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  source  of  all  consolation, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  our  life  and  resurrection, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  our  peace  and  reconcilia- 
Heart  of  Jesus,  victim  for  sin, 
Heart  of  Jesus,   salvation  of  those  who 

trust  in  Thee, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  hope  of  those  who  die  in 

Heart  of  Jesus,  delight  of  all  the  saints. 


Lamb   of   God    who   takest    away    the    sins   of   the 

world,   spare  us  O  Lord. 
Lamb    of    God    who    lakesi    away    the    sins    of    the 

world,   graciously   hear   us.    o   Lord. 
Lamb   of   God   who    takest   away    the   sius   of   the 

world,    have    mercy    on    as. 
v.   Jesus,    meek    and   humble   of   heart, 
r.  .Make   our   hearts    like   unto    Thine. 


O,  almighty  and  eternal  God,  look  upon 
the  Heart  of  Thy  dearly  beloved  Son,  and 
upon  the  praise  and  satisfaction  He  offers 
Thee  in  the  name  of  sinners  and  for  those 
who  seek  Thy  mercy;  be  Thou  appeased, 
and  grant  us  pardon  in  the  name  of  the 
same  Jesus  Christ,  Thy  Son,  who  liveth 
and  reigneth  with  Thee,  in  the  unity  of 
the  Holy  Ghost,  world  without  end.  Amen. 


Lord!  Thou  wilt  hear  the  prayer 

Of  hearts  overflowing; 
Wounded  with  grief  and  fear, 

For  Thy  love  glowing. 
Lord,  Tnou  wilt  not  despise, ' 
Thou  wilt,  with  tender  eyes, 
View  from  the  Heavenly  skies 

Thy  children  mourning. 

Far  from  Thy  holy  path, 
Far  from  Thee  wandering; 

Spare  from  Thy  dreaded  wrath 
The  sinner  returning. 

Spare,  Lord!  the  sinner  hear! 

Give  us  Thy  holy  fear, 

Grant  us  the  contrite  tear; 
Hearts  with  love  burning. 



Loved  Heart,  all  mild,  all  meek,  all  tender, 

The  centre  of  our  soul's  repose; 
Blest  he  who  basks  within  Thy  splendor, 

Whence  rest  with  light  unceasing  flows. 
Blest  he  who,  in  Thy  heart  confiding, 

Brings  Thee  the  homage  of  his  lays, 
Who,  wealth  and  fame  and  pomp  deriding, 

Deems  serving  Thee  his  highest  praise. 

The  skies,  with  dazzling  glory  beaming, 

Before  Thy  Heart's  bright  lustre  pale. 
The  sun,  with  peerless  splendor  gleaming, 

By  Thee  seems  covered  with  a  veil. 
Haste  on,  O  Virgin,  never  falter! 

Bring  thou  thy  off'rings  to  His  shrine. 
More  grateful  gift  ne'er  graced  God's  altar 

Than  that  unsullied  Heart  of  thine. 

O  Heart  of  Mary,  all  so  tender, 

Heart  full  of  bounty  and  of  grace, 
Illume  us  with  thy  Heart's  bright  splen- 

Have  pity  on  our  blended  race. 
Be  thou  our  hope,  our  strength  forever, 

And  screen  us  with  thy  grace  for  aye; 
And,   oh,    when   death   life's   thread   will 

Assist  us,  Mother,  on  that  day. 



Magnificat!  Inspired  word, 

From  Mary's  raptured  bosom  poured, 

My  soul,  with  Mary  bless  the  Lord, 

Magnificat!  Oh!  whence  is  this, 
That  God  should  heed  my  littleness? 
Henceforward  all  my  name  shall  bless. 


Magnificat!  Praise  God  alone! 
The  mercy  of  my  Saviour  own; 
For  He  hath  mighty  wonders  done. 

Magnificat!  His  wondrous  grace 
Is  manifest  from  race  to  race 
To  them  that  fear  before  His  face. 


Magnificat!  He  hath  brought  down 
The  proud  man  from  his  lofty  throne, 
And  lifted  up  the  humble  one. 

Magnificat!  Grace  for  the  poor! 
The  poor  who  plead  at  Mercy's  door; 
The  scornful  rich  shall  have  no  more. 


Magnificat!  In  me  behold 
Fulfilled  the  promises  of  old 
To  Abr'am  and  the  fathers  told. 

Magnificat!  The  song  of  praise 
To  Father,  Son,  and  Spirit  raise! 
One  God  throughout  eternal  days. 




Maiden  Mother,  meek  and  mild, 
Take,  oh,  take  me  for  thy  child! 
All  my  life,  oh!  let  it  be 
My  best  joy  to  think  of  thee. 


Thus,  sweet  Mother,  day  and  night, 
Thou  shalt  guide  my  steps  aright; 
And  my  dying  words  shall  be, 
"Virgin  Mother,  pray  for  me!" 
Oh,  pray  for  me!  Oh,  pray  for  me! 

When  my  eyes  are  closed  in  sleep, 
Through  the  night  my  slumbers  keep; 
Make  my  latest  thought  to  be 
How  to  love  thy  Son  and  thee.— Cho. 

Teach  me,  when  the  sunbeam  bright 
Calls  me  with  its  golden  light, 
How  my  waking  thoughts  may  be 
Turned  to  Jesus  and  to  thee.— Cho. 

And,  oh,  teach  me,  thro'  the  day, 
Oft  to  raise  my  heart  and  say, 
"Maiden  Mother,  meek  and  mild, 
Guard,  oh!  guard  thy  faithful  child!" 



Maiden,  of  thee  we  sing, 
Mother  of  th'  angels'  King, 

Beautiful,  radiant,  Heavenly  Queen; 
Maiden  most  meek  and  mild, 
God's  Mother  undefiled, 

Joy  of  the  heavens,  earth's  Mistress  su- 



Sing,  then,  ye  cherubim, 
Sing,  all  ye  seraphim, 
Join,  earth,  thy  voices  the  chorus  com- 
Sing,    Mary,    Maiden   and   Mother  most 

Thou  art  the  Lily  white, 
That  to  eternal  Light 

Thy  purest  blossom  dost  grandly  unfold; 
Thou,  too,  the  thornless  Kose 
On  which  the  flower  blows 

Whose  fragrance  Heaven  and  earth  can- 
not hold.— Cho. 

Stars,  with  their  golden  sheen, 
Grown  thee,  celestial  Queen, 
And  the   resplendent   sun   clothes   thee 
with  light; 
Low,  as  in  homage  meet, 
Bowed  down  beneath  thy  feet, 
Beameth  the  silvery  crescent  of  night. 



Mary,  dearest  Mother, 
From  thy  Heav'nly  height 

Look  on  us,  thy  children, 
Lost  in  earth's  dark  night. 


Oh,  we  pray  thee,  loved  Mary,  fondly  we 

Guide  us  to  our  sweet  Saviour; 
We  entreat  thee,  leave  us  at  His  feet, 

Mary,  shield  us  from  danger, 
Keep  our  souls  from  sin; 

Help  thy  exiled  children 
Heav'n  at  last  to  win. 

Mary,  purest  creature, 

Keep  us  all  from  sin; 
Help  us  erring  mortals 

Peace  in  Heav'n  to  win.— Cho. 

Daughter  of  the  Father, 
Lady,  kind  and  sweet, 

Lead  us  to  our  Father, 
Leave  us  at  His  feet.— Cho. 

Oh,  we  love  thee,  Mary, 
Trusting  all  to  thee; 

What  is  past  or  present, 
What  is  yet  to  be.— Cho. 

Mother  of  our  Saviour, 
Hear  our  pleading  pray'r; 

Take  us  'neath  thy  mantle, 
Hide,  oh,  hide  us  there!— Cho. 

Oh,  not  yet,  sweet  Mother, 
Is  our  love  of  thee 

What  it  will  be  one  day 
In  eternity.— Cho. 


Mary,  hear  my  fervent  prayer, 
Take  me  'neath  Thy  care; 
O  Mother  loved,  be  my  life,  my  stay, 
Guide  and  love  me,  save  and  protect  me 

Till  the  dawn  of  eternal  day. 
Mary,  hear  my  fervent  prayer, 
Take  me  'neath  thy  care; 

O  Mother  loved,  be  my  life,  my  stay. 

O  Mother  loved,  watch  over  me, 
So  helpless,  tossed  on  life's  rough  sea; 
Kindly  shed  from  Heaven  above 
A  Mother's  sweet,  fond  smile  of  love, 

O  Mother,  loved,  watch  over  me, 
From  sin  and  danger  keep  me  free; 
When  temptation's  waves  angry  flow, 
Thyself  to  me  a  mother  show. 

O  Mother  loved,  watch  over  me 
When  life  is  bright  and  fair  to  see; 
Who  so  need  Thy  clear  guiding  ray 
As  those  that  walk  the  flow'ry  way? 



Mary!  how  sweetly  falls  that  name 

On  my  enraptured  ear! 
Oft  do  I  breathe  in  accents  low 

That  sound  when  none  are  near. 



Sing,  O  my  lips,  and  joyf'lly  exclaim, 
O  Mary,  how  sweet  is  thy  name. 

Thy  form  before  me  often  comes 
When  thou  wert  but  a  child— 

With  Heav'nly  beauty,  and  with  eyes 
So  serious  and  so  mild.— Cho. 

I  see  thee  gathering  fragrant  flowers 

To  deck  God's  holy  place; 
And  with  fond  rapture  I  behold 

Thy  infancy  and  grace.— Oho. 

Sweet  as  the  warbling  of  a  bird, 
Sweet  as  a  mother's  voice; 

So  sweet  to  me  is  thy  dear  name, 
It  makes  my  soul  rejoice.— Cho. 

Bright  as  the  glittering  stars  appear, 
Bright  as  the  moonbeams  shine, 

So  bright  in  my  mind's  eye  is  seen 
Thy  loveliness  divine.— Cho. 

Through  thee  I  offer  my  requests; 

And  when  my  prayer  is  done, 
In  ecstasy  sublime  I  see 

Thee  seated  near  thy  Son.— Cho. 



Mater  Amabilis,  Ora  pro  nobis, 

Pray  for  thy  children  who  call  upon  thee, 
Ave  Sanctissima,  Ave  Purissima! 

Sinless  and  beautiful,  Star  of  the  Sea. 

Ave  Maria!  O  maiden,  O  mother, 
Fondly  thy  children  are  calling  on  thee; 

Thine     are     the     graces     nnclaimed     by 
Sinless  and  beautiful,  Star  of  the  Sea. 

Ave  Maria!  the  night  shades  are  falling, 
Softly  our  voices  arise  unto  thee; 

Earth's  lonely  exiles  for  succor  are  calling, 
Sinless  and  beautiful  Star  of  the  Sea! 

Ave  Maria!  thy  children  are  kneeling, 
Words  of  endearment  are  murmured  to 

Softly  thy  spirit  upon  us  is  stealing, 
Sinless  and  beautiful  Star  of  the  Sea! 

Ave  Maria!  thou  portal  of  Heaven, 

Harbor  of  refuge,  to  thee  do  we  flee; 
Lost   in  the   darkness,   by  stormy   winds 
Shine  o'er  our  pathway,  fair  Star  of  the 


Merry  Christmas!  Merry  Christmas! 

For  the  Saviour  came  to-day; 
Ev'ry  care  and  grief  and  sorrow 

From  our  joyful  hearts,  away! 
See  the  tree  with  lights  all  gleaming 

'Mong  the  branches  fresh  and  green! 
Ah,  with  what  strange  fruit  'tis  laden, 

All  we  wish  can  there  be  seen. 



Merry  Christmas!  merry  Christmas, 
Merry  Christmas  to  you  all! 

Merry  Christmas!  merry  Christmas, 
Merry  Christmas  to  you  all! 

Merry  Christmas!  Jesus  brought  us 

When  He  came  from  Heaven  above. 
Tree  of  life,  forever  verdant, 

He  hath  shower'd  on  us  His  love. 
Kind  and  faithful  friends  and  teachers, 

Pastor  ever  good  and  true, 
Thanks  your  loving  children  offer, 

Merry  Christmas  now  to  you!— Cho. 



Michael,  prince  of  highest  Heaven, 

Noblest  of  celestial  ranks, 
Lowly  singing  in  thine  honor, 

Bring  me  now  our  meed  of  thanks. 


Mighty  victor,  all  resplendent, 
Next  to  Mary  thou  dost  reign; 

Come  and  bless  us  with  thy  presence, 
Bring  with  thee  thy  Heavenly  train. 


Gabriel,  silver-tongued  and  glorious; 

Raphael,  healer  of  our  woes; 
Blessed  angels,  gentle  guardians, 

Be  our  aid,  repel  our  foes. 

Breathe  into  our  hearts  your  sweetness, 
Fill  our  souls  with  love  divine; 

May  your  gracious  presence  ever 
Round  your  charge  protecting  shine. 
Repeat  Chorus.— Gabriel,  etc. 


We  will  honor,  we  will  love, 
Blessed  spirits,  more  and  more, 

Our  devotion  still  increasing, 
As  your  favors  on  us  pour: 


Till  with  you  forever  singing, 

In  a  glad,  unending  strain, 
God  the  Father,  Son,  and  Spirit, 

Where  the  blessed  ever  reign. 
Repeat  Chorus.— We  will  honor,  etc. 


Mother  dear,  O  pray  for  me, 

Whilst  far  from  Heaven  and  thee 
1  wander  in  a  fragile  bark 

O'er  life's  tempestuous  sea. 
O  Virgin  Mother,  from  thy  throne, 

So  bright  in  bliss  above, 
Protect  thy  child,  and  cheer  my  path 

With  thy  sweet  smile  of  love. 


Mother  dear,  remember  me; 

And  never  cease  thy  care 
'Till  in  Heaven  eternally 

Thy  love  and  bliss  I  share. 


Mother  dear.  O  pray  for  me, 

Should  pleasure's  syreu  lay 
E'er  tempt  thy  child  to  wander  far 

From  virtue's  path  away; 
When  thorns  beset  life's  devious  way, 

And  darkling  waters  flow, 
Then,  Mary,  aid  thy  weeping  child, 

Thyself  a  mother  show.— Cho. 

Mother  dear,  O  pray  for  me 

When  all  looks  bright  and  fair, 
That  I  may  all  my  danger  see, 

For  surely  then  'tis  near. 
A  Mother's  prayer  how  much  we  need, 

If  prosperous  be.  the  ray 
That  paints  with  gold  the  flow'ry  mead 

Which  blossoms  in  our  way.— Cho. 


Mother,  dearest  mother,  fairest, 

Help  of  all  who  call  on  thee; 
Virgin  purest,  brightest,  rarest, 

Help  us,  help,  we  cry  to  thee. 


Mary,  help  us,  help,  we  pray, 
Mary,  help  us,  help,  we  pray, 
Help  us  in  all  care  and  sorrow, 
Mary,  help  us,  help,  we  pray! 

Lady,  help  in  pain  and  sorrow. 
Soothe  those  racked  on  bed  of  pain; 

May  the  golden  light  of  morrow 
Bring  them  health  and  joy  again.— Cho. 


Mother,  help  the  absent  loyed  ones, 
Oh!  we  miss  their  presence  here, 

Help  our  father,  friend,  our  brother, 
Help  them,  guard  them,  far  and  near, 


Help  our  priests,  our  virgins  lowly, 
Help  our  Pope,  long  may  he  reign; 

Pray  that  we  who  sing  thy  praises, 
May  in  Heaven  all  meet  again.— Cho. 


Mother,  into  my  heart  to-day,  Christ  came, 

a  loving  guest, 
The  same  sweet  Lord,  a  Babe  that  lay  in 

thy  lov'd  arms  to  rest; 
And  to  thy  throne  in  Heav'n  above,  I  tarn, 

that  I  may  win 
The   faith,    the   gratitude,    the   love   tbat 

shield  the  heart  from  sin. 

Wilt  thou  vouchsafe,  from  stain  of  earth 

to  keep  me  pure  alway? 
Check  the  words   of  pride  and   scornful 

mirth,  and  govern  all  I  say? 
Oh,  may  the  lips  that  stole  apart  thy  dear 

Son  to  receive 
Ne'er  use   a  word  that  His   kind   Heart 

would  wilfully  aggrieve. 


Mother  Mary,  ah,  how  blissful 
Is  thy  sweet  and  cherished  name; 

'Tis  a  music  most  delicious 
That  our  hearts  doth  so  inflame. 

When  the  tempter  comes  to  rob  us 
Of  God's  holy  grace  divine; 

Sweetest  Mother,  we'll  invoke  thee 
By  that  potent  name  of  thine. 

And  when  Death's  stern  Angel  hovers 

Over  us  in  life's  last  hour, 
Should  onr  souls  in  anguish  shudder, 

Make  us  feel  thy  Heavenly  power. 

Soothe,  ah.  soothe  onr  dying  moments. 

Let  us  see  thy  loving  face: 
Leave  us  not,  then,  dearest  Mother, 

Let  us  die  in  Thy  embrace. 


Mother  Mary,  at  thine  altar. 

We.  thy  loving  children,  kneel 
With  a  faith  that  cannot  falter, 

To  thy  goodness  we  appeal. 
We  are  seeking  for  a  mother 

O'er  the  earth  so  waste  and  wide. 
And.  from  off  His  cross,  our  Brother 

Points  to  Mary  by  His  side. 


Mother  Mary,  to  thy  keeping 
Soul  and  body  we  confide. 

Toiling,  resting,  waking,  sleeping, 
To  be  ever  at  thy  side. 

Life  and  death  we  trust  to  thee. 


We  have  seen  thy  picture  often, 

With  thy  little  Babe  in  arms, 
And  it  ever  seemed  to  soften 

All  our  sorrows  with  its  charms; 
So  we  want  thee  for  our  Mother, 

In  thy  gentle  arms  to  rest, 
And  to  share  with  Him,  our  Brother, 

That  sweet  pillow  on  thy  breast.— Clio. 


Mother   of   God!   my  hope,   my   life,   my 
Look  on  thy  child  and  hear  me  from 
Mother  of  God!   what  joy,   what  untold 
Thrills  through  the  soul  that  thinks  only 
of  thy  love. 


Mother  of  Jesus,  mother  most  fair, 
Show  to  thy  children  a  mother's  love  and 

Mother  of  God!  my  childhood  days  caress- 
Fondly  thy  hands  my  steps  have  home- 
ward led; 
Mother  of  God!   each   moment  counts   a 
Which  o'er  my  soul  thy  watchful  love 
has  shed.— Cho. 


Mother  of  God!  if  e'er  iny  heart,  forget- 
Thy   love   unceasing   that   has   guarded 
Mother  of  God!  oh,  then  may  regretting 
Recall  my  soul  to  love  of  God  and  thee. 


Mother  of  God,  unto  the  temple  bring 
The   Holy   One,   the   Saviour,   Christ  the 

Lord  and  King. 
Blest  Simeon  sees  the  face  desired  so  long, 
And  lo!  his  transports  break  in  ecstasy  of 



Nunc  dimittis  servum  tuuin,  Domine, 

With  blessed  Simeon  let  us  sing, 
With  holy  Anna's  gaze  prophetic, 
See  in  that  Babe  the  Christ,  our  Son,  our 
God,  our  King. 
St.  Joseph  bears  the  offspring  lowly, 
While  Mary  clasps  her  son,  her  God,  the 

Holy  One, 
And  Israel's  mighty  King. 

O  Mary  blest,  Christ's  ransom  thou  wilt 

And  bear  Him  in  thine  arms  to  Nazareth 

O   Mother  loved,  then  hold  thy  treasure 

For  all  too  soon  for  thee,  His  childhood 

will  have  passed.— Cho. 



Mother  of  God,  we  hail  thy  heart, 

Throned  in  the  azure  skies, 
While  far  and  wide  within  its  charms 

The  whole  creation  lies. 


Mother  of  God,  thy  loving  heart 
Hath  Jesus  made  His  dwelling  place, 

Sinless  heart,  God's  delight,  all  hail, 
Sinless  heart,  God's  delight,  all  hail, 

Be  our  peace  and  refuge  here  on  earth, 
Our  delight  for  ever,  ever  more. 

Mother  of  God,  who  owns  thy  heart, 
Who  owns  that  love  of  thine? 

If  Jesus  take  not  back  His  gift, 
Mother,  thy  peerless  heart  is  mine. 

— Cho. 

Mother  of  God,  He  broke  thy  heart, 

That  it  might  wider  be, 
That  in  the  vastness  of  its  love 

There  might  be  ample  room  for  mo. 



Mother  of  mercy!  day  by  day 

My  love  of  thee  grows  more  and  more. 
Thy  gifts  are  strewn  upon  my  way, 

Like  sands  upon  the  great  sea-shore. 

Thy  love  for  me,  I  know  its  worth, 

Ah!  it  is  all  in  all  to  me. 
For  what  did  Jesus  love  on  earth 

One  half  so  tenderly  as  thee? 


Get  me  the  grace  to  love  thee  more, 
Jesus  will  give  if  thou  wilt  plead. 

And,  Mother,  when  life's  cares  are  o'er, 
Oh!  I  shall  love  thee  then  indeed. 

Jesus,  when  His  three  hours  were  run, 
Bequeath'd  thee  from  the  Cross  to  me. 

And  oh!  how  can  I  love  thy  Son, 
Sweet  Mother!  if  I  love  not  thee? 


Mother  of  the  infant  Jesus, 

Won't  you  take  me  for  your  child, 
Teach  me  to  be  like  dear  Jesus, 

Pure  and  humble,  meek  and  mild? 
Oh!  He  must  have  loved  you  dearly, 

When  He  was  a  Baby  here, 
He  was  God,  and  yet  He  often 

Whispered  Mother  in  your  ear. 

Won't  you  let  me  whisper  with  Him, 

Kneeling  lowly  at  your  feet? 
I  don't  dare  to  climb  with  Jesus, 

Do  you  hear,  my  Mother  sweet? 
And  when  in  your  arms  He  nestles, 

Won't  you  tell  Him  I  will  try 
To  be  good,  so  He  will  take  me 

Up  to  Heaven  when  I  die? 


My  God,  accept  my  heart  this  day, 
And  make  it  always  Thine,— 

That  I  from  Thee  no  more  may  stray, 
No  more  from  Thee  decline. 


Before  the  cross  of  Him  who  died, 

Behold,  I  prostrate  fall; 
Let  every  sin  be  crucified,— 

Let  Christ  be  all  in  all! 

Anoint  me  with  Thy  Heavenly  grace, 

Adopt  me  for  Thine  own- 
That  I  may  see  Thy  glorious  face, 

And  worship  at  Thy  throne! 

May  the  dear  blood,  once  shed  for  me, 
My  blest  atonement  prove,— 

That  I  from  first  to  last  may  be 
The  purchase  of  Thy  love. 

Let  every  thought,  and  work,  and  word 
To  Thee  be  ever  given- 
Then  life  shall  be  Thy  service,  Lord, 
And  death  the  gate  of  Heaven. 


My  God,  I  love  Thee,  not  because 
I  hope  for  Heaven  thereby, 

Nor  because  they  who  love  Thee  not 
Must  burn  eternally. 

E'en  so  I  love  Thee  and  will  love, 
And  in  Thy  praise  will  sing, 

Solely  because  Thou  art  my  God 
And  my  Eternal  King. 

Thou,  my  Jesus,  Thou  didst  me 

Upon  the  Cross  embrace; 
For  me  didst  bear  the  nails  and  spear, 

And  manifold  disgrace. 


Then  why,  O  blessed  Jesus  Christ, 
Should  I  not  love  Thee  well? 

Not  for  the  sake  of  winning  Heaven 
Or  of  escaping  Hell. 

Not  with  the  hope  of  gaining  aught, 

Not  seeking  a  reward; 
But,  as  Thyself  hast  loved  me, 

O,  ever  loving  Lord. 

MY   GOD,   MY   LIFE,   MY  ALL. 

My  God,  my  life,  my  all, 

Thou'rt  come  to  me  to-day; 
What  more  can  I  desire, 

If  Thou  wilt  with  me  stay? 


O  Banquet  of  love,  O  Banquet  divine, 
Thou  source  of  all  grace,  glory  and  praise 
be  Thine. 

Now  hast  Thou  fixed  Thy  throne 

Within  my  very  heart; 
It  lives  for  Thee  alone, 

For  Thou  its  master  art— Cho. 


My  Jesus,  from  His  throne  above, 

A  radiant  look  casts  down  on  me; 
And  seems  to  say,  with  fondest  love, 

"My  child,  prepare,  I  go  to  thee." 
Then,  Saviour,  come,  do  not  delay, 

Descend  with  speed  from  Heaven  above, 
And  on  this  great  and  glorious  day 

Consume  my  heart  with  Thy  pure  love. 



My  dearest  Lord,  my  love,  I'm  thine, 
And  thou,  my  Jesus,  art  all  mine, 
My  heart  forever  thine  shall  be, 
Oh,  keep  it,  Jesus,  all  for  Thee. 

Thy  words,  sweet  Lord,  ring  in  my  ear 

As  strains  of  softest  melody; 
They  raise  my  hope,  they  calm  my  fear, 

And  make  me  long  to  approach  to  Thee. 
Behold  me,  Lord,  beneath  this  dome, 

And  at  this  great  and  solemn  hour, 
Imploring  Thee  to  make  Thy  home 

Within  my  young  heart's  nuptial  bower. 

— Cho. 

As  for  the  cool  and  limpid  stream 

The  hart  doth  pant  incessantly, 
So,  dearest  Lord,  with  love  supreme 

My  soul  breathes  forth  her  sighs  to  Thee, 
Oh,  deign  to  hear  my  suppliant  prayer, 

Oh,  come,  allay  my  parching  thirst; 
No  worldly  love,  no  earthly  care 

Within  my  youthful  heart  is  nursed. 


My  voice  I'll  blend  with  Heav'n's  sweet 

In  hymns  of  mellow  symphony, 
To  fitly  praise  my  Heav'nly  Sire, 

Who  deigns  to  come  and  dwell  with  me. 
From  this  day  hence,  my  Lord  divine, 

I  consecrate  myself  to  Thee; 
Oh,  may  I  be  forever  Thine, 

In  time  and  in  eternity.— Cho. 



My  mother  dear,  my  queen  divine, 

My  heart,  my  soul,  my  life  are  thine. 

All  that  I  am,  or  e'er  will  be, 

For  once,  for  all,  I  give  to  thee, 

And  through  thy  sinless  hands  to  Him 

Thy  Son,  whose  Heart  for  us  was  riv'n. 


O  sweet  Madonna,  hear  me, 
From  this  dark  world  of  woes 

Thy  feeble  child  implores  thee, 
Thy  loving  heart,  thy  heart,  thy  heart 

By  all  the  love  that  made  Him  thine, 
To  every  suppliant  at  thy  shrine, 
Queen  Mother  of  our  fallen  race, 
In  life,  in  death,  impart  this  grace, 
From  hour  to  hour  to  love  thee  more, 
Till  Heaven  is  won  and  exile  o'er.— Cho. 


My  own  dear  Mother  Mary, 
Ah,  list,  while  I  repeat, 
Thy  name,  O  Mary  sweet. 

In  childlike  loving  accents, 

Within  my  heart  it  wakens 
Such  tender  thoughts  and  blest, 

My  soul,  this  world  forsaking, 
Before  thy  throne  would  rest. 

Thy  name,  O  Mother  Mary, 
Is  music  to  my  soul. 


The  cherubim  are  praising 
Thy  beauty  and  thy  grace, 

And  Heaven  is  all  illumined 
And  ravished  with  thy  face. 

Thy  name,  0  Mother  Mary, 
Is  music  to  my  soul. 


My  soul,  thy  great  Creator  praise, 
When,  clothed  in  His  celestial  rays, 
He  in  full  majesty  appears, 
And,  like  a  robe,  His  glory  wears. 


Great  is  the  Lord,  what  tongue  can  frame 
An  honor  equal  to  His  name? 

The  Heavens  are  for  His  curtain  spread, 
Th'  unfathomed  deep  He  makes  His  bed; 
Clouds  are  His  chariot  when  He  flies 
On  winged  storms  across  the  skies.— Cho. 


My  God,  accept  my  heart  this  day, 
And  make  it  always  Thine— 

That  I  from  Thee  no  more  may  stray, 
No  more  from  Thee  decline. 

Before  the  cross  of  Him  who  died, 

Behold,  I  prostrate  fall; 
Let  every  sin  be  crucified,— 

Let  Christ  be  all  in  all! 

Anoint  me  with  Thy  Heavenly  grace, 

Adopt  me  for  Thine  own, — 
That  I  may  see  Thy  glorious  face 

And  worship  at  Thy  throne! 

May  the  dear  blood,  once  shed  for  me, 
My  blest  atonement  prove, — 

That  I  from  first  to  last  may  be 
The  purchase  of  Thy  love. 

Let  every  thought,  and  work,  and  word, 

To  Thee  be  ever  given- 
Then  life  shall  be  Thy  service,  Lord, 

And  death  the  gate  of  Heaven. 

MY    GOD,    MY    LIFE. 

My  God,  my  life,  my  love, 

To  Thee,  to  Thee  I  call: 
Oh!  come  to  me  from  Heaven  above 

And  be  my  God,  my  all. 

My  faith  beholds  Thee,  Lord, 
Concealed  in  human  food; 

My  senses  fail;  but  in  Thy  word 
I  trust  and  find  my  God. 

Oh!  when  wilt  Thou  be  mine, 

Sweet  Lover  of  my  soul! 
My  Jesus  dear,  my  King  divine; 

Come,  o'er  my  heart  to  rule. 

Oh!  come  and  fix  Thy  throne 
In  the  midst  of  my  heart; 

Oh!  make  it  burn  for  Thee  alone, 
And  from  thence  ne'er  depart. 


Begone  ye  from  my  mind, 
Vain,  childish,  earthly  toys; 

In  my  Jesus  alone  I  find 
True  pleasures,  solid  joys. 


My  way  to  Heaven  is  on  the  deep, 

Where  billows  fret  and  foam; 
And  o'er  my  soul  the  surges  sweep, 

To  drown  my  hopes  of  home. 
But  tho'  the  waves  and  tempests  war, 

My  hope  shall  be  in  thee, 
Mother  dear!  bright  Ocean  Star, 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sea! 

The  gale  blows  hard,  the  sky  is  dark, 

And  mists  obscure  the  shore, 
And  many  a  strong  and  stately  bark 

Has  sunk  to  rise  no  more. 
O  Star  of  Heaven!  shine  in  the  gloom, 

And  guide  my  soul  to  thee, 
And  save  me  from  a  sinner's  doom, 

O  Lady  of  the  Sea! 

When  wild  temptations  round  me  storm, 

Their  fury  thou  shalt  tame; 
The  tempter  flies  before  thy  form, 

He  trembles  at  thy  name. 
Thy  form  I'll  grave  upon  my  breast, 

Thy  name  my  strength  shall  be, 
And  in  thy  care  I'll  sweetly  rest, 

O  Lady  of  the  Sea! 


0  Mother!  why  should  I  despair 
Though  death  rides  ou  the  waves? 

1  kuow  thy  love,  I  kuow  thy  prayer 
The  trembling  vessel  saves. 

Oh!  let  thy  loving  prayer  arise 

To  Jesus'  throne  for  me; 
Thy  Son  is  Lord  of  earth  and  skies, 

O  Lady  of  the  Sea! 


Mystery  of  love,  whose  depths  divine 

The  burning  Seraphim  adore. 
With  Heaven  and  earth  let  us  combine 

To  love  and  praise  Thee  evermore. 
O  Sacred  Bread,  O  Banquet  blest, 
Where  God's  the  food  and  man's  the  guest. 
Sweet  Sacrament,  boon  from  above, 
Inflame  our  hearts  with  Thy  sweet  love. 

Beneath  yon  veil  Thy  splendors  lie, 
All  hidden  from  our  mortal  sight, 

But,  dearest  Lord,  we  feel  Thee  nigh, 
Who  art  our  food,  our  strength,  our  light. 

Our  solace  in  the  hour  of  grief, 

In  labor  rest,  in  pain  relief. 

Sweet  Sacrament,  etc. 

O  Bread  of  angels,  Food  divine 
That  fill'st  the  heart  with  sweetest  bliss, 

Thy  richest  graces  now  are  mine, 
And  what  has  earth  compared  to  this? 

Oh!  without  Thee  the  soul  is  dead, 

Thou  art  its  life,  celestial  Bread. 

Sweet  Sacrament,  etc. 



Mystery  of  love,  to  thee  we  turn, 
As  ocean  waves  unto  the  moon, 

And  drink  from  flowing  streams  that  burn 
Within  thyself,  O  Heaven's  boon. 

Magnet  of  hearts,  our  souls  are  thine, 

O'erflow  them  with  thy  love  divine. 


Sweet  Sacrament,  boon  from  above, 
Inflame  our  hearts  with  darts  of  love. 

Food  of  our  souls,  without  thine  aid, 
With  toil  o'erladen  we  must  die, 

E'en  as  the  summer  flowers  fade 
When  wintry  blasts  are  sweeping  by, 

Thou  giv'st  unto  the  weary  rest, 

And  still'st  the  aching  of  each  breast. 


Upon  our  hearts,  oh!  lay  Thy  hand, 
Its  saving  touch  will  cure  each  ill, 

Dread   storms   are   quelled   at  Thy   com- 
Then  bid  our  passions:  Peace,  be  still. 

O  Cure  of  souls,  we  turn  to  Thee, 

Say  but  one  word,  our  ills  shall  flee.— Cho. 

Pastor  of  souls,  who  lead'st  Thy  flock 
In  fields  of  flowers  with  perfume  sweet, 

And  mov'st  aside  the  thorn  and  rock 
That  might  retard  the  stumbling  feet; 

To  bring  them  where  the  streamlets  flow, 

To  bask  secure  in  love's  bright  glow.— Cho. 


Lover  of  souls!  that  fondly  guardest 
The  heart  from  earth's  affection  free, 

And  with  the  bliss  of  Heaven  rewardest 
The  heart  that  beats  alone  for  Thee. 

Oh!  never  let  another  dwell 

Within  this  breast  Thou  lov'st  so  well. 

— Cho. 

O  Bread  of  angels!  Food  of  love! 

That  fill'st  the  heart  with  sweetest  bliss, 
Thou  art  tka  rarest  boon  above, 

And  what  has  earth  compared  to  this? 
Oh!  without  Thee  the  soul  is  dead, 
Thou  art  its  life,  Celestial  Bread.— Cho. 


Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, 

Nearer  to  Thee! 
E'en  though  it  be  a  cross 

That  raiseth  me; 
Still  all  my  song  shall  be, 
Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, 
Nearer,  my  God  to  Thee, 

Nearer  to  Thee. 

Deep  in  Thy  Sacred  Heart 

Let  me  abide, 
Thou  hast  bled  for  me, 

Sorrowed  and  died; 
Sweet  shall  my  weeping  be, 
Grief  surely  leading  me, 
Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, 

Nearer  to  Thee. 


Friends  may  depart  from  me, 

Night  may  come  down; 
Clouds  of  adversity 

Darken  and  frown; 
Still  through  my  tears  I'll  see 
Hope  gently  leading  me, 
Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, 
Nearer  to  Thee. 

What  though  the  shadows  fall, 

Naught  shall  I  fear; 
When  darkest  seems  the  night, 

Morning  is  near. 
Sweet  shall  my  trusting  be, 
Sorrow  still  bringing  me 
Nearer,  my  God,  to  Thee, 

Nearer  to  Thee. 

And  when  the  goal  is  won, 

How  like  a  dream, 
In  the  dim  retrospect 

Sorrow  will  seem. 
Sweet  will  my  transports  be, 
Jesus,  Thy  face  to  see, 
When  I  have  come,  at  last, 

Nearer  to  Thee. 


Night  folds  her  starry  curtains  round, 

As  day  hath  faded  on  the  hills, 
And  through  the  silence  so  profound 

Calm  peace  a  fragrant  balm  distils, 
A  soothing  voice  like  incense  falls, 

All  cares,  all  sorrows  to  beguile: 
Our  Lord  in  love  and  pity  calls, 

"Come  to  My  heart  and  rest  awhile." 



Not  man  nor  angel  can  portray, 
O  dearest  Lord,  how  sweet  Thou  art; 

To  call  us  from  our  cares  away 
To  rest  within  Thy  Sacred  Heart. 

To  serve  Thee,  Jesus,  is  to  reign, 

Thy  blessed  bondage  makes  us  free, 
We  count  it  as  our  highest  gain, 

Forsaking  all,  to  follow  Thee; 
Thrice  happy  are  the  hours  and  bright 

We  spend  beneath  Thy  dear  control, 
Thy  yoke  is  sweet,  Thy  burden  light, 

Thy  love  the  sunshine  of  the  soul.— Clio. 

O  dearest  Lord,  our  steps  restrain, 

That  from  Thy  grace  we  ne'er  depart, 
And  closer  draw  the  triple  chain 

That  binds  us  to  Thy  Sacred  Heart; 
Then  shall  our  wond'ring  transports  know 

The  blessing  to  Thy  spouses  given— 
The  hundredfold  on  earth  below; 

Above,  the  endless  joys  of  Heaven.. 



O  blessed  feet  of  Jesus, 
Weary  with  seeking  me, 

Stand  at  God's  bar  of  judgment 
And  intercede,  intercede  for  me. 


O  loving  risen  Saviour, 
From  death  and  sorrow  free, 

Though  throned  in  endless  glory, 
Still  intercede,  intercede  for  me. 


O  hands  that  were  extended 

Upon  the  awful  tree, 
Hold  up  those  precious  nail-prints 

Which  intercede,  intercede  for  me.— Cho. 

O  Side  from  whence  the  spear-point 
Brought  blood  and  water  free, 

For  healing  and  for  cleansing, 
Still  intercede,  intercede  for  me.— Cho. 

O  head  so  deeply  pierced 
With  thorns  that  sharpest  be, 

Bend  low  before  thy  Father 
And  intercede,  intercede  for  me.— Cho. 

O  oacred  Heart,  such  sorrows 

The  world  may  never  see 
As  those  which  gave  the  warrant 

To  intercede,  intercede  for  me.— Cho. 


O  cor  amoris  victima, 
Coeli  perenne  gaudium, 
Mortalium  solatium, 
Mortalium  spes  ultima, 
O  cor  dulce.  O  cor  amabile! 
Amoris  nostri  saucium, 
Amoris  nostri  languidum, 
Fac  mihi  sit  placabile. 

Quos  abluisti  sanguine, 
Venis  apertis  omnibus, 
Nos  intimis  recessibus,    ' 
Semel  receptos  confine, 
Jesu!  Patris  cor  uniam, 
Puris  amicum  mentibus, 
Puris  amandum  cordibus, 
In  corde  regnes  omnium. 



O  dearest  Lord,  my  Life,  my  Love, 
On  Thee  in  prayer  I  humbly  call, 

Oh,  come  to  me  from  Heaven  above; 
Thou  art  my  food,  my  God,  my  all. 


Sweet  Jesus,  ah!  deign  with  me  to  stay, 
Ah!  may  my  heart  be  Thine  alway. 

Oh!  make  my  heart  to  Thee  incline, 

Submissive  to  Thy  holy  will; 
Its  every  care  to  Thee  resign, 

In  life,  in  death,  to  love  Thee  still.— Cho. 


O  dearest  Lord,  'tis  evening  now, 

And  'neath  our  glad  and  wondering  eyes 
The  vision  of  Thy  Sacred  Heart 

In  all  its  love  and  beauty  lies. 
The  day  is  past— it  had  its  cares, 

Its  sorrows  and,  perchance,  its  sin, 
And  now  each  loving  heart  repairs 

Sweet  peace  and  pardon  here  to  win. 


Let  love  and  gratitude  essay 

To  tell,  dear  Lord,  how  sweet  Thou  art, 
In  calling  us,  at  close  of  day, 

To  rest,  to  rest  within  Thy  Sacred  Heart. 

The  day  is  past,  a  soothing  calm 

Falls  dreamlike  through  the  silent  hours, 
And,  oh!  Thy  love  and  peace  are  shed 

Like  dew  upon  the  folded  flowers. 
They   feel   Thy   strength   who   most   are 

They  of  thy  peace  more  largely  share 
Who  seek  that  Heart,  benign  and  meek, 

And  cast  their  sins  and  sorrows  there. 

— Cho. 

Sweet  Jesus,  it  is  joy  to  be 

Held  captive  in  Thy  presence  here, 
When  breathing  silence  wraps  us  round, 

For  in  the  hush  we  feel  Thee  near. 
"To  serve  Thee,  Jesus,  is  to  reign," 

And  sweet  Thy  yoke  when  borne  with 
To  die  for  Thee,  oh!  it  is  gain, 

When  endless  life  awaits  above.— Cho. 


O  dearest  Lord!  we  humbly  crave 
Thy  mercy  for  the  holy  dead, 

Who  suffer  in  the  burning  wave 
The  rigors  of  Thy  justice  dread. 

O  Jesus,  unto  our  request 
In  pity  let  Thy  heart  incline, 

And  grant  them,  Lord,  eternal  rest- 
Let  light  forever  on  them  shine. 


Behold  how  patiently  they  bear 
The  flames  that  cleanse,  the  pangs  that 

And  bless  and  praise  Thee,  even  there 
Submissive  to  Thy  holy  will. 

Oh,  by  the  pains  that  rack'd  Thy  breast 
From  life's  first  dawn  to  life's  decline, 

Grant— grant  them,  Lord,  eternal  rest- 
Let  light  forever  on  them  shine. 

They've  conquered  in  the  holy  fight— 
The  shock  of  earth  and  Hell  withstood; 

They  are  the  heroes  of  Thy  might, 
They  are  purchased  of  Thy  blood. 

Then  clasp  them,  Jesus,  to  Thy  breast; 
For  though  they  suffer,  they  are  Thine. 

And  grant  them,  Lord,  eternal  rest- 
Let  light  forever  on  them  shine. 

Oh!  listen  to  those  piteous  cries 
They  waft  to  Thee  by  night,  by  day; 

The  sob  of  love  that  vainly  tries 
To  rush  unto  its  God  away! 

By  absence,  more  than  pain,  distressed, 
With   love  they   burn,    with   love   they 

Then  grant  them,  Lord,  eternal  rest- 
Let  nght  forever  on  them  shine. 


O  fairest  of  all  visions! 

With  meekly  folded  hands, 
Adoring  eyes  uplifted, 

Before  her  God  she  stands. 



Mother  pure,  Virgin  fair, 
Spotless  dove,  peerless  Maid, 

Crowned  Queen  of  God's  creation 
Our  Queen  Immaculate. 

O  fairest  of  all  visions, 
That  met  the  eager  gaze 

Of  Patriarch  and  Prophet 
In  far  primeval  days.— Cho. 

O  fairest  of  all  visions, 

Our  weary  exile  o'er, 
In  thy  unclouded  glory 

We'll  see  thee  evermore.— Cho. 

We'll  see  thee,  Queen  and  Mother, 
Enthroned  in  royal  state, 

In  all  thy  virgin  splendor, 
Our  Queen  Immaculate.— Cho. 


O  Flower  of  Grace,  divinest  Flower! 
God's  light  thy  life,  God's  love  thy  dower! 
That  all  alone,  with  virgin  ray, 
Dost  make  in  Heaven  eternal  May, 
Sweet  falls  the  peerless  dignity 
Of  God's  eternal  choice  on  thee! 

Mother  dearest!  Mother  fairest! 
Maiden  purest!  Maiden  rarest! 
Help  of  earth,  and  joy  of  Heaven! 
Love  and  praise  to  thee  be  given, 
Blissful  Mother!  blissful  maiden! 


O  Flower  of  God!  divinest  Flower! 
Elected  for  His     inmost  bower! 
Where  angels  come  not,  there  art  thou, 
A  crown  of  glory  on  thy  brow; 
While  far  below,  all  bright  and  brave, 
Their  gleamy  palms  the  ransomed  wave. 

— Cho. 
O  Mary!  when  we  think  of  thee. 
Our  hearts  grow  light  as  light  can  be; 
For-thou  hast  felt  as  we  have  felt, 
And  thou  hast  knelt  as  we  have  knelt; 
And  so  it  is— that  utterly, 
Mother  of  God!  we  trust  in  thee!— Cho. 


O  God,  how  ought  my  grateful  heart 
To  praise  Thy  bounteous  hand, 

Who  send'st  Thy  angel  from  above 
To  be  my  guide  and  friend. 

My  soul  is  surely  something  great, 

Meant  for  eternity, 
That  angels  thus  should  be  employed 

In  watching  over  me. 

When  I,  within  my  mother's  arms, 
Enjoyed  her  fond  embrace, 

He,  hovering  round,  on  airy  wings, 
Divinely  did  me  bless. 

When  first  I  from  my  mother  learned 

My  Jesus'  name  to  praise, 
He  softly  whispered  to  my  heart, 

"How  sweet  are  all  His  ways." 

Celestial  Guardian,  thus  with  thee, 
And  by  thy  constant  care, 

May  I  the  world's  corruption  flee, 
And  Heavenly  blessings  share. 



O,  Glorious  St.  Joseph, 

With  glad  hearts  we  sing 

Our  anthem  of  praise; 

Love  and  honor  in  hymn 

All  gladly  we  hail  thee 

On  this  festal  day. 

'Tis  the  month  of  our  patron 
And  bless  us,  we  pray. 

God  blessed  thee  on  earth 

With  graces  so  rare, 

We  ask  as  thy  children 

Those  graces  to  share; 

And  Mary  our  Mother 

Felt  safe  at  thy  side. 

W^e  pray  thee,  dear  saint, 
Be  our  patron  and  guide. 

Receive  us  as  votaries 

Around  thy  shrine, 

As  children  of  Mary, 

Oh!  make  us  be  thine; 

And  guard  us  with 

Heavenly  fostering  care. 

Blest  Father  St.  Joseph, 
Oh,  list  to  our  prayer. 

'Tis  thy  festal  day, 

And  we  all  rejoice 

With  grateful  hearts 

And  united  voice, 

Saint  Joseph,  our  patron, 

Saint  Joseph,  our  guide. 

We  pray  thee,  dear  saint, 
Be  our  guardian  and  guide. 



O  Great  St.  Anthony,  we  praise  thee, 
And  for  thy  kind  protection  plead, 

While  loving;  gratitude  portrays  thee, 
Our  helper  in  the  day  of  need. 

We  marvel  at  thy  hallowed  story, 
And  the  strength  of  that  love  divine, 

Which  won  for  thee  such  weight  of  glory, 
And  the  crown  of  bliss  that  now  is  thine. 

Now  art  thou  crowned  in  Heavenly  splen- 

In  the  light  of  yon  blessed  shore, 
While  we  our  grateful  homage  render, 

And  thy  aid  in  every  want  implore. 

And,  O  great  saint,  in  life's  long  trial, 
And  our  strife  with  the  world  and  sin, 

Teach  us  thy  love  and  self-denial, 
To  the  end  that  we  the  crown  may  win. 


O  Heart  of  Jesus,  pierced  for  me, 

Pierce    with    Tliy    love    this    heart    of 
Let  me,  with   humble  trust  in  Thee, 

Within  Thy   sacred  wounds  recline; 
For,  oh!  dear  Lord,   I  love  that      Heart 

That  broke  for  me  on  Calvary's  tree, 
Temptation    ne'er    again    shall    part 

My  Saviour  and  His  love  from  me. 


I  love  on  those  sweet  wounds  to   think, 

Which   Jesus   bore   for   rny  poor   sake; 
I  love  of  that  dear  Blood  to  drink 

Which  He  from  Mary's  veins  did  take. 
I   love   with   solemn  -thoughts   to   come 

To  meet  my  Monarch  on  His  throne, 
In  this   His   lowly,   earthly  home, 

To  love  and  call  Him  all  my  own. 

How   little,   oft,    am   I   inclined 

To  come  and  kneel  where  Jesus  lives. 
How  feebly  I  desire  to  find 

The  blessing  He  so  freely  gives. 
Too   easily    my   thoughts    will   stray 
From   contemplation  of   His   love, 
Too  soon  my  mind  roams  far  away 
Prom    thoughts    of    my    bright    liome 

Collect,      dear      Lord,      each      wand'ring 

Help   me  to   fix  my  soul  on   Thee; 
That  soul  which  Thy  sweet  wounds  have 

Shall   never    wander   far   from   Thee. 
Then,   oh!   my   Jesus,   Thou   shalt   be 

My  soul's  and  body's  all  in  all, 
From  this  world's  tempting  bondage  free, 

Before  Thy  presence,   Lord,   I'll  fall. 

Oh!  give  me,   Lord,  the  grace  to  feel 

Still  more  of  that  devout  intent 
Which  loves   its  happiness  to  seal 

In  Thy  most  Holy  sacrament. 
Inflame  my  heart,  by  Thy  sweet  power, 

With   ardent,   burning  love  for  Thee, 
Increasing   daily,    hour   by    hour, 

Still  on  to  all  eternity. 



O,  heart  of  Jesus,  who  hast  gently  poured 
Thy  inward    sweetness    in    this    dying 
Take    her    within    Tny    sacred    wounds, 
dear    Lord! 
And  keep  her  spirit  in  Thy  safe  cou- 

That  there,   released  from  pain  and   sad 
Thy     heart's   best     treasure     she     may 
ceaseless    share; 
And  intercede  for  all  who  tarry  yet, 
Poor  exiles  in  a  land  of  sin  and  care. 

Cleanse    her    from    every   stain,    O    Love 
Deep   in   the   furnace   of   Thy   glowing 
Those  gates  of  glory  which  eternal  shine 
Before  her  happy  vision  rend  apart! 

That   there,   etc. 


O  Heart  of  Mary,   pure  and  fair, 

There  is  no  stain  in  Thee; 
In  Adam's  fall  thou  hast  no  share. 

From   sin's   control  thou'rt  free. 


O   Heart  of   Mary,   pure   and  fair, 
No  beauty  can  with  thine  compare. 
From  every  stain  of  sin  thou  art  free, 
Oh,   make  us  pure  in  heart  like  Thee. 


As  some  fair  lily  'midst  the  thorns, 
Thou   'mongst  Eve's  daughters  art; 

Celestial    purity   adorns 
Thy  crystal  depth,  chaste  Heart.— Cho. 

As  children  to  their  mother  flee 
When   storm   clouds  darkly  lower. 

So  loving  hearts  will  haste  to  thee 
In   sad    affliction's    hour.— Cho. 

And  when  from  Thy   loved   Heart   we'll 

To  that  of  Thy  dear  Son, 
Oh!  -shall  we  leave  Thee  then?    Ah!  no, 

His  Heart  and  Thine  are  one.— Cho. 


O  Heart  of  our  Saviour!  the  joy  of  the 
The  comfort  and  hope  of  the  world, 
We  fly  to  Thy  refuge,   by   care   all   op- 
The  banner  of  Hell  is  unfurled; 
An  enemy  crafty,  and  potent,  and  vile 

Takes  aim  with  a  fiery  dart, 
Surrounded  by   dangers,    we    fly   to   Thy 
And  find  a  sweet  home  in  Thy  Heart. 


Bright  angels  are  round  Thee,  all  breath- 
less  with  awe, 
Absorbed  in  deep,   wondering  delight— 
Thou    sleepest,    sweet    Jesus,    the    altar 
But   Thy   Heart    watches    all   the   long 
While    man,    still   ungrateful,    refuses   to 
Preferring    his    own    will   to   Thine; 
Refuses  to  eat  of  the  Bread  Thou  hast 
And  feeds  upon  husks,  like  the  swine. 

Unwearied,  all   mercy,   Thou   waitest  for 
Still  patient  and  gentle  Thou  arc- 
Insensible  yet,  he  continues  to  sim 

And  adds  a  new  wound  to  Thy  Heart. 
Blest  Heart!  ever  burning  with  love  for 
our   souls, 
Overflowing  with  graces   divine, 
Ever  seeking  to  gain  the  weak  hearts  of 
our    race, 
And  offering  to  buy  them  with  Thine. 

O  Heart!  whose  delight  is  to  dwell  among 
Their  joys  and  their  sorrows  to  share: 
Refreshing    the    weary,    enlightening    the 
Repelling  all  sadness  and  care. 
Great    ocean    of    bounty !    O    furnace   of 
The  joy  of  the  Heavens  and  the  earth. 
The  terrors  of  demons,   the  hope  of  the 
The     source     where     all     virtues  have 

We  bring  Thee  young  hearts  where  Bap- 
tism's bright  dew 
Still  glistens,  untainted  by  sin; 
Pure   hearts,    ever   blooming   with   virtue 
and  love, 
Ever  striving  new  graces  to  win: 
And  hearts  that  were  tempted,  and  left 
Thee  for  sin, 
Return,  heavy  laden  and  sore: 
Pronounce    but    the    sentence,    forgiving 
and    kind, 
And    bid    them    stray    from    Thee    no 


O  Heart,   whose  prayer  all  prayers  tran- 

Thy    kingdom    come; 
To  Thee  my  morning  offering  tends, 

Thy   kingdom    come; 
Thy  spirit  guide  my  soul  to  rise 
From   things  of   earth,    which   worllings 

To  lasting  goods  beyond  the  skies; 

Thy  kingdom  come. 

O  Heart  that  rests  not  day  or  night. 

Thy   kingdom    come; 
My   work  I  to  Thy   work  unite, 

Thy   kingdom    come; 
Of  priceless  worth,  each  act  of  Thine 
Was  rich  with  merit  all  divine, 
Ennobled  thus,  I  offer  mine: 

Thy  kingdom  come. 


O  Heart  that  suffered  for  my  sake, 

Thy   kingdom    come; 
Do  Thou   my  heart  Thy  victim  make, 

Thy  kingdom  come. 
My  sufferings  in  themselves  are  naught, 
But  yet  with  precious  graces  fraught, 
Which    by   Thy      Precious      Blood    were 

Thy    kingdom    come. 


O  holy  band  of  Leaguers  of  Jesus'  Sacred 

A  high  and  holy  mission  is  given  as 
your  part, 

Each  duty  done,  each  suffering,  each  fer- 
vent prayer  you  pray 

May  bring  some  soul  to  Jesus,  who  may 
have   strayed   away. 

And  in  the  hour  of  danger,   temptation, 

trial,   loss, 
When   we  are   all   but  falling  beneath 

the   heavy    cross. 
The  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus  will  all  our 

sorrows  bear, 
And  we  will  find  our  refuge,  our  help  and 

comfort  there. 

Dear    Lord,    we    wondering   ponder   Thy 

love  so  deep  and  strong, 
Thy    sweet    and    gen'rous    patience    that 

waits  for  us  so  long, 
Take   now    our   hearts,    and   place   them 

within   Thy   wounded    side. 
Teach    us    Thyself    to    love    Thee,    Who 

for  our   sakes   hast   died. 



O   holy   martyr,   spotless   dove, 
With  joy  we  celebrate  thy  day; 

Thou   dwellest  now   in   bliss  above, 
Where  -tyrants  o'er  thee  have  no  sway. 


Sweet  Agnes,  let  thy  pleading  voice 
For  us  at  mercy's  throne  be  heard; 

Sweet  Agnes,  let  thy  pleading  voice, 
For  us  at  mercy's  throne  be  heard. 

Thy  cruel  sufferings  all  are  past, 
A  crown  of  glory  decks  thy  brow; 

Celestial   light  is  round  thee  cast, 
And  God  is  thine  forever  now.— Oho. 

Oh,  pray  that  we  may  ever  seek 
To  be  as  free  as  thou  from  stain, 

As    constant,   fervent,    pure   and   meek, 
Regardless  of  earth's   fleeting  pain. 


And,  holy  saint,  be  this  thy  prayer, 
That,   prizing  not  the  world's  renown; 

Through  trials  it  may  be  our  care 
To  strive  but  for  a  Heavenly  crown. 




O  lioly  night!  the  stars  are  brightly  shin- 
It   is   the   night   of   the   clear    Saviour's 
Long    lay   the    world    in    sin    and    error 
Till  He  appeared  and  the  soul  felt  its 
A    thrill   of   hope,    the    weary   world   re- 
For  yonder  breaks  a  new  and  glorious 
Fall  on   your  knees!  oh,  hear  the  angel 
O    night   divine!   O    night    when    Christ 
was   born! 
()  night  divine!    O  night,  O  night    divine! 


Fall  on  your  knees!  oh,   hear  the  angel 

O  night  divine!  O  night  when  Christ  was 

O  night  divine!    O  night,  O  night  divine! 

I^ed  by  the  light  of  Faith  serenely  beam- 
With  glowing  hearts  by  His  cradle  we 
So  led  by  light  of  a  star  sweetly  gleam- 
Here    came    the    wise    men    from    the 
Orient    land. 


The   King   of   Kings   lay   thus   in   lowly 
In  all  our  trials  born  to  be  our  friend; 
He  knows  our  need,  to  our  weakness  no 
Behold   your   King!   before    Him   lowly 
Behold    your    King,    your    King,    before 
Him    bend.— Cho. 

Truly  He  taught  us  to  love  one  another, 
His   law   is    Love,    and    His    gospel   is 
Chains  shall  He  break,   for  the  slave  is 
our    brother, 
And  in   His   name  all   oppression  shall 
Sweet   hymns  of  joy  in   grateful  chorus 
raise  we; 
Let   all     within     us     praise   His    holy 
Christ  is  our  Lord!  oh,  then  ever  praise 
His    pow'r    and    glory    ever    more   pro- 
His  glory,  His  glory  evermore  proclaim. 



O  holy  St.   Joseph!   in  thee   we  confide; 
Be  thou   our   protector,    our   father,    our 

The    flowers    of    our    innocent   childhood 

we   twine 
In    a    fragrant   white   garland  to    lay   at 

thy    shrine. 


Long  ago  didst  thou  teach  the  Lord  Jesns 

to    speak, 
And  thine  arms  were  His  strength  when 

His  footsteps  were  weak. 
So  lend  us  thy  help  in  the  days  of  our 

So  teach  us  to  walk  in  the  pathway  of 


God  saw  thee  so  constant,  so  lowly,  s.i 

That  He  placed  in  thy  keeping  the  Moth- 
er  and   Child, 

"ft  ith  the  poor  little  hut  could  no  palace 

While  Jesus  and  Mary  and  Joseph  were 

When    the    years    flowing    o'er    us    shall 

smoulder  away, 
When   their   ashes,    down   drifting,    shall 

crown  us  with  gray, 
Still  loyal  and  true  may  we  keep  to  our 

To    honor    our    saint   as   we    honor    nim 


St.   Joseph,    Christ's  early  protector  and 

Protect   us   aDd   save    us   from   evil,   we 

St.  Joseph  who  guided  the  Child  on  His 

Oh,   guide  us,   and   guard   us,   and   bless 

us,   we   pray! 


St.  Joseph,   Christ's   early   protector   and 

Protect   us    and   save   us   from   evil,    we 

St.  Joseph,  who  guided  the  Child  on  His 

Oh,  guide  us,  and  guard  us  forever,  we 



O  Jesus  dear,  Thy  Sacred  Heart 
Is  fraught  with  purest  love, 

Much  Joy  to  me  Thou  dost  impart, 
And  comfort  from  above. 

0  Sacred  Heart,  celestial  feast 
Of  all  the  bless'd  above, 

1  hope  in  bliss  thy  sweets  to  taste, 
And  glow  with  Heav'nly  love. 

Thy  Sacred  Heart  forever  glows 

For  penitents  sincere, 
It  proves  Thy  tenderness,  that  flows 

To  hear  and  grant  my  prayer. 

'Tis  true  my  sins  for  vengeance  cry, 

And  draw  me  to  despair; 
But  to  Thy  Sacred  Heart  I'll  fly, 

To  find  my  refuge  there. 

O  Sacred  Heart,  thou  source  divine 

Of    nexhausted  love, 
Dissolve  this  frozen  heart  of  mine 

With  fire  that  burns  above. 


My  tears  shall  never  cease  to  flow 
Because  from  Thee  I've  strayed. 

Who,   with   such   pains   of  weight   and 
My  ransom  freely  paid. 

Thy  Sacred  Heart  was  pierced  for  me, 

And  bled  at  every  pore! 
From  past  offences  set  me  free, 

Oh!  them  I  shall  deplore. 

0  Sacred  Heart,  celestial  feast 
Of  all  the  blessed  above, 

1  hope  in  bliss  thy  sweets  to  taste, 
And  glow  with  Heavenly  love. 


O  Jesus,  in  Thy  Sacrament, 

Wherever  I  may  be, 
Still,  still  my  heart  retaineth 

The  memory  of  Thee. 
It  leaves  me  never,  never, 

It  haunts  my  very  dreams, 
Like  one  perpetual  sunshine, 

Within  my  soul  it  beams. 


Oh!  can  I  e'er  forget  Thee 

Upon  Thy  altar  throne? 
Ah!  no,  my  heart  keeps  yearning 

For  Thee,  and  Thee  alone. 


It  rests  on  ev'ry  sorrow, 

Just  like  a  golden  light, 
And  like  a  ray  illumines 

Dread  desolation's  night. 
Two  objects  lie  before  me, 

As  on  an  open  page, 
An  immolated  Victim— 

A  God  who  died  for  me.— Cho. 

To  stay  before  Thy  altar  throne 

And  there  each  thought  impart, 
To  feel  Thee  there  outpouring 

The  spirit  of  Thy  Heart: 
This  is  the  earthly  Heaven, 

O  Sacrament  divine! 
For  naught  save  Heav'n  can  equal 

E'en  one  caress  of  Thine.— Cho. 

Yet,  when  I  leave  Thy  presence  dear 

To  do  Thy  holy  will, 
Thy  mem'ry  hovers  round  me, 

Thy  beauty  haunts  me  still. 
And  still  I  hear  Thee  whisper 

Wherever  I  may  be, 
Murmuring  of  Thy  heart's  love 

And  how  it  throbs  for  me.— Cho. 


0  Jesus!  Jesus!  dearest  Lord, 
Forgive  me,  if  I  say, 

For  very  love,  Thy  sacred  name 
A  thousand  times  a  day. 

1  love  Thee  so,  I  know  not  how 
My  transports  to  control,— 

Thy  love  is  like  a  burning  tire 
Within  my  very  soul. 


Oh,  wonderful!  that  Thou  should'st  let 

So  vile  a  heart  as  mine 
Love  Thee  with  such  a  love  as  this, 

And  make  so  free  with  Thine. 
The  craft  of  this  wise  world  of  ours 

Poor  wisdom  seems  to  me,— 
O  dearest  Jesus!  I  have  grown 

Childish  with  love  of  Thee. 

For  Thou  to  me  art  all  in  all, 

My  honor  and  my  wealth,— 
My  heart's  desire,  my  body's  strength, 

My  soul's  eternal  health. 
Burn,  burn,  O  love,  within  my  heart, 

Burn  fiercely  night  and  day, 
Till  all  the  dross  of  earthly  love 

Is  burned  and  burned  away. 


O  Jesus!  let  thy  anger  cease; 
Thy  Virgin  Mother,  for  our  peace, 
At  thy  tribunal  pleading  stands, 
And  mercy  earnestly  demands. 

And  ye,  O  Angels,  who  In  nine 
Distinguish'd  glorious  orders  shine, 
Preserve  our  minds,  our  hearts  and  wills, 
From  present,  past  and  future  ills. 

Ye  Prophets  and  Apostles  plead 
Before  our  Judge,  and  intercede 
For  sinners,  that,  by  tears  unfeign'd, 
His  pard'ning  grace  may  be  obtained. 


Ye  crimson  troops  of  Martyrs  bright, 
And  confessors  array'd  in  white, 
Let  us  no  longer  exil'd  roam, 
But  call  us  to  our  Heavenly  home. 

Chaste  virgins!  and  ye  truly  wise, 
Who  from  the  deserts  filled  the  skies, 
For  us  an  everlasting  reign 
Amongst  the  saints  of  Christ  obtain. 

From  Christian  lands  the  faithless  chase 
Who  Christian  truths  and  faith  deface, 
That  all  mankind  united  may 
One  Pastor  of  our  souls  obey. 

To  God,  the  Father,  and  the  Son, 
And  Holy  Spirit,  Three  in  One, 
Be  equal  glory,  equal  praise, 
For  an  eternal  length  of  days. 


O  Jesus,  life-spring  of  the  soul, 

The  Father's  power  and  glory  bright, 
Thee  with  the  angels  we  extol, 

From   Thee   they   draw   their   life   and 
Thy    thousand    thrones    and    hosts    are 

Embattled  o'er  the  azure  sky, 
But  Michael  bears  Thy  standard  dread, 

And  lifts  the  mighty  cross  on  high. 


To  God  the  Father  glory  be, 
And  to  His  sole  begotten  Son, 

The  same,  O  Holy  Ghost,  to  Thee, 
While  everlasting  ages  run. 


He  in  thnt  sign  the  rebel  powers 

Did  with  their  dragon  prince  expel, 
And    hurl'd    them    from    Heaven's    high 

Down  like  a  thunderbolt  to  Hell. 
Grant  us  with  Michael  still,  O  Lord, 

Against  the  Prince  of  Pride  to  fight, 
So  may  a  crown  be  our  reward 

Before  the  Lamb's  pure  throne  of  light. 

— Cho. 


O  Lily  of  the  field, 

So  radiant  in  thy  grace, 
Close  to  my  Lord's  dear  Heart 

Thy  glowing  cup  I  place, 
Fresh  with  that  nectared  dew, 

The  first  white  dawn  distils, 
Before  the  day  has  smiled 

Above  the  placid  hills. 

O  month  of  bloom,  the  world 

By  thee  is  steeped  in  bliss, 
And  wins,  like  Jesus'  brow, 

A  Virgin  Mother's  kiss; 
For  she  that  month  must  love 

And  in  its  joy  take  part, 
Which  hymns,  in  strains  so  sweet, 

Her  own  Son's  loving  Heart. 

Bright  lilies  of  the  field, 

Like  living  tongues  of  flame, 
The  ardors  of  his  Heart 

Your  petaled  charms  proclaim, 
And  from  the  fresh  June  grass 

Of  meadow  lands  we  bear 
Your  gorgeous  blooms  to  aid 

The  ardors  of  our  prayer. 



O  Lord,  I  am  not  worthy 

That  Thou  should'st  come  to  me. 
But  speak  the  words  of  comfort, 
My  spirit  healed  shall  be. 

And  humbly  I'll  receive  Thee, 
The  bridegroom  of  my  soul, 

No  more  by  sin  to  grieve  Thee, 
Or  fly  Thy  sweet  control. 


O  Love  divine  that  stooped  to  share 
Our  sharpest  pang,  our  bitt'rest  tear, 

On  Thee  we  cast  each  earth-born  care, 
We  smile  at  pain  while  Thou  art  near. 

Though  long  the  weary  road  we  tread, 
And  sorrow  crowns  each  ling'ring  year, 

No  path  we  shun,  no  darkness  dread, 
Our  hearts   still   whispering,   Thou  art 

When  drooping  pleasure  turns  to  grief 
And  trembling  faith  is  changed  to  fear, 

The  murm'ring  wind,  the  quiv'ring  leaf 
Shall  softly  whisper,  Thou  art  near. 

On  Thee  we  fling  our  burd'ning  woe, 

O  Love  divine  forever  dear, 
Content  to  suffer  while  we  know. 

Living  and  dying,  Thou  art  near. 



O  Love,  supporting  as  Thine  own 

Our  weight  of  cruel  misery, 
The  wine-press  Thou  dost  tread  alone, 

With  none,  with  none,  to  comfort  Thee! 
But  from  the  vintage,  red  with  blood, 

Thou  showerest  rarest  gifts  on  us, 
O  Sacred  Heart,  so  true  and  good! 

How  could  we  wound  Thee,  wound  Thee 

The  gold  and  jewels  Thou  dost  bear 
Are  dripping  with  Thy  sacred  gore. 

O  bleeding  fingers!  let  us  share 
That  pure  and  priceless,  priceless  store! 

The  love,  the  grace,  Thou  dost  impart 
Our  richest  gold  and  gem  shall  be; 

Oh!  grant  these  treasures  of  Thy  Heart, 
And  we  are  rich,  are  rich  in  Thee! 


O  Maid  conceived  without  a  stain, 

O  Mother  bright  and  fair; 
Come  thou  within  our  hearts  to  reign, 

And  grace  shall  triumph  there. 

Hail,  Mary,  ever  undefiled, 

Hail,  Queen  of  purity! 
Oh!  make  thy  children  chaste  and  mild, 

And  turn  their  hearts  to  thee. 


Thou  art  far  purer  than  the  snow, 

Far  brighter  than  the  day; 
Thy  beauty  none  on  earth  can  know, 

No  tongue  of  men  can  say. 
O  Mother,  of  all  mothers  best, 

Who  soothest  every  grief, 
In  thee  the  weary  find  their  rest, 

And  anguish'd  hearts  relief. 

Oh!  then  for  us,  thy  children,  plead, 

Thy  pity  we  implore; 
That  we,  from  sin  and  sorrow  freed, 

May  love  thee  more  and  more. 
Hail,  Mary,  ever  undefiled, 

Hail,  Queen  of  purity! 
O  make  thy  children  chaste  and  mild, 

And  turn  their  hearts  to  thee. 


O  Mary  dear,  thy  children  here 

Thy  lovely  shrine  surround; 
When     day's     calm     hours,     like     folded 

In  fragrant  dews  are  drowned. 


O  Virgin  pure,  O  Mary  blest, 

We'll  murmur,  through  our  peaceful  rest, 
Immaculata,  Immaculata, 
Immaculata,  our  Virgin  Queen. 

And  while  we  sing,  to  thee  we  bring 

Our  gifts,  when  day  is  done, 
Oh!  may  they  be  enhanced  by  thee, 

Meet  tribute  to  thy  Son.— Cho. 


Oh,  if  when  life's  ray  doth  fade  away, 

As  sinks  the  sun  to  rest; 
Then  be  thou  near,  to  soothe  and  cheer, 

With  visions  of  the  blest.— Cho. 

Then,  wondrous  thought,  with  transport 

In  Heaven's  untold  repose; 
We'll  bless  alway  the  earthly  day 

That  brought  so  sweet  a  close.— Cho. 


O  Mary,  Mother,  lend  thine  ear 
To  one  thou  hast  e'er  loved  thy  child, 

Thy  forlorn  child,  oh,  hear  his  prayer, 
Sweet  Mother,  Mary,  Mother  mild. 

See  how  my  soul  is  tempest-tossed, 
Like  the  barque  on  ocean's  wave, 

Unless  thou  guide  it,  'twill  be  lost, 
Then  save  it,  Mother,  Mother,  save. 

When   hope's   bright   star   withholds    its 
And  Heaven,  't  appears,  frowns  on  thy 
He  looks  to  thee,  and  grim  despair 
Flies  phantom-like  before  thy  smile. 

Thy  smile!  what  power  it  doth  possess, 
To  calm  the  soul,  and  give  relief 

When  anguish,  't  seems,  would  burst  the 
And  all  within  gives  way  to  grief. 


O  sweetest  Mother,  now  I  give 
Myself  and  all  I  have  to  thee 

For  Jesus  and  for  Thee  I  live 
In  time  and  in  eternity. 


0  Mary  Mother,  sweetest,  best, 
From  Heaven's  immortal  bowers 

Do  gather  for  a  little  child 
A  bouquet  of  sweet  flowers. 

1  wish  my  little  heart  to  be 
A  cradle  fair  and  gay, 

Where  blessed  Jesus  may  repose 
This  celebration  day! 

My  little  child,  I  can  obtain 

So  bright  a  wreath  for  thee 
That  Jesus  will  delight  to  come 

Within  thy  heart  to  be: 
I'll  give  thee  lovely  charity, 

More  warm  than  rose's  glow; 
I'll  give  thee  Heavenly  purity, 

More  white  than  lily  snow. 

Mother  dearest,  tenderest  Mother, 

You  know  how  frail  I  am, 
A  very  careless,  thoughtless  child, 

A  weak  and  helpless  lamb; 
But,  oh!  if  thou  wilt  but  send  down 

Those  precious  flowers  to  me, 
I  doubt  not  but,  with  thy  good  help, 

Well  watered  they  will  be. 



0  Mary,  my  Mother,  thou  friend  of  my 

Methinks  I  behold  thee  in  glory  array'd; 

1  always    have    found    thee,    when    life 

seem'd  so  toilsome, 
A     gracious     protectress     whenever     I 

Bright  Queen  of  my  country,  thee  humbly 
With  Gabriel,  thv  angel,  I  bid  thee  all 
On!    shed   on   an   exile   a   mother's   fond 
And  guide  me  secure  through  this  sor- 
rowful vale. 


O  Mary,  on  this  festal  day, 
Look  down  from  Heaven  above, 

Smile  sweetly  on  thy  children  here, 
Who  offer  thee  their  love. 

The  earth  is  filled  with  flowers  sweet, 
Their  fragrance  scents  the  air; 

The  birds  are  singing  canticles 
To  thee,  our  Queen,  most  fair. 

Dear  Mother,  kneeling  at  thy  feet, 

We  consecrate  to  thee 
Our  hearts  and  souls  while  time  shall  last^ 

And  through  eternity. 

Oh,  deign  accept  this  floral  crown 

We  offer  thee  to-day; 
Adorn  our  hearts  with  Heavenly  flowers, 

Our  dearest  Queen  of  May! 



O  Mater  admirabilis, 

Fair  Lily  of  the  field, 
Ora,  ora  pro  nobis. 

Thy  loving  children  shield. 


O  Mater  admirabilis, 

Our  life,  our  hope  most  sweet, 
Oh,  ever  guide  our  wandering  steps 

Until  in  Heaven  we  meet. 
O  Mater  admirabilis, 

Our  life,  our  hope,  our  joy. 

O  Mater  admirabilis, 

No  language  can  proclaim 
The  rare  and  wondrous  sweetness 

That's  blended  with  thy  name.— Cho. 

O  Mater  admirabilis, 

Protect  our  lives  from  sin, 
That  in  the  Heart  of  Jesus 

A  resting-place  we  win.— Cho. 



O  Mater  Admirabilis, 

List  to  our  fervent  prayer, 
Oh.  let  thy  loving  children 

Thy  sweet  protection  share, 

O  Mater  Admirabilis, 

Our  youthful  hearts  we  raise 
In  soft,  soul-stirring  melody. 

To  sing  Thy  wondrous  praise.— Cho. 


Let  angels  swell  the  chorus, 
Let  Heaven  and  earth  proclaim, 

O  Mater  Admirabilis, 
The  sweetness  of  thy  name.— Cho. 

Before  her  loving  image 

'Tis  truest  joy  to  kneel, 
And  gaze  upon  the  beauties 

That  faith  and  love  reveal.— Cho. 

O  Mater  Admirabilis, 

'Tis  more  than  rapture's  glow 
That  cheers  our  lone  and  darksome  way 

On  this  sad  earth  below.— Cho. 


O   Mother,   help!   see  us  here  kneeling, 
From  far  and  near,  before  thy  shrine, 

With  sin  and  pain  our  hearts  are  laden, 
Oh,    make   them    pure    and    meek    like 

Oh,  hear  us,  help  us,   Mother   wild, 
Entreat  for  us  thy  holy  Child; 
O  Virgin,  help,  O  Mother,  pray! 
Send  us  rejoicing  on  our  way. 

Here's  rest  for  those  whose  hearts  are 

Here  wounded  hearts  find  healing  balm; 
Here's  light  for  those  in  darkness  dreary; 

Here  restless  hearts  find  ever  calm. 

Oh,  hear  us,  help  us.   Mother  bl-st: 
Here  let  our  weary  hearts  fini  iest. 
O  Virgin,   help!   O  Mother,   pray! 
Send   us   rejoicing   on    our    way. 


Oiir  earthly  hopes  like  flowers  are  fading, 
Our  joys   like   snow   before   the    sun; 

And  naught  is  left  but  fear  and  sorrow 
Till  life's  sad  weary  course  is  nm. 

O  loving  Mother,  pure  of  heart, 
Our  Life,  our  Hope,  our  joy  thou  art, 
O  Virgin,   help!   O   Mother,   pray! 
Send    us   rejoicing   on    our   way. 


O   Mother!   I   could   weep  for  mirth, 

Joy  fills  my  heart  so  fast. 
My  soul  to-day  is  Heav'n  on  earth! 

Oh!  could  the  transport  last! 


I  think  of  thee  and  what  thou  art, 

Thy  majesty,  thy  state: 
And  I  keep  singing  in  my  heart, 

Immaculate!     Immaculate! 

When  Jesus  looks  upon  thy  face, 
His   heart   with  rapture  glows, 

And  in  the  Church,  by  His  sweet  grace, 
Thy    blessed    worship    grows.— Cho. 

The  angels  answer  with   their  songs, 

Bright   choirs   in   gleaming    rows: 
And   saints     flock     round      thy     feet   in 

And    Heaven    with    bliss    o'erflows. 

Immaculate   Conception!   far 

Above    all   graces    blest! 
Tbou   shinest  like  a   royal   star 

On    God's    eternal    breast.—  Cho. 



O    Mother,   loved,    our    sweet    delight. 

One  glance  but  cast,   so  fondly  bright, 
Watch  over  us. 
When    dark   night   her   mantle    casts, 
When    storms    and    wintry    blasts, 

Hide   heaven's   azure   hue, 

O  thou,  Star  of  Hope,  shine  through. 

Be  love  of  thee,  my  whole  life  long, 
My   sweetest   joy,    my   gayest   song, 
Watch  over  us. 

Shine,  then,  brightly,  O'  soft  Star! 

With  thy  light  driving  far 
Mists  that  oft  veil  my  soul, 
Clouds   that  e'er  around    me   roll. 

Mother  of   God!  our  hope,   our  life- 
Sweet  Mother,  shield  us  in  the  strife. 
Watch  over  us. 

From  all   earthly  toils    set   free, 

We'll  quickly  fly  to  thee; 
Let  us  rest  in  thy  heart: 
From  its  depths  we  il  ne'er  aepart. 


O   Mother  loved,   whose  starlike  eyes 

Are  all  the  light  I  seek, 
Look  from  thy  home  above  the  skies 

And  hear  me  whilst  I  speak. 


Oh,  take  me  'neath  thy  loved  control, 
Queen  of  my  soul; 
Mary!  Mary!  Queen  of  my  soul. 
Mary!  Mary!  Queen  of  my  soul. 


Behold!  where  kings  and  shepherds  meet 
Beneath  that  star  divine, 

I  bow  me  at  thy  sacred  feet 
And  give  this  heart  of  mine, 
This   wayward   heart  of   mine.— Chor. 

On  Egypt's  flight  let  me  attend, 

And  by  thy  toilsome  way 
Thy  meek  endurance  to  me  lend 

And  ever  for  me  pray.— Oho. 

On  Calvary's  dark  and  fearful  height 

Again  I  kneel  by  thee, 
Amid  the  anguish  of  that  night, 

Loved  Mother,  pray  for  me, 

O  Mary!  pray  for  me.— Cho. 

By  all  the  sorrows  once  endured, 
The  bliss  that  now  is  given, 

Oh!  let  my  earnest  cry  be  heard 
By  thee,   blest  Queen  of   Heaven. 


What  dazzling  glories  now  surround 

Thy  home  beyond  the  sky! 
E'en  there  thy  faithful  child  is  found 

To  kneel   with   suppliant   cry.— Cho. 

OH,     MOTHER     MINE. 

O,  mother  mine,  how  can  they  live 
Who  know   not   love,   not  thee? 

How  can  their  life  have  warmth  or  hope? 
How  can  they  joyous  be? 

Thou   art  my   heart's   happiness, 
Thou  art  the  world  to  me. 


How  can  they  live  who  know  thee  not, 
When  tempests  round  them  roll, 

When  dark  temptation  hides  the  light, 
That  should  their  way   control? 

In  danger,    Mother  mine,   thou  art 
The  anchor  of  my  soul. 

How  can  they  live  who  love  thee  not. 

When  sorrow  presses  sore, 
When  waves  of  desolation  sweep 

Their  wounded  spirits  o'er? 
I  need  thee,   Mother  mine,  in  joy, 

in  grief,  I  need  thee  more. 

How  can  they  die  who  love  thee  not, 

How  can  they  hope  to  see 
The  Son  whom  they  profess  to  love, 

The   while  forgetting    thee? 
Ah,  Mother  mine!  I  fear  not  death, 

if  thou  but  pray  for  me. 


O,  mournful  —other,  who  didst  stand 
Beside  the  cross  on  Calvary's  hill, 

When  our  dear  Lord  for  sinners  died, 
And  nature's  heart  in  awe  stood  still; 

Dark  days  of  sorrow  didst  Thou  see, 

Inerefore  in  grief  we  turn  to  Thee. 


Oh,  pray  for  us  to  Thy  dear  Son, 
Oh,  pray  for  us,  oh,  pray  for  us 
When  waves  of  sorrow   o'er  us  roll. 

Oh,  pray  for  us,  gather  round, 
When   dark   temptations    gather   round, 
Sustain  and  aid  the  fainting  soul, 
And  as  we  drift  o'er  death's  ark  tide, 
O  help  of  Christians,  be  our  guide. 


When  dangers  gather  round  our  way, 
And  angry  tempests  o'er  us  roll, 

When  all  the  world  seems  dark  and  drear, 
Do  Thou  with  pitying  eyes  look  down, 

Then  be  a  star  to  light  the  gloom, 

And  guide  our  wandering  footsteps  home. 

O  Mother  of  our  Throne-crowned  King, 
A  Mother's  love  we  claim  from  Thee; 

Thou  wert  bequeathed  to  us  by  Him 
Our  Mother  and  our  help  to  be. 

Then,  help  of  Christians,  hear  our  prayer, 

And  guide  the  children  of  Thy  care. 


O    purest    of    creatures,    sweet    Mother! 

sweeet  Maid! 
The    one    spotless    womb    wherein    Jesus 

was  laid! 
Dark    night    hath     come     down     on    us, 

Mother,  and  we 
Look  out  for  thy  shining,  sweet  Star  of 

the  Sea! 

Deep    night    hath    come     down     on     this 

rough-spoken   world. 
And  the  banners  of  darkness  are  boldly 

And    the    tempest-tost     Church— all     her 

eyes  are  on  thee, 
They  look  to  thy  shining,  sweet  Star  of 

the  Sea! 

Oh,  shine  on  us  brighter  than  ever,  then, 

For  the  primest  of  honor,   dear  Mother, 

is   thine; 
"Conceived    without    sin,'    thy    new    title 

shall  be, 
Clear  light  from  thy   birtn-spring,   sweet 

Star  of  the  Sea! 

Deep  night  hath  come  down  ou  us,  Moth- 
er,  deep  night. 

And  we  need  more  than  ever  the  guide 
of   thy   light; 

For  the  darker  the  night  is,  the  brighter 
should  be 

Thy  beautiful  shining,  sweet  Star  of  the 

TO    OUR    BLESSED    LADY,    ON    THE 

O   Queen   of   Heavenly   flowers, 
From    sweet   celestial   bowers, 
Come,  take  my  heart  to  Heaven  to-night, 
And  fill  it  with  those  graces  bright; 
For  ere  the  sun  ascends  the  sky, 
Descending  from  His  throne  on  high, 
Thy  Jesus  shall  be  mine. 

Jesus'  Most  Precious  Blood 
Flowed  o'er  me  from  the  Rood 
To-night,   as  near  the   Cross  I  felt, 
As  though  on  Calvary  I  dwelt, 
By  our  dear  Lord's  authority, 
Anointed  Hand,  bestowed  on  me, 
From   sin,   sweet  liberty. 


Come,    then,    dear   Mother   mild, 
List  to  ,  thy  pleading  child — 
My  soul,  once  dark  as  darkest  night, 
The  living   waters  have   made  white; 
It  but  remains  Thee  to  adorn 
My  soul  with  flowers  and  precious  thorn- 
There  Jesus  loves  to  rest. 

When  (worlds  of  joy  to  me), 

"Ecce    Agnus    Dei," 
From   Sanctuary   steps   I   hear, 
And  know  my  God,  my  All  is  near, 
Then,    flower-adorned   of  Jesus'    choice, 
And  blest  by  thy  loved,  clement  voice, 

Bring  back  may  yearning  heait. 


O  Queen  of  the  Holy  Rosary! 

Oh,  bless  us  as  we  pray, 
And  offer  thee  our  roses, 

In  garlands  day  by  day, 
While   from  our  Father's   garden, 

With  loving  hearts  and  bold, 
We  gather  to  thine  honor 

Buds  white,    and   red,    and   gold. 

O  Queen  of  the  Holy  Rosary! 

Each  mystery  blends  with  thine 
The  sacred  life  of  Jesus, 

In  every  step  divine. 
Thy  soul  was  His  fair  garden, 
Thy  virgin  breast  His  throne, 
Thy  thoughts  His  faithful  mirror, 

Reflecting  Him  alone. 


Sweet  Lady  of  the  Rosary! 

White  roses  let  us  bring, 
And  lay  them  round  thy  footstool 

Before  our  Infant  King. 
For,  nestling  in  thy  bosom, 

God's  Son  was  fain  to  be 
The  child  of  thy  obedience 

And  spotless  purity. 

O  Queen  of  the  Holy  Rosary! 

What  radiance  of  love, 
What  splendor  and  what  glory 

Surround  thy  court  above! 
Oh,  in  thy  tender  pity. 

Dear  source  of  love  untold, 
Refuse  not  this  our  offering, 

Our  flowers  white,  red  and  gold 


0  sacred  feet,  all  gashed  and  torn; 

Bruised  by  the  hammer's  cruel  blows! 
Bathed  in  the  life-blood,  dripping  down, 
From  anguished  heart  in  bitter  throes. 


1  press  you  to  my  lips  in  tears, 
With  contrite  sorrow,  fervent  sigh; 

Dear    precious    wounds,    God's    bleejding 
On,    plead   for   me    when   death    draws 

O  mangled  hands  transfixed  and  wan, 
In  suppliance  raised  to  Heaven  above! 

Pierced  by  the  nails  that  torture  wrung 
From   breaking   heart  of   burning   love. 

— Cho. 


0  sacred  refuge,  tender  side, 
Rent  by  the  lance  with  cruel  thrust! 

There,   where   His  heart  is,   let  me  hide! 
There,  where  His  love  is,  let  me  trust! 



O    Sacred    Heart!    all    blissful    flight    of 
Rapture  of  angels,  beaming  even  bright, 
Ravishing  joys  in  rich  and  radiant  splen- 
Flow  from  Thy  glory  in  torrents  of  de- 

O  Sacred  Heart!  O  hope  of  sinner's  sor- 

Rest   of   the   weary,    careworn    and     op- 

Sweetly  lead  home  earth's  love  estranged 
Where    'neath    Thy    love    we    may    lie 
down  and  rest. 

O  Sacred  Heart,  where  shades     of  death 
are  falling, 
Gather   Thy  children  'neath   the  wings 
of  love, 
Hush    us   <to    rest    in    Thine    own    gentle 
Bear  troubled  spirits  to  brighter  realms 



O  Saced  Heart,  forever  Thine, 

Bound  strongly  to  Thy  heart  divine 

By  every  tie,  by  every  claim 

That  love  can  know,  or  dream,  or  iiame, 

O  Sacred  Heart,  forever  Thine, 

For  Thee  the  summer  sun  doth  shine, 

For  thee  soft  breezes  stir  the  air, 

The  harvests  ripen  everywhere. 


u  Saced  Heart,  forever  Thine, 
Bound  strongly  to  Thy  heart  divine 
By  every  tie,  by  every  claim 
That  love  can  know,  or  dream,  or  name. 

O  Sacred  Heart,  forever  Thine, 
Calm  this  unquiet  heart  of  mine, 
Where  thou  to-day  hast  deigned  to  rest, 
My  dearest,  truest,  tenderest. 
O   Sacred  Heart,   forever  Thine, 
'Tis  all  my  prayer,  O  Lord  divine, 
As  here  I  rest  and  dream  apart, 
The  words  are  singing  in  my  heart. 



O  Sacred  Heart!  O  Love  Divine! 

Do  keep  us  near  to  Thee; 
And  make  our  love  so  like  to  Thine 

That  we   may  holy   be. 



Heart  of  Jesus,   hear, 

O  Heart  of  Love  Divine, 
Listen  to  our  prayers, 

Make  us  always  Thine. 

O  Temple  pure!   O   House  of  Gold! 

Our  Heaven  here  helow! 
What  sweet  delights,  what  wealth  untold 

From  Thee  do  ever  flow!— Cho. 

O  Wounded  Heart!  O  Font  of  Tears! 

O  Throne  of  grief  and  pain! 
Whereon  for  the  eternal  years 

Thy  love  for  man  does  reign.— Cho. 

Ungrateful  hearts,  forgetful  hearts 
The   hearts  of   men   have   been, 

To  wound  Thy  side  with  cruel  darts 
Which  they  have  made  by  sin.— Cho. 


O  Sacred  Heart  of  Christ  our  King! 

The  cross  is  in  Thee  glowing! 
The  cross  of  faith  to  which  we  cling, 

With   love   and   zeal   overflowing! 
And  in  the  wound  of  this  dear  heart, 

In    hope   and   trust    abiding, 

We  pray  with  hearts  confiding, 
To  know  Thee,  O  Sacred  Heart! 

To  know  Thee,  yes.  more  and  more; 

That  we  may  love  Thee  more  and  more, 
May  love  Thee,  O  Sacred  Heart. 

O  Sacred  Heart  of  Christ  our  Lord! 

Where  love's  pure  flames  are  burning, 
We  long  to  win  Thy  blest  reward, 

By  love  for  love  returning! 
Thy  crown  of  thorns  must  rend  apart, 

These  guilty  hearts  before  Thee, 

Oh!  grant  them,  we  implore  Thee. 
To  know  Thee,  O  Sacred  Heart!  etc. 


O   Sacred   Heart!   our  home  lies  deep  in 
On  earth  Thou  art  in  exile's  rest. 
In   Heaven  the   glory   of   the   blest. 


Sweet  Sacred  Heart!  we  Thee  implore, 
Make  us  love  Thee  more  and  more. 
O   Sacred  Heart!  thou  Fount  of  contrite 
Where'er  those  living  waters  flow, 
New  life  to  sinners  they  bestow.— Cho. 

O  Sacred  Heart!  our  trust  is  all  in  Thee! 
For  though  earth's  night   be  dark  and 

Thou    breathest    re'st    when    Thou    art 

near.— Cho. 

O    Sacred   Heart!   when   shades  of   death 
shall  fall! 
Receive  us  'neath  Thy  gentle  care. 
And  save  us  from  the  tempter's  tnare. 



O    Sacred    Heart!    lead    exiled    children 
Where  we  may  ever  rest  near  Thee, 
In  peace  and  joy  eternally.— Cho. 


O   Sacred   Heart!   Source  of  all  beauty, 

Ever  old  and  ever  new, 
Ah,  far  too  late,  too  late  have  I  known 
And    far    too    late,    have    loved    Thee, 
O   Sacred  Heart,   source  of  all  beauty, 
O  Sacred  Heart,  I  Thee  adore. 

O  thorngirt  Heart,  Fountain  of  sor  *ow, 

Let  me  feel  Thy  ev'ry  grief; 
Teach  me  to  bear  the  cross  with  love  aud 

And  in  Thy  wound  find  sure  relief. 
O  thorngirt  Heart,  Fountain  of  sorrow, 

OS  Sacred  heart,  I  Thee  adore. 

O  humble  Heart,  home  of  the  lowly, 
In  Thy  depths  let  me  abide; 

There  let  me  lose  all  dreams  of  earthly 
And  in  humility  abide. 

O  humble  Heart,  home  of  the  lowly, 
O  Sacred  Heart,  I  Thee  adore. 



O     Sacred    Heart!     sweet     source    from 

A  stream  of  life  e'er  flows; 
The  weary  soul  may  draw  from  thence 

Refreshment  and  repose, 
Here  may  we  find  a  spot  secure 

From  sin  and  vain  alarm 
Here  may  we  taste  for  evermore 

Thy  love's  consoling  balm. 


Sweet  Jesus!  may  Thy  Sacred  Heart 

Our  hope  and  refuge  be; 
There  may  we  learn  the  Heavenly  art 

Of  living  but  for  Thee. 

O  Heart  of  Jesus!  may  we  feel 

Thy  pure  consuming  fire, 
Kindle  in  us  Thy  ardent  zeal, 

Be  Thou  our  souls  desire. 
Absorb,  dear  Lord,  our  hearts  in  Thine: 

Let  us  with  Thee  remain, 
Nor  ever  may  our  souls  incline 

To  earth's  vain  joys  again.— Oho. 

Wisdom   divine  doth  ever  dwell 

Within  Thy  Sacred  Heart, 
The  waters,  then,  of  that  pure  well, 

Sweet  Lord,  to  us  impart. 
Great  Fount  of  Truth,  our  souls  inspire, 

Each  erring  thought  reclaim, 
Sweet  Source  of  Mercy,  with  Thy  fire 

Do   Thou   our  hearts  inflame.— Cho. 


O  Heart  of  ev'ry  grace  the  source! 

Of  all  God's  gifts  the  best, 
Unto  the  sinner  strength  and  force, 

Refreshment,    hope    and    rest. 
For  day  by  day  the  Lamb  is  slain, 

The  Lord  of  Heav'n  above 
On  lowly  altars  doth  remain 

The  victim  of  His  love.— Cho. 


O  Sacred  Heart!  with  burning  love, 

On  Thee  enraptured  angels  gaze; 
To  Thee  triumphant  Saints  above, 

Forever  sing  their  grateful  praise. 
Most     loving      Heart!      while      Heaven's 
bright  spheres 

Resound  Thy  glories,  shall  not  we, 
Poor  exiles  in  this  vale  of  tears, 

Re-echo  hymns  of  praise  to  Thee. 


O  Sacred  Heart,  may  we  adore, 
And  love  Thee  ever  more  and  more. 

Thou,   Heart  of  Jesus!  art  the  throne 

Of  mercy,  Thou  the  fount  of  grace; 
Our  hope  of  Heaven's  from  Thee  alone, 

Sole  refuge  of  our  fallen  race. 
O  Lamb  of  God!  meek  Victim  slain 

For  us,  let  not  the  stream  that  flowed 
From  Thy  pierced  Heart  have  flowed  in 

Oh!  cleanse  us  with  Thy  precious  blood. 




O    Sacred    Heart,    What    shall    I    render 

For  all  the  gifts  Thou  hast  bestowed  on 

O    Heart   of   God,    Thou    seem'st    but   to 

That  I  should  love  Thee  daily  more  and 



Then  I  will   love  Thee, 
Then  I  will  love  Thee, 
Then   I    will  love   Thee   daily   more   and 

O  Heart  of  Jesus,  come  and  live  with  me. 
That  with  Thy  love  my  heart  consumed 

may  be. 
O  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus,  I  implore 
That   I   may  love   Thee   daily  more   and 



That    I    may    love    Thee, 
That   I    may    love   Thee, 
That   I   may  love   Thee   daily   more   and 

O  Sacred  Heart,  be  this  our  life's  one 

To  labor  for  the  glory  of  Thy  name; 

O  dearest  Heart!  this  grace  we  Thee  im- 

That  all  the  world  may  know  and  love 
Thee  more. 



That  we   may  love  Thee, 
That  we  may  love  Thee, 
That  we  may  love  Thee  daily  more  and 

Dear  Sacred   Heart,  in  life's   last   awful 

Oh!   let    us     feel     Thy     love's     Almighty 

Oh!    then    o'er    all    this    grace    we    Thee 

That  we  may  love  and  trust  Thee  more 

and  more.— Cho. 

O  Sacred  Heart,  the  sunshine  of  our  days. 
Be  Thine  the  songs  of  everlasting  praise; 
Whose  strains  shall  break  on  the  eternal 

Where    we    shall    love    and    praise    Thee 



Where  we  shall  love  Thee, 
Where  we  shall  love  Thee, 
Where    we    shall   love    and    praise    '±hee 
more  and  more. 


O   Salutaris   Hostia, 

Quae  coeli  pandis  ostium! 
Bella  premunt  hostilia, 

Da  robur,  fer  auxilmm. 

Uni  trinoque  Domino 

Sit  sempiterna  gloria; 
Qui  vitam  sine  termino 

Nobis  donet  in  patria  —  Amen. 



0    Sweet  Receptacle  of   Grace! 

O  Fount  of   Purity! 
By  every  tongue,  in  every  clime, 

Thy   Name   exalted  be! 

Pure  as  the  lily's  petals  white, 

Or  as  the  fallen  snow, 
Is  thy  Heart,  Virgin  Mother  mild, 

Our  refuge  here  helow. 

Thou  art  the  channel  which  unites 

Our  souls  with  God  above, 
Through  which  He  pours  His  gifts  divine 

Of   mercy   and   of  love. 

The  only  hope  of  sinners  here, 

The  solace  of  the  just— 
Our  hearts  and  souls,  dear  Mother  mild, 

To  thy  sweet  care  we  trust. 

We  claim  thee,  Heart  Immaculate, 

By  Pio  Nono's  hand, 
Which  gave  us  thee,  without  a  stain, 

Patroness  of  our  land. 

Then,    purest   Heart    Immaculate, 

Unto  thy  service  sweet 
We  consecrate  our  worthless  lives 

Until  in  Heaven  we  meet. 



O   Thou  who   on  Thy   natal   day, 

Wast  giv'n  to  Mary's  tender  care; 
And    who,    beneath    her    loving,    gentle 
Kept  Thy  soul  like  to  her's  as  fair. 
£Sweet  flower  of  love  that  sought  to  bloom 

A    Saint  'mid    gaudy   pomp   and    worldly 


Angelic  youth,  blest  Aloysius, 
Guide  Thou  our   hearts   thro'  sin's  dark 

O  thou  who  a  crown  cast  away, 
To  be  with  Christ  despised  and  poor: 

Teach  me  to  walk  Thy  pure  and  humble 
Happy  still,  tho'  but  small  our  store. 

Sweet  flower  of  love,   etc.— Cho. 

May  thought,  word  and  deed  be  from  siu 
As  far  as  thine,  as  chastely  free; 

That  we  from  Mary's  'tender  heart  may 
All  the  love  that  it  gave  to  Thee. 

Sweet  flower  of  love,  etc.— Cho. 

Thy  warfare  is  past  and  away, 
Recede   the   clouds  that   dark'n   earth's 
For  thee  has  dawned  the  happy,   happy 
The   bright   Heaven's   glad   surprise. 
Sweet  flower  of  love,  etc.— Cho. 



O    ye   seraphs    bright!   full    of   love    and 
Come  and  teach  our  souls  your  tender 
All  aglow  with  zeal,   round  our  Lord  to 
To  adore  and  bless  His  Sacred  Heart, 
Source    of    ev'rv   good,    lo!    the   Precious 
Floweth  ever  from   the   depth   thereof; 
O  most  Sacred  Heart!  to  our  souls  impart 
All  the  treasures  of  Thy  grace  and  love. 


Hail!  the   Heart  of  Jesus, 
Sweetest  gift  to  God. 

Bid  the  joyous  breezes 
Bear  its  praise  abroad. 

Ah!    behold    the    Heart    that    has    loved 
With  the  love  of  truest  Friend, 
Pain,   reproach   and  scorn  for  our  sakes 
has  borne, 
Loved  us  to  the  end. 


Praise  the  Sacred  Heart, 
Grateful  souls,  adore. 

Love  the  Sacred  Heart, 
Now  and  forever  more. 


In  this  dwelling-  place  of  the  purest  grace 
feits  the  glory  of  the  King  of  Kings, 

From  the  golden  shrine  of  this  Heart  di 
Doubt  and  darkness  flee  like  evil  things, 

Here  our  sorest  grief  finds  a  sweet  relief. 


Of  all  virgins  thou  art  tairest, 

Dearest  Mary,    Heavenly  Queen! 
Of  all  creatures  thou  art  purest, 

Like  to  thee  was  never  seen. 
Thy  sweet  face  is  like  the  Heavens, 

Full  of  grace  and  purity; 
Beauty    all    divine    adorns    it, 

God  alone  surpasses  tueel 
Thy  bright  eyes   with  love  are  beaming. 

Like  twin  stars  of  heaven  they  shine; 
And  thy  looks  are  flaming  arrows, 

Wounding  hearts  with  iove  divine. 
Exulting,  let  us  love,  let  us  praise 

Him,  who  gave  us  such  a  Mother; 
Ah!  we  will  love  and  proclaim 

Mary's  great  Creator's  name. 

Queen  art  thou,  whom  all  things  worship, 

Earth  and  Hell,  and  Heaven  above; 
But  thy  heart  o'erflows  with  goodness; 

Just  and  sinners   feel  thy  love. 
When,  ah!  when,  at  length  in  Heaven, 

May  I  hope  thy  iace  to  see? 
When,  ah!  when!  my  heart  keeps  sighing: 

Haste— I  faint— I  pine  for  thee! 
Souls  unnumbered  thou  dost  ever 

Rescue  from  the  evil   one; 
Dearest  Lady,  grant  me  also 

Not  to  lose  thy  blessed  Son, 

Exulting,  let  us  love,  etc. 


Glory  to  the  name  of  Mary! 

Raise  your  voices,  louder  raise! 
And  of  Jesus,   Son  of  Mary, 

Every  creature  chant  the  praise! 
Him  who  gave  us  such  a  Mother, 

Let   our  grateful   songs   proclaim; 
Loving  hearts  and  joyful  voices 

Praise  her  great  Creator's  name! 
Glory  to  the  name  of  Mary! 

liaise  your  voices,  louuer  raise! 
And  of  Jesus,  Son  of  Mary, 

Every  creature  chaDt  the  praise! 
Exulting,  let  us  love,  etc. 


Oh!  be  thou  mindful,  Mother  most  tender, 

Ne'er  was  thine  aid  implored  in  vain. 
Faint  in  the  combat,  lest  we  surrender, 

Do  thou  our  faltering  heart  sustain. 
In  ages  gone  by,  as  all  records  declare. 
Not   once   hast  thou   slighted   the   sup- 
pliant's cry, 
Nor   shall   ages  that   follow   thy  mercies 
To  all  that  invoke  thee,  sweet  Mother 
thou'rt  nigh. 
Oh!  be  thou,  etc. 

For  this  in  the  midst  of  my  sin  and  my 
At   the    thought    of    thy   mercies    with 
hope  I'm  inspired; 
Oh,  Virgin!  thy  Son  on  the  cross  for  me 
Thy   Son  on  the  cross  for  my  ransom 
Oh!   be   thou,   etc. 


Though   countless  and   grievous  the   sins 
I  deplore, 
Despair  at  thy   name  from   my  bosom 
shall  flee, 
In  thy  love  will  I  hope  for  my  pardon 
once  more, 
Oh!  Virgin  and  Mother,  I  fly  unto  thee. 
Oh!  be  thou,  etc. 

To    my  prayers    and    my    sighs,    blessed 
Mother  give  ear, 
And    be    thou    as    ever    the    penitent's 
'Neath  the  shield  of  thy  favor  no  danger 
I'll  fear, 
But    with    thee    and    thy    Son    hope    to 
reign  in  the  end. 
Oh!  be  thou,  etc. 


Oh,  beautiful  thou  art,  our  sweet  Virgin 

Come  reign  within  each  heart,  peaceful 
and   serene. 

See,  with  love  now  thrilling,  all  thy  chil- 
dren's hearts; 

Joy  each  breast  is  tilling,  sadness  now 

Oh!  list  to  strains  now  swelling,  even  to 

thy  throne; 
Oh!  call  us  from  this  dwelling,  leave  us 

not  alone. 
Mother  ever  holy,  hear  us  we  pray; 
Virgin  pure  and  lowly,  with  us  ever  stay. 


Ah!  when  we're  sad  and  weary,  tired  of 

life  and  sin, 
And  when  the   way   looks   dreary,   haste 

thy  child  to  win. 
When   death  lays   his   finger  on   our   icy 

Oh,   then  near  us  linger,   linger  then   as 


OH!   BLEST   FOR   E'ER. 

Oh!  blest  for  e'er  the  Mother, 

And  Virgin  full  of  grace, 
Who  bore  our  God!  our  Brother 

The  Saviour  of  our  race. 
Sweet  Jesus!  low  before  Thee 

We  bend  in  fear  and  love; 
Oh,  grant  we  may  adore  Thee, 

In  Thy  bright  realms  above. 

Sweet  Jesus,  etc. 

Pure  as  the  light  of  Heaven, 

In  meekness  nearest  Thee, 
'Tis  Thou  hast  Mary  given, 

Our  guide,  our  friend,  to  be. 
Sweet  Mother!  tears  are  falling 

From  hearts  that  love  thy  Son, 
Then  hear  thy  children  calling 

On  thee,   and  bless  thy  own. 

Sweet  Mother,  etc. 



Oh!  come  and  mourn  with  me  awhile, 

See,  Mary  calls  us  to  her  side, 
.Oh!  come  and  let  us  mourn  with  her, 

Jesus,  our  Love,  is  crucified! 
Have  we  no  tears  to  shed  for  Him, 

While  soldiers  scoff  and  Jews  deride? 
Ah!  look  how  patiently  He  hangs, 

Jesus,  our  Love,  is  crucified! 

How  fast  His  hands  and  feet  are  nail'd; 

His  blessed  tongue  with   thirst   is  tied, 
His  failing  eyes  are  blind  with  blood, 

Jesus,  our  Love,  is  crucified! 
His  mother  cannot  reach  His  face, 

She  stands  in  helplessness  beside, 
Her  heart  is  martyr'd  with  her  Son's, 

Jesus,  our  Love,  is  Crucified. 

Seven   times    He   spoke,    seven   words   of 

And  all  three  hours  His  silence  cried 
For  mercy  on  the  souls  of  men, 

Jesus,  our  Love,  is  crucified! 
What  was  Thy  crime,  my  dearest  Lord? 

By   earth,    by   Heav'n   thou    hast   been 
And  guilty  found  of  too  much  love, 

Jesus,   our  Love,  is  crucified! 

Found  guilty  of  excess  of  love, 

It  was  Thine  own  sweet  will  that  Led 
Thee  tighter  far  than  helpless  nails; 

Jesus,  our  Love,  is  crucified! 
Death  came,  and  Jesus  meekly  bowed, 

His  failing  eyes  He  strove  to  guide 
With  mindful  love  to  Mary's  face;— 

Jesus,  our  Love,  is  crucified! 



Oh!  come,  loud  anthems  let  us  sing, 
Loud  thanks  to  our  Almighty  King; 
For  we  our  voices  high  should  raise, 
When  our  salvation's   Rock   we  praise. 


Great  is  the  Lord!  what  tongue  can  frame 
An  honor  equal  to  His  name? 

Into  His  presence  let  us  baste, 
To  thank  Him  for  His  favors  past; 
To  Him  address,  in  joyful  songs, 
The  praise  that  to  His  name  belongs. 

— Cho. 

The  depths  of  earth  are   in   His  hand, 
Her  secret  wealth  at  His  command: 
The  strength  of  hills  that  reach  the  skies 
Subjected   to    His    empire   lies.— Cho. 

Oh!  let  us  to  His  courts  repair, 
And  bow  with  adoration  there; 
Down  on  our  knees,  devoutly  all, 
Before   the  Lord,   our   Maker,   fall-  Cho. 


Oh!  come,  my  sweet  Saviour, 
In  this  heart  recline, 

Thou  knowest,   my  Jesns, 
'Twill  ever  be  Thine. 



O  God  of  love, 

My  soul's  sweet  delight, 
Keep   ever  thy   child 

From  sin's  dreary  night. 

Loved  Mother,  beg  Jesus, 

To  list  to  my  call, 
For  He  is  my  Saviour, 

My  God  and  my  all.— Cho. 

My  heart  joins  those  angels, 
That  come  from  above, 
To  sing  'round  this  altar 
Hosannas   of    love.— Cho. 

Then  come,  my  sweet  Saviour, 
Ne'er  more  to  depart; 

Thy  home  is  my  bosom, 
Thy  altar  my  heart.— Cho. 


Oh!  how  the  Heart  of  Mary  burns; 
Untired,  unchanged,  in  love!  it  turns 
With   ceaseless  breathings   of  desire, 
Tow'rds  Jesus'  Heart,   its  sacred  tire. 
Heart  of  the  best  of  mothers,  hear 
The  voice  of  thy  poor  suppliants'  prayer. 
Grant  to  our  hearts,  O  Heart  divine, 
Some  portion  of  that  love  of  thine. 


O  Mary,  be  this  Heart  our  stay, 
Till  death  shall  call  our  souls  away 
From  this  frail  dust;  then,  ere  we  part, 
Hide  us,  O  Mary,  in  thy  Heart. 
Through    that    pure    Heart,    where    thou 

didst  dwell, 
That  Heart  that  loved  thine  own  so  well. 
May  all  their  meed  of  homage  send, 
To  thee,  for  ages  without  end. 

OH!    LIST.    MY    LOVED    ANGEL. 

Oh!  list,  my  loved  angel,  assent  10  my 

And  accept  this  young  heart  that  is  of- 
fered thee  now, 

My  Mother's  soft  eyes  beam  with  ten- 
d'rest  light 

As  I  kneel  and  invoke  thy  protection  this 

In  innocence  keep  me,  and  watch  the 
bright  flower, 

Oh!  pure  let  it  bloom,  until  life's  clos- 
ing hour! 

In  the  heart  of  my  Mother  let  mine  find 

Like  a  dewdrop  enshrined  in  the  heart 
of  a  rose. 

My    light    be    'mid    darkness,    mine    aid 

thro'  the  day, 
And    ever   in    prayer   teach    me    wJiat    1 

shall   say; 
Then   Mary   will  smile   as  she  listens  to 

And  grant  the  petition  thou'st  proffered 

for  me. 


Be  near  me,  and  round  me  thy  bright 
presence  fling, 

My  heart  close  enfold  with  thy  pure, 
snowy  wing. 

'Neath  Mary's  bright  mantle  thou  may'st 
ever  stay, 

Oh!  keep  me  there  with  thee,  sweet  an- 
gel,  I  pray. 

Oh!  guide  me,  blessed  angel,  to  Heaven 
and  God, 

In  the  straight  narrow  path  the  child  Je- 
sus hath  trod; 

His  Mother  watched  o'er  Him  with  sucn 
tender  care, 

Oh!  ask  her  to  take  me  to  dwell  with 
Him  there. 


Oh!  sing  a  joyous  carol 

Unto  the   Holy   Child, 
And  praise  with,  gladsome  voices 

His  Mother  undefiled. 
Our  youthful  voices,  greeting, 

Shall  hail  our  Infant  King, 
And  our  sweet  Lady  listens 

When  children's  voices  sing. 

Who  is  there  meekly  lying 
In  yonder  stable  poor? 

Dear  children,  it  is  Jesus- 
He  bids  you  now  adore. 

Who  is  there  kneeling  oy  Him 
In  virgin  beauty  fair? 

It  is  our  Mother,  Mary- 
She  bids  you  all  draw  near. 


Who  is  there  near  the  manger 
That    guards    the    Holy   Child  V 

It  is  the  great  St.  Joseph- 
Chaste  spouse  of  Mary  mild. 

Dear  children,  oh!   how  joyful 
With  them  in  Heaven  to  be! 

God  grant  that  none  be  missing 
From  that  festivity. 

OH!    TAKE    ME     TO     THY     SACKED 

Oh!  take  me  to  Thy  Sacred  Heart 

And  seal  the  entrance  o'er, 
That  from  that  home  my  wayward  soul 

May  never  wander  more: 
O  Jesus'  Heart,  meek,  patient,  kind, 

My  soul  to  Thee  I  turn; 
Thou  wilt  not  crush  the  bruised  reed, 

The  sorrowing  spirit  spurn. 

O  Mary!  by  the  priceless  love 
Which  Jesus'  Heart  bore  thee, 

Pray  that  my  home  in.  life  and  death 
That  loving  Heart  may  be: 

0  Jesus!  open  wide  Thy  Heart, 
And  let  me  rest  therein; 

For  weary  is  my  stricken  soul 
Of  sorrow  and  of  sin. 

I've  sought  for  rest  and  found  it  not 

In  things  of  earthly  mould; 
One  Heart  alone  is  worth  my  love — 

That  Heart  that  ne'er  grows  cold. 
Yes,  Jesus,  take  me  to  Thyself, 

I'm  weary  waiting  here: 

1  long  to  lean  upon  Thy  breast, 
To  see  and  feel  Thee  near. 


OH!      THE      PRICELESS      LOVE      OF 

Oh!  the  priceless  love  of  Jesus! 

Ob!  the  strength  of  grace  divine, 
All  His  gifts   are  showered  upon  me, 

All  His  blessings  may  be  mine; 
He  is  throned  in  Heavenly  glory, 

Where  no  sin  nor  death  can  be, 
Yet  He  loves  me  in  this  darkness, 

Yet  He  does  not  turn  from  me. 

I  am  poor,  and  weak,  and  sinful, 

By  temptations  sorely  tried, 
Yet  His  watchful  care  abounding 

Keeps  me  ever  at  His  side; 
He  is  God  and  King  eternal, 

Higher  than  all  height  can  be, 
Yet  His  heart  is  with  me  always, 

Yet  he  stoopeth  down  to  me. 

Storms  of  sorrow  roll  around  me, 

Darkling  clouds  above  me  meet, 
But  I  hasten  to  my  refuge, 

At  my  Saviour's  wounded  feet; 
Oh!   how   lovingly,   my  oesus, 

Thou  dost  ever   with  me  bear, 
I  can  never,  never  thank  Thee 

For  Thy  goodness  and  Thy  care. 


Oh!  turn,  most  tender  Mother, 

Those  loving  eyes  of  thine, 
And  see  the  fresh,  sweet  flowers, 

We  bring  to  deck  thy  shrine. 
Receive  the  gifts  we  bring  thee. 
Accept  the  lay  we  sing  thee. 
O  Mary,   sweet  Mother, 

Hear  our  humble  prayer, 

These  roses,   fresh  and   blooming, 
These  lilies,  white  as  snow, 

Bespeak  the  Heavenly  virtues 
That   round  thy  pathway  grow. 

With-  love  like  roses   glowing, 

And  pure  as  lilies  blowing, 

O   Mary,   sweet  Mother, 
Make  our  hearts  like  thine. 

Watch  o'er  us,  loving  Mother, 
When   tossed   by   passions   wild, 

Then  teach  us  to  call  on  thee, 
And  on  thy  Holy  Child. 

From  sin  and  evil  guard  us, 

In  danger  watch  and  ward  us, 

O  Mary,   sweet  Mother, 
Hear  our  ardent  prayer! 


Oh!  turn  to  Jesus,  Mother!  turn, 
And  call  Him  by  His  tenderest  names: 

Pray  for  the  Holy  Souls  that  burn 
This  hour  amid  the  cleansing  flames. 

Ah!  they  have  fought  the  gallant   fight: 
In   death's   cold   arms   they   persevered 

And  after  life's  uncheery  night 
The  harbor  of  their  rest  is  neared. 

They  are  the  children  of  thy  tears; 

Then  hasten,   Mother!  to  their  aid; 
In  pity  think  each  hour  appears 

An  age  while  glory  is  delayed. 


Ah  me!  the  love  of  Jesus  yearns 
O'er  that  abyss   of  sacred  pain, 

And  as  he  looks  His  bosom  burns 
With  Calvary's  dear  thirst  again. 

O  Mary!  let  thy  Son  no  more 
His    lingering    spouses   thus   expect, 

God's  children  to  their  God  restore, 
And  to  the  spirits  His  elect. 

Pray,  then,   as  thou  has  ever  prayed, 
Angels  and  souls  all  look  to  thee, 

God  waits  thy  prayers,  for  He  hath  made 
Those  prayers  His  law  of  charity. 

OH!    WHAT    COULD    MY    JESUS    DO 

Oh!  what  could  my  Jesus  do  more. 
Or  what  greater  blessings  iimpart? 

Oh!  silence,  my  soul;  and  adore 
And  press  Him  still  near  thy  heart. 

'Tis    here    from    my   labors   I'll  rest 
Since    He    makes    my    poor    heart    His 

To  Him  all  my  cares  I'll  address, 
And  speak  to  the  heart  of  my  God. 

For  life  and  for  death  Thou  art  mine, 
My  Saviour,  I'm  sealed  with  Thy  hlood; 

Till  eternity  on  me  doth  shine, 
I'll  feed  on  the  flesh  of  my  God. 

In  Jesus  triumphant  I  live; 

In  Jesus  exultingly  die; 
The  terrors  of  death  calmly  brave; 

In  His  bosom  breathe  out  my  last  sigh. 



Oh,  when  shall  we  with  angels  bright 

On  golden  harps  our  Mother  praise, 
And  bask  beneath  her  smile's  sweet  light, 

And  on  her  wondrous  beauty  gaze? 
Sweet     Mother,     sweet     Mother,     sweet) 
Mother;  far  from  Heaven  and  <thee 

We  languish  here  in  exile  drear, 
These  captive  hearts,  O  Mary,  free! 

Let  them  behold  thee,  Mother  dear. 

Oh!  if  'tis  now  so  sweet  to  love, 

And  oft  to  breathe  thy  holy  namo, 
What  will  it  be  in  realms  above, 

Where  seraphs'  ardor  hearts  inflame? 
Sweet     Mother,     sweet     Mother,     sweet 
Mother,  soon  thy  summons  sfnd; 

On  earth  no  longer  let  us  roam, 
In  thy  bright  courts  let  us  attend, 

O  Mary,,  call  thy  children  x.ome! 

But,  hark!  a  voice  from  starry  skies. 

Those    gentle    tones    our     hearts    well 
Our  Mother  loved  has  heard  our  sighs, 

She    sees    us    languish    here   below. 
Sweet   Mother,  sweet  Mother,  but  no,  she 
bids  us  wait  awhile, 

'Mid  earthly  scenes  that  pass  away, 
Then  we'll  behold  her  tender  smile, 

And  come  with  her  in  Heaven  to  stay. 


Her  children  there  she'll  kindly  cheer, 

She'll  fold  them  in  her  fond  embrace, 
From  every  eye  she'll  wipe  tne  tear, 

And  from  sad  hearts  all  sorrow  chase. 
Sweet     Mother,     sweet     Mother,     sweet 
Mother,  yet  we'll  linger  here, 

O'er   life's    drear    waste    we    still    will 
And  wait  in  hope  till  thou  appear 

To  guide  us  to  our  Heavenly  home. 


On  her  throne  of  love  and  graces, 

In  her  fair  and  lovely  shrine, 
Clasping  close  in  her  embraces 

The  Holy  Babe  Divine. 
Come  and  greet  our  dearest  Mother, 

Come  and  hail  our  Sovereign  Queen, 
Creeping  close  to  Christ,  our  Brother, 

With  a  spirit  pure  and  clean. 


Hark!  the  hymn  of  love  is  swelling, 

Lady  of  Perpetual  He~p! 
Ev'ry  tongue  thy  praise  is  telling, 

Lady  of  Perpetual  Help! 

In  the  light  of  glowing  canuie, 

Mark  the  Mother's  grief  profound! 
From  her  Baby's  foot  the  sandal 

±>  alls  unheeded  to  the  ground. 
Firm  she  clasps  His  trembling  fingers 

To  her  bosom,  white  as  snow, 
Right  and  left  an  angel  lingers, 

Bearing  instruments  of  woe!— Cho. 


By  thy  grief,  thy  Son's  dear  passion, 

Mother  Mary,  hear  our  prayer! 
By  thy  love  and  deep  compassion, 

Keep  us  ever  in  thy  care! 
In  life's  toil  and  fretting  changes, 

Be  our  refuge,   oe  our  rest! 
And,  through  death's  besetting  dangers, 

Guide  us  safe  to  mansions  blest!— Cho. 



On  this  day,  O   beautiful  Mother, 
On  this  day  we  give  thee  our  love. 

Near  thee,   Madonna,  fondly  we  hover, 
Trusting  thy  gentle  care  to  prove. 


On  this  day,   we  ask  to  share, 
Dearest  Mother,  thy  sweet  care; 
Aid  us  ere  our  feet  astray 
Wander  from  thy  guiding  way.— Cho. 

Queen  of  angels,  deign  to  hear 
Lisping  children's  humble  pray'r; 
Young  hearts  gain,  O  Virgin  pure, 
Sweetly  to  thyself  allure.— Cho. 

Rose  of  Sharon,  lovely  flow'r, 
Beauteous  bud  of  Eden's  bow'r; 
Cherished  lily  of  the  vale, 
Virgin,  Mother,  Queen,   we  hail.— Cho. 



On    this    sweet    morn,    O    jay    all    words 
Our  God  will  come  in  Eucharistic  guise, 
Our  hearts   with   His   in   sweet  Commu- 
nion blending 
Will  with  rapture  taste  the  bliss  of  Para- 


Thy  Jesus  seeks   to   make   His   dwelling 

O  Mother  loved,  our  cold  hearts  prepare, 
With  virtues  bright  thy  children's  hearts 

"For  in   their  depths   He  u   rest  on   this 

sweet  morn." 

Now  fading  fast  day's  brilliant  rays  de- 
Tell  that  the  morn,  the  day  of  love  is 
That    soon   the    Sun   of   ^ustice,    brightly 
In   mercy   veiled   will  to  our  souls  ap- 
pear.— Cho. 

On  this  sweet  morn  will  come  to  sacred 
When  we  may  say  farewell  to  mortal 
Haste,   haste  that   dawn   now  in  the  fu- 
ture gleaming, 
That  morn  that  leads  us  to  eternal  life. 



ONE    HEART,    ONE    SOUL. 

"One  heart,  one  soul,  in  Jesus'  Heart," 

Sweet  is  the  league  of  love 
Which  binds  our  hearts  so  close  for  aye 

To  Jesus'  Heart  above, 
No  thought,  no  feeling,  no  desire 

Must  claim  in  us  a  part, 
Till  made  all  pure  and  sanctified, 

Lord,  in  Thy  Sacred  Heart. 

"One    Heart,    one     soul,"     O     wondrous 

Of  Jesus'  Heart  to  bind; 
The  hearts  that  else  discordant  were 

Here  holy  concord  find. 
In  Thee,  with  Thee,  for  Thee  we  work 

Thy  message  to  impart, 
That  all  true  rest  and  peace  can  gain, 

Lord,  in  Thy  Sacred  Heart. 

Dear  Jesus,  keep  us  in  Thy  Heart; 

Take  our  cold  hearts  away; 
Or  make  our  hearts  more  like  to  Thine, 

More  pure  and  meek  each  day. 
Ah,  yes,  e'en  in  this  sinful  world, 

This  is  the  better  part, 
What  shall  it  be  when  safe  for  aye, 

Lord,  in  Thy  Sacred  Heart? 


One  hour  with  Thee,  O  dearest  Jesus, 

In  silence,  at  Thy  feet, 
One  hour  of  rest,  of  joy,  of  bliss, 

My  God,  my  God,  how  sweet 
To  kneel  before  Thy  earthly  "throne, 

And  gaze  upon  Thee   there, 
To  be  one  hour  with  Thee  alone, 

And,  oh!  to  be  so  near. 


What  can  I  do,  what  can  I  say, 

How   praise,    how  thank,    how   love, 
What  fitting  homage  can  I  pay, 

O  angels  from  above? 
Lend  me  your  voices  for  this  hour, 
-Lend  me  your  tongues  to  speak 
Some    words    of    love,    some   /words    of 

For  mine  are  all  too  weak. 

My    God,    my    Father,    friend,    my    All, 

How  sweet  this  hour  to  me; 
What  feast  of  love,  of  Heavenly  light, 

These  moments  spent  with  Thee. 
Ah,  words,  my  Jesus,  cannot  tell 

The  rapture  of  this  union, 
Whilst  Thou  art  mine  and  I  all  Thine 

In  this  one  sweet  communion. 

OUR    LORD    IS    RISEN. 

Our  Lord  is  risen  from  the  dead, 
Our  Jesus  is  gone  up  on  high, 

The  pow'rs  of  hell  are  captive  led, 
Dragg'd  to  the  portals  of  the  sky. 


Who  is  the  King  of  glory?  who? 

The  Lord  that  all  His  foes  o'ercame, 
The  world,  sin,  death  and  hell  o'erthrew, 

And  Jesus  is  -the  conqueror's  name. 

There  His  triumphal  chariot  waits, 
And  angels  chant  the  solemn  lay; 

Lift  up  your  neads,  ye  Heavenly  gates, 
Ye  everlasting  doors,  give  way.— Cho. 


Loose  all  your  bars  of  massive  light, 
And  wide  unfold  th'  ethereal  scene; 

He  claims  these  mansions  as  His  right, 
Receive  the  King  of  glory  in.— Cho. 


Pange,  lingua,  gloriosi 

Corporis    mysterium, 
Sanguinisque   pretiosi, 

Quern  in  mundi  pretium 
Fractus  ventris  generosi 

Rex  effudit  gentium. 

Nobis  datus,  nobis  natus 

Ex  intacta  Virgine, 
Et  in  mundo  conservatus 

Sparso  verbi  semine, 
Sui  moras  incolatus 

Miro    clausit    ordine. 

In  suprema  nocte  coenae, 
Recumbens  cum  fratribus, 

Observata  lege  plene, 
Cibis  in  legalibus, 

Cibum  turbae  duodenae 
Se   dat   suis   manibus. 

Verbo  carnein,  panem  verum 
Verbo    carnem    efficit: 

Fitque  sanguis  Christi  merum, 
Etsi  sensus  deficit; 

Ad  firmandum  cor  sincerum 
Sola  fides   sufficit. 



Peace,  be  still!  our  God  is  dwelling, 

Silent  on  His  altar  throne; 
Let  us  kneel,  our  oosoms  swelling, 

With  a  joy  but  seldom  known. 
Heart  of  Jesus!  come  we  hither 

With  our  Durdens  meekly  in, 
From  a  world  where  spirits  wither, 

From  a  world  whose  breath  is  sin. 


Heart  of  Jesus!  strength  supernal! 

Send  us  power  from  above; 
Heart  of  Jesus!  light  eternal! 

Fill  our  souls  with  light  and  love! 

Thou  hast  called  the  heavy  laden, 

Called  the  poor,  the  frail  to  Thee, 
See  us,  then,  O  Son  of  Maiden! 

None  could  poorer,  frailer  be! 
rJ  hou  dost    mow  the  woes  and  weakness 

Of  a  nature  prone  to  ill, 
Heart  of  mercy!  Heart  of  meekness! 

Be  our  shield,  our  succor  still!— C ho. 


Pray  for  the  dead!  at  noon  and  eve 
Lift  up  to  GOd  thy  young  request, 

Implore  His  goodness  to  relieve 
The  suffering  souls  and  grant  them  rest. 

Pray  for  the  deaa!  though  faithfully  they, 
Yet    while    the    penalties    remain, 

Must   suffering  purge  the  debt  away, 
And  penance  cleanse  the  sinful  stain. 

Pray  for  the  dead!  thy  pray'rs,  tho'  weak, 
May  yet  be  heard  and  bring  'them  ease; 

For  God  will  hear  thy  sighs,  if  meek— 
Thy  tears,  if  offered  up  for  peace. 

Pray  for  the  dead!  and  while  ye  pray, 
Tremble  lest  sin  thy  soul  o'ertake; 

Lest,  when  thine  eyes  are  cios'd  to-day, 
Thy  soul  in  Purgatory  wake. 

Pray  for  the  deau!  in  holy  fear, 
Pray  that  <their  stains  may  be  forgiven; 

That  thou  thyself  may  leave  the  bier 
To  enter  pure,  at  once,  in  Heaven. 


Preserve,  my  Jesus,  oh!  preserve 

My  soul  to  everlasting  life, 
Oh,  may  this  blest  Communion  serve 

To  aid  my  soul  in  passion's  strife; 
Oh,  may  Thy  body,  may  Thy  blood 
Be  to  my  soul  a  saving  food, 
To  fill  it  still  with  life  and  grace, 
And  every  sinful  stain  efface. 

Take,    then,    my   thoughts   from    all    but 

To  Thee  may  every  impulse  tend, 
What  avails  to  tell  my  misery? 

I  have  my  God,  my  guest,  my  friend; 
May  pity  increase,  and  prayer 
Mine  every  thought,  word,  action  shares 
The  gift  of  love  my  sole  request — 
Thou,  God  of  love,  wilt  grant  the  rest. 


And  Thou,  eternal  Godhead,  see 
The  Son  beloved,  once  given  for  me; 
See  my  Redeemer— now  the  guest 
Of  this  poor,  lowly,  honor'd  breast; 
See,  see  Thy  Jesus,  Him  I  bring, 
Accept,  accept  mine  offering; 
Accept  the  sacrifice  which  pleads 
For  all  Thy  grateful  servant  needs. 


Pure  as  Carmel's  snows,  and  lovely 

As  the  first  fair  morning  shine; 
Crowned  with  stars  of  changeless  splen- 

Hail!  thou  Mother,  Maid  divine! 
Hail!  thou  Lady  of  the  mountain, 

Rearing  up  its  stately  height- 
Emblematic  of  thy  graces, 

Glowing  in  immortal  light! 
Mother  of  Mount  Carmel,  hear! 
Shades  are  falling,  night  is  near! 

From  the  wide  wastes  of  the  ocean, 

Where  the  bird-like  vessels  sail; 
From  the  deep  haunts  of  the  city, 

Where  the  weak  and  tempt'd  wail. 
In  the  battle,  in  the  chapel, 

From  the  bondsman  and  the  free, 
This  sweet  incense  still  is  wafted, 

This  sweet  prayer  swept  up  to  thee! 
Mother  of  Mount  Carmel,  hear! 
Shades  are  falling,  night  is  near! 



Queen  of  empyreal  Heaven,  hail!  wonder 

of  the  immortal  choirs, 
Thy    grandeur,    Virgin,    who    may    tell  V 

wake  the  strains  of  mortal  lyres. 
Hail!  Mother,  hail!  O  Queen  divine!  hail, 

O  Heaven's  open  gate! 
All  humble,  contrite  hearts  are  thine;  turn 

from  us  the  sinner's  fate. 

Of   an   unhappy    mother   born,    banished 

Heaven,  bathed  in  tears, 
Thy  children,  we,  with  grief  forlorn,  cry 

to  thee;  dispel  our  fears, 
O  Virgin,  listen  to  our  prayer,  cast  on  us  a 

pitying  eye, 
Convince  us  that  each  sigh  you  hear,  Mary, 

to  our  aid  incline. 

Loving  mother,   mother  dear,   Mother  of 

the  God  of  light, 
To  us  poor  exiles  turn  thy  ear,  guide  us 

through  this  vale  of  night, 
And  when  life's  tender  thread  is  spun,  to 

our  aid,  pure  Virgin,  come; 
Come  from  the  glory  of  thy  Son,  bear  us 

to  our  longed-for  home. 


Queen  of  our  fount,  Immaculata. 

Queen  of  the  flowers  and  of  the  May; 
Queen  of  the  hearts  that  gather  round  thee 

To  crown  thy  royal  brow  to-day. 



Pure  as  the  snow  on  Hebron's  mountain, 

Bright  as  the  rose  in  Sharon's  vale, 
White  as  the  foam  of  Israel's  fountain, 
-    Mary  Immaculate  we  hail. 

Fair  Queen  of  Heaven,  O  Mother  tender, 
In  thee  our  every  hope  is  placed; 

Oh!  be  to  us  a  strong  defender, 
And    guide    us    through    life's    dreary 
waste.— Cho. 

Queen  of  the  earth  and  Queen  of  Heaven, 
Queen  of  the  vernal  bowers  of  May, 

Queen  of  the  souls  thy  Son  hath  given 
To  guide  them  to  eternal  day.— Cho. 


Queen  of  the  fount,  Immaculate, 

Queen  of  the  grotto  fair, 
In  characters  of  living  light 

Thy  name  is  blazoned  there. 
Queen  of  our  hearts,  whom  love  enthroned 

In  this  our  garden  shrine, 
Its  trees,  its  leaves,  its  falling  spray, 

Sweet  Mother,  all  are  thine. 


Queen  of  the  fount,  Immaculate, 
On  thee  our  hopes  we  cast; 

Oh!  aid  us  in  our  present  need, 
Aid  us  when  life  is  past. 


Ah,  gracious  Sovereign,  it  is  thine 

Poor  sinking  souls  to  save, 
And  thy  sAveet  care  and  tenderness 

Are  all  our  hearts  would  crave. 
Still  at  thy  throne  of  clemency 

Our  pressing  wants  appeal; 
Then,  Mary,  ever  Virgin  blest, 

Our  wounds  and  sorrows  heal.— Cho. 

Dear  Mother,  was  there  aught  refused 

To  thy  sweet  pleading  pray'r? 
Hath  weary  sinner  ever  turned, 

Denied  thy  tender  care? 
Then  earthward  flow,  O  saving  stream. 

Calm  fount  of  mercy  flow— 
Thou  hast  a  balm  for  every  grief 

The  human  heart  can  know.— Cho. 

And  oh!  when  life  is  drear  and  dark, 

And  hope  itself  is  dim; 
When  those  we  loved  are  passed  away, 

And  sorrow's  cup  would  brim; 
When  deep  despondence  clouds  our  hearts, 

And  joy's  sweet  visions  flee- 
Then,  Comfort  of  the  comfortless, 

Thou  wilt  our  refuge  be.— Cho. 

O  Mary,  Mary.  Mother  blest, 

From  thy  bright  Heavenly  throne, 
Oh,  deign  to  sanctify  the  fount 

We  dedicate  thine  own; 
Then  shall  its  precious  waters  flow 

With  healing  grace  replete— 
An  emblem  of  thy  tenderness, 

O  fount  of  mercy  sweet.— Cho. 


Queen  of  the  skies,  so  brightly  fair- 
So  mild,  so  chaste,  and  meek; 

We  beg  thy  love,  we  claim  thy  care, 
Thy  children  frail  and  weak. 

Behold  our  prayers  like  incense  rise, 

Queen  of  the  skies, 

Mary,  loved  Mary,  Queen  of  the  skies. 

The  shadows  of  a  sinful  earth 

Are  hov'ring  o'er  our  way, 
Oh!  thou  who  gav'st  a  Saviour  birth, 

Be  thou  our  guide  and  stay. 
Oh!  turn  on  us  thy  loving  eyes, 

Queen  of  the  skies, 
Mary,  loved  Mary,  Queen  of  the  skies. 

The    perfumed    wreath    for    thee    we've 
To  thee  our  voices  raise; 
And  round  thy  chaste  and  holy  shrine 

We  hymn  our  notes  of  praise. 
Oh!  hear  our  prayers,  behold  our  sighs, 
Queen  of  the  skies, 
Mary,  loved  Mary,  Queen  of  the  skies. 


Raise  your  voices,  vales  and  mountains, 
Flowery  meadows,  streams  and  fountains; 
Praise,  oh!  praise  that  loveliest  Maiden 

Ever  Creator  made. 
Murmuring  brooks,  your  tribute  bringing, 
Little  birds  with  joyful  singing, 
Come  with  mirthful  praises  laden, 

To  your  Queen  be  homage  paid. 


O  sweet  Virgin,  we  implore  thee, 
Tell  what  beauty  God  sheds  o'er  thee; 
Praise  and  thanks  to  Him  be  given 

Who  in  love  created  thee. 
Like  a  sun  with  splendor  glowing 
Gleams  thy  heart  with  love  o'erflowing; 
Like  the  moon  in  starry  heaven 

Shines  thy  peerless  purity. 

Like  the  rose  and  lily  blooming, 
Sweetly  Heaven  and  earth  perfuming, 
Stainless,  spotless  thou  appearest, 

Queenly  beauty  graces  thee. 
But  to  God,  in  whom  thou  livest, 
Sweeter  joy  and  praise  thou  givest, 
When  to  Him  in  beauty  nearest, 

Yet  so  humble  thou  canst  be. 

Lovely  Maid,  to  God  most  pleasing; 
And  for  us  His  wrath  appeasing; 
Oh,  by  all  thy  love  for  Jesus, 

Show  to  us  thy  clemency! 
Raise  your  voices,  vales  and  mountains, 
Flowery  meadows,  streams  and  fountains; 
Praise,  oh,  praise  the  loveliest  Maiden 

Ever  the  Creator  made. 


(From   Holy   Saturday  till  Trinity  Eve.) 

Regina  coeli  laetare!  Alleluia. 
Quia  quern  meruisti  portare;  Alleluia. 
Resurrexit  sicut  dixit;  Alleluia. 
Ora  pro  nobis  Deum;  Alleluia. 

V.  Gaude  et  laetare,  Virgo  Maria,  Alleluia, 
R.— Quia  surrexit  Dominus  vere,  Alleluia. 



Rejoice,  rejoice,  O  earth  and  skies, 

See  Jacob's  promised  star  arise! 

Its  radiant  beams  of  living  light 

Dispel  the  shades  of  sin's  dark  night. 

Far,  far  above  angelic  bands 

Immaculate  our  Mother  stands; 

No  shadow  rests  upon  her  name, 

And  Heav'n  and  earth  proclaim 

Our  Queen,  our  lovely  Queen,  Immaculate. 


Oh!  Heav'nly  gift  of  God, 

Our  Queen  Immaculate! 

Peerless  Mother,  beauteous  Queen, 

Our  hearts  now  thrill  with  gladness, 

As  we  thy  praises  sing. 

Peerless  Mother,  beauteous  Queen, 

Immaculate,  Virgin  Queen  Immaculate. 

Immaculate!  that  word  has  charms 
To  win  thy  children  to  thy  arms! 
And  thus  we're  drawn  to  thy  sweet  shrine, 
To  place  our  trusting  hearts  in  thine; 
Oh!  make  them  glow  with  burning  love 
For  thy  dear  Son  who  reigns  above. 
And  now  again  our  voices  raise, 
And  sing  our  Mother's  praise. 
Our  Queen,  our  lovelv  Queen  Immaculate. 





Remember,  oh!  remember,  dearest  Mother, 

Never,  never,  was  it  known 
That  any  sin  or  sorrow,  trembling  in  thy 

Told  too  oft  its  wailing  moan, 

Or  wept  unpitied  or  alone. 

Thro'  the  ages  that  are  past,  thro'  the  years 
that  lie  sleeping, 
Cold  and  dark  in  the  tomb  of  the  dead 
No  soul  ever  came  in  its  desolate  weeping, 
Invoking  in  vain  thy  pity  for  its  woe, 
Thy  pity  for  its  woe. 

Thou  art  fair  as  the  stars,  thou  art  pure 
as  the  morning; 
We  are  frail  as  the  leaves  that  lie  low  in 
the  blast, 
But,  ah!  that  sad  heart,  never  sad  sinners 
Invites  to  its  repose  the  folly  of  the  past, 
The  folly  of  the  past. 

What  thou  wert,  still  thou  art;  what  thou 
art,  be  thou  ever; 
Open  wide  all  the  gates  of  thy  beautiful 
My  life  at  thy  feet  I  lay  low,  that  canst 

Refuse  a  heart  whose  throbs  shall  pierce 
thine  own  no  more, 
Shall  pierce  thine  own  no  more. 


Remember  You,  O  gracious  Lord, 

The  eternal  God's  co-equal  word, 

In  Virgin's  womb  a  creature  made, 

Our  nature  wore  for  Nature's  aid. 

O  happy  Mary,  chose  to  be 

Mother  of  grace  and  clemency, 

Protect  us  at  the  hour  of  death, 

And  bear  to  Heaven  our  parting  breath. 

May  age  to  age  forever  sing 

The  Virgin's  Son  and  Angels'  King, 

And  praise  the  celestial  host, 

The  Father,  Son,  and  Holy  Ghost. 


Rose  of  the  Cross,  thou  mystic  flower, 

I  lift  my  heart  to  thee; 
In  every  melancholy  hour, 

O  Mary!  remember  me! 

A  wand'rer  here  thro'  many  a  wild, 

Where  few  their  way  can  see, 
Bloom  with  thy  fragrance  on  thy  child, 

O  Mary!  remember  me! 

Let  me  but  stand,  where  thou  hast  stood, 

Beside  the  crimson  tree, 
And  by  the  water  and  the  blood, 

O  Mary!  remember  me! 

There  let  me  wash  my  sinful  soul 

And  be  from  sin  set  free, 
Drawn  by  thy  love,  by  grace  made  whole, 

O  Mary!  remember  me! 

Be  thy  blessed  Son  my  all  in  all, 

To  whom  from  life  I  flee, 
And  when  before  His  feet  I  fall, 

O  Mary!  remember  me! 

Lead  me  forever  to  adore 

The  glorious  One  in  Three, 
And  whilst  I  tremble  more  and  more, 

O  Mary!  remember  me! 

Rose  of  the  Cross,  thou  thornless  flower, 

May  I  thy  follower  be, 
And  when  temptation  wields  its  power, 

O  Mary!  remember  me! 


Sacred  Heart!  in  accents  burning 

Pour  we  forth  our  love  of  Thee; 
Here  our  hopes  and  here  our  yearnings 

Meet  and  mingle  tenderly. 
Heart  of  mercy,  ever  eager 

All  our  woes  and  wounds  to  heal, 
Heart  most  patient,  Heart  most  pure! 

To  our  souls  Thy  depths  reveal. 


Sacred  Heart  of  our  Redeemer! 
Pierc'd  with  love  on  Calvary! 
Heart  of  Jesus  ever  loving, 
Make  us  burn  with  love  ot  Thee! 
Praise  to  Thee!  Sacred  Heart! 

Heart  of  bounty,  Thou  art  bringing 

All  Thy  thirsting  children  here, 
Where  the  living  waters,  springing, 

Tell  of  hope  and  comfort  near. 
O  Thou  source  of  ev'ry  blessing! 

Sweetest,  strongest,  holiest,  blest! 
Be  our  treasure  here  on  earth, 

And  in  Heav'n  be  Thou  our  rest.— Cho. 



Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus  blest, 
Thou  art  my  solace  and  my  rest; 
Jesus,  an  humble  Heart  is  Thine, 
Oh!  make  my  heart  like  unto  Thine. 

Heart  of  love,  my  treasure  be, 

Thy  Precious  Blood  has  ransomed  me; 

Heart  of  Jesus,  Heart  Divine, 

My  soul,  my  life,  my  heart  are  Thine. 

Heart  of  Jesus,  Source  of  grace 
Deep  on  my  soul  Thy  virtues  trace; 
And  in  death's  supremest  hour 
Be  Thou  my  Hope,  my  saving  power. 



Sacred  Heart,  we  Thee  implore 

Oh!  make  us  love  Thee  more  and  more. 

O  ye  seraphs  bright, 

Full  of  love  and  light, 

Come  and  teach  our  souls  your  tender  art 

Aglow  with  love  to  feel, 

Round  our  Lord  to  kneel, 
To  adore  and  bless  His  Sacred  Heart. 

Source  of  every  good, 

Lo!  the  Precious  Blood 

Floweth  ever  from  the  depths  thereof. 

O  most  Sacred  Heart, 

To  our  souls  impart 
All  the  treasures  of  Thy  grace  and  love. 


In  this  dwelling  place 

Of  the  purest  grace 

Sits  the  glory  of  the  King  of  Kings. 

From  the  golden  shrine 

Of  this  Heart  divine 
Doubt  and  darkness  flee  like  evil  things. 

Here  our  sorest  grief 
Poinds  a  sweet  relief 
And  the  tried  and  tempted  hide  from  sin. 

Here  the  saints  abound 

In  a  peace  profound, 
And  the  weeping  sinner  pardon  wins. 


(From  Trinity  Eve  till  Advent.) 
Salve,  Regina,  mater  misericordiae!  vita, 

dulcedo,  et  spes  nostra,  salve! 
Ad  te  clamamus,  exules  Filii  Evae. 
Ad  te  suspiramus,  gementes  et  flentes  in 

hac  lacrymarum  valle. 

Eia  ergo,  advocata  nostra,  illos  tuos  mis- 
erjcordes  oculos  ad  nos  converte. 

Et  Jesum,  benedictum  f  ructum  ventris  tui, 
nobis  post  hoc  exilium  ostende, 

O  clemens,  O  pia,  O  dulcis  Virgo  Maria. 

Saving  Host,  we  fall  before  Thee. 

Trusting  in  our  Saviour's  word; 
Thee  we  own  the  Lord  of  glory, 

Thee  we  own  our  sovereign  Lord, 
While  our  evil  foes,  contending, 

Threaten  our  eternal  loss; 
Be  with  Heavenly  grace  defending, 

And  protect  us  with  Thy  cross. 


From  Thy  Father's  throne  descending 

Thou  becom'st  our  daily  bread; 
'Midst  celestial  hosts  attending. 

With  Thy  flesh  our  souls  are  fed. 
Come,  Thou  source  of  every  blessing, 

Warm  our  hearts  with  love  divine, 
Let  Thy  grace,  our  souls  possessing, 

Make  us  be  forever  Thine. 


Saviour,  when  in  dust  to  Thee 
Low  we  bow  the  adoring  knee, 
When,  repentant,  to  the  skies 
Scarce  we  lift  our  streaming  eyes, 

Oh!  by  all  the  pains  and  woe 
Suffered  once  for  man  below, 
Bending  from  Thy  Throne  on  high 
Hear  our  solemn  Litany! 

By  Thy  birth  and  early  years, 
By  Thy  human  griefs  and  fears, 
By  Thy  fasting  and  distress 
In  the  lonely  wilderness, 

By  Thy  victory  in  the  hour 
Of  the  subtle  tempter's  power. 
Jesus,  look  with  pitying  eye, 
Hear  our  solemn  Litany! 

By  Thy  deep,  expiring  groan, 
By  Thy  sealed  sepulchral  stone, 
By  Thy  triumph  o'er  the  grave, 
By  Thy  power  from  death  to  save, 

Mighty  God!  ascended  Lord! 
To  Thy  throne  in  Heaven  restored, 
Prince  and  Saviour,  hear  our  cry, 
Hark  our  solemn  Litany! 

By  Thy  cross,  Thy  pangs  and  cries, 
By  Thy  perfect  sacrifice, 
Jesus,  look  with  pitying  eye, 
Hear  our  solemn  Litany! 

Mighty  God,  ascended  Lord, 
To  Thy  throne  in  Heaven  restored, 
Prince  and  Saviour,  hear  our  cry, 
Hear  our  solemn  Litany! 


See!  amid  the  winter's  snow, 
Born  for  us  on  earth  below; 
See!  the  tender  Lamb  appears, 
Promis'd  from  eternal  years. 


Hail,  thou  ever  blessed  morn! 
Hail,  Redemption's  happy  dawn! 
Sing  through  all  Jerusalem, 
Christ  is  born  in  Bethlehem. 

Low  within  a  manger  lies 
He  who  built  the  earth  and  skies; 
He  who,  thron'd  in  height  sublime, 
Sits  amid  the  cherubim.— Cho. 

Say,  ye  holy  shepherds,  say, 
What  joyful  news  to-day? 
Wherefore  have  you  left  your  sheep 
On  the  lonely  mountain  steep?— Cho. 


As  we  watched  at  dead  of  night, 
Lo!  we  saw  a  wondrous  sight; 
Angels,  singing  peace  on  earth, 
Told  us  of  the  Saviour's  birth.— Cho 

Sacred  Infant,  all  divine, 
What  a  tender  love  was  Thine, 
Thus  to  come,  from  highest  bliss, 
Down  to  such  a  world  as  this!— Cho. 

Teach,  oh!  teach  us,  holy  Child, 
By  Thy  face  so  meek  and  mild, 
Teach  us  to  resemble  Thee 
In  Thy  sweet  humility!— Cho. 

Virgin  Mother!  Mary  blest, 
By  tne  joys  that  fill  thy  breast, 
Pray  for  us  that  we  may  prove 
Worthy  of  the  Saviour's  love.— Cho. 


See,  the  dawn  from  Heav'n  is  breaking 

O'er  our  light. 
And  Earth  from  sin  awaking 

Hails  the  Light. 
See  those  groups  of  Angels  winging 

From  the  realms  above, 
On  their  sunny  brows  from  Eden  bringing 

Wreaths  of  hope  and  love. 

Hark!  their  hymns  of  glory  pealing 

Through  the  air, 
To  mortal  ears  revealing 

Who  lies  there! 
In  that  dwelling  dark  and  lowly 

Sleeps  the  Heavenly  Son! 
He,  whose  home  is  in  the  skies, 

The  Holy,  Holy,  Holy  One! 



See   the   Paraclete   descending, 

Burning  with  celestial  lire; 
Grace  and  truth,  on  Him  attending. 

Men  with  Heavenly  love  inspire. 


Let  us,  Alleluias  singing, 

Offer  Him  our  grateful  lays, 
He,  all  Heavenly  graces  bringing, 

Merits      everlasting      praise.      Alleluia, 

Men,   in  every  danger  fearing, 
Now  the  greatest  dangers  scorn, 

Amidst  tortures  persevering, 
Show  themselves  in  Christ  new-born. 


Fishermen,  by  Thee  instructed, 
Jesus  to  the  world  proclaim; 

Infants,  by  Thy  grace  conducted, 
Rather  die  than  slight  His  name.— Clio. 

Idols  fall,  the  Devil  ceasing 

O'er  the  world  to  be  adored; 
Faith  and  love,  by  Thee  increasing, 

All  confess  Thee,  sovereign  Lord.— Cho. 

Source  of  love,  our  hearts  inflaming 
With  true  zeal  and  virtue  pure, 

Grant  we  may,  in  Heaven  reigning 
Sing  Thy  praise  for  evermore.— Cho. 



Silent  Night,  Sacred  Night, 
Bethlehem  sleeps,  yet  what  light 
Floats  around  the  holy  place; 
Songs  of  Angels  fill  the  air, 
Strains  of  Heavenly  peace. 

Silent  Night,   Sacred  Nig***. 
Shepherds  first  see  the   light, 
Hear  the  Alleluias  ring, 
Which  the  angel-chorus  sing: 
Christ  the  Saviour  has  come 

Silent  Night,  Sacred  Night, 
Son  of  God!  oh,  what  light 
Radiates  from  Thy  manger-bed 
Over  realms  with  darkness  spread 
Thou  in  Bethlehem  born. 

SING,    SING,    YE    ANGEL    BANDS. 

Sing,   sing,   ye  angel  bands, 

All  beautiful  and  bright; 
For,  higher  still,  and  higher, 

Through  the  vast  fields  of  light, 
Mary,  your  Queen  ascends, 

Like  the  sweet  moon  at  night. 

A  fairer  flower  than  she 
On  earth  hath  never  been, 

And,  save  the  throne  of  God, 
Your  Heavens  have  never  seen 

A  wonder  half  so  bright 
As    your   ascending   Queen. 


O  happy  Angels!  look, 
How  beautiful  she  is! 

See!   Jesus  bears  her  up, 
Her  hand  is  locked  in  His. 

Oh,  who  can  tell  the  height 
Of  that  fair  Mother's  bliss? 

And  shall  I  lose  thee,  then- 
Lose  my  sweet  right  to  thee? 

Oh,  no!— the  angels'  Queen 
Our  Mother  still  will  be, 

And    thou,    upon    thy   throne, 
Wilt  keep  thy  love  for  me. 


Snow  and  rain  have  vanished, 

Winds  have  ceased  to  wail, 
Gloomy  winter's  banish'd 

From  the  hill  and  dale; 
Gentle  mother,   hear  us 

At  thy  altar  pray; 
Queen  of  saints,  be  near  us 

On  this  sweet  May  day. 

Spring  hath  come  with  flowers, 

Spring  hath  come  with  light, 
Soft  and  rosy  hours 

Fill  the  day  and  night. 
Stars   above  us  gleaming 

Tell  of  Mary's  worth, 
Blossoms  'round  us  teeming 

Speak  her  praise  to  earth. 

Here  below  deserving, 

She  was  found  alone, 
God,  from  sin  preserving, 

Chose  her  for  His  own. 
Grace  as  to  none  other, 

Grace   to  her  was   giv'n, 
She  became  the  mother 

Of  the  King  of  Heav'n. 

God  bestowed  upon  her 

Glories  all  her  own; 
Earth's  sublimest  honor, 

Heaven's  queenly  throne. 
Taught  by  Him,  we  love  her 

In  our  simple  way, 
Placing  none  above  her 

On  this  sweet  May  day. 


Soft  breaks  the  morn  on  Zion  hills, 
And  scarce  a  dreamy  echo  wakes, 

O   Heaven,   attend,   O  earth,   be   still, 
And  list  the  vow  that  Mary  makes. 


Dear  Holy  Child,  sweet  maiden  blest, 
With  royal   beauty  richly  crowned. 

Oh!  teach  my  heart  to  seek  its  rest 
Alone  where  peace  and  rest  are  found. 

Hail,  Blessed  Child!  Hail,  Blessed  Child. 

Earth's  cares  forever  cast  away, 
Like   thee   may   I   retire   apart, 

At  God's  high  throne  in  love  to  lay 
The  tribute  of  a  sinless  heart.— Cho. 

Ob!  let  Thy  fond  protection   be 
A  beacon  light  to  shine  before 

That  love  of  God  and  love  of  Thee 
May  fill  my  heart  forever  more.— Cho. 

Immaculate,  and  full  of  grace, 
Thy  praises  shall  my  lips  employ, 

That,  heart  to  heart,  and  face  to  face, 
I'll  share  with  Thee   Heaven's  endless 
joy.— Cho. 


Soldiers  of  Christ,  arise! 

And  put  your  armor  on. 
Strong   in   the  strength  which   God   sup- 

Through  His  eternal  Son. 

Strong  in  the  Lord  of  Hosts, 

And  in  His  mighty  power; 
Who  in  the  strength  of  Jesus  trusts 

Is  more  than  conqueror. 

Soldiers  of  Christ,  arise! 

The   God  of  armies  calls 
Unto  His  mansions  in  the  skies, 

His  everlasting  halls. 

Lo!  the  angel  host  appears 

To  welcome  you  to  bliss; 
Oh,  what  is  earth,  its  sighs  and  tears, 

Its  joys,  compared  to  -this? 

Crushed  is  the  haughty  foe, 

His  might,  his  glory  gone; 
But  ye,  with  victory  crowned,  shall  go 

To  Christ's  eternal  throne. 


There  shall  the  conqueror  rest, 
And  in  that  blest  abode 

Forever  reign  amid  the  blest, 
Triumphant  with  his  God. 


Soul  of  my  Saviour,  sanctify  my  breast, 
Thy  blessed  Body  be  my  saving  Guest; 
Blood  of  my  Jesus,  bathe  me  in  Thy  tide, 
Wash   me,    ye    waters,    streaming    from 
His  side. 

Strength  and  protection  may  His  passion 

Jesus,  oh!  hear  my  sighs  and  answer  me; 
Deep  in  Thy  Heart,  Lord,  hide  and  shelter 

That  I  may  never,  never,  part  from  Thee. 

Guard  and  defend  me  from  the   wicked 

In  deaths  dread      moments      Thy  sweet 

mercy  show; 
Call  me,  and  bid  me  come  to  Thee  above, 
Where  I  may  praise  Thee  with  my  songs 

of  love. 


Soul  of  my  Saviour,  with  holiness  fill 

Body  of  Jesus,  be  Thou  my  salvation; 

Blood  shed  on  Calvary,  fill  me  with  rap- 

Water  that  flowed  from  His  side  at  the 


Wash   my    soul   clean    from    all   stain    of 

Passion  of  Christ,  make  me  strong  ?n  my 

Jesus,   dear  Lord,   let  my  cry  wake  Thy 

Deep  in  Thy  wounds  let  my  soul  find  a 

Make  me  in  time  and  eternity  cleave  to 

Ward  off  the  stroke  of  the  foe  so  malig- 
Let  Thy  voice  cheer  me  when  death  gives 

the  summons; 
Say  to   me,   "Come,"   when   the  shadows 

are  darkest; 
May  my  seat  for  all  ages  be  near  Thee 

in  Heaven, 
And  my   voice,   'mid  the   saints  and  the 

angels  uplifted, 
Sing  praise  to  Thy  glory  forever  arid  ever. 



St.  Anthony,  we  praise  thee 
And  sing  thy  wondrous  pow'r; 

Oh!  never  fail  to  aid  us 
In  every  needy  hour. 

Thine  aid  can'st  thou  refuse  us, 
With  Jesus  in  thy  arms; 

And  all  thy  love  o'erflowing 
Upon  His  infant  charms.— Cho. 


St.  Anthony,  oh!  teach  us 
Thy  ardent  zeal  and  love, 

That  raise  the  heart's  affections 
All  earthly  things  above.— Cho. 

Let  love  of  Jesus  only 

Our  aspirations  fill; 
Be  it  our  truest  pleasure 

To  do  His  holy  will.— Cho. 


St.  Cecilia,  from  out  the  splendor 
Of  your  bright,   celestial  throng; 

Oh!  hear  the  praise  'tis  ours  to  render, 
List  the  burden  of  our  song. 


Wilt  hear  our  prayer,  sweet  St.  Cecilia, 
And  teach  our  hearts  thy  song  divine? 

That  we  with  prayer  and  celestial  music 
May  blend  our  voice  with  thine. 

We  have  dwelt  on  thy  wondrous  story, 

We  behold  thy  trials  done; 
And  there  we  see  the  crown  of  glory 

By  thy  love  and  suffering  won.— Cho. 

Now  the  day  of  thy  strife  is  ended, 
Now  thou  reignest  in.  the  skies; 

And  thy  glad  voice  is  softly  blended 
With  the  hymns  of  Paradise.— Cho. 



Stabat  Mater  dolorosa, 
Justa    crucem    lacryinosa, 
Dum  pendebat  Filius. 

Cu.ius  animam  gementem, 
Contristatam  et  dolentem, 
•Pertransivit  gladius. 

O  quam  tristis  et  afflicta 
Fuit  ilia  benedicta, 
Mater  Unigeniti! 

Quae  moerebat  et  dolebat, 
Pia  Mater  dum  videbat 
Nati  poenas  inclyti. 

Quis  est  homo  qui  non  fleset, 
Matrem  Cliristi  si  videret 
In  <tanto  supplicio? 

Quis  non  posset  contristari, 
Christi  Matrem  contemplari 
Dolentem  cum  Filio? 

Pro  peccatis  suae  gentis, 

Vidit  Jesum  in  tormentis 

Et  flagellis  subditum. 

VidR  suum  dulcem  natum, 
Moriendo  desolatum, 
Dum  emisit  spiritum. 

Eia   Mater,   fons   amoris, 
Me  sentire  vim  dolons 
Fac  ut  tecum  lugeam. 


Fae  ut  ardeat  cor  meum 
In  amando  Christum  Deurn, 
Ut  sibi  complaceam. 

Sancta  Mater,  istud  agas, 
Crucitixi  fige  plagas 
Cordi  nieo  valide. 

Tui  nati  vulnerati, 
Tani  dignati  pro  me  pati, 
Poenas  niecum  divide. 

Fac  me  tecum  pie  flere 
Crucifixo  condolere 
Donee  ego  vixero. 

Juxta  crucem  tecum  stare. 
Et  me  tibi  sociare 
In  planctn  desidero. 


Stood  the  Mother  weeping,  sighing, 
Near  her  Son,  the   Crucified; 

Saw  Him  writhing,  bleeding,  dying, 
Felt  the  sword  her  soul  divide. 


Holy  Mother,  may  I  borrow 
Unmeasured  love  like  thine; 

Grace  to  share  with  thee  in  sorrow 
For  Him,  thy  Son  divine. 

Hers  what  sadness  and  affliction, 

Mother  of  the  only  One; 
Hers  the  crowned  with  benediction, 

Jesus  dies,  her  glorious  Son.— Oho. 


Who  the  mortal  without  weeping 
Could  behold  that  Mother's  woe; 

Tearless,  see  her  vigils;  keeping 
Near  her  Jesus  suff  ring  so?— Cho. 

For  the  sins  of  hapless  mortals 
Scourged  and  beaten  to  the  goal, 

Sees  she  Him  at  death's  dark  portals, 
Pouring  out  for  us  His  soul.— Cho. 


Strew  before  our  Lady's  altar 

Roses— flushing  like  the  sky. 
Where  the  lingering  western  cloudlets 

Watch  the  daylight  die. 
Violets  steeped  in  dreamy  odors, 

Humble  as  the  mother  mild, 
Blue  as  were  her  eyes  when  watching 

O'er  her  sleeping   Child. 

Strew  white  lilies,  pure  and  spotless, 

Bending  on  their  stalks  of  green, 
Bending  down  with  tender  pity, 

Like  our  Holy  Queen. 
Let  the  flowers  spend  their  fragrance 

On  our  Lady's  own  dear  shrine, 
While  we  claim  her  gracious  helping 

Near  her  Son  divine. 

Strew  before  our  Lady's  altar 

Gentle  flowers  fair  and  sweet; 
Hope  and  fear  and  joy  and  sorrow 

Place,  too,  at  her  feet. 
Peace  to  every  heart  that  loves  her, 

All  her  children  shall  be  blest, 
While  she  prays  and  watches  for  us 

We  will  trust  and  rest. 


Strike  the  harp  in  praise  ot  God! 

Wake  the  timbrel's  louder  mirth, 
Glorious  the  song  must  be 

Of  the  great  Creator's  worth; 
Nature  in  her  calmness  raises 

Strains  of  gladness,  peace  and  love. 
Man  re-echoes  forth  her  praises, 

Glory  to  the  God  above. 

Strike  the  harp,  etc. 

Honor  Him,  ye  host  of  Heaven! 

Worship  Him,   ye  realms  below! 
Not  with  outward  form  alone, 

But  with  hearts  that  purely  glow. 
He  who  rules  the  earth— the  ocean— 

Keepeth  silent  watch  o'er  thee, 
He  can  tell  with  what  devotion 

Bows  the  heart  or  bends  the  knee. 
Strike  the  harp,  etc. 


Sweet  angel  of  mercy!  by  Heaven's  de- 

Divinely  appointed  to  watch  over  me, 

Without  thy  protection,  so  constant  and 

I  could  not  well  live,  I  should  tremble  to 


Support  me  in  weakness;  my  spirit  in- 

Defend  me  in  danger;  secure  me  from 

That,  safe  from  temptation  or  sudden  sur- 

I  may  mount  the  straight  path  that  con- 
ducts to  the  skies. 

O  thou!  who  didst  witness  my  earliest 

Be  with  me,  I  pray,  in  the  hour  of  my 

Protect  me  from  Satan,  console  me  in 

And  teach  me  how  best  I  may  mercy  ob- 

That,  cleansed  by  confession,  complete 
and  sincere, 

From  all  the  defilements  afflicting  me 

All  glowing  with  love,  I  may  gladly  de- 

With  faith  on  my  lips  and  with  hope  in 
my  heart. 

Nor   then   do   thou    leave    me,    angelical 

But  at  the  tribunal  of  judgment  attend, 
Till  with  angels  and  saints  I  adore  in  my 

The  Father  and   Son,  and   the   Spirit   of 




Sweet  Fount  of  love,  dear  Sacred  Heart, 

Long  have  I  sought  in  vain 
For  peace  and  joy  from  Thee  apart, 

Evading  Thy  sweet  reign. 
Why  didst  Thou  not.  as  I  deserved, 

Amidst  sin's  dashing  foam, 
Leave  me  to  perish?  for  I  scorned 

The  voice  that  called  me  home — 
No,  'twas  not  in  Thy  Sacred  Heart 
To  bid  e'en  me  depart. 


Sacred  Heart,  Thou  dost  call— 

"My  Child,  give  Me  thy  heart! 
"Come,  though  thy  soul  be  red  with  guilt, 

Come,  make  thy  home  My  Heart!" 

Sweet  Lord,  my  heart  is  pierced  with  woe, 

Help,  or  I  die  of  grief; 
That  one  dear  word,  so  sweet  and  low, 

Has  rendered  danger  brief. 
'Twas  I  who  wounded  Thy  dear  Heart, 

And  pierced  Thy  Mother's  too— 
Ah,  Jesus  dear,  do  not  depart, 

Hot  tears,  like  copious  dew, 
Fall  quickly  as  once  more  I  hear, 
"My  Child,  to  Me  draw  near."— Gho. 


But  now,  at  last,  sweet  Sacred  Heart, 

Thy  ingrate  child  returns— 
Whom  Thou  so  lovedst,  who  spurned  Thy 

She  now  for  pardon  yearns. 
Yes,  whisper  once  again,  dear  Lord, 

"My  child,  thou  art  forgiven," 
And  ere  this  feast  shall  pass  away 

Thy  Heart  shall  be  my  Heaven. 
Farewell!  vain  earth!  my  life,  my  all 

To  Jesus'  Heart  is  given. 


Sweet  Heart  of  Jesus,  ever  yearning 
That  our  icy  hearts  with  love  may  burn, 

Kind  Heart  of  Jesus,  never  spurning 
When  the  contrite  unto  Thee  return. 


Sweet  Heart  of  Jesus  we  now  implore, 
Oh!  make  us  love  Thee  more  and  more, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  meek  and  tender, 

Grant  the  grace  we  now  implore. 
Heart  of  Jesus,  meek  and  tender, 

Make  us  love  Thee  more  and  more, 
Heart  of  Jesus,  we  implore, 
Make  us  love  Thee  more  and  more. 

Heart  of  Jesus,  boundless  treasure, 

In  Thy  love  and  sweetness  unsurpassed, 
Abyss  of  love  that  knows  no  measure, 

Into  Thee  our  hones  and  fears  we  cast. 

Our  exile  here  is  dark  and  dreary, 

Still  beset  with  countless  ills  and  woes; 
Sweet  Heart  of  Jesus,  we  are  weary, 

Ah!  be  Thou  our  refuge  and  repose. 


30  0 


Sweet  Heart  of  Jesus,  source  of  love  and 
We  beg  of  Thee,  O  fount  of  living  grace, 
Oh,  list  to  souls  who  humbly  now  implore 
And   make   them    Thine    forever,    ever- 


Sweet  Heart  of  Jesus,  so  humble  and  so 
Sweet  Heart  of  Jesus,  O  make  our  hearts 
all  thine. 

Would  that  our  hearts,  responding  to  Thy 
Were  pure  and  simple,  seeking  none  but 
E'er   self-forgetting,    patient,    meek     and 
And   loving   Thee    with    pure    seraphic 


Sweet  is  the  face  of  nature 

When  flowers  deck  the  vales, 
When  air  is  filled  with  fragrance 

Wafted  by  vernal  gales; 
Yet  zephyrs  vainly  fan  me, 

And  flow'rs  to  groves  invite, 
Without  the  smile  of  Jesus 

They  give  me  no  delight. 


Sweet  are  the  shady  bowers, 

The  silent,  still  retreat; 
The  sunshine  after  showers, 

And  morning  air  are  sweet, 
But  vain  are  nature's  beauties 

And  lost  her  sweets  to  me; 
Dear  Jesus,  nought  can  charm  me 

Without  a  smile  from  Thee. 

Tho'  crystal  streams  meander 

And  fertilize  the  plain, 
Tho'  gentle  zephyrs  wander 

And  waft  each  pleasing  strain, 
Tho'  valleys,  groves  and  fountains 

Unite  to  charm  my  sight, 
Without  the  smile  of  Jesus 

They  cannot  give  delight. 

Jesus,  Thy  smile  of  mercy 

Can  make  my  spirit  whole, 
And  drive  the  shades  of  sadness 

From  my  afflicted  soul. 
Oh!  pardon  my  transgressions, 

And  purify  my  heart, 
Speak  all  my  sins  forgiv'n, 

And  bid  my  fears  depart. 

For  Thee  my  soul  doth  languish, 

While  all  my  joys  are  fled, 
Oh!  smile  away  this  anguish, 

And  raise  my  drooping  head! 
Then  saints  shall  hear  my  story, 

And  share  my  happiness, 
While  Thine  shall  be  the  glory, 

And  mine  the  endless  bliss. 



Sweet  Jesus,  hid  for  love  of  nie, 
How  shall  I  render  thanks  to  Thee? 
Ah !  would  that  my  poor  love  could  be 
The  half  of  that  Thou'st  shown  for  me! 

What  wondrous  act  is  this  of  Thine, 
To  make  Thyself  so  wholly  mine? 
My  food,  great  God  Thou  deign' st  to  be, 
To  show  how  well  Thou  lovest  me! 

Lord  Jesus,  come,  I  beg  of  Thee, 
And  with  Thy  grace  pray  strengthen  me, 
For  Thee  alone  my  heart  doth  beat — 
Ah!  make  of  it  Thy  mercy-seat. 

E'en  as  the  thirsty  stag  doth  fly 
To  running  brook,  so,  Lord,  do  I 
With  longing  heart  pant  after  Thee— 
Then,  come,  sweet  Jesus,  come  to  me! 

Ah!  hasten,  Lord  make  no  delay! 
Come,  wed  my  heart  this  very  day, 
That  thus  united  here  below, 
I  may  not  fear  eternal  woe. 


Sweet  Jesus,  may  Thy  Sacred  Heart 

My  Hope  and  refuge  be; 
There  may  I  learn  the  Heavenly  art 

Of  living  but  for  Thee. 

This  fountain  of  Thy  Sacred  Heart, 
The  source  of  love  most  pure, 

To  those  who  dwell  from  sin  apart 
Affords  a  refuge  sure. 

Thy  Heart  with  Heavenly  love's  pure  flow 

Cleanseth  our  sins  away; 
Sweet  Lord,  Thy  gifts  Thou  dost  bestow 

Upon  us  day  by  day. 

Alas!  how  cold  we  are  to  Thee, 
Though  to  Thy  Heart  so  dear; 

From  Thy  kind  gifts  how  oft  we  flee 
Nor  heed  Thy  loving  care. 

Within  that  Sacred  Heart's  pure  shrine 
To  the  Most  High  doth  plead 

Ever  for  us  the  Word  Divine, 
Is  all  our  earthly  need. 

And  day  by  day  the  Lamb  is  slain; 

The  Lord  of  Heaven  above 
On  lowly  altars  doth  remain, 

The  victim  of  His  love. 

The  lance  that  pierced  our  Saviour's  side 

Reveal' d  a  source  of  grace, 
Oh!  then  rejoice!  for  that  pure  tide 

Can  all  Thy  sins  efface. 

God  calls  us  to  His  mercy's  fount; 

Sweetly  our  love  He  claims, 
Nor  speaks,  as  once  on  Sinai's  mount, 

In  thunder  and  in  flames. 

O  Heart,  of  every  grace  the  source, 

Of  all  God's  gifts  the  best; 
Unto  the  sinner  strength  and  force, 

Refreshment,  hope  and  rest. 

Love  divine  doth  ever  dwell 

Within  Thy  sacred  heart; 
The  waters,  then,  of  that  pure  well, 

Sweet  Lord,  to  us  impart. 


Great  fount  of  truth,  our  souls  inspire, 

Each  erring  thought  reclaim; 
Sweet  source  of  mercy,  with  Thy  fire 

Do  Thou  our  hearts  inflame. 

O  Sacred  Heart,  sweet  source  from  whence 

A  stream  of  life  e'er  flows; 
The  weary  soul  may  draw  from  thence 

Refreshment  and  repose. 

Here  may  we  find  a  spot  secure 

From  sin  and  vain  alarm; 
Here  may  we  taste  forevermore 

Thy  love's  consoling  balm. 

O  Heart  of  Jesus,  may  we  feel 

Thy  pure  consuming  fire; 
Kindle  in  us  Thy  ardent  zeal, 

Be  Thou  our  soul's  desire. 

Absorb,  dear  Lord,  our  hearts  in  Thine, 

Let  us  with  Thee  remain; 
Nor  ever  may  our  souls  incline 

To  earth's  vain  joys  again. 


Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 
Thy  own  sweet  month  of  May, 

So  bright  with  bloom  and  crowned  with 
Is  fading  fast  away. 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 

This  lovely  month  we  crown, 
While  from  thy  throne  in  Heaven  above 

Thy  gentle  eyes  look  down. 


Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 
When  life  is  darkest  here, 

To  us  thy  potent  aid  impart, 
To  comfort  and  to  cheer. 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 

Immaculate  and  fair, 
Around  thy  shrine  we  gather  now. 

To  claim  a  mother's  care. 

Remember  that  thy  power  above 
Nor  bound  nor  limit  knows; 

Thou  reignest  o'er  the  Sacred  Heart, 
Whence  every  blessing  flows. 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 
Then  ask,  and  thou'lt  obtain; 

For  Jesus,  at  thy  loving  prayer, 
Will  not  be  asked  in  vain. 


Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 

Thy  peerless  virgin  charms 
Wooed  Jesus  from  His  Heav'nly  throne 

To  rest  within  thine  arms. 


Sweet  Lady,  sweet  Lady, 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart. 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 

What  joy  thy  bosom  filled 
When  close  to  thine  thy  Infant's  heart 

In  gentle  pulses  thrilled.— Cho. 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 

When  death  with  icy  hand 
Lays  on  our  frightened  heart  his  touch, 

O  Mary,  near  us  stand.— Cho. 

Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 

If  thou  wilt  hover  near, 
Death's  deepest  shades,  in  thy  clear  light. 

Will  quickly  disappear.— Cho. 


Sweet  Lily  of  the  Sacred  Heart! 

Chaste  Daughter  of  Marie! 
Bound  to  God  by  a  holy  vow 

Made  in  thy  infancy. 

O  Sacred  Lily,  whom  God  chose 

His  gifts  to  men  to  bring 
From    that     Sweet     Source— His    Sacred 

Whose  praise  the  Angels  sing. 

Born  'midst  Heaven's  eternal  flowers, 

Thou  wert  transplanted  here 
To  show  the  treasures  of  that  Heart 

And  chase  the  clouds  of  fear. 

Thrice   hlpst   art   thou,    sweet    Spouse    of 

That  unto  thee  was  given 
The  work  of  showing  to  the  world, 

The  greatest  "Gift  of  Heaven." 


O  holy  Virgin,  pray  for  us, 
That  through  your  prayers  we  may 

Abide  within  the  Sacred  Heart, 
And  from  it  never  stray. 

Still  from  your  blessed  home  on  high 

Watch  o'er  our  efforts  here, 
'Till  Jesus'  Sacred  Heart  doth  reign 

Supremely  o'er  our  sphere. 

And  when  each  soul  that  loved  that  Heart 
And  sought  to  make  It  known, 

Has  passed  the  portals  of  this  life, 
Present  It  at  His  Throne. 


Sweet  Mary,  let  us  praise  thee, 

On  this  thy  natal  day; 
As  near  thy  crib  we  linger, 

And  grateful  homage  pay. 
How  lovely  thou  appearest, 

All  pure,  all  filled  with  grace; 
Oh,  what  a  joy,  dear  Mary, 

To  look  upon  thy  infant  face. 

Not  earth  alone  rejoices 

This  blissful  day  to  see; 
But  sweet  angelic  voices 

Unite  in  praising  thee; 
Bright  seraph  choirs  are  singing 

Their  rapturous  strains  to  earth; 
While  we  our  hearts  are  bringing 

To  praise  thy  long-expected  birth. 


Ah!  yes,  bright  spirits  greet  thee 

With  anthems  full  of  praise; 
For  none  so  pure  as  thou  art 

Hath  met  angelic  gaze. 
We  love  thee,  dearest  Mary, 

Thou  infant  pure  and  fair; 
Oh,  by  thy  heart  so  tender, 

Watch  oyer  us  with  ceaseless  care. 


Sweet  May,  thy  sunny  portals  close; 

Thy  lovely  flowers  all  fade  away 
That  softly  on  our  vision  rose 

Where  we  came  our  gifts  to  lay. 


Sweet  month  of  May,  the  light  is  fast  de- 
All  that  we  loved  in  thy  beauty-laden 
Fragrance  and  bloom  with  thy  fair  folds 
entwining — 
Farewell  we  sing,   O  lovely  month   of 

We'll  leave  our  farewell  offering  now 
Upon  thy  altar,  O  parting  May; 

And,  Mary,  on  thy  queenly  brow 
We  shall  place  our  garlands  gay.— Oho. 


Sweet  Mother,  turn  those  gentle  eyes 

Of  pity  down  on  me; 
Oh!  hear  thy  suppliant's  tearful  cries— 
My  humble  prayer  do  not  despise, 

Star  of  the  pathless  sea. 

In  dark  temptation's  dreary  hour, 

To  thee,  bright  Queen,  we  flee: 
Oh!  then  exert  a  mother's  power, 
When    storms    are    rough    and    tempests 
Star  of  the  mighty  sea. 

Through   all   my   joys   and   cares,    Sweet 

May  I  still  look  on  thee 
Who  bore  the  price  our  ransom  paid, 
And  ne'er  the  suppliant's  cry  hath  stayed, 

Star  of  the  azure  sea. 

And  when  my  last  expiring  sigh 
My  soul  from  earth  shall  free, 

Do  thou,   bright  Queen  of  Saints,   stand 

And  bear  it  up  to  God  on  high, 
Star  of  the  boundless  sea. 


Sweet  Saviour,  bless  us  ere  we  go, 
Thy  word  into  our  minds  instill; 

And  make  our  lukewarm  hearts  to  glow 
With  lowly  love  and  fervent  will. 


Through  life's  long  day,  and  death's  dark 

O  gentle  Jesus,  be  our  light. 

The  day  is  done,  its  hours  have  run, 
And  Thou  hast  taken  count  of  all; 

The  scanty  triumphs  grace  hath  won, 
The  broken  vow  and  frequent  fall.— Cho. 


Grant  us,  dear  Lord!  from  evil  ways 

True  absolution  and  release; 
And  bless  us  more  than  in  past  days 

With  purity  and  inward  peace.— Cho. 

Do  more  than  pardon;  give  us  joy; 

Sweet  fear  and  sober  liberty; 
And  simple  hearts  without  alloy, 

That  only  long  to  be  like  Thee.— Cho. 

Sweet  Saviour!  bless  us,  night  is  come, 
Mary  and  Joseph,  near  us  be; 

Good  angels,  watch  about  our  home, 
And  we  are  one  day  nearer  Thee.— Cho. 

HYMN    TO    ST.    AGNES. 


Sweet  St.  Agnes,  holy  child, 
Throned  in  Heav'n  above, 

Obtain  for  us  from  Jesus'  Heart 
Innocence  and  love. 

Oh,  guide  us  on  our  way 

To  the  bright  eternal  day, 

Oh,  teach  our  hearts  to  pray, 
Dear  Saint,  like  thee. 

O  thou  strengthened  of  the  Lord 

For  the  bitter  strife, 
How  surpassing  thy  reward 

Now  in  endless  life. 
Oh!  may  we  turn  aside 
From  the  world,  its  pangs  and  pride, 
Till  we  shall  there  abide. 

In  Heaven  with  thee. 


Sweet  St.  Agnes,  hear  our  prayer, 

List  our  fond  appeal, 
And  a  sister's  gentle  care 

Still  to  us  reveal. 
To  choose  the  better  part, 
Teach  us  now  the  Heavenly  art, 
And  make  us  pure  of  heart, 

Dear  Saint,  like  thee. 


Sweet  the  moments,  rich  in  blessing, 

Which  before  the  cross  I  spend; 
Life,  and  health,  and  peace  possessing 

From  the  sinner's  dying  Friend; 
Here  I'll  sit  forever  viewing 

Mercy's  streams  in  streams  of  blood; 
Precious  drops  my  soul  bedewing 

Make  my  final  peace  with  God! 

Truly  blessed  in  this  station— 

Low  before  the  cross  to  lie, 
Resting   in  the   sweet   compassion 

Of  His  mortal  agony! 
Here  alone  I  find  my  Heaven, 

On  the  Lamb  to  humbly  gaze; 
Feel  how  much  has  been  forgiven 

To  His  own  eternal  praise! 

Love  and  grief  my  heart  dividing, 
Here  I'll  spend  my  latest  breath; 
Constant  still  in  faith  abiding- 
Life  deriving  from  His  death; 
May  I  still  enjoy  this  feeling, 

In  all  need  to  Jesus   go- 
Prove  each   day  His  wounds  more  heal- 
And  Himself  more  deeply  know! 



Take  me,  my  Jesus,  to  Heaven, 

To  the  land  of  unchangeable  love, 
Let  wings  to  my  spirit  be  given 

To  soar  to  my  Country  above. 
I  am  weary  of  life  and  would  fain 

All  its  joys  and  its  sorrows  now  leave 
I'd  flee  from  this  valley  of  pain 

Bliss  eternal  from  Thee  to  receive. 
Then  take  me,  my  Jesus,  to  Heaven, 
Oh,  take  me,  my  Jesus,  to  Heaven. 

How  long  in  this  valley  of  tears 

Shall  I  linger,  an  exile  from  Thee": 
Oh,  when  from  the  dangers  and  fears 

That  surround  shall  my  spirit  be  free'.' 
When  death  shall  release  me  at  last, 

And  my  soul  shall  from  earth  wing  its 
When  the  dream  of  this  life  shall  be  past. 

And  I'll  wake  in  eternity's  day, 
Then  take  me,  my  Jesus,  to  Heaven, 
Oh,  take  me,  my  Jesus,  to  Heaven. 


Tantum  ergo  sacramentum 

Veneremur  cernui: 
Et  antiquum  documentum 

Novo  cedat  ritui: 
Praestet  fides  supplementum 

Sensuum  defectui. 


Genitori,   Genitoque, 
Laus  et  jubilatio, 
Salus,  honor,  virtus  quoque 

Sit  et  benedictio ; 
Procedenti  ab  untroque 
Compar  sit  laudatio. 
V.—  Panem  de  coelo  praestitisti  eis. 
R.— Ornne  delectanientuin   in  se   habeu- 


The  bees  are  alive  in  the  clover, 

Soft  clouds  are  adrift  in  the  blue, 
The  flow'rets  their  petals  uncover, 

The  blossoms  are  gleaming  with  dew. 
Sweet  Madonna,  the  roses  in  their  glad- 

Are  shedding  their  fragrance  anew; 
Smile  on,  there  dwells  no  sadness 

Where  thou  art,  gentle  and  true. 


Queen  of  all  the  flowers. 

And  lady  of  the  spring, 
Within  thy  own  bright  bowers 

Thy  tenderness  we  sing. 

The  blossoms  will  glow  for  an  hour, 

In  sunshine  the  birding  may  sing; 
But  fades  the  pale  bud  in  the  shower, 

In  winter  the  warbler  takes  wing. 
Sweet   Madonna,      remember      when   the 

Blow  cold  as  the  winter  they  bring; 
Our  hearts  know  not  December, 

For  love  is  always  spring.— Cho. 


THE    SKY. 

The  dawn  was  purpling  o'er  the  sky. 

With  alleluias  rang  the  air; 
Earth  held  a  glorious  jubilee; 

Hell  gnashed  its  teeth  in  fierce  despair, 
When  our  most  valiant  mighty  King 

From  death's  abyss,  in  dread  array, 
Led  the  long  prisoned  fathers  forth, 

Into  the  beam  of  life  and  day. 

When    He,    whom    stone    and   seal   and 

Had  safely  to  the  tomb  consigned, 
Triumphant  rose  and  buried  death, 

Deep  in  the  grave  He  left  behind. 
Calm  all  your  grief,  and  still  your  tears, 

Hark!  the  descending  angel  cries; 
For  Christ  is  risen  from  the  dead, 

And  death  is  slain  no  more  to  rise. 

O  Jesus!  from  the  death  of  sin 

Keep  us,  we  pray;  so  shalt  Thou  be 
The  everlasting  Paschal  joy 

Of  all  the  souls  new-born  in  Thee. 
God  the  Father  with  the  Son, 

Who  from  the  grave  immortal  rose, 
And  Thee,  O,  Paraclete,  we  praise 

While  ages,  endless  ages  flow. 



The  dew  is  falling  on  the  grass, 

A   stillness  fills  the   air, 
The    tender   flowers     have     bow'd     their 
Like   penitents   in   prayer. 
Dark  shadows  circle  hill  and  lea, 
And    now,    sweet    mother,    now,    sweet 
Now,  sweet  mother,  pray  for  me. 

This  is  the  hour  when  holy  thoughts 
Like   white-rob'ed   angels   throng 

The  inner  courts  of  human  hearts, 
And  weave  their  hallow'd  song, 

While,   soften'd  by  their  melody. 
Oh!     now,     sweet    mother,  now,    sweet 

Now,  sweet  mother,  pray  for  me. 

Not  honor's  purple  robes  I  ask, 

Nor  pleasure's    rosy   hour, 
Nor  wealth  that  comes  with  regal  state, 

And   ostentatious  pow'r. 
But  that  my  faith  like  thine  may  be, 

Oh!     now,     sweet    mother,  now,    sweet 
Now,  sweet  mother,  pray  for  me. 


The  earth,  O  Lord,  rejoices, 

And  sings  with  glad  acclaim 
A  hymn  of  many  voices 

In  honor  of  Thy  name. 
We  join  the  happy  chorus 

That  hails  the  morning  light; 
And  bless  the  Lord  that  o'er  us 

Kept  loving  watch  all  night. 


Our  ev'ry  thought  and  action 

We  offer  up  to  Thee; 
From  folly  and  distraction 

We  beg  Thee  keep  us  free. 
Let  no  profane  example, 

No  censure,  no  applause, 
Lead  us  this  day  to  trample, 

O  Lord,  upon  Thy  laws. 

It  pleased  Thee,  Lord,  to  make  us, 

That  we  may  serve  Thee  here; 
Let  not  Thy  grace  forsake  us, 

But  keep  us  in  Thy  fear. 
Preserve  our  life.  O  Father, 

That  we  may  serve  Thee  still; 
But  let  us  lose  it  rather 

Than  disobey  Thy  will. 


The  gentle    angels     walk     throughout  a 

world  of  woe, 
With    messages    of    mercy    to    mourning 

hearts  below; 
Their  peaceful  smile  invites  them  to  love 

and  to  confide, 
Oh!  follow  in  their  footsteps,  keep  closely 

by  their  side. 

So  gently   will  he  lead  thee   through   all 

the  cloudy  day. 
And  whisper  of  glad  tidings  to  cheer  the 

pilgrim's  way; 
His  courage  never  failing  when  thine  is 

almost  gone, 
He  takes  thy  heavy  burden  and  helps  to 

bear  it  on. 


He  will  not  blame  thy  sorrows,  but  brings 

the  healing  balm, 
He   does    not     chide     thy    longings,    but 

soothes  them  into  calm; 
And   when    thy    heart    is    mourning   and 

wildly  asking   "Why?" 
He,  smiling,  beckons  onward,  and  points 

unto  the  sky. 

He  will  not  always  answer  thy  questions 
and  thy  fear, 

His  watchword  is,  "Be  patient,  the  jour- 
ney's end  is  near." 

And  ever  through  the  toilsome  way  he 
tells  of  joys  to  come, 

And  points  to  rest  the  pilgrim,  the  wan- 
derer to  his  home. 


The  lights  are  bright  in  Bethlehem  town, 
And   dark   is   Bethlehem's   cave; 

Sinners  go  gaily  up  and  down. 
Christ  comes  the  world  to  save. 

Oh,  seek  Him,  then,  before  the  morn, 

Where  in  the  manger  He  is  born! 

Amazed  the  shepherds  see  the  sky 

All  filled  with  angels  bright; 
"Glory,"  they  hear,  "to  God  on  high, 

For  Christ  is  born  to-night." 
Oh!  come  and  see  before  the  morn, 
Where  in  the  manger  Christ  is  born! 

The  Eastern  kings  come  down  the  street, 

Straight  in,  nor  look  around, 
Seeking  for  Whom  no  inn  is  meet; 

In  lowliness  He's  found. 
Oh!  come  with  the  gifts  before  the  morn, 
Where  in  the  manger  Christ  is  born! 


His  mother  sits  upon  the  straw; 

The  Child  smiles  out  so  sweet; 
Shepherds  and  kings  draw  nigh  with  awe, 

And  stoop  to  kiss  His  feet. 
Oh!  come,   adore,   before  the   morn, 
Where  in  the  manger  Christ  is  born! 

The  angels'  song  rings  out  again 
Each  year  the  wide  world  o'er; 

Jesus  and  Mary  wait  for  men 
Now   ever  as   before. 

Oh!  come  and  greet  them  this  very  morn. 

Where  in  the  manger  Christ  is  born! 


The  Lord  of  Glory,  Oh!   wondrous  story. 

hath   made    His    home     within   my 

Bowed  down  before  Him,  my  soul,  adore 

Him,    who   'neath    thy    roof   vouch- 

safest  to  rest. 
Good  angels,  aid  me,  the  God  who  made 

me,  who  died  to  save  me,  is  now  my 

Ah!    softly    sing    Him    sweet    songs  and 

bring  Him  your  burning  love,  your 

worship  blest. 
The  Lord  of  glory,   oh!  wondrous  story, 

now  dwells  within  my  breast. 


My  God,  I  bless  Thee,  revere,  confess 
Thee,  and  love  and  trust  with  all 
my  heart; 

Thy  child  is  wailing  each  fault  and  fail- 
ing that  cause  Thee  pain  or  tear  or 

Dear  Lord,  forgive  me  my  sins  that  grieve 
me,  because  I  love  Thee  for  all  Thou 

To  know  Thee  clearly,  to  love  Thee  dear- 
ly, be  now  my  portion,  my  only 

My  God,  I  bless  Thee,  revere,  confess 
Thee  and  love  with  all  my  heart. 

When  daylight  shineth,  when  day  de- 
clineth,  in  storm  and  sun,  abide  with 

In  joy  and  gladness,  in  pain  and  sadness, 
oh!  let  me,  Lord,  be  nigh  to  Thee, 

Good  Shepherd,  feed  me,  and  guard  and 
lead  me  to  Thy  bright  pastures  be- 
yond the  sea, 

To  make  in  glory,  oh,  wondrous  story, 
one  long  communion  eternally. 

When  daylight  shineth,  when  day  de- 
clineth,  O  Lord,   abide  with  me. 


The  moon  is  in  the  heav'ns  above, 
And  its  light  lies  on  the  foamy  sea; 

So  shines  the  star  of  Mary's  love 
O'er  this  stormy  scene  of  misery. 


Our  hands  to  life's  hard  work  are  laid, 
But  our  hearts  are  thine,  sweet  Mother 


Oh,  thou  art  bright  as  bright  can  be, 
And  as  bountiful  as  thou  are  bright; 

And  welcome  is  the  thought  of  thee 
As  the  fragrance  of  an  Eastern  night. 

— Cho. 

We  are  no  longer  desolate, 
Though    our  sins    have    stricken    us    at 
Whom  thou  didst  bear  hath  borne  their 
And  thou  wert  His  partner  in  the  smart. 


Calm  as  the  blessed  eye  of  God, 
When  it  looks  o'er  all  this  world  below, 

He  bids  thee  shed  His  love  abroad, 
With  a  secret  balm  for  every  woe. 


By  thee  we  gain,  dear  spotless  Queen, 
Some  vision  of  what  our  God  must  be, 

And  in  thy  glory  His  is  seen, 
For  He  shows  himself  when  He  shows 
thee.— Cho. 


The  snow  lay  on   the  ground,   the   stars 

shone  bright, 
When     Christ    our    Lord    was    born    on 

Christmas  Night. 
'Twas  Mary,  daughter  pure  of  holy  Ann, 
That   brought    into    this    world    our   God 

made  man. 


She  laid  Him  in  a  stall,  at  Bethlehem, 
The  ass  and  oxen  shared  the  roof  with 

Saint  Joseph,   too,   was   by,   to  tend   the 

To  guard  Him  and  protect   His  Mother 


The  angels  hovered  around,  and  sang  this 

Venite,  adoremus  Dominum. 
Aud    thus    the    manger    poor    became  a 

For  He  whom  Mary  bore  was  God  the 


Oh!  come,  let  us  join  the  Heavenly  host, 
To    praise    the    Father,    Son,    axid    Holy 

Venite,  adoremus  Dominum. 
Venite,  adoremus  Dominum. 


The  Star  of   the  ocean  is  risen, 

And  sweetly  reflects  on  the  tide; 
Yon  bark  with  a  swift  gale  is  driven, 

And  soon  it  shall  reach  the  green  side 
To  which  the  bright  star  seems  to  guide 
As  into  a  haven  of  rest, 
Where   the   wind   and   the   tempest   that 
tried  it 
In  the  bright     glow    of   sunshine   will 



The  Star  of  the  ocean  is  risen, 
And  sweetly  reflects  on  the  tide; 
Yon  bark  with  a  swift  gale  is  driven, 
And  soon  it  shall  reach  the  green  side. 

Ah!  what  is  this  Planet  so  beaming, 

That  near  it  the  rest  die  away? 
With  heavenly  lustre  is  streaming, 

And  changes  our  night  into  day, 
This   beautiful   Planet   is   Mary, 

Who  shines  o'er  her  mariners  here; 
Her  light  is  their  sure  guide  to  glory, 

Dispelling  the  dark  clouds  of   fear. 

— Oho, 

O  Star  of  the  sea,  do  illumine 

My  course  with  this  brilliant  ray; 
In  thy  flame  past  errors  consuming. 

Ah!  teach  me  from  thee  ne'er  to  stray. 
Thus,  thus,  shall  I  reach  to  the  Haven 

Where  thy  bark  just  lowered  her  sail; 
Thus  enter  the  portals  of  Heaven, 

Where  the  Star  of  the  ocean  I'll  hail. 



The  storm  is  wildly  raging, 

Mother,  haste,  Mother,  haste  to  our  aid, 
Fierce  winds  in  war  engaging, 

Calm  the  storm,  calm  the  storm,  peer- 
less Maid. 


Guide,  oh!  guide  our  wand'ring  bark- 
By  angry  waves  we're  tossed, 

Thy  gentle  hand  our  course  must  steer, 
Oh,  save  us  or  we  are  lost. 

Oh!  ever  near,  still  near  thee, 

Sweet  Mother,  let  us  stay, 
Fond  children  we  will  ever  be, 

Oh!  turn  us  not  away. 

Bright  star  in  beauty  beaming, 
Shine  o'er  us,  shine  o'er  us  through  the 
Thy  light  all  sparkling,  gleaming, 
Guide    aright,    guide    aright    our    frail 

Oh!  when  threat'ning  billows  roll 

In  foaming  mountains  high, 
Our  tossing  bark  beyond  control, 

Oh!  then  be  thou  ever  nigh; 

Oh!  leave  us  not,  Mother  blest, 
Lone  to  drift  adown  life's  sea, 

Oh!  take  us  to  those  ports  of  rest, 
To  stay  fore'er  with  thee. 


The  sun  in  shining  brightly, 

The  trees  are  clothed  with  green, 
The  beauteous  bloom  of  flowers 

On  every  side  is  seen. 
The  fields  are  gold  and  emerald, 

And  all  the  world  is  gay, 
For  'tis  the  month  of  Mary, 

The  lovely  month  of  May. 



O  Mary,  dear  Mother,  we  sing  a  hymn  to 

Thou  art  the  Queen  of  Heaven, 
Thou,  too,  our  Queen  shall  be; 

Oh!  rule  us  and  guide  us  unto  Eternity. 

There's  music  in  the  heavens, 

For  birds  are  singing  there, 
And  nature's  songs  and  praises 

Are  sounding  through  the  air; 
And  we  with  hearts  o'erflowing 

With  joy  will  sing  to-day, 
For  'tis  the  month  of  Mary, 

The  lovely  month  of  May.— Cho. 
And  when  night  closes  o'er  us, 

And  twinkling  stars  appear; 
The  chaste  moon  calmly  reigneth 

In  skies  so  bright  and  clear. 
Oh!  how  that  sight  reminds  us 

Of  Heaven,   far  away, 
Where  reigns,  o'er  saints  and  angels, 

Our  lovely  Queen  of  May.— Cho. 


The  thoughts  steal  o'er  me  as  I  kneel 

Before  thy  Son  and  thee, 
That  thou  must  suffer  all  thy  life, 

And  He  must  die  for  me. 
I  look  upon  that  lovely  Face, 

Those  Eyes  so  sweet  and  mild, 
And  gather  courage  as  I  gaze 

Upon  thy  Holy  Child. 


His  little  arm  thrown  round  thy  neck, 

As  if  to  soothe  thy  fears, 
Shows  that  thine  Infant  Son  is  grieved 

To  see  His  Mother's  tears. 
He  knows  that  Simeon's  prophecy 

Rings  ever  in  thy  mind; 
The  sword  has  opened  thy  large  heart 

To  shelter  all  mankind. 

Hence  may  the  weary  mother  come 

With  her  domestic  cares; 
Here  may  the  anxious  father  seek 

Advice  in  grave  affairs. 
The  weeping  child  too  runs  to  thee 

In  sorrow  and  in  pain;— 
Xo  little  one  will  have  recourse 

To  Mary's  heart  in  vain. 

Then  for  my  Guide  and  Advocate 

Whom  fitter  could  I  choose, 
Then  one  who  never  asks  a  thing 

That  Jesus  can  refuse? 
Dear  Mother,  whisper  to  thy  Son 

A  little  prayer  for  me; 
Thou  knowest  better  far  than  I 

What  that  request  should  be! 


The  Virgin  Mary  weeping  stood, 
Beneath  the  world's  redeeming  wood 

Which  bore  her  much-loved  Son. 
When  thro'  her  deeply-wounded  breast. 
With  sorrow's  heaviest  weight  oppressed, 

The  sword  of  grief  was  run. 



Hear  then,  O  Mother,  source  of  love. 
Let  me  thy  bitter  sorrows  prove, 
And  let  me  weep  with  thee. 

Where  is  the  man  who,  all  unmoved, 
Could  see  her  who  so  truly  loved 

Thus  sunk  in  bitter  grief? 
The  painful  scene  who  could  have  borne? 
So  pure  a  soul  with  anguish  torn, 

And  none  to  yield  relief !— Cho. 

She  saw  Mis  ulood  profusely  shed, 
For  His  own  people's  crimes  He  bled 

From  stripes  and  cruel  blows, 
She  saw  her  sweet  and  only  child 
In  desolation  calm  and  mild, 

In  life's  expiring  throes. — Cho. 

Oh!  make  me  truly  weep  with  thee; 
Mourning  with  Him  who  died  for  me, 

Let  me  in  grief  expire, 
By  His  loved  cross  with  thee  to  stay, 
With  thee  to  tread  thy  painful  way, 

Such  is  my  fond  desire. 

Let  me  my  Saviour's  sufferings  share, 
And  His  sweet  cross  devotedly  bear. 

For  thy  own  Son's  pure  love. 
And,  burning  with  love's  holy  fire, 
Oh!  screen  me  from  the  vengeful  ire 

Of  my  great  Judge  above. 

May  Christ's  bright  cross  my  guardian  be, 
My  Saviour's  strength  and  legacy, 

An^  source  of  every  grace. 
That,  when  my  body  meets  decay, 
My  soul  may  have,  in  that  dreadful  day, 

In  Paradise  a  place. 



The  tow  is  made,  and  we  belong  to  Mary; 

After  her  Son,  to  her  we  give  our  love; 
Life  is  but  short  to  offer  in  her  service, 

Even  in  death  our  loyal  life  we'll  prove. 


The  vow  is  made,  the  vow  is  made,  we'll 
break  it  never; 
Mother  of  God!  the  vow  is  made; 
The  vow  is  made,  we'll  break  it  never, 
Mother  of  God,  we're  thine  forever. 

The  vow  is  made  unto  our  dearest  Mother; 
O  world!   we   know   thy  false  and  fatal 

charm ; 
Yet,  though  our  hearts  be  weak,  and  weak 
our  voices, 
Mary,  keep  us  from  sin  and  harm.— Cho. 

The  vow  is  made;  it  is  before  thine  altar, 

And  here  we  give  our  hearts  and  souls 

to  thee; 

Mary!  retrace  thy  gentle  image  on  them! 

Mary!  thine  own,  oh,  let  them  ever  be! 



The  wearied  dove  now  trembling  flies, 

And  seeks  her  tranquil  home, 
For  clouds  and  tempests  veil  the  skies, 

And  she  is  sad  and  lone. 
So  plumes  her  wings  my  wearied  soul, 

Thus  mounts  the  spirit  dove, 
And  sighs  to  reach  the  happy  goal 

Where  dwells  her  God,  her  Love. 

Come,  then,  dear  Lord,  Thy  grace  impart, 

Come,  guide  my  spirit  home; 
For  wearied  is  this  trembling  heart, 

No  more  it  seeks  to  roam! 
No  joy  like  thine  my  spirit  knows, 

Dear  Lord,  then  smile  on  me, 
And  grant  my  wearied  soul  repose 

With  angels  and  with  Thee. 


The  youth  who  wealth  and  court  despised, 
His  spotless  mind  above  to  raise; 

Who  ev'ry  rising  thought  chastised— 
'Tis  Aloysius  claims  our  lays. 


Amiable  and  angelic  youth, 
Aloysius,  pray  for  us. 

His  infant  words,  the  first  he  frames. 

He  utters  with  a  trembling  voice; 
Jesus!  Mary!  hallowed  names, 

Dwell  on  his  lips  and  speak  his  choice. 

— Cho. 

Charmed  with  the  Deity  alone, 
Terrestrial  pursuits  he  forsakes, 

And  ere  yet  half  to  manhood  grown, 
His  virgin  vows  to  Mary  makes.— Cho. 

Enamored  by  celestial  joys, 

Let  pride  and  wealth  my  choice  with- 
I  scorn  their  gifts,  they  are  but  toys. 

He  said,  and  joins  Loyola's  band.— Cho. 


To  gain  perfection's  utmost  height 
He  tries,  nor  was  his  trial  vain; 

Of  sanctity  a  model  bright, 
He  stands  a  mirror  clear  of  stain. 



There  is  no  heart  like  thine,  sweet  Lord, 

There  is  no  heart  like  Thine; 
If  its  eclipse  is  loveliness, 

How  bright  its  glow  divine, 
The  beauty  Thou  art  hiding  now, 

But  to  return  more  bright. 
There  is  no  smile  like  Thine,  sweet  Lord, 

To  give  me  delight. 


Sweet  Jesus,  to  Thee  I  come, 
Thy  Heart  is  my  home,  dear  Lord, 

Sweet  Jesus,  to  Thee  I  come, 
Thy  Heart  is  my  home,  dear  Lord, 

Thy  Heart  is  my  home. 

There  is  no  love  like  Thine,  sweet  Lord, 

There  is  no  love  like  Thine; 
Its  flames  are  from  eternity, 

Can  they  be  quenched  by  time? 
The  love  of  creatures  soon  may  cool, 

How  can  the  world  be  kind? 
There's  nothing  constant  but  Thyself, 

This  fickle  heart  to  bind.— Cho. 


There  is  no  cross  like  Thine,  sweet  Lord, 

There  is  no  cross  like  Thine; 
'Tis  this  alone  can  teach  us  love 

And  our  cold  hearts  refine. 
When  crucified  to  all  but  Thee, 

She  seeks  Thyself  alone, 
Oh!  blessed  is  that  soul,  sweet  Lord, 

Thy  heart  is  her  home.— Cho. 

There  is  no  chain  like  Thine,  sweet  Lord. 

There  is  no  chain  like  Thine; 
It  captures  with  resistless  force 

The  heart  round  which  'twould  twine, 
Though  sweeter  than  the  honeycomb, 

Stronger  than  death  its  bond, 
There  is  no  heart  like  Th  ne,  sweet  Lord, 

Th^re  is  no  heart  like  Thine.— Clio. 

Ttaoh  me,  then,  one  lesson,  Lord, 

Forgetting  all  beside, 
To  seek  in  love  love's  own  reward 

And  place  in  this  my  pride. 
The  heart  that's  wounded  by  Thy  love 

Must  suffer  things  divine; 
Yet  there's  no  joy  like  Thine,  sweet  Lord, 

And  no  heart  like  Thine.— Clio. 


This  is  the  month  of  Mary, 

The  fairest  child  of  Spring; 
O  Virgin  Mother,  hear  us, 

And  list  thou  while  we  sing. 
We'll  decorate  thy  Altar 

With  flowers  sweet  and  fair; 
Each  tongue  thy  praise  shall  falter, 

Our  hearts  we'll  offer  there. 

3a  i 


This  is  the  month  of  Mary, 
The  fairest  child  of  Spring; 

O  Virgin  Mother,  hear  us, 
And  list  thou  while  we  sing. 

The  glen  most  deeply  shaded, 

For  emblems  seek  the  dale, 
In  its  pureness  all  unfaded 

Find  the  pride  of  the  vale; 
Fair  lilies,  signs  of  pureness, 

And  Tiolets  sweet  conceal, 
A  gentle  voice  assures  us, 

They  Mary's  charms  reveal.— Cho. 


Thou  for  whom  I've  long  been  sighing. 

Jesus,  now  at  length  Thou'rt  mine, 
In  Thy  sweet  embraces  lying, 

Press,  oh,  press  my  heart  to  Thine. 
Ah!  what  bliss  this  life  completing, 

Sense's  soul  on  you  hath  come, 
Leap  exultant  to  His  greeting, 

Bid  j-.m  welcome  to  your  home. 


O  my  heart's  delight,  my  treasure, 
Sweetest  Jesus,  make  me  Thine, 

Reign,  it  is  Thy  Father's  pleasure, 
Rule  within  this  heart  of  mine. 


Happy  morning,  sweet  the  hour 

That  on  which  Thou  cam'st  to  ine, 
Beauteous,  too,  that  glorious  bower 
Where  I  bask  in  light  from  Thee. 
Who  possess  Thee,  possess 
-  More  than  all  this  world  bestows, 
E'en  the  joys  in  Heav'n  that  blesses 
To  Thy  Heart  its  fountain  owes. 

When  the  rising  sunlight  blesses, 

When  the  evening  bids  farewell, 
May  my  soul  Thy  sweet  caresses, 

My  good  Jesus,  ever  feel. 
Let  not  death  nor  life  asunder 

Rend  the  bond  that  makes  me  Thine. 
Ah!  how  blissful  is  the  wonder 

That  uplifts  to  life  divine. 

Life  itself  shall  hear  me  ever 

Chanting  all  Thy  mercies'  praise, 
And  when  death  shall  come  to  sever, 

This  earth's  bond,  too,  shall  raise 
Songs  triumphant,  till  disclosing 

All  Thy  beauty  face  to  face, 
'Mid  Thy  angels  bright  reposing, 

Then  transform  me  by  Thy  grace. 


Thou  hast  sorrowed  the  spirit  that  loved 
And    watched    o'er    thy    footsteps    for 
years ; 
Thou  hast  made  me  at  last  to  sigh  o'er 
In  secret,  in  silence,  and  tears. 

For  my  Father  in  Heaven  I  loved  thee, 
For  His  sake  have  I  guarded  thy  ways; 

Return,  oh,  return,  I  implore  thee, 
Him  to  love,  to  serve  and  to  praise. 

O'er  thy  pathway  thro'  life  still  I  hover, 
Thee  to  comfort,  to  solace,  to  cheer, 

With  the  love  of  a  fond  saving  brother, 
Thro'  this  desert  of  trial  and  fear. 

Oh!  when  shall  I  clasp  thee — how  fondly, 
And  bear  thee,  all  dangers  now  past, 

To  the  arms  of  the  God  who  died  for  thee, 
To  our  home  in  the  Heavens  at  last? 


Though  all  the  powers  of  Hell  surround, 

£?o  evil  will  I  fear; 
For  while  my  Jesus  is  my  friend 

No  danger  can  come  near. 


Then,  blessed  Jesus!  dwell  with  me 
And  make  me  burn  with  love  of  Thee 
Oh,  blessed  Jesus!  live  with  me, 
Till  I  may  die  and  live  with  Thee. 

When  virtue  reigns  within  my  heart, 

And  sin  has  lost  its  way; 
My  Jesus  will  His  sweets  impart, 

And  drive  all  care  away.— Cho. 

With  Him  possessed,  all  nature  round 

To  me  more  lovely  grows; 
Each  pleasure  heightens  in  my  breast, 

And  with  fresh  ardor  glows.— Cho. 


Then!  O  the  dear  enraptured  thought, 

Ah!  could  I  truly  say, 
It  is  no  longer  I  who  live, 

'Tis  Jesus  lives  in  me!— Cho. 


Through  the  world  thy  children  raise 
Their  prayers,  and  still  we  see 

Calm  are  the  nights  and  bright  the  days 
Of  those  who  trust  in  thee. 


Then  let  men  and  angels  praise  thee 
For  each  blessing  thou'st  procured, 

While  in  gladsome  strains  we're  singing 
Hail,  sweet  Notre  Dame  de  Lourdes. 

Around  thy  starry  crown  are  wreathed 

So  many  names  divine; 
Which  is  the  dearest  to  my  heart, 

And  the  most  worthy  thine?— Cho. 

Star  of  the  Sea.  we  kneel  and  pray, 
While  tempests  raise  their  voice; 

Star  of  the  Sea.  the  haven  reached, 
We  call  thee  and  rejoice.— Cho. 

Our  Lady  of  the  Rosary, 
What  name  can  be  so  sweet 

As  that  we  call  thee  when  we  place 
Our  chaplet  at  thy  feet?— Cho. 



Tints  of  crimson  and  of  gold 
Now  o'erspread  the  western  sky; 

Evening  doth  her  charms  unfold, 
Turning  all  our  thoughts  on  high. 

Day  is  fading,  sin  evading, 
Mother,  keep  us  ever  pure; 

Deign  to  bless  us,  and  caress  us, 
Help  us  all  our  trials  endure. 

Shadows  darken  on  the  lea, 
Birds  their  anthems  sing  no  more, 

But  our  prayers  float  up  to  thee, 
All  our  thoughts  now  Heavenward  soar. 

Kneeling  round  thy  shrine,  this  eve, 
We  would  fain  depart  no  more; 

Let  us,  Mother,  with  thee  leave 
Our  poor  hearts  forevermore. 

And  when  life's  dark  eve  is  nigh, 
Thou  whom  Jesus  hast  us  given, 

Let  us  homeward  to  thee  fly, 
To  prolong  thy  praise  in  Heaven. 


'Tis  the  feast  of  our  angels,  then  let  us 

In   strains  deep  and   grateful   we'll  now 

raise  our  voice, 
In  praise  of  those  spirits  of  beauty  and 

Who  stand  'round  the  throne  of  the  God 

of  all  might, 


But  gladly  they  turn  from  their  high  place 

To  fill  unto  earth  their  fond  mission  of 

Now  bending  to  catch  the  fast  falling  tear 

Of  the  penitent  heart  now  true  and  sin- 


'Tis  the  month  of  our  mother, 
The  blessed  and  beautiful  days, 

When  our  lips  and  our  spirits 
Are  glowing  with  love  and  praise. 


All  hail  to  dear  Mary! 

The  guardian  of  our  way! 
To  the  fairest  of  Queens 

Be  the  fairest  of  seasons— sweet  May. 

Oh!  what  peace  to  her  children, 
'Mid  sorrow  and  trials,  to  know 

That  the  love  of  their  mother 
Hath  ever  a  solace  for  woe.— Cho. 

And  what  joy  to  the  erring, 
The  sinful  and  sorrowful  soul; 

That  to  trust  to  her  guidance 
Will  lead  to  a  glorious  goal!— Cho. 

Let  us  sing,  then,  rejoicing 
That  God  hath  so  honored  our  race 

As  to  clothe  with  our  nature 
Sweet  Mary,  the  mother  of  grace.— Cho. 


And  here  at  her  altars 

Let  pride  and  unkindness  depart, 
For  she  loves  not  the  praise 

Of  a  proud  and  selfish  heart.— Cho. 


To-day  He's  Risen,  death  no  more 
Shall  bind  Him  to  the  grave; 

No  more  can  Hell  or  sin's  fell  pow'r 
O'er  Him  dominion  have. 

He,  likeued  to  our  sinful  form, 
Once  doomed  Himself  to  die, 

That  He  by  death  might  death  o'ercome, 
Its  deadly  sting  destroy. 

0  death!  where' s  now  thy  mortal  sting? 
Where's  now  thy  victory? 

To-day  His  glorious  praise  we  sing 
Who  triumphed  over  thee. 

Not  triumphed  for  Himself  alone 

But  by  His  mighty  pow'r 
Taught  us  to  triumph  in  our  turn, 

Nor  deadly  terrors  fear. 

1  know  that  my  Redeemer  lives 
And  reigns  above  the  %kies; 

He  will  revive  my  dust  again, 
And  bid  my  body  rise. 

Then,  clothed  in  my  glorious  flesh, 

I  shall  behold  His  face, 
That  sweet  hope  in  my  bosom  glows, 

And  cheers  my  ling'ring  days. 


To  Jesus'  Heart,  all  burning 
With  fervent  love  for  men, 

My  heart,  with  fondest  yearning, 
Shall  raise  the  joyful  strain. 


While  ages  course  along, 
Blest  be,  with  loudest  song, 

The  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus! 
By  every  heart  and  tongue, 

The  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus: 
By  every  heart  and  tongue. 

O  Heart  for  me  on  fire 
With  love  no  man  can  speak! 

My  yet  untold  desire 
God  gives  me  for  thy  sake.— Cho. 

As  Thou  art  meek  and  lowly, 

And  ever  pure  of  heart, 
So  may  my  heart  be  wholly 

Of  Thine  the  counterpart.— Cho. 

When  life  away  is  flying, 
And  earth's  false  glare  is  done, 

Still,  Sacred  Heart,  in  dying 
I'll  say  I'm  all  Thine  own- Cho. 

S.  ANNE. 

To  kneel  at  thine  altar, 
In  faith  we  draw  near, 

Led  onward  by  Mary, 
Thy  daughter  so  dear. 


Oh,  good  St.  Anne  we  call  on  thy  name, 
Thy  praises  loud  thy  children  proclaim. 

St.  Anne,  we  implore  thee, 

Thy  name  we  revere, 
Sweet  Mother  of  Mary, 

Our  Mother  most  dear.— Cho. 

O  blessed  of  mothers, 

What  rapture  was  thine 
When  the  "Star  of  the  Morning" 

Before  thee  did  shine.— Cho. 


To-morrow  morn,  O,  joy  all  words  trans- 
Our    God    will    come    in    Eucharistic 
Our  hearts  with  His,  in  sweet  communion 
Will,  raptured,  taste  the  bliss  of  Para- 


O  Mother  loved,  our  cold  hearts  pre- 

Thy  Jesus  seeks  to  make  His  dwelling 

With  virtues  bright  thy  children's  hearts 

For  in  their  depths  He'll  rest  to-morrow 


Now  fading  fast,  day's  brilliant  rays  de- 
Tell  that  the  morn,  the  day  of  love,  is 
That   soon   the   Sun   of   justice,    brightly 
In  mercy  veiled  will  to   our  souls  ap- 

Another  morn  will  come,  too  sacred  seem- 
When  we  may  say  farewell  to  mortal 
Haste,  haste,  that  dawn,  now  in  the  future 
The  morn  that  leads  us  to  eternal  life. 



To  Thee,  O  Heart  of  Jesus, 
To  Thee  our  hearts  we  give; 

Help,  help  us  all  to  love  ihee 
And  serve  Thee  while  we  live. 


Yes,  yes,  till  life  is  over, 

And  then  for  evermore, 
O  Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus, 

We'll  love  Thee  and  adore. 

No  heart  can  be  so  tender. 
No  heart  can  love  like  Thee, 

Thy  life-blood  all,  O  Jesus, 
Was  shed  to  set  us  free.— Cho. 


Ati!  hard  our  hearts  and  cruel, 

If  Thee  we  do  not  love, 
Who  from  Thy  throne  descendest 

To  draw  our  hearts  above.— Cho. 


To  thee,  sweet  Mother,  Heavenly  Queen, 
We  raise  our  loving  hearts  to-day. 

Oh!  deign  to  listen  to  our  words, 
While  lowly  at  thy  feet  we  pray. 


Sweet  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 

Before  thy  shrine  to-day 
We  kneel  on  earth  to  choose  thee  Queen, 

Queen  of  Heaven's  eternal  May. 

We  call  thee  oft  the  Queen  of  May, 
And  Lily  pure,  and  Mystic  Rose, 

And  Mother  of  our  Jesus  dear, 
In    whose    sweet    heart    love    brightly 
glows.— Cho. 

And  by  this  name  to-day  we  call 
On  thee,  by  the  unwearying  love 

Which  thou  dost  for  thy  children  feel, 
To  raise  our  loving  hearts  above.— Cho. 


To  Thy  pure  and  burning  Heart. 

Lord,  we  come  with  spirits  aching, 

And,  all  earthly  cares  forsaking, 
In  its  refuge  dwell  apart. 
In  Its  depths  we  ealinly  rest, 

Safe  from  Satan's  snares  descended; 

And,  while  love  and  grief  are  blended, 
We  repose  on  Thy  fond  breast. 



Gracious  Lord,  in  Thy  blest  Heart 
There  are  dews  of  grace  and  meekness, 
There  is  strength  for  all  our  weakness 

In  Thy  strong  and  tender  Heart. 

There  will  come  a  darksome  eve 
Which  will  know  no  earthly  morrow, 
When  this  world  of  joy  or  sorrow 

We  must  in  our  pallor  leave. 

Happy  then  if  we  shall  be 
Fearless,  from  immortal  clinging, 
And,  our  dying  anthem  singing, 

Heart  of  love,  we  cling  to  Thee.— Cho. 


Treading  the  path  of  many  days, 
To  Thee,  O  Sovereign  Lord,  I  raise 
My  heart,  my  soul  in  trembling  prayer 
That  death  may  find  me  in  Thy  care. 


My  God,  my  Father,  and  my  Friend, 
Do  not  forsake  me  in  the  end. 

With  eyes  intent  on  Thee  above, 
I  take  the  Chalice  of  Thy  love, 
Filled  with  the  tears  and  cares  of  life, 
The  gall  drops  of  its  toil  and  strife.— Cho. 

Couldst    Thou,    whene'er    Thy    call    will 

Forbid  the  entrance  to  Thy  home, 
Couldst  Thou,  O  gentle  Shepherd,  say, 
I  close  the  fold  to  thee  to-day?— Cho. 


Thou  wilt  not.  for  Thy  love  is  shed 
In  fulness  o'er  the  dying  bed; 
No  matter  when,  no  matter  where 
The  spirit  seeks  Thee,  Thou  art  there 

— Cho. 

Death's  hour  will  bring  Thee  to  my  side, 
Thou,  who  hast  agonized  and  died, 
Wilt  soothe  the  terrors  of  that  day; 
Clasping  Thy  hand,  I'll  pass  away.— Cho. 


Two  hands  have  haunted  me  for  days, 

Two  Hands  of  slender  shape, 
All  crushed  and  torn  as  in  the  press 

Is  bruised  the  purple  grape. 
At  work  or  meals,  at  prayer  or  play, 

Those  mangled  palms  I  see, 
And  a  plaintive  voice  keeps  whispering, 

"These  Hands  were  pierced  for  thee." 
For  me,  sweet  Lord!  for  me? 

"Yea,  even  so,  ungrateful  child, 
These  Hands  were  pierced  for  thee." 

Through  toil  and  dangers  pressing  on. 

As  through  a  fiery  flood, 
Two  slender  Feet  beside  mine  own 

Mark  every  step  with  blood. 
The  swollen  veins  so  rent  with  nails 

It  breaks  my  heart  to  see. 
While  the  same  sad  voice  cries  out  afresh, 

"These  Feet  were  pierced  for  thee." 
For  me,  dear  Christ!  for  me? 

"Yea,  even  so,  rebellious  soul, 
These  Feet  were  pierced  for  thee." 

As  on  they  journey  to  the  close, 

These  -wounded  Feet  and  mine, 
Distincter  still  the  vision  grows, 

And  more  and  more  divine. 
For  in  my  Guide's  wide  open  Side 

The  riven  Heart  I  see, 
And  a  tender  voice  sobs  like  a  psalm, 

"This  Heart  was  pierced  for  thee." 
For  me,  great  God!  for  me? 

"Yea,  enter  in,  my  love,  my  lamb! 
This  Heart  was  pierced  for  thee." 


Unfold,  unfold,  ye  golden  gates  of  Heaven, 
She  comes,  the  Queen  of  all  the  shining 
The  moon  beneath,   her  twelve  stars  of 
The  sun  above  in  her  great  glory  lost. 


The  cherubim,  and  seraphim,  and  Heav- 
en's host, 

Now  swell  the  glad  refrain, 
That  Mary  loved,  our  Mother  Mary, 

Queen  of  Heaven  shall  reign. 

Behold  her  Son  delighted  has  gone  down 
To  meet  His  Mother,  taintless  from  her 
She  forward  glides,  while  glory  from  her 
Streams  on  her  exiled  children  here  on 
earth.— Cho. 


Mother    of    Jesus,    hail,    our    Heavenly 
Ten  thousand  harps  swell  thro'  the  azure 
O  Blessed  Earth,  where  one  so  fair  was 
More    blessed    Heaven,    to    which    our 
Queen  has  gone.— Cho. 

Hail,   Mary,   Queen  of  mercy,  grant  our 
May  look  with  pity  on  thy  children  here, 
That,     humbly     trusting     in     His     Holy 
Our  souls  at  last  may  in  thy  courts  ap- 

We  walk  the  vale  of  sorrow  thou  hast 
Give  us  from  Him  the  grace  to  walk  as 
The   seed    along    Thy    blessed    pathway 
Brought  lovely  flowers,  bright  garlands 
for  thy  brow.— Cho. 

Obtain  for  us  thy  rare  humility, 
That  ev'ry  act  may  spring  from  tJod'e 
pure  love; 
Then  all  thy  glory  we  may  hope  to  see, 
Where  He  assumed  thee  in  His  home 
above.— Cho. 


Unto  thee  our  sighs  are  pleading, 

Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 
In  thy  love  and  power  exceeding 

Every  blessing  thou'lt  impart. 


Thou  to  whom  all  grace  is  given, 
To  us,  now,  thine  aid  impart, 

While  thou'rt  crowned  in  highest  Heaven, 
Dear  Lady  of  the  Sacred  Heart. 

Who  hath  called  upon  thee,  Mother, 
And  hath  called  on  thee  in  vain? 

After  Jesus  there's  no  other 
Can,  like  thee,  our  hope  sustain.— Cho. 

In  all  care  and  doubt  and  sorrow, 

If  we  turn  to  thee  and  pray, 
Joy  will  dawn  upon  our  morrow, 

Though  our  path  be  dark  to-day.— Gho. 


Unto  us  is  born  a  Saviour! 

Mary  gives  Him  to  us  all; 
Kings  and  shepherds  bow  before  Him, 

Cradled  in  the  cattle  stall: 
And  upon  the  solemn  midnight 

Holy  voices  loudly  ring; 
All  the  world  is  hush'd  to  listen, 

While  the  blessed  angels  sing: 


Alleluia  in  the  Highest! 

Sing  we  ever  and  again, 
By  the  manger  where  Thou  liest 

Bringing  peace  on  earth  to  men. 


All  our  joys  and  sorrows  sharing, 

He  our  human  nature  bore, 
So  that  man,  thro'  Him  emboldened, 

God's  forgiveness  may  implore. 
Then,  with  hearts  and  voices  blending, 

Let  the  blessed  anthem  ring, 
Up  to  Heav'n  the  chorus  sending, 

While  we  hear  the  angels  sing:— Cho. 

Love  Divine,  our  mis'ry  heeding, 

Makes  our1  care  and  pain  its  own; 
For  the  Heart  of  Jesus  pleading 

Has  become  its  earthly  throne. 
Weary  souls,  ah'  courage  taking, 

To  the  blessed  manger  cling, 
While  the  light  of  Heav'n  is  breaking 

And  the  holy  angels  sing:— Cho. 


Upon  the  altar  night  and  day 

The  Heart  of  Jesus  lies, 
And  night  and  day  throughout  the  world 

Do  men  Its  claims  despise; 
For  by  their  cold  ungrateful  lives 

They  pierce  It  through  and  through, 
And  by  the  scourges  of  their  crimes 

Its  agonies  renew. 
Oh!  draw  us  close  to  Thee,  Sweet  Lord! 

And  burning  zeal  impart 
To  now  repair,  by  praise  and  prayer, 

The  wrongs  of  Thy  dear  heart. 


Beneath  a  crown  of  cruel  thorns 

Thy  Heart  is  all  on  fire; 
And  brightly  shines  from  out  Its  flames 

The  cross  of  Thy  desire. 
If  pure  and  true  must  be  the  soul 

That  fain  would  hide  in  Thee, 
Oh!  let  Thy  royal  love  supply 

For  all  our  misery! 
Then  draw  us  close  to  Thee,  etc. 

We  offer  Thee  our  humble  gifts, 

For  poor  they  are  and  small, 
Our  hearts,  our  souls,  our  little  lives, 

Dear  Heart!  we  give  Thee  all! 
And  joyous  victims  we  shall  be, 

Consumed  before  Thy  throne, 
If  dead  to  sin,  if  dead  to  self, 

We  live  to  Thee  alone! 
Then  draw  us  closer  still  to  Thee, 

O  Sacred  Heart  divine! 
In  joy  or  grief,  in  life  or  death, 

Our  hearts  are  ever  thine! 


Vast  as  ocean's  briny  water, 
Mighty  as  its  surging  tide, 

Is  thy  sorrow,  Zion's  daughter, 
Mother  of  the  Crucified. 

Holy  Mother,  weeping,  sighing, 
Let  thy  grief  my  soul  divide; 

'Tis  for  me  thy  Son  is  dying, 
Christ  for  me  is  crucified. 

Mary  sees  Hirn  writhing,  bleeding, 

Whit'ning  in  the  dim  eclipse, 
Hear  Him  for  His  murd'rers  pleading, 

Pleading  with  His  dying  lips.— Cho. 

Attend,  and  see  her  sore  affliction, 
Ye  that  pass  by  Calv'ry's  way; 

View  Christ's  awful  dereliction, 
With  His  Mother  weep  and  pray.— Cho. 

All  His  blood  to  flame  is  turning, 
Thorns  and  nails  are  spikes  of  fire; 

Parching  thirst  His  tongue  is  burning, 
Gall  His  drink  in  thirst  so  dire.— Cho. 

Jesus'  Heart,  with  love  dilating, 
Would  not  leave  us,  orphans  lone, 

All  His  mercies  consummating, 
Gives  His  Mother  as  our  own.— Cho. 


Veni,  Creator  Spiritus! 
Mentes  tuorum  visita; 
Imple  superna  gratia, 
Quae  tu  creasti  pectora. 

Qui  diceris  Paraclitus; 
Altissimi  donum  Dei, 
Fons  vivus,  ignis,  caritas, 
Et  spiritalis  unctio. 

Tu  septiformis  munere, 
Digitus  paternae  dexterae; 
Tu  rite  promissum  Patris, 
Sermone  ditans  guttura. 


Accende  lumen  sensibus; 
Infunde  amorero  cordibus: 
Infirnia  nostri  corporis 
Virtute  firmans  perpeti. 

Hostem  repellas  longius; 
Pacemque  dones  protinus 
Ductore  sic  te  praevio 
Vitemus  omne  noxium. 

Per  te  sciamus  da  Patrem 
Noscamus  atque  Filium; 
Quoque  utriusque  Spiritum 
Credamus  omni  tempore. 

Deo  Patri  sit  gloria, 
Et  Filio,  qui  a  mortuis 
Surrexit,  ac  Paraclito 
In  saeculorum  saecula.    Amen. 

V.    Loquebantur  variis  linguis  Apostoli. 
R.  Magnalia  Dei.    Alleluia. 


Veni,  Jesu,  Amor  mi, 

Veni,  Jesu  Domine, 
Veni,  Jesu,  Amor  mi, 

Veni,  Jesu  Domine. 


Come,  oh!  come,  my  Jesus,  come, 
Make  this  yearning  heart  my  home; 
Come,  but  ere  Thou  come,  prepare 
For  Thyself  a  dwelling  there. 



Why  is  not  my  heart  on  fire? 
With  an  angel's  pure  desire. 

He  whose  smile  makes  angels  blest, 
Come  within  my  heart  to  rest; 
Come,  no  longer,  Lord,  delay: 
Veni,  Jesu,  Domine.— Veni,  etc. 


Human  heart  can  never  know 
All  the  love  Thou  here  dost  show, 
Angel  voices  never  tell* 
What  it  is  with  Thee  to  dwell. 


Come,  oh!  come,  my  Jesus,  see, 
How  my  heart  doth  yearn  for  Thee; 


Come  and  place  Thy  Heart  as  seal 
On  whate'er  I  do  or  feel, 
Come  to  me  and  with  me  stay, 
Veni,  Jesu,  Domine. 


Veni  Sancte  Spiritus, 
Et  emitte  caelitus 
Lusis  tuae  radium: 
Veni,  Pater  pauperum, 
Veni,  dator  munerum, 
Veni,  lumen  cordium. 


O  lux  beatissiroa, 
Reple  cordis  intima 
Tuoruni  fidelium; 
Sine  tuo  nomine 
Nihil  est  in  homine, 
Nihil  est  innoxium. 


Vexilla  regis  prodeunt, 
Fulget  crucis  rnysteriurn, 
Quo  vita  mortem  pertulit, 
Et  morte  vitam  protulit. 

Quae  vulnerata  lanciae 
Mucrone  diro  criminum 
Ut  nos  lavaret  sordibus, 
Manavit  unda  et  sanguine. 

Impleta  sunt  quae  concinit 
David  fideli  carmine, 
Dicendo  nationibus: 
Regnavit  a  ligno  Deus. 

Arbor  decora  et  fulgida 
Ornata  regis  purpura, 
Electa  digno  stipite, 
Tarn  sancta  membra  tangere. 

Beata,  cujus  brachiis 
Pretium  perpendit  saeculi, 
Statera  facta  corporis, 
Tulitque  praedam  tartari. 


O  Crux,  ave,  spes  unica, 
Hoc  passionis  tempore. 

Instead  of  this  last  line,  on  the  Feast  of 

the  Finding  of  the  Cross,  is  said, 

Paschale  quae  fers  gaudium: 

On  that  of  the  Exaltation  of  the  Cross: 

In  hoc  triumph]  gloria, 
Piis  adauge  gratiam, 
Reisque  dele  crimina. 

Te,  fons  salutis,  Trinitas! 

Collaudet  omnis  spiritus 

Quibus  crucis  victoriam 

Largiris,  adde  praemium.    Amen. 
V.  Eripe  me,  Domine!  ab  homine  malo; 
R.  A  viro  iniquo  eripe  me. 


Yir  fidelis,  et  prudens, 

Multum  laudabitur, 
Et  qui  custos  est  Domini  sui, 

Et  florebit  in  aeternum, 

Ante  Dominum. 


Ite  ad  Joseph!   Ite  ad  Joseph   et  quid- 
quid  dixerit  vobis,  facite! 

Ite  ad  Joseph!   Ite  ad  Joseph  et  quid- 
quid  dixerit  vobis,  facite! 

Ite  ad  Joseph!  Ite  ad  Joseph! 
Ad  Joseph!  Ad  Joseph! 



Virgin  Mother,  hear  our  song 
While  the  angels  round  thee  throng, 
Mother  of  the  Prince  of  Peace, 
Giye  our  faith  a  sweet  increase. 
Fill  our  souls  with  holy  love, 
Look  upon  us  from  above, 
Life  eternal  now  restore. 
Thee!  O  Mary,  we  implore. 

Heaven  attests  thy  great  acclaim, 
And  we  magnify  thy  name; 
Stay  us  in  our  wild  career 
By  thy  gentle  love  so  dear. 
Teach  our  hearts  from  day  to  day 
Offerings  at  thy  feet  to  lay; 
Angel  voices  then  shall  blend 
In  hosannas  without  end. 

Thou  canst  feel  for  souls  distressed, 
Virgin  Mother,  highly  blest, 
Thou  canst  dry  our  bitter  tears, 
Mediate  and  calm  our  fears; 
Of  thy  glory  grant  a  part, 
Consolation  give  each  heart; 
May  our  glory  ever  be. 
Queen  of  Heav'n,  to  dwell  with  thee. 


Virgin  Mother,  Lady  of  Good  Counsel, 
Sweetest  picture  artist  ever  drew; 

In  all  doubts  I  fly  to  thee  for  guidance; 
Mother,  tell  me,  what  am  I  to  do? 

By  thy  face  to  Jesus'  face  inclining, 
Sheltered  safely  in  thy  mantle  blue, 

By  His  little  arms  around  thee  twining, 
Mother,  what  am  I  to  do? 


By  the  light  within  thy  dear  eyes  dwelling; 

By  the  tears  that  dim  their  lustre,  too; 
By  the  story  that  those  tears  are  telling, 

Mother,  what  am  I  to  do? 

Life,  alas!  is  often  dark  and  dreary, 
Cheating  shadows  hide  the  truth  from 
When    my    soul   is    most    perplexed    and 
Mother,  tell  me,  what  am  I  to  do? 

Plead  my  cause,  for  what  can  He  refuse 

Get  me  back  His  saving  grace  anew. 
Ah!  I  know  thou  dost  not  wish  to  lose  me, 

Mother,  tell  me,  what  am  I  to  do? 

Be,  of  all  my  friends,  the  best  and  dear- 
Oh,  my  Counsellor  sincere  and  true, 

Let  thy  voice  sound  always  first  and  dear- 

Mother,  tell  me,  what  am  I  to  do? 

In  thy  guidance  tranquilly  reposing. 
Now  I  face  my  toils  and  cares  anew. 

All  through  life  and  at  its  awful  closing, 
Mother,  tell  me,  what  am  I  to  do? 


Virgin  Mother,  with  thy  sweet  face  bend- 
To  the  Dear  One  nestling  by  thy  side, 
Hear  my  prayer  before  thy  Shrine  ascend- 
Lady  of  Good  Counsel,  be  my  Guide, 


As  to  mayworn  pilgrims  once  appearing, 
With  shy  glance  the  threatening  clouds 

Safe  to  port  my  fragile  vessel  steering, 
Lady  of  Good  Counsel,  be  my  guide. 

Should  it  chance  in  years  that  lie  before 

Knowing  best  I  should  for  worst  decide; 
Oh!  by  thy  sweet  picture  I  implore  thee, 

Lady  of  Good  Counsel,  be  my  guide. 

Be  to  me  a  mother  ever  loving, 
Though  how  oft  thy  children  men  deride; 

E'en  thy  Son  they  never  ceased  from  scoff- 
Lady  of  Good  Counsel,  be  my  guide. 


We  call  on  thee,  sweet  St.  Joseph, 
No  one  calls  on  thee  in  vain; 

And  our  eyes  unto  thee  are  turning 
In  joy,  in  sorrow,  and  in  pain. 


All  hail  to  thee,  O  great  St.  Joseph, 
A  father's  care  to  us  impart; 

Through  life's  long  journeying  attend  us, 
Sweet  friend  of  Jesus'  Sacred  Heart. 

Then  hear  us,  O  blessed  St.  Joseph, 

Thy  protection  we  implore; 
Be  Jesus,  and  Mary,  and  Joseph, 

The  cry  of  our  hearts  evermore.— Cho. 



We  come,  dearest  Mother,  this  beautiful 
To  sing  at  thy  altar  our  hymns  full  of 
Dear  Mother,  oh,  hear  us,  and  show  us  the 
To  Heaven  above. 


Sweet  Mary,  oh,  shield  us  in  moments  of 
Oh,  give  us  thy  blessing,  sweet  Mother 
of  Love, 
Commend  us  to  Jesus,  thy  Babe  of  the 
And  bring  us  in  safety  to  Heaven  above. 

Our  hearts,  dearest  Mother,  are  filled  with 
Thy  beautiful  image  excites  all  our  joy; 
Oh,  make  us,  dear  Mother,  to  feel  love's 
Without  earth's  alloy. 

Ah!    when,    dearest    Mother,    thy    sweet 
month  is  ending, 
And  days  we  have  loved  so  are  fading 
Oh,    take    us,    dear    Lady,    with    angels 
To  Heaven's  bright  May. 


We  come,  dearest  Mother,   with  fondest 
To  place  on  thy  shrine  no  pearls  of  the 
The  pearls  of  our  hearts— the  truest  affec- 
Dearest  and  best,  we  bring  unto  thee. 
O  Mary!  hear  our  prayer. 

Hail,   highest  and   holiest— bright  lily  of 
In  the  garden  of  God  thou  reignest  su- 
Chosen  vessel  of  honor,  Immaculate  ever, 
Mother  of  Jesus!  we  hail  thee  our  Queen. 

The   rose   and   the   lily   of   earth's  early 
Mary,  dear  Mother,  we  wreathe  for  thee 
Draw  nearer,  bright  angels,  with  songs  of 
As  we  place  fairest  flowers  on  our  dear 
Mother's  brow. 


We  come  to  crowm  with  royal  state 

The  Image  of  our  Queen, 
Who  far  above  in  Heaven's  own  light 

Is  decked  in  glorious  sheen. 


Of  all  the  joys  of  loving  hearts 
No  joy  can  bring  such  bliss; 

Of  all  the  triumphs  that  are  ours 
No  triumph  is  like  this. 

And  as  we  lift  our  voices  up, 
We  think  the  while  we  sing 

Of  that  bright  home  above  the  skies 
Where  she  is  with  our  King.— Oho. 

O  Mother,  we  can  scarcely  wait 

To  see  that  sight  so  fair, 
Our  pilgrim  hearts  are  wearying 

To  go  and  love  thee  there.— Cho. 

Think,  Mother,  think  of  that  blest  hour 
When,  'mid  the  solemn  rite, 

We  gave  our  trembling  hearts  to  thee, 
Our  youthful  faith  did  plight.— Cho. 

We  give  them  now,  we  give  them  aye, 
We  pledge  them  at  thy  shrine; 

Forever  make  them  true  to  thee, 
Forever  make  them  thine.— Oho. 


Welcome  to  this  world  of  woe, 
To  each  pilgrim  here  below; 
Nature's  voice  on  hill  and  dale 
Bids  you,  Month  of  Mary,  hail! 
Come,  ye  children  of  the  spring, 
Fair  and  fragrant  flow'rets  bring, 
Welcome,  Month  of  Mary. 

Come,  that  from  your  treasures  sweet 
We  may  twine  a  chaplet  meet, 
To  be  offered  at  the  shrine 
Of  the  Mother  Maid  divine. 
Bring  the  rose,  for  in  its  hue 
Mary's  ardent  love  we  view. 
Welcome,  Month  of  Mary. 


Mystic  Rose,  the  precious  name 
Mary  from  the  Church  doth  claim, 
In  the  lily's  silver  bells 
The  purity  of  Mary  dwells; 
In  the  myrtle's  fadeless  green 
Mary's  constancy  is  seen, 

Welcome,  Month  of  Mary. 

Month  of  bright  and  radiant  skies, 
Tribute  flowers  greet  your  eyes», 
Come.,  for  we  are  wearied  here, 
Till  your  music  greets  the  ear; 
Till  your  rosy  fingers  fair 
Scatter  perfumes  on  the  air. 

Welcome,  Month  of  Mary. 


What  gift,  dear  Jesus,  shall  be  mine, 

What  offering  is  meet 
To  place  upon  Thy  holy  shrine, 

Or  lay  down  at  Thy  feet? 
And  must  I  give  Thee  jewels  bright, 

And  choicest  pearls,  and  gold, 
The  snow-white  herd  upon  the  height, 

The  fairest  of  the  fold? 

Such  gifts,  dear  Lord,  Thou  dost  not  ask, 

They  are  not  mine  to  bring, 
Although  it  were  love's  sweetest  task 

To  find  the  offering. 
Nor  would'st  Thou  richer  be,  though  I 

With  all  I  have  should  part; 
What  Thou  dost  ask  no  wealth  could  buy, 

Thou  askest  for  my  heart. 



We  hail  thee,  smiling  May, 
Sweet  Mary's  month  art  thou, 

We  bring  thy  buds  to-day 
To  twine  upon  her  brow. 

Sweet  May,  thou  art  a  month  of  flowers, 

Thy  paths  are  fair  and  green; 
And  of  thy  beauteous  woods  and  bow'rs 

Our  Mother  is  the  Queen: 
And  at  her  altars,  day  by  day 
We'll  come,  our  sweetest  gifts  to  lay. 

Sweet  Mary,  Queen  of  all  the  May, 

Thy  care  to  us  impart; 
And  draw  us  nearer,  day  by  day, 

To  Jesus'  Sacred  Heart; 
And  then,  loved  Mother,  we  shall  be 
Dear  to  thy  blessed  Son  and  thee.— Cho. 


We  praise  Thee,  O  God,  we  acknowledge 

Thee  to  be  the  Lord. 
All    the    earth    doth    worship    Thee,    the 

Father  everlasting. 
To  Thee  all  angels  cry  aloud. 

The  Heavens  and  the  powers  therein, 

To  Thee  cherubim  and  seraphim  continu- 
ally do  cry  aloud, 

Holy,  Holy,  Holy,  Lord  God  of  Sabaoth; 

Heaven  and  earth  are  full  of  the  majesty 
of  Thy  glory. 

The  glorious  company  of  the  Apostles 
praise  Thee. 

The   goodly   fellowship   of   the    Prophets 

praises  Thee. 
The  noble  army  of  Martyrs  praise  Thee. 
The  holy  Church  throughout  all  the  world 

doth  acknowledge  Thee,  the  Father 

of  an  infinite  Majesty. 

Thine  honorable,  true,  and  only  Son,  also 

the  Holy  Ghost,  the  Comforter. 
Thou  art  the  King  of  Glory,  O  Christ; 
The  everlasting  Son  of  the  Father. 
Lord  have  mercy  upon  us;  Lord,  let  Thy 

mercy  light  upon  us,  as  our  trust 

is  in  Thee. 
Lord,  in  Thee  have  I  trusted;  let  me  never 

be  confounded.  Amen. 


We  sing  with  the  angels 

The  glad  Christmas  song 
They  sang  in  the  midnight 

When  Jesus  was  born. 
Venite,  venite  in  Bethlehem. 

The  beautiful  angels 
Came  down  on  that  night 

And  made  through  the  darkness 
A  pathway  of  light.— Venite,  etc. 

They  worshiped  around  Him, 

A  radiant  throng, 
And  sang,  as  they  worshiped, 

The  beautiful  song.— Venite,  etc. 

They  sought  for  the  poorest 

Of  outcasts  on  earth, 
And  found  little  Jesus, 

The  night  of  His  birth.— Venite,  etc. 

The  night  learned  the  sweet  song, 

And  sings  it  for  aye, 
Yet  sings  it  more  sweetly 

When  Christmas  is  nigh.— Yenite,  etc. 


WTe  three  kings  from  Orient  are; 
Bearing  gifts,  we  traverse  afar 

Field  and  fountain, 

Grove  and  mountain, 
Following  yonder  star. 


O  star  of  wonder,  star  of  light, 
Star  with  royal  beauty  bright, 

Ever  leading, 

Still  proceeding, 
Guide  us  to  that  perfect  light. 

Frankincense  to  offer  have  I, 
Incense  breathes  a  Deity  nigh; 

Prayer  and  praising, 

All  men  raising, 
Worship  Him,  God  on  high.— Cho. 

Myrrh  I  bring,  its  bitter  perfume 
Breathes  a  life  of  gathering  gloom; 

Sorrowing,  sighing, 

Bleeding,  dying, 
Sealed  in  the  stone-cold  tomb.— Cho. 



What  happiness  can  equal  mine? 

I'ye  found  the  object  of  my  love: 
My  Jesus  dear,  my  King  Divine, 

Is  come  to  me  from  Heav'n  above; 
A  living  God  my  food  Divine. 

He  chose  my  heart  for  His  abode, 
He  there  becomes  my  daily  Bread; 

There  on  me  flows  His  healing  blood; 
There  with  His  flesh  my  soul  is  fed. 
A  living  God  my  food  Divine. 

Dear  Jesus!  now  my  heart  is  Thine; 

Oh,  may  it  from  Thee  never  fly! 
Hold  it  with  chains  of  love  divine, 

Make  it  be  Thine  eternally. 

A  living  God  my  food  Divine. 

Vain  objects  that  seduced  my  soul, 
I  now  despise  your  fleeting  charms: 

In  vain  temptation's  billows  roll, 
I  lie  secure  in  Jesus'  arms. 

A  living  God  my  food  Divine. 


What  lovely  Infant  can  this  be 
That  in  the  little  crib  I  see? 
So  sweetly  on  the  straw  It  lies, 
It  must  have  come  from  Paradise. 

Who  is  that  lady  kneeling  by, 
And  gazing  on  so  tenderly? 
Oh!  that  is  Mary,  ever  blest, 
How  full  of  joy  her  holy  breast. 

What  man  is  that  who  seems  to  smile, 
And  looks  so  blissful  all  the  while? 
'Tis  holy  Joseph,  good  and  true, 
The  Infant  makes  him  happy  too. 

What  makes  the  crib  so  bright  and  clear? 
What  voices  sing  so  sweetly  here? 
Ah!  see  behind  the  window-pane 
The  little  angels  looking  in. 

Who  are  those  people  kneeling  down, 
With  crooked  sticks  and  hands  so  brown? 
The  shepherds  from  the  mountain  top, 
The  little  angels  woke  them  up. 

The  ox  and  ass,  how  still  and  mild 
They  stand  beside  the  Holy  Child; 
The  little  body  underneath 
They  warm  so  kindly  with  their  breath. 

Hail,  holy  cave!  tho'  dark  thou  be, 
The  world  is  lighted  up  from  thee; 
Hail,  Holy  Babe!  Creation  stands, 
And  moves  upon  Thy  little  hands. 


When  by  daily  cares  oppressed, 

And    anxious    thoughts    overwhelm    my 

When  I  in  doubt  perplexed  may  be, 
Mother,  ever  counsel  me! 

When  sorrow  and  the  cross  are  mine, 
I'll  take  them  as  the  Will  Divine, 
But  in  my  grief  I'll  turn  to  thee; 
Mother,  ever  counsel  me. 


When  peace  and  happiness  control 
The  wav'ring  passions  of  my  soul, 
My  grateful  heart  will  turn  to  thee, 
Mother,  who  dost  counsel  me. 

All  through  my  life  each  passing  hour 
Will  need  thy  interceding  power, 
When  at  thy  shrine  I  plead  with  thee, 
Mother,  ever  counsel  me. 


When  evening  shades  are  falling 

O'er  ocean's  sunny  sleep, 
To  pilgrim  hearts  recalling 

Their  home  beyond  the  deep; 
When,  rest  o'er  all  descending, 

The  shores  with  gladness  smile, 
And  lutes,  their  echoes  blending, 

Are  heard  from  isle  to  isle; 


Then,  Mary,  Mother  Mary, 
Thou  bright  Star  of  the  Sea, 

We'll  pray  to  thee,  our  Mother, 
We'll  pray,  we'll  pray  to  thee. 

The  noonday  tempest  over, 

Now  ocean  toils  no  more, 
And  wings  of  halcyons  hover 

Where  all  was  strife  before. 
Oh!  thus  may  life,  in  closing 

Its  short  tempestuous  day, 
Beneath  Heaven's  smile  reposing, 

Shine  all  its  storms  away.— Cho. 



When  I  am  taken  from  this  world  of  sad- 
With  what  joy  I'll  seek  the  skies! 
Jesus,  I'll  hasten  to  Thine  Arms  with  glad- 
Heaven  is  all  I  seek  or  prize. 


Blest  abode,  fair  Sion  loved  and  cherished 
When  earthly  joys  have  faded  and  per- 
Oh!  let  me  Thy  splendors  behold, 
Then  let  me  taste  Thy  joys  untold! 

Quickly  depart!  O  cruel  moments,  hasten! 

Shall  my  exile  ne'er  have  end? 
When  shall  these  sorrows  cease  my  heart 
to  chasten? 

Jesus,  soon  Thy  summons  send.— Cho. 

Heaven  has  no  sadness,  sorrow  or  sighing, 
There  I'll  mourn  and  weep  no  more; 

There  is  no  grief,  no  sickness  or  dying 
On  that  bright,  unfading  shore.— Cho. 

Evermore  I  hear  their  angel  voices  peal- 
From  my  soul  soft  echoes  rise; 
Brightly  around  me  dreams  of  bliss  are 
Of  my  home  beyond  the  skies.— Cho. 


When,  marshaled  on  the  nightly  plain, 
The  glittering  host  bestud  the  sky, 

One  star  alone  of  all  the  train 
Can  fix  the  sinner's  wandering  eye. 

Hark,  hark,  to  God  the  chorus  breaks 
From  every  host,  from  every  gem, 

But  one  alone  the  Saviour  speaks, 
It  is  the  star  of  Bethlehem. 

Once  on  the  raging  seas  I  rode, 
-    The  storm  was  loud,  the  night  was  dark, 
The  ocean  yawned,  and  rudely  blowed 
The   wind    that   tossed   my    found'ring 

Deep  horror  then  my  vitals  froze, 
Death  struck,  I  ceased  the  tide  to  stem, 

When  suddenly  a  star  arose, 
It  was  the  star  of  Bethlehem. 

It  was  my  guide,  my  light,  my  all, 
It  bade  my  dark  forebodings  cease, 

And  thro'  the  storm  and  danger  thrall 
It  led  me  to  the  port  of  peace. 

Now  safely  moored,  my  perils  o'er, 
I'll  sing  first  in  night's  diadem, 

Forever  and  forevermore, 
The  star,  the  star  of  Bethlehem. 


When  morning  gilds  the  skies, 
My  heart  awaking  cries: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
Alike  at  work  and  pray'r 
To  Jesus  I  repair; 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 

When  you  begin  the  day, 
Oh!  never  fail  to  say: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
And  at  your  work  rejoice, 
To  sing  with  heart  and  voice: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 

Be  this  at  meals  your  grace, 
In  ev'ry  time  and  place; 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
Be  this,  when  day  is  past, 
Of  all  your  thoughts  the  last: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 

To  God,  the  Word  on  high, 
The  host  of  angels  cry: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
Let  children,  too,  upraise 
Their  voice  in  hymns  of  praise: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 

Let  earth's  wide  circle  round 
In  joyful  notes  resound: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 
Let  air,  and  sea,  and  sky, 
Through  depth  and  height  reply: 

May  Jesus  Christ  be  praised! 


When  morning  is  breaking 

And  nature  awaking, 

And  sweet  blossoms  op'ning 

Their  fragrance  impart; 
When  larks,  high  are  singing, 
And  sky  and  air  ringing, 
"Then,  Jesus  and  Mary, 

We  give  you  our  heart. 


O  Jesus  and  Mary! 
O  Jesus  and  Mary! 
O  Jesus  and  Mary! 
We  give  you  our  heart." 


When  mid-day  is  smiling, 
And  hands  rest  from  toiling, 
The  Angelus  chiming 

His  mercy  imparts; 
While  sweetly  revealing 
A  love  never  failing, 
"Then  Jesus  and  Mary, 

We  give  you  our  hearts."— Cho. 

When  ev'ning  is  closing, 
And  nature  reposing, 
And  each  worldly  vision 

Of  pleasure  departs— 
When  eyes  meek  and  lowly 
Are  turn'd  to  you  solely, 
"Then  Jesus  and  Mary, 

We  give  you  our  hearts."— Cho. 


When  our  Saviour  gathered  around  Him, 

In  His  chosen  hour  of  time, 
The  loved  twelve,  His  own  appointed 

To  the  sacrifice  sublime, 
At  the  feast  of  love  supernal, 

On  that  Heart  of  love  divine, 
Dear  St.  John,  beloved  disciple, 

It  was  given  Thee  to  recline. 


St.  John,  beloved  disciple, 
By  the  heart  of  love  divine 

We  implore  Thee,  aid  Thy  children, 
To  their  prayers  Thy  ear  incline. 


Oh,  beloved  above  all  others 

In  His  hour  of  deepest  woe, 
Left  He  thee  His  own  blest  mother, 

To  watch  o'er  her  here  below. 
Thine  it  was  to  pierce  the  heavens, 

Clearing  space  with  eagle  wing, 
And  the  glories  of  God's  kingdom 

In  rapt  ecstacy  to  sing.— Cho. 


When  our  Saviour  wished  to  prove 

All  the  fullness  of  His  love, 

He  gave  us,  ere  His  life  was  spent, 

The  thrice  Holy  Sacrament. 

It  is  here  His  burning  heart 

Would  to  all  its  flames  impart; 

Thus  He  speaks  with  love  divine, 

Give  me,  oh!  give  me  that  heart  of  thine. 

When  the  dark  and  stormy  night 

Fills  the  soul  with  wild  affright, 

From  the  cloudlet  where  He  hides 

Soon  a  ray  of  comfort  glides. 

Where  the  tear  of  mis'ry  falls, 

Where  the  voice  of  sorrow  calls, 

Still  He  speaks  with  love  divine, 

Give  me,  oh!  give  me  that  heart  of  thine. 

Can  the  saints'  ecstatic  flight. 

Can  the  winged  seraphs'  might 

To  their  Lord  approach  more  near 

Than  do  we,  poir  sinners  here? 

God  Himself  we  hue  receive. 

Nobler  Gift  He  cannot  gi  r~j: 

Yet  He  breathes  wit  in  !ov.»  iliviiii*. 

Give  me,  oh!  give  me  that  heart  of  thine. 


When  softly  dawns  the  golden  light, 
And  shadows  melt  o'er  land  and  sea, 

O  sweet  and  Sacred  Heart  of  Christ, 

'   We  consecrate  our  souls  to  Thee! 

Before  Thine  altar's  holy  throne 
The  while  we  humbly  kneel  and  pray, 

We  bring  to  Thee,  to  Thee  alone  — 
The  off'ring  of  the  new-born  day. 

When  all  the  day  of  toil  is  done, 

And  twilight  spreads  her  purple  wing- 
When  starry  vigils  have  begun 

Before  the  Eucharistic  King, 
x\s  earth's  poor  lovers  to  the  tryst, 

With  ardor  to  the  loved  one  flee 
O  true  and  tender  Heart  of  Christ, 

We  haste  to  give  the  night  to  Thee! 

In  joy  or  grief,  in  hope  or  fear, 

In  sin,  in  suffering,  and  distress, 
Benold  a  refuge  ever  near, 

To  heal,  to  comfort,  and  to  bless. 
In  light  or  darkness,  life  or  death, 

In  time  and  in  eternity, 
Devoted  Heart,  with  trusting  faith, 

We  consecrate  our  all  to  Thee. 

While  shepherds  watched  their  flocks  by 

All  seated  on  the  ground, 
The  angel  of  the  Lord  came  down, 

And  glory  shone  around. 
"Fear  not,"  said  he,  for  mighty  dread 

Had  seized  their  troubled  mind, 
"Glad  tidings  of  great  joy  I  bring 

To  you  and  all  mankind." 


"To  you,  in  David's  town,  this  day, 

Is  born  of  David's  line 
The  Saviour,  who  is  Christ  the  Lord, 

And  this  shall  be  the  sign: 
The  Heavenly  Babe  you  there  shall  find 

To  human  view  displayed, 
All  meanly  wrapped  in  swathing  bands, 

And  in  a  manger  laid." 

Thus  spake  the  seraph,  and  forthwith 

Appeared  a  snlning  throng 
Of  angels,  praising  God,  who  thus 

Addressed  their  joyful  song: 
"All  glory  be  to  God  on  high, 

And  on  the  earth  be  peace, 
Great  joy  henceforth  from  Heaven  to  men 

Begin  and  never  cease!" 


White  rose  of  Rome,  encrimsoned  by  thy 
Virgin  and  martyr,  throned  on  high  in 
The  palm  and  the  lily  twine  the  Sacred 
Filling  with  fragrance  thy  sweet  story! 


Angels  and  men  now  sound  thy  fame, 
Children  of  Mary  loud  thy  praise  are 
Cecilia!  patron,  we  claim 
List  to  our  prayers  in  tuneful  rapture 


Queen  of  celestial  song!  thy  golden  lyre 
Breathes  but  of  God.  His  gracious  love 
and  pardon; 
Dreaming,  the  seraphs  touch  thy  lips  with 
Crown  thee  with  roses  from  their  gar- 

Glory  to  God!  who  from  the  burning  bath 

Drew  thee,  unharmed,  thy  maiden  fears 


Safe   from   the   torture   and  the   tyrant's 


Set  thee  in  pastures  green  and  smiling! 



Whither  thus  in  holy  rapture, 

Princely  Maiden,  art  thou  bent? 
Why  so  fleetly  art  thou  speeding 

Up  the  mountain's  rough  ascent? 
Filled  with  the  eternal  Godhead! 

Glowing  with  the  Spirit's  flame! 
Love  it  is  that  bears  thee  onward, 

And  supports  thy  tender  frame. 

Lo,  thine  aged  cousin  claims  thee, 

Claims  thy  sympathy  and  care; 
God  her  shame  from  her  hath  taken; 

He  hath  heard  her  fervent  prayer. 
Blessed  Mother!  joyful  meeting! 

Thou  in  her  the  hand  of  God! 
She  in  thee,  with  lips  inspired; 

Owns  the  Mother  of  her  Lord. 


As  the  sun,  his  face  concealing 

In  a  cloud,  withdraws  from  sight, 
So  in  Mary  there  lay  hidden 

He  who  is  the  world's  true  light.  . 
Honor,  glory,  virtue,  merit 

Be  to  Thee,  O  Virgin's  Son! 
With  the  Father  and  the  Spirit. 

While  eternal  ages  run. 


Who  can  with  thee  compare, 
O  Virgin,  chaste  and  pure? 
To  thee  we  all  repair, 

Of  thy  protection  sure; 
Though  Queen  in  realms  above. 
Thou  hast  a  Mother's  love. 
Our  prayer,    sweet    Mother,    hear,    sweet 
Mother,  hear;  * 

Our   prayer,    sweet   Mother,    hear,    sweet 
Mother,  hear; 

In  hope,  in  love  appear 

The  children  of  thy  pain, 
And  call  on  thee  to  clear 

Their  souls  from  loathsome  stain; 
To  thee  the  chant  of  praise 
In  grateful  accents  raise. 

Our  prayer,  sweet  Mother,  etc. 


Wilt  thou  look  upon  me,  Mother. 

Thou  who  reignest  in  the  skies? 
Wilt  thou  deign  to  cast  upon  me 

One  sweet  glance  from  those  mild  eyes? 



O  my  Mother  Mary,  still  remember 
What  the  Sainted  Bernard  said; 

None  have  ever,  ever  found  thee  wanting, 
Who  have  called  upon  thy  aid. 

Wilt  thou,   Mother,   hover  over, 
On  my  pathway  still  to  guide? 

Wilt  thou  whisper  kind  direction, 
To  the  angel  by  my  side?— Cho. 

Wilt  thou  pray  for  me  to  Jesus, 
That  His  will  I  e'er  may  know? 

Wilt  thou  tell  me,  then,  His  pleasure, 
That  I  e'er  may  to  it  bow?— Cho. 

O  my  Mother,  I  petition, 
And  I  know  thy  aid  will  come; 

Angels  praise  thee  for  it,  Mother, 
In  thy  everlasting  home.— Cho. 


With  glory  lit,  the  midnight  air 
Revealed  bright  angels  hov'ring  there: 
In  fear  beheld  the  raptured  swains 
When  rose  the  Heaven-inspired  strains. 


"Glory,  glory,  glory  to  God,  and  peace  on 
earth,  and  peace  on  earth, 

Made  glorious  by  the  Saviour's  birth,  by 
the  Saviour's  birth." 

Then  sweetly  spoke  the  angelic  voice, 
"Fear  not;  let  Heaven  and  earth  rejoice: 
The  child  in  Bethlehem's  crib  that  lies 
Is  God  descended  from  the  skies."— Cho. 


The  choirs  of  Heaven  still  bless  the  morn 
When  God  through  love  of  man  was  born. 
That  God  we  humbly  bow  before, 
And  praise  with  angels  and  adore.— Cho. 


With  grateful  hearts  we  breathe  to-day 
The  tender  accents  of  our  love, 

We  carol  forth  a  little  lay 
To  thee,  great  saint  in  Heaven  above. 


O  Joseph  dear,  from  thy  bright  throne 
Incline  thine  ear  unto  our  prayer, 

And  o'er  us  all,  as  o'er  thine  own, 
Extend  thy  fond  paternal  care. 

More  favored  than  earth's  greatest  king. 
Thou  wert  the  guardian  of  that  Child 

Around  whose  crib  full  choirs  did  sing, 
With  cadenced  voices  soft  and  mild. 



With  hearts  truly  grateful, 

Come,  all  ye  faithful, 
To  Jesus,  to  Jesus  in  Bethlehem: 

See  Christ  your  Saviour, 

Heaven's  greatest  favor. 


Let's  hasten  to  adore  Him; 
Let's  hasten  to  adore  Him; 
Let's  hasten  to  adore  Him; 
Our  God  and  King. 


God  to  God  equal, 

Light  of  Light  eternal; 
Carried  in  ATirgin's  ever  spotless  womb. 

He  all  preceded, 

Begotten  not  created.— Cho. 

Angels  now  praise  Him, 

Loud  their  voices  raising. 
The    Heavenly    mansions    with    joy   now 
Praise,  honor,  glory, 
To  Him  who  is  most  holy.— Oho. 

To  Jesus  this  day  born 
Grateful  homage  return, 
'Tis  He  who  all  Heavenly  gifts  doth  bring. 
Word  uncreated. 
To  our  flesh  united.— Cho. 

We,  joyfully  singing, 
Grateful  tributes  bringing, 
Praise  Him  and  bless  Him  in  Heavenly 
Angels  implore  Him, 
Seraphs  fall  before  Him.— Cho. 


With  holy  choirs  of  angels, 

Come,  let  us  join  our  lays, 
With  songs,  O  Queen  of  Heaven, 

We  celebrate  thy  praise. 


Holy  Mary,  let  us  praise  thee, 
From  thy  love  we'll  ne'er  depart, 

Now,  before  thee  we  implore  thee, 
Come  and  reign  o'er  every  heart. 


Beside  thee,  star  of  morning', 
Fair  nature  hides  her  face, 

And  Heaven's  bright  adorning 
Is  thy  transcendent  grace.— Cho. 

Earth,  sin  and  darkness  blended 
Could  ne'er  thy  strength  assail, 

To  bless  thee.  God  descended, 
Sweet  lily  of  the  vale.--Cho. 


With  joy  we've  gathered  round  thy  shrine, 

O  Virgin,  Spousal  Dove, 
To  offer  in  this  sweet  May  time 

Our  heart's  most  fervent  love. 


O  Mary,  Mother,  sweetest,  best, 

Accept  our  wreath  to-day; 
Receive  our  hearts,  thou  Virgin  blest, 

And  be  our  Queen  of  May. 

We've  culled  bright  flowers  fresh  and  fair. 

Blossoms  of  every  hue, 
With  violets  meek  and  lilies  rare, 

To  twine  a  wreath  for  you. 

Sweet  heliotrope  and  eglantine, 

And  fragrant  mignonette. 
With  heartsease  and  bright  myrtle  green, 

Thy  rosy  crown  we've  se1. 

Then,  dearest  Mother,  beg  thy  Son 

His  grace  to  us  impart; 
And  when  life's  closing  hour  is  come, 

Take  us  to  His  Sacred  Heart. 


With  steadfast  faith  I  cling  to  Thee, 
And  press  Thee,  Lord,  most  tenderly 
Unto  my  weak  and  sinful  heart, 
Well  pleased  to  claim  Thee  as  my  part. 

Now  Thou  art  mine  and  I  am  Thine! 
Ah!  mortal  words  can  ne'er  define 
My  happiness,  thus  close  to  be 
United,  dearest  Lord,  to  Thee. 

By  day  and  night,  I'll  sing  Thy  praise, 
My  voice  in  grateful  anthems  raise 
To  Thee,  dear  Shepherd  of  my  soul, 
Nor  shrink  beneath  Thy  meek  control. 

This  parting  life  sufficeth  not, 
To  thank  Thee  for  my  happy  lot, 
So  favored  by  Thy  love  to  be — 
Ah!  Lord  'twill  take  eternity. 

Had  I  a  thousand  lives  to  lay 
In  sacrifice,  each  dawning  day, 
It  would,  most  holy,  gracious  Lord, 
Be  for  Thy  love  a  poor  reward. 

I  cannot  love  Thee  as  I  should, 
Nor  even  as  my  poor  heart  would; 
For  pardon,  then,  I  humbly  crave, 
And  beg  Thee  still  my  soul  to  save. 

Lord  Jesus  Christ,  for  Thee  I  live, 
Lord  Jesus  Christ,  I  beg  Thee  give 
Me  grace  to  die  thro'  love  of  Thee, 
And  be  Thine  own  eternally. 


With  tender  love  we  come  to  thee, 
Dear  guide  and  friend  of  Heaven's  King, 

With  hearts  and  voices  joyously 
Our  words  of  praise  and  prayer  we  sing. 


St.  Joseph,  loved,  when  life  is  dark, 
When  waves  of  sin  and  sorrow  rise, 

Guide  thou  our  frail  and  trembling  bark, 
Safe  to  the  port  beyond  the  skies. 

Kind  Father,  from  thy  throne  above 
Look  down  upon  thy  children  here, 

And  help  our  wayward  hearts  to  love 
The  hidden  life  to  me  so  dear.— Oho. 

O  favor' d  Saint,  O  lily  fair, 

That  bloom'd  in  beauty  near  the  sod, 
Impart  to  us  the  perfume  rare, 

Humility  sends  up  to  God.— Oho. 


Ye  angels,  now  be  glad, 
And  thou  exult.  O  earth, 

Loyola's  happy  shade, 
Rejoice  at  thy  saint's  birth. 


Loyola's  son,  all  hail, 
By  angels  crowned  above, 

Ignatius,  father  dear, 
Accept  thy  children's  love. 

On  Pampeluna's  walls 

Tlie  leader  of  the  band, 
Behold  our  valiant  Saint 

Defends  his  native  land.— Clio. 

Stretched  on  a  bed  of  pain, 
Christ's  holy  life  he  reads, 

While  for  his  misspent  youth 
His  heart  now  sorely  bleeds.— Cho. 

GEO.    W.    GIBBONS 

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